Thursday Motes, With A Bite

Single Digit salute(.!..); Goes out to the homeless man who man kills a cat and then barbecued it in the street as commuters pass by. The distressing video was filmed by passersby as a woman is seen angrily confronting the man. I’m not sure how broke you have to be to do this, but the video shows a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. As one person in the video said, “If you can buy cigarettes you can buy bread.” To this pos I offer the .!.. , salute.

Undeserving: Sen. Tammy Duckworth, whose military service is beyond reproach, has announced she is blocking the Senate confirmation of 1,123 senior U.S. Armed Forces promotions until Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirms that he is not going to block the promotion of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to colonel. Sen. Duckworth, this officer went out of the Chain of Command, released confidential, and possible classifieds, material, refused direct orders, and in my opinion, engaged in conduct that brought discredit to the military service, and acted in a way unbecoming of an Officer of the United State Military. He does not deserve any further promotions.
***Vindman has announced his “retirement” due to “retaliation” from the Administration. His career limitations must be retaliation, it couldn’t be due to the above comments. Could it?***

Not my sport anymore: The NFL has said it will play the “Black National Anthem” prior to games this year. I will no longer watch any NFL game’s. There is no “black national anthem”. There is either a United States National Anthem”, or there is no Nation. They are taking one step to the later.

This is a good time to repeat John Farnam’s “Defense Training Institute” rules.
Simple rules; hard to follow.
Rule #1 Don’t go to stupid places
Rule#2 Don’t do stupid things
Rule#3 Don’t hang around with stupid people

Wednesday Motes of Unusual

I’ve seen this movie: “An insect control company has gained state and federal approval to release genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.” I’ve read enough sci-fi to know that nothing good ever comes from releasing anything genetically modified, especially into a swamp.

You need to pay for your words: Now, you can say damn near anything and if it is really offensive, all you do is claim it was a joke, satire, or you were standing up for someone else.. Take the Harvard student who, on Tik Tok, said she would stab people and watch them bleed out. Now she is surprised she has lost her job because she was “standing up to Trump and for Black Lives Matter”. Her comment, “ I’ma stab you. I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out,” And now she complains; “My future is entirely compromised because Trump supporters have decided to come for my life”. Oh it’s Trump supporters fault, not that you’re stupid, arrogant, and probably need deep psychiatric help.

. . . : Over the years, when the local newspapers actually were read, there existed the three-dot columnists. Reporters like George Dacann, Eddie Sherman, Don Chapman, and Will Hoover would write about what was happening around town, not just gossip but there was plenty of that. I was lucky enough to know all of these fine gentlemen, did a number of articles with each. Hoover did several stories on Anna Banana’s (O’Brien’s now). Recently I was introduced to a 2010 dvd, in the 70-80’s “outlaw country” style, that had been recorded by Will Hoover. Absolutely dynamite music.

Not new: The recent “news” regarding Russia supposedly putting bounties on American Servicemen in the Mid-east is not new. Nor is it “news”. We heard the same rumors regarding the North Viet Nam (NVA) army and the Russians placing bounties on US servicemen in Viet Nam.

Regarding the ongoing “peaceful protests”;
Print this and put it on the wall where you see it every day.
RULE #1 Nobody is coming to save you.
RULE #2 Everything IS your responsibility
RULE #3 Save who needs to be saved
RULE #4 Kill who needs to be killed
RULE #5 Always be planning ahead
RULE #6 Always remember RULE #1

Tuesday Down The Road Motes

Where the rubber meets the road: We cannot praise the St. Louis husband and wife that protected their home with firearms after the “peaceful protesters” tore down a locked entry gate and marched down a private street, and then condemn the Oklahoma man that shot a woman for stealing a “Nazi” flag from his yard. Freedom of speech and the Bill of Rights, means that no matter how abhorrent the speech or action, we must protect them equally. If the shooting was legal, we must speak up in his defense, even though the subject, protection of a Nazi flag, makes us want to puke. If the shooting was illegal, he should face judgement for that, and that only, not for the defense of his property. I will be criticized for this stance, I will be called a “Nazi lover” and probably much worse, but I will not be a hypocrite. He has as much right to defend his home and belongings as the St. Louis couple have to defend theirs, within the law.

Sad Good-Bye: If you’re anywhere near my age, you remember sitting down to watch “MASH” every week. It had that catchy lively opening music that seemed not to match the often-somber storylines. Recently the composer of that piece, and many others, Johnny Mandel passed at age 94. He won Oscar’s, Tony’s, and Emmy’s for his music. In case you didn’t know, the title for the MASH opening song is “Suicide Is Painless”. His talent and music will be missed.

It’s a personality thing: Says something about me when I have to keep reminding myself “rpg” stands for “role playing game” and not always “rocket propelled grenade”.

We are watching: “London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is currently hiring so-called ‘racism spotters’ to examine whether prospective police officers are prejudiced, as the city’s leftist mayor, Sadiq Khan, prepares to cut the budget of actual police.” I wonder if they are anything like the old “Political Commissar” the USSR’s NVD used to plant everywhere. You know, professional snitches.

Things that make you say, HUH: University of California scientests have developed an glove that will translate “American Sign Language” into actual speech. ?? Why don’t you listen to the person making the speech? What’s next? Oh, I know, let’s transcribe all the audio books so those that are hard of hearing can see the words.

Oh Damn, It’s Monday Motes

Insurance company’s always win: The family of the first known South Florida first responder to die from COVID-19 was crushed by his loss. Now, they feel like they’ve been dealt another blow, after the AIG insurance company twice denied their claim for an accidental death in the line of duty. The company noted the death “was caused in whole or in part by, or resulted in whole or in part from sickness or disease, specifically excluded under this policy.” Would he have been infected if he were in any other job? That’s the question that should be used in this decision. If no, then the family should be paid, it was line of duty.

Another messed up View: Joy Behar is worried about the next election. She tells Jill Biden, ”He (Trump) has other tricks up his sleeve, potential help from Putin. Maybe a little smattering of voter suppression. Now your husband, our beloved Joe Biden, he said his biggest feel is that Trump would find a way to steal the election. I’m afraid of that also. I’m very scared. We don’t have that much time left!” Hey Joy, how about we demand federal voter id, we all vote in person, and ensure everyone voting is a US citizen. Boy, that would teach him. And make his fraud impossible.

Love(Head)Line: “I AM cheating on my boyfriend with my boss – a woman. We are having amazing sex and can’t keep our hands off each other. I’m a 29-year-old woman and my fella is 31. Sex can be predictable and a bit on the boring side. I feel totally amazing when I am with her and the sex is always fantastic.” Maybe you could “teach” him what she does you like. Or maybe introduce them to each other, threesome’s can be nice. And why is cheating sex always “amazing” or “mind-blowing”?

Head count please: Almost weekly we are advised Trump said this or that while on a telephone conversation with some other world leader. I just have to ask; how many damn people listen in to the “confidential and classified” conversations of our President?

Silly me: During a recent conversation, the topic turned to the destruction of statues. I, rather loudly I’m sure, commented that the Lenin statue in Seattle was still standing and unbothered. From the back of the room came the comment, ”That’s because it’s on private property and can’t be touched.” So, that means all we have to do is put all the statue’s on private property and everyone will leave them alone. Right? I’m sure that’s the only reason nobody has removed it, yet

Timely Rant – DTI

It appears to me this is as timely now as it was 6 YEARS ago. Some things don’t change, they just get worse.

22 Jan 14

Three days ago, the governor of the State of NY actually said, out loud:

“… if that’s who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives,
they have no place in the state of New York”

So, what are you going to do with all those pesky conservatives, who dare
to think independently, Governor? Round them up and herd them all into gas

I better not say that too loud, as I’m sure he would love to!

With personal degradation becoming the norm of modern politics, it may be
well to remind us all of something:

I’m an American citizen, and I can be a “bigot” if I want! Being ”
bigoted” is not a crime, although the governor would sincerely like to make it

For example, as an American, it is okay if you don’t buy-off on “global
warming,” (now “climate change,” because leftists don’t want to look silly
when it becomes obvious that the planet is actually entering a new Ice
Age). And, it is okay when you want to own a military rifle (and still can in
most parts of America). And, it is even okay when you sincerely believe
homosexuality to be a disease, and people so infected should realize they’re
sick, and should want to be well!

The foregoing may be all BS, but, as an American, you get to believe
anything you want, and you get to articulate your beliefs without fear of the
governor’s “thought police” dragging you off to a gulag.

What makes this governor’s comments, and comments of most leftist
Democrats, so scary is that they are declaring all who disagree with them to be

enemies of humanity!”

We all wonder what fate awaits all these “enemies of humanity” Joe Stalin
used the same term to describe his detractors, and we know what happened to

Used with permission from John Farnham and DTI.

Friday Story,

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot of my old cop stories, maybe just trying to show both sides of the coin. There is one thing every cop must learn to handle, pain.

Lady in Waiting
The call said “possible suicide, overdose”. It was correct.
The victim was lying face down on the floor when I got there. The paramedics were right behind me. They went right to work and I started getting the story.

She was sixteen. The family was Chinese, from Hong Kong, the parents didn’t speak English but the victim and her sister were raised in Honolulu and considered themselves American.
I couldn’t see her face while the medic’s worked, but from the pictures on every wall I could see she was pretty. The pictures showed a shy looking, pretty girl just reaching the first bloom of womanhood.

Her sister was translating for the mother. Little sister was about 13 or 14 and when the mother stopped, the sister starting telling me the real background. The real story the parents would never acknowledge.
She told me her sister had finally gone on a “real” date and the boy treated her really well. He was older, he would graduate that year, but had already been accepted to the University of Hawaii. He seemed to have a good sense of where he was going.

The problem was he was Filipino. Mother and Father could not stand that. They told her she wasn’t to see him anymore. She tried to tell them how good he was and how he made her feel. They didn’t want to hear it.
She just knew it would be okay if they just would meet him and talk with him. They would see.

So she invited him over for dinner last night. She didn’t tell her family until just before he was to arrive.
Her father answered the door. He then shut it in the boy’s face, refusing to let her speak to him. He then locked her in her bedroom.

So the next day she left school early, about 9:30, and went home. She went home alone and swallowed 15-20 of her mother’s prescription sleeping pills. It was almost 5:00 before anyone came home and found her. That’s when they called.

I watched the paramedics working on her and thought what a waste. Then I realized one of the paramedic’s was looking at me from where he was air- bagging the girl. When he was sure no one else was looking, he slowly shook his head. She was already dead; they were just going through the motions for the family.
They put her on a gurney and took her to the hospital where it was made official. I made all the proper calls and notifications. Then I headed back out on patrol.

She was only 16, and had her whole life ahead of her. But because of some petty prejudices she was now and forever dead. Life wasted.

Every beat cop has some place he likes to go to write reports, maybe have a cup of coffee while he does his paperwork. I went to mine where I sat down and started to write up the report.
I couldn’t seem to get anything down on paper. I couldn’t concentrate on the report.
I couldn’t explain the tears that seemed to come on their own.
After 7 years of street patrol, it happened. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t write. I had reached a point where my soul was full.
Instead I had the first drink I ever took on duty.
The first.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. I will be in Hilo checking in with the wife, the dogs, and the gardenia’s. I may even do a Bulleit or 2.

Thursday One-Liner Motes

Fasten your seal-belt please: As many as a third the pilots in the Pakistan International Airlines have phony license’s. Think of that the next time you hear, “This is your Captain speaking”.

Let’s make a deal: Blackmail is such an ugly term, I prefer “extortionary bargaining”.

No, Joe Biden: H1-B visa holders did not “build this country.” Hard working, tax paying, Americans built this country. Something you know nothing about. Does anybody really think Biden will be “the” president, even if he’s elected? That would be like electing Howdy Dowdy, someone else will always be pulling the strings.

Bernie wants to spend more of your money: The pandemic spreads. “One way to help save lives and prevent illness is for Congress to pass my amendment which calls for the production and distribution of free, high-quality masks for every American household,” Sanders said. Would that include “non-American” households? Why not free masks for the world?

Two party system: Why is the Hawaii Republican party so quiet? There is 1 telephone number listed, and no names. Why? Well, the Hawaii national vote is meaningless. By the time Hawaii voting is close, the national winners are already being announced. Hawaii Electoral votes go to the Democrat candidate. As far as local votes, remember the standing nail gets hammered. Wither anyone wants to admit it or not, it’s better for a Hawaii businessman to come out as a “furry” than it is to come out as a Republican. To be a Republican Candidate, you need to be completely $$ independent, or not really a “Republican”.

Congratulations to all: After months of delayed naturalization ceremonies due to the Chinese coronavirus crisis, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency has restarted the “swearing in” ceremonies. So far this month, at least 2,000 immigrants were naturalized. Well done all. Well done.

Masks are not about health and safety, it’s ALL about power.

Wednesday Mote With Meaning

Unasked Question: During these few weeks of “unrest”, statues toppled, monuments defaced, and churches burned, supposedly much of this is the work of “white supremacist”, because the BLM/Antifa folks are all non-violent so it had to be disgruntled whites. Someone has to ask how many mosques have been defaced, burned, or destroyed? I can’t find a report of a single incident. I can find lots of Christian Churches damaged, a few synagogues, but not 1 single mosque. I thought it was about white hatred.

Just asking: How come, with all the recorded video, nobody from CHAZ or Chomp, are being Arrested and charged with, anything? Move in, drive the legal owner out, destroy the property, and then just walk away.

We’re different: Once again Hawaii politicians show they will only enforce those things they agree with. The Honolulu police chief does not agree with all of the proposed changes expected to pass in upcoming state Legislature police reform bills. Chief Susan Ballard said she does not believe all the measures required to comply with a presidential executive order are necessary. So, since we do not agree, we won’t enforce the President’s executive order.

Not a two-way thing: All these white actors are falling all over themselves because they appeared, or acted, in “blackface”. What about black actors that have appeared in “white face”? How come none of them are gnashing and wailing? Because it’s not a 2 way street.

Funny, yeah: I’ve been reading the “profiles” on all the candidates here in Hawaii. I never knew there were so many “nonpartisan” politicians here. It’s like nobody was to be associated with a specific party, even when they’re known lifelong party members. And again, the usual “ghost” campaigns are in full swing. I call the “ghost” because nobody says what they stand for, what they’re going to do, or what makes them different from the other candidates.



Trying Tuesday Motes

Really: Racial and ethnic terrorism, particularly white supremacist threats, are “on the rise and spreading geographically” according to a State Department report released Wednesday. “The threat posed by racially or ethnically motivated terrorism (REMT), particularly white supremacist terrorism, remained a serious challenge for the global community,” the report reads. Now that makes sense, after all, most of the people you see pulling down statues and taunting cops, are young whites. Otherwise, this just sounds stupid.

Silly me: The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association said Wednesday that dealing with racial matters will be a shared goal during the resumed season. The league and union announced they will “take collective action to combat systemic racism and promote social justice” when the season restarts. Silly me, I thought they played basketball for the entertainment of the fans.

I could join these guys: From; ‘Cut Red Tape Coalition’ Piling Up Deregulation Wins While Flying Under Washington’s Political Radar. Reminds me of the Hank Williams Jr. song, “The Coalition To Ban Collations’.” Another good idea.

A pretty good watch: Watched the Netflix, “The Stand At Paxton County”, claimed to be based “on actual events”. Normally such movies have barely any resemblance the actual events, this one is not so. These events actually took place on a Gladstone, N.D., ranch owned by Gary Dassinger. Gary, along with his daughter, Missy, faced the unthinkable when a hired man staged photos of neglect and abuse and made a report to authorities. With leads, Jacqueline Toboni, Christopher McDonald, and Michael O’Neill it is a tight well told story and movie. Especially to someone who, like myself, decry the lengths some organizations will go to, to destroy those over whom they claim moral superiority. A thoroughly engrossing 1 hour 44 minutes I recommend it be watched.

I’m surprised the police department hasn’t called me to return, just so they could fire me. Again.
Can I watch?? 🙂