Tuesday Motes, and A Beer

Do you think they don’t have an agenda? The “journalist” decided you’d see what she wanted you to see.

Look closely at what they presented (picture 1) and the reality (picture 2) and the “journalist (picture 3). Tell me I’m wrong.

They say it, they don’t mean it: “They” say they want better police officers. They want better trained cops. They want more sensitive law enforcement. All that would start with better training. But they don’t really want any of this. In Atlanta GA the state was ready to start building a new state LEO training facility, top of the line, new and modern, and the people who claim they want “better” shot at troopers, construction workers, and protested the construction. At least one protester is dead. They say they want it, but they don’t.

The winner of the Glammy is…; Meh who cares.

Read it soon as you can: Hawaii News Now: “Rep. Natalia Hussey-Burdick: How To Reform Government Without Even Passing New Laws” A veteran staffer turned lawmaker, this Kailua legislator points out how the Legislature could be more transparent in so many ways. The Hawaii News Now article by Richard Wiens is worth the time to read. Ms. Hussey-Burdick outlines many of the current problems in our state governing. Yea, I know, but I keep hopeing.

Courageous: Surfer Bethany Hamilton rose to fame after her remarkable recovery from a shark attack when she was thirteen years old.   Her story was dramatized in the movie “Soul Surfer.” She is the author of several inspiring books and a mother to three young sons. She has courage and class. No question. Now she is showing even more courage by saying she will not compete professionally against transgender women surfers. Unlike so many others, she understands there are differences that don’t change just because someone decides they are something/someone else. Good for her.

Not a chance: People are now coming out of the woodwork to tell us all about all the Chinese ballons that were crisscrossing the continental US while President Trump was in office. I say “NO WAY”. If there had been a hint of such, the White House leak-troop would have had it all over every “news” outlet and cable network everywhere.

Best wishers: All my best goes out to Ata Johnson, mother of Dwayne Johnson. Ata was always very nice to me when I was working for her mother Lia Maivia during my days as the ring announcer for Polynesian Professional Wrestling. I wish her a quick and complete recovery from the recent traffic accident.

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