Wednesday, Look Around, Find Out

Not gonna watch anyway: Uncle Joe is expected to demand Congress approve an amnesty for the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens in Tuesday night’s State of the Union (SOTU) Address. Analysts expect Biden to make the amnesty plea yet again even as his administration has overseen the largest waves of illegal immigration to the United States in American history. Why doesn’t he just open all the prisons at the same time. If you’re going to reward one criminal, why don’t you reward all of them? While you’re at it, do away with Border Patrol and Immigration officers and give the money to the “new americans”.

It’s about freakin’ time: The Hawaii Legislature is considering several bills to protect the constitutional rights of parents suspected of abuse and neglect in a state that stands out for its failure to do so. Several of the bills focus on the state’s practice of almost always removing children from their parents without first getting an order from a judge. I’m no fan of anyone that abuses or neglects a child, but like all Americans they have the right of “due process”. That is missing now as the cops and CPS seem to do whatever they want under the cover of exigent circumstances. The most prominent of the measures is Senate Bill 407. It was written by Sen. Joy San Buenaventura, chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. I’m proud to have her as the Representative for my area. I have spoken with her on numerous occasians and she is always interested in what her constituents have to say.

MYOB:  The United Nations is set to release a report in June that is about “’perceived contradictions’ between religious freedom and sexual orientation and gender identity, or SOGI, laws and is looking to push governments to fully comply with their obligations under international human rights law to protect and empower LGBT+ persons.”    The UN was established after WW II with the aim of preventing future world wars. Since then, the UN and all its many many committees (over paid snoops), courts (powerless), and divisions ( useless) has insinuated itself in every phase of our lives. Or at least tried to. And usually against the U.S. It’s about time the U.N. SDASTFU. It is powerless, useless, and worthless. And it needs to go back to it’s original, and only, purpose and get its nose out of everything else.

Watch the other hand: While the nation and the world were looking up in the sky, agog at the prospect of our national and global humiliation in the form of the Chinese spy balloon, Uncle Joe and his handlers were keeping busy with more important matters. On Thursday, they freed one of the highest-level jihad terrorists at Guantánamo. What could possibly go wrong? And is there anything, anything at all on God’s green earth, that Biden’s handlers won’t do if it makes Americans poorer and less safe?

FA FO*: A man was threatening a father and his “small child” at a dog park in Yakima, Washington, on Sunday afternoon — and even came at them when the father tried to leave with his son, witnesses said. With that, the dad shot the man dead. (*Fucx Around Find Out)

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