Monday Mini-Motes, Sorta

Say what: The average household income for Honolulu is $71,465. The average price for a home is just under $1 million. Just a little disparity.

Probably won’t: Rob Zombie is helming the upcoming Munsters movie. Loved the Munsters as a kid, it was in black and white. And I’ve kinda liked some of Rob’s earlier movies, okay, I’ve watched a couple of them. Not sure if I’ll see this when it comes out or wait. No, considering the graphic crap in his movies, I probably won’t watch it.

Definitions are everything: Okay, someone will have to define this for me. What function does grass have? It covers the ground. That’s it’s function. Nevada has now banned “non-functional” grass. Huh?

More for thee, less for me: Rudy Giuliani is currently under federal investigation for his interactions in a telephone call with Ukrainian officials as former President Donald Trump’s personal emissary. So, they have a copy of a recording of a private phone call. Uncle Joe sat in an auditorium, and told hundreds of people how he coerced the Ukrainian .gov into firing a prosecutor by withholding U.S. Aid funds, and nobody raises an eyebrow. No “equal justice” under the law.

Just my opinion: To the NYT “editor” that was “disturbed” after seeing numerous U.S. flags in a neighborhood. There is nothing that says you have the “right” to not be disturbed. SDASTFU

Only in Calipofrnia: Alyssa Milano is considering a run for congress in 2024. Sorry, I have to clean the nose-coffee off my keyboard.

Know your audience: One of the hardest things for a stand-up comedian to do is “know” the audience. You adjust your material to fit the ones that came to see you. Well, television is no exception. Viewers of Country Music Television, known as CMT, are slamming the company and promising to boycott its awards show after it urged viewers to “wear orange” for a gun control campaign. The Wear Orange campaign encourages people to wear the color orange to “remember lives lost to gun violence and to raise awareness about this public health crisis.” Fans slammed CMT for pushing the campaign, accusing the campaign of missing key context on gun “violence”. I love what one poll reply posted: “I find it amusing that you think I give a damn what you think I should and shouldn’t do with tools I use to defend me and mine.” Hey cmt, you’re alienating the listeners of country music, you know, your audience. How’d that work out for the Dixie Chicks? Well, the results are in.  In the latest TV ratings, CBS’ broadcast of the Academy of Country Music Awards averaged 6.1 million total viewers and a 0.8 demo rating from last year’s ceremony . I believe that is down 40%.  Ouch! Funny thing, you really have to look hard to find out how bad it was. The MSM is full of woke praise.

Sunday Rant

Real history sux. The one thing  is, no matter how you color it, it is just history. It doesn’t change. You can change the spin, look from a different perspective, but it doesn’t change.

 Recently a huge mass grave was discovered in Canada, filled with the remains of First Nations children that had been taken from their homes. It wasn’t the first, I doubt it will be the last.

History shows there were at least 311 “massacres” in Australia and New Zealand between 1780 and 1930. Literally millions of deaths, black and white, were recorded over the last 240 years in Africa.  That doesn’t even count the inter-“tribal” battles.

Hundreds of child graves have been found in Ireland, at Irish “Homes For Unwed Mothers”. We’ve not even touched upon the Soviets, Chinese, Laos, Viet Nam, Turkey, Central European, the Ottoman Empire or South American incidents and unfound graveyards.

 Nor have we touched on all the deaths in “the name of God”, whatever name given. Real history is ugly, but we can learn from it.  

No race, religion, or tribe is free from stain. But it is wrong to demand “reparations” from this group or that group because of what happened in the past. Reparation payments is not learning, it is punishment for something we had no control over.

History can teach. It is up to each of us to control our own history and what it teaches those that follow.

Printed Honolulu Star Advertiser June 10, 2021

Saturday Story

Captain Revenge

I once had a Captain that believed if he gave me enough rope, I’d hang myself. I used to call him Captain Revenge, but never where he could hear me. I’m really not that stupid.

One night he picked me and 3 other’s he didn’t like, and told us he wanted us to go out and write nothing but bicycle citations.

I figured he was planning on us writing 5 or 6 citations each and then goofing off the rest of the shift. Then he could complain about our “non-performance”.

Three hours into the shift I radio’d dispatch asking if the motor pool truck was available. When asked why I needed the truck I replied “we” had confiscated some unlicensed bikes. How many? Well, at last count it was 27 but might be more by the time the truck got there.

There was radio silence and then a voice asked our location.

“University and Wilder” I answered. University and Wilder, was probably the most bicycle traveled intersection in Honolulu, it was right on the edge of the Manoa Campus of the University of Hawaii. So we had stopped every bike coming down the road or off the campus.

All those bikes had to be checked against the stolen bikes print-out I’d made, and 8 of them were reported stolen and since we had given the riders citations and got valid id, the detectives said we could turn them loose and copy the report to the detectives.

Then all those bikes had to be logged, tagged, and entered into evidence. For 27 bicycles, you’re talking a whole lot of paperwork. Enough to keep all 4 of us back at the station, inside, for the rest of the shift.

The Captain was not amused.

So next time, he ordered me to patrol Ala Moana Park, on foot from 6pm to 11pm. I was not to leave the park.

Yep you guessed it. It didn’t work out quite like he expected.

I’m a “sneaky type”, so I walked quietly and looked while I was walking.

Just outside the lights from the Tennis court was a parked car. As I walked by, I noticed there were 2 males in the front seat. They both seemed to be watching the parking lot by the tennis courts, watching so intently they didn’t see me walking by the car.

I looked through the passenger window and low and behold, on the hump between the seat was what appeared to be a 38/357 revolver and a sheathed k-bar knife. And they still didn’t know I was there.

I stepped back into the shadows, called for back-up and waited.

When another patrol unit came down the road, the 2 guys slumped down and the passenger appeared to reach for the pistol.

I turned on my flashlight, aimed it and my revolver inside the car. The patrol unit stopped. Turned on his lights and did the same thing on the driver’s side.

Both occupants were a bit surprised by all the actions. They surrendered without any further actions.

The gun turned out to be another damn pellet gun, but the knife was real enough.

While I did my paperwork ( 2 “Felony”, multiple “Misdemeanors” arrests, towing the vehicle, storage inventory, etc.). In the squad room of course, the detectives interviewed the 2 suspects.

The suspects freely copped out to their plan. They were going to rob the 1st person(s) that walked into the dark area where they had parked.

And they wanted to know how I snuck up on them. They never saw me coming.

The detectives told the Captain I had prevented at least one “armed” robbery and should be commended for my sharp eye and good instincts.

That never happened.

The Captain was not a happy camper. He kept giving me crap and I kept making him eat it. He tried one last time, but that didn’t work out so well either. That’s another story.

Always enjoyed smiling at him.

End Of the Week, But Not End Of the Motes

It’s not him, it’s you: Former porn actress Lana Rhoades had a very bizarre date with an NBA player. During a recent episode of “3 Girls, 1 kitchen” podcast, the legendary former adult film actress claimed that she went on a date with an unnamed NBA player after a game in New York, and the guy brought a backup option in case things didn’t go well. “The guy who invited me also invited one of the other girls and this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me where I’ve been invited on a date and they also invite a backup option,” Rhoades explained. Sweetie, trust me, if it happens more than once, it’s you.

No freedom: The FBI is demanding that newspaper giant Gannett hand over identifying information on readers of a USA Today story about a suspect in a child porn case who killed two agents in February. Federal investigators served the company with a subpoena in April seeking the IP addresses and phone numbers of the people who accessed a between 8:03 a.m. and 8:38 a.m. on Feb. 2, about the Florida shooting that left 2 fbi agents dead and three others wounded. Let me make sure I got this. The fbi wants personal information about anyone that “read” an article in one of the largest MSM’s in the country. Did I read that right? The “informatinews” article sought by the feds, “relates to a federal criminal investigation being conducted by the FBI,” according to the subpoena. This isn’t a “federal criminal investigation”, this is a feakin’ “deep sea” fishing trip. And we are the fish. This cannot be allowed to stand. Gannett is fighting it, and if the “court” rules anyway except AGAINST the fbi, you’ll know the fix is in and we are doomed. There is very little privacy now, you need to work and keep what you have.

Make no mistake: HR-1 is not an “Election Rights” bill. What it does do is strip the country of the “States Rights” guaranteed by the 10th amendment.

Headline: “Biden to Buy 500 Million Doses of Pfizer Covid Vaccine to Share Internationally.” Sorry, Biden isn’t buying anything. The US government is paying, using your tax money, and that means you, and me, are “buying” 500 million doses. Biden ain’t buyin’ nuffin.

Talk about drinking the kool-aid: Despite the rate of COVID-19 transmission falling rapidly and vaccination rates rising, a shocking 71 percent of registered Democrats still believe even healthy people need to stay home “as much as possible,” according to a new Gallup poll. Oh Gallup, that explains a lot. Of course, they never tell you how many registered Democrats they talked to. Remember what I say about polls, they can say whatever the guy paying for them wants it to say.

Headline: “It’s Clear Anthony Fauci Isn’t A Fool, He’s A Villain.” Again, I ask, can’t he be both? And why in all the god’s names, is anyone still listening to him?

Go Northwest young man: A 17-year-old was shot to death in a park in Polk County (FL) Monday night The shooting occurred at Gordon Heights Park near Bartow at about 9:40 p.m. Monday. A woman told deputies that Taguri had asked her to go on a ride with him and they went to the park. He told her that he was going to “sell marijuana to some guys,” The woman said several males approached the truck, opened both doors and began shooting Taguri. Multiple guns were used and Taguri was shot several times. Shot for pot. While in Washington state, “Joints for Jabs” is officially a thing.  The state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board said this week that it would allow state-licensed cannabis retailers to “provide one joint to adult consumers who receive COVID-19 vaccination at an in-store vaccination clinic.” Did I miss something here?

In Honolulu this weekend as I have to “work” on Saturday. I am so excited. (NOT) Enjoy the Saturday Story and Sunday Rant.

Thursday Motes To Talk About

A sad Good-Bye: Clarence Williams III, who broke new ground as “hippie” Detective Linc Hayes on “The Mod Squad” from 1968 to 1973, has died after a battle with colon cancer. He was 81. I really remember his performance in Miami Vice as “Poppa Legba”. He also spent a lot of time behind the camera. He will be missed.

Ninth grade bully: If you don’t like what they say, call them really nasty names. Former ESPN commenter Keith Olbermann went apoplectic upon learning of U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez’s ruling against California’s “assault weapons” ban. The former sports talker took to Twitter to identify Benitez as a “death-worshiping, fascist” and point out that the word “own” doesn’t appear in the 2nd Amendment. Hey Keith, a BS in communication doesn’t make you an expert in anything. While the word “own” does not appear in the 2nd Amendment, the words “the right of the people to keep and bear” do. As do the words “shall not be infringed”. SDASTFU.

This weekend’s Chicago count; 55 shot, 5 dead.

Better yet, just move: Democrats should aid illegal migrants by taking the “radical” step of ending filibuster protections for political minorities in the United States, according to Jorge Ramos, the Mexican-born, pro-migration, Spanish-language TV anchor. Ramos’s employer, Univision, would gain viewers and advertising revenue if more Spanish-speaking migrants were imported into Americans’ homeland. The 60-vote rule in the 100-member Senate helps 330 million Americans preserve their rights by forcing compromises from powerful majorities in Congress. Hey Jorgy, why don’t you help fix the other places, like Mexico. There must be a reason you want to stay here.

I sat in a bar next to a trans-gender, bi-racial, poly-sexual, vegan, who had just been vaccinated. How did I know? They spent 28 minutes telling me-us-we. Whatever.

Just thinking out loud: If there was “no fraud” in the election, why doesn’t Uncle Joe DEMAND a total recount. Then he can laugh at all the people that say there was. He could stand there and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Gas in Honolulu, 6/9/21. Up, about $.04/gal in 8 days. At this rate we’ll hit $6.50/gal. by the end of the year.

How’s your day going?

Motes for the Middle of Everything

Questions about this: Nearly 50 years after a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death in suburban Chicago, genetic genealogy has led to an arrest in the case. Through genetic genealogy, an unknown suspect’s DNA left at a crime scene can be identified through his or her family members, who voluntarily submit their DNA to a genealogy database. This allows police to create a much larger family tree than if they were limited to using law enforcement databases like CODIS. Great that they identified the killer. My problem is their use of a database without a search warrant. If someone related to me submits their DNA, it becomes part of that database. And so do I. Even though I did not give permission to become part, hell, I might not even know the person submitting. I see just a little problem with rights, search and seizure laws, and privacy. Or maybe it’s just me.

Background check: An Alabama state trooper arrested last week on charges he raped an 11-year old girl had been kicked out of the FBI amid a string of sexual misconduct allegations but was hired by the state agency with the apparent help of a fake bureau letter that scrubbed his record clean. An Associated Press investigation found Christopher Bauer was suspended without pay and stripped of his security clearance in the FBI’s New Orleans office in late 2018 — effectively fired — amid allegations that included a co-worker’s claim that he raped her at knifepoint. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the state police, told AP that it conducted a “full and thorough” investigation into Bauer’s background. It appears they didn’t even verify the fbi letter. The state couldn’t find anything wrong, but a reporter had no problems getting information. And they want us to trust “the government” and the fbi. Nope. Don’t do it.

If you can’t be the reason someone smiles, be the reason someone drinks.

I see a NetFlix movie here: Belgium’s leading expert on COVID-19 is in hiding after being placed on a hit list by a rogue military sniper with ties to the far right. Jürgen Conings, a military instructor, went on the run almost three weeks ago after making threats to Professor Marc Van Ranst, a virologist who has advised the Belgian government on restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus and vaccines. According to reports, Conings had drawn up a hit list of 10 targets, including Van Ranst. Reports say that a lawyer who worked on his divorce, his ex-wife, and senior military figures involved in disciplining him for his extremist beliefs are also being shielded. In the 1950’s-1970’s Belgian soldiers were the center of the African Mercenary armies.

I’m on the schools side: It’s a moment that every high school senior anxiously awaits, the opportunity to walk across the stage and receive their diploma. For Ashley Saucedo, a graduate of Southwest Legacy High School, the pomp and circumstance were cut short. Saucedo said she was escorted out of the Alamodome on Saturday, June 5, after displaying the Mexican Flag during her graduation ceremony. She said the portion of her walking across the stage was edited out of the graduation video. Saucedo said she hoped the flag would make her parents proud. Her statement; I also did it for every parent out there who’s an immigrant and comes here to the United States to have a better life.” Two thoughts. 1) You graduated from an American school, not a Mexican school. 2) And your parents came to America to give you a better life, not Mexico. You should have pride in what they became, not what they left behind.

Yes, I do have “a thing” about Dragons. Why do you ask?

Tuesday, New Day, Motes

Code Duello: The other day I was bemoaning the loss of the “right to challenge”, duel. Upon seeing a photograph of two “ladies” dueling sans upper garments at;  I looked into the history of women dueling and found there were several prominent duels in history. PRINCESS SOPHIA AUGUSTA FREDERIKA OF ANHALT-ZERBST-DORNBURG VS. PRINCESS CHRISTIANE ANNA OF ANHALT-KÖTHEN // JUNE 1743 Weapon(s) of Choice: Swords; OLGA ZAVAROVA VS. EKATERINA POLESOVA // JUNE 1829 Weapon(s) of Choice: Sabers; ALEXANDRA ZAVAROVA VS. ANNA POLESOVA // JUNE 1834 Weapon(s) of Choice: Sabers; MADAME MARIE-ROSE ASTIÉ DE VALSAYRE VS. MISS SHELBY // MARCH 1886  Weapon(s) of Choice: Sabers; PRINCESS PAULINE METTERNICH VS. THE COUNTESS KIELMANNSEGG // AUGUST 1892 Weapon(s) of Choice: Rapiers. This is the duel that probably inspired the photo’s as both women fought topless. This was to prevent cloth from being driven into a wound causing infection. No word on spectators. Of course, most of the duels were fought over a worthless man but aren’t we all.

It’s not freedom: President Joe on Wednesday unveiled a series of initiatives to get 70% of Americans vaccinated with at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by July 4, calling for a “summer of freedom.”

“Get your shot, or the dog gets it.”

Someone please explain to me how forcing/bribing/coercing you to do something you don’t want to do is “Freedom”. Anyone, please. I’ll wait.

PoS: Jennifer Woodley, CEO with the “Make A Wish Iowa” foundation, has pleaded guilty to misusing thousands of dollars for her personal wishes. The foundation was established to make the dreams of extremely sick and dying children come true. Woodley made her own dreams come true by repeatedly giving herself pay raises and bonus’ and used Foundation credit cards for her own purchases. Woodley pleaded guilty to three felonies: two counts of first-degree theft and one count of fraudulent practices. Her plea agreement allows her to avoid any jail time. Under the deal, prosecutors will recommend a sentence of five years of probation, as well as fines and restitution. Restitution for the embezzlement of more than $40,000 has not been set yet. Woodley’s attorney said he will seek to have the case expunged from her record if she completes her probation and sentencing requirements. So basically she walks. Gotta wonder how guy’s like John Cena, Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan, and Dale Earnhardt Jr, who have between them granted over 1,000 wishes, feel about Ms. Woodley walking.

Make you ask, WTF: On last Wednesday, the Honolulu City Council voted to pay $1 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of the man a Honolulu Police Officer shot and killed in 2017 while the officer was “investigating a stolen vehicle”. Isaiah Stoeck was 19 in 2019 when that the same cop threatened to shoot him, struck him in the head with the butt of his gun and – after his hands were already behind his back – repeatedly hit him in the head while calling him “a fucking idiot.” And in 2010, that “officer” was criminally charged after he allegedly attacked a motorist he pulled over. Prosecutors took him to trial twice, but both cases were dismissed after juries couldn’t come to a unanimous verdict. Previously, taxpayers paid out $120,000 in a separate lawsuit naming that officer was one of several officers who allegedly assaulted a man they were arresting on the North Shore in 2012. So this “officer”( and that is really a stretch of the use of the word) has beaten and threatened citizens, and killed someone and still has a job. He’s training other cops? I know of a guy that was fired by HPD for “conducting an outside business without permission”. His business? Selling bulletproof vests to other cops. He was fired. But this thug keeps his job? I guess I missed the left turn the cop shop must have taken. “Serve and protect” my azz.

Weekend playlist had John Prine, Allison Krauss, Tom T. Hall, Kristofferson, and John Wayne (okay, only 1 “song” but it was still The Duke.)

Monday Motes Come Too Often

It really does: I’ve heard it said you need an act of congress to fire a teacher. Well, in Hawaii there is a UH teacher that “does not come into the office, has no office hours. In addition to teaching zero classes, bringing in zero dollars, and he doesn’t hold office hours.” And for all this nothing, he has had a salary of $300k a year for more than two decades. State lawmakers have voted to eliminate the job of the well-paid university professor. The union, the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, is asking the state Labor Board to restore Vogel’s position, saying the move violates his union contract, state law and the state Constitution. This has gone all the way to the state legislature, and now to gov. Ige. Talk about job security.

Too much information: Reading a national “news” site I found that 6 of the first 10 stories were about Dr. Fauci. About his lies, his book, his e-mails, how nobody asks questions about him, and so on and so forth. Sixteen months ago, nobody even knew who the hell he was.

I see a “LifeTime” movie here: “Bride dies of heart attack at wedding. Sister marries the groom with her body in next room.” During the jaimala, the exchanging of garlands by the bride and the groom in an Indian wedding, Surabhi collapsed and a doctor was called to treat her after she suffered a heart attack. After the doctor pronounced the bride dead, the families of the bride and groom agreed the bride’s younger sister, Nisha, would wed the groom. No mention of the bride’s age, but a “heart attack”? Really? So she dies, they drag her into another room, and the show goes on. I guess there was a no refund clause.

Didn’t Liz Taylor star in this: A herd of 15 elephants has wreaked havoc in China, trampling crops and causing more than a million dollars’ worth of damage, after the animals escaped from a nature reserve last year. The elephants have made a 311 mile journey through the southwestern province of Yunnan from the nature reserve in Xishuangbanna to Yuxi, a city of 2.6 million people, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, It is unclear why they left their nature reserve home, but on their travels, the elephants have caused 412 separate incidents of damage, with financial losses amounting to around 6.8 million yuan ($1.1 million), Xinhua reported. They destroyed 56 hectares of farmland in the counties of Yuanjiang and Shiping alone, the agency said. So nobody know why they have decided to take this walk. Maybe they watched “Forrest Gump”. Or maybe “Elephant Walk”.

Update: I have commented on the on-going investigations on the Missouri family courts, the “GAL” “advocates” that get children assigned to parents with “abuse” and “molestation” convictions. “Mikaela Haynes Committed Suicide After Being Forced to Visit Rapist Father.” That headline doesn’t even begin to cover this travesty. Charles Haynes pleaded guilty to raping his step-daughter and is currently serving a seven-year sentence in Farmington Correctional. The attempts to place the remaining teen daughter, Mikaela’s younger sister, into Haynes’ custody have not stopped. Attorney Keri Smith argued in court Friday that Haynes, a convicted child rapist, has a right to be a parent to his teen daughter. Take a look at the 17 part report on this, it will make you want to throw up. The abuse of authority is incredible as are the attorney arguments. It’s just freakin’ WRONG!!! And that it is not being widely reported is angering to me.

Sunday Rant

Yes, I am white. Yes, I am dangerous. I am a patriot. I have trained, been trained, and have trained others. No, I am not a racist. No, I am not a “supremacist”. I do not force my beliefs and feelings upon anyone else. Do not try to force yours upon me. I will not threaten you, but I will respond if you threaten me or mine. If needed, I will strike preemptively and decisively. If I can help it, I will not let an innocent be harmed, but not at the risk of my family. I believe there is a correct way to do things such as immigration and feel the laws on the books should be enforced until they are changed by the process in place. I think everyone should be proud of who they are, and what they are, and not just in their color/religion/ethnicity. I do not believe in hyphenated-Americans. If this country is so bad, how come the caravans aren’t headed the other way? I don’t believe the Federal Government should pay for everything, should not pay you to stay home and not work, and I do believe less .gov is better. I believe the Constitution means what it says and is not “a living document”. I believe the Ten Commandments are commandments, not just suggestions.

I am tired of Uncle Joe calling me a terrorist.

Saturday Story

Well, it’s summer. That means the real riding and party time starts. So without further delay;

Jesse James, Dyna Mike, and Me

As stories often start, once upon a time, in Hawaii Street Bikers United, was a serious organization that worked hard for all club member bikers, independent motorcycle riders, and those that thought they were. It sponsored runs, parties, get togethers, and fund raisers that kept bad motorcycle insurance laws, and helmets, from weighing down the riders. It was the organization that got Hawaii’s full-time, all riders mandatory helmet law repealed.

Along with meetings, parties, and speeches, there was “Kicking Back”, the monthly newsletter. It was originally mailed to members, but it changed with the times and became an on-line read but still provided the needed and unneeded information for the membership. Its editorial staff was two to four volunteers, the SBU officers, and it ostensibly answered to the membership.

“DynaMike” was one of those volunteers. He did photography, stories, and such drivel. As a club president I had stepped out of the KB staff, so I didn’t even write a column or reviews.

It was after our club threw a party when DynaMike wrote a review and referred to the patch holders as “the clowns of Hawaii biking”.  He thought he was funny by making a reference to the club, the “JESTERS” as “clowns”. As the club “P” I took offense.

I called Mike leaving a voice message asking that he consider changing the wording of his review. He casually waited 2 or 3 days before he called and answered “Naw,” he thought it read pretty good the way it was.

The second time I contacted him I told him the statement was disrespectful and he needed to change it, now. This was not a request. This time he responded he would not violate his “journalistic integrity” by changing something already “in print”.  He actually said “journalistic integrity”.

I told him there would be no more calls but there would be consequences to calling my patch holders “clowns”. He replied, so be it.

By the end of that week, the club let everyone in the SBU, and Oahu biker-community know there would be a reckoning, just not when or what. It said something when nobody came to DynaMike’s defense.

Two weeks later one of the Harley Dealerships was having a big local bike show featuring guest judge, “noted bike builder”, Jesse James. Everyone would be there for the cheap beer, beautiful bikes, and of course a chance to meet celeb Jesse James. I had another reason. I knew DynaMike would be there to take pictures.

We rolled in as a 16 man group a little after 11 that Sunday morning. The party was well under way and the parking lot full of bikes. There were lots of pretty ladies wandering around, there was real inexpensive beer, and a section roped off for the Bike Show entrants. That’s where I’d find Mike.

Several of the already there party goers couldn’t wait to direct me to where “DynaMike” was taking pictures amongst the bikes entered in the show. I walked around a bit, I was in no hurry.

It was just a few minutes short of noon when I walked into the “show’ area and there he was, wearing two camera’s looking like a “real journalist” and looking straight at me. At my entry he turned his back and started taking pictures of bikes further away, and he started walking away as if that had been his plan all along.

“DynaMike !”, my voice was loud and clear. He kept moving away as if he didn’t hear me. I moved 6 steps to his 2 and I was right up behind him when I announced “DynaMike, we need to talk and it needs to be NOW.”

He turned to face me and had that “what cha gonna do” smirk on his face. So, I did something.

My bitch slap sounded like a rifle shot that was much louder than the music, which had just stopped. Turns out I had the attention of every biker and wantabe there, and that meant several hundred pairs of eyes saw the club P bitch slap the “SBU photographer”. And seems most of them smiled.

Mike stepped backwards 3 or 4 steps, and slowly took off the first camera. Slowly he took off the second camera and by then several of his “friends” were holding him back. Nobody got close to me, patch holders were circling behind me, facing outward, and showing their teeth to anybody approaching.  Finally I simply said, “I told you. Consequences.” And I turned my back on him and simply walked away.

That’s when I realized everyone was watching me and DynaMike, and nobody was watching Jesse James, who had just walked on stage to no applause. Oops.

There’s more to this story,  another time I’ll talk about the police report( they couldn’t find any witness’) Jesse James blacklisting the club form his events here and in Cali, (Tramp fixed that  little hissy fit), the restraining order hearing, during which he could not produce any witness’ and  the judge opined I must be a very dangerous man; and some other stuff. But that’s a story for another telling.