Mote For A Weekend

Comment I can get behind: The left has won the cultural wars, now it’s just driving around shooting survivors. (Joe Rogan)

When is it sharp? Almost without fail, every time I talk knives with someone, somebody else has got to chime in with how they spend hours sharpening their knives with 15 grades of Japanese water stones and how the exact bevel is maintained during each stroke and if it is off they start all over again. Basically, they act as if this somehow turns them into a hero or that they are more “knifeyer” than me. They always act as if I am a heretic when I say I use my Worksharp system, spend three or fours minutes getting a razor-sharp edge, and don’t even own a water stone. Hey folks, sharp is sharp. I got no argument if you want to do the zen thing and spend all day, or all week, sharpening one knife. Me, I got too many other things to do.

Why do I have to “unsubscribe” from something I never “subscribed” to in the first place.

Did you see the head of that Siberian prehistoric wolf? How’d like that chasing you to gradma’s house? Run Red, Run.

A bully is a bully. Doesn’t matter if it is an individual, a group without a name, or a “political” or “social” action group with a stated purpose. A bully is still a bully, and if you give in once, they have won completely. Example, the U.S. Army War College has completely submitted to CAIR’s demand the college not let a specific speaker make his presentation. The reason? CAIR claims the speaker, Raymond Ibrahim, author of Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West, CAIR claims Ibrahim is a “racist”, a “white supremacist”, and his rhetoric will “incite” American soldiers to randomly killed Muslims everywhere. Pretty good trick for an ethnic Egyptian and native speaker of Arabic. The War College canceled the presentation at CAIR’s demand. The bully won.

Floridaman: I do really dumb shit. London Man: Here, hold my pint. Nottinghamshire Police are piloting the scheme where around 100 ‘no point’ knives will be handed to victims who have either been threatened or attacked with a knife. Police are concerned about the high level of knife-related incidents that happen in the home, and are hoping the new scheme has the potential to save lives. Is this the dumbest thing ever tried?

Sailor Jerry

In the 70’s I was a rookie cop, walking a foot-beat in the downtown and Waikiki areas. During the early morning hours I would often stop by “China Seas Tattoo” shop on Smith street, just around the corner from Tammys Topless Titty Emporium , or just Tammys. I’d sit, talk story, and drink coffee with Jerry Collins, the shop owner. I met hard core bikers, a couple of Tokyo Yakuza, some mid-eastern gentleman with had something to do with the Shah of Iran, that’s another story in itself, and a whole cross section of many cultures. All coming to Honolulu with the express purpose of getting a tattoo from “Sailor Jerry“.
I don’t think Jerry ever slept because all I ever saw was him drinking black coffee, you know, the “keep you awake for a week” military coffee.
After he died, Jerry left the shop to Mike Maloney, who continued Jerry’s traditions and styles for many years, until time also took him.
Recently I was downtown and spent a little while inside the old shop talking with the new artists. What I saw of their work was really good and would have made Jerry smile. If you get a chance, attend the party. Jerry would have liked that.

Motes As I See ‘Em

Forty-nine people were murdered and more than 50 others were injured at the downtown Orlando nightclub on June 16, 2016. Several of the 2020 Democratic candidates honored the third anniversary of the attack on Wednesday, including Sens. Cory (I am Sparticus)Booker (D-N.J.) and Kamala (
I own a gun but you shouldn’t) Harris (D-Calif.) and Rep. Eric (We’re going to kill everyone who doesn’t surrender their guns when we tell themSwalwell (D-Calif.), all who have made gun control legislation a primary campaign issue. But they all forget, or just ignore, the shooter repeatedly told authorities he was a soldier of ISIS, and referred to himself as an “Islamic soldier.” In other words, let’s blame the object, not the actual cause, the shooter. You see, the gun fits their scenario and the shooter, being a privileged class of non-American does not. Oh, and let’s make it about the victims sexual choice, and not worry that the shooters “religion” demands anyone making that “choice” be “stoned unto death”.

CNN’: “CIA operates it’s own world, You don’t investigate them.” Sounds like Air America during the 60’s and 70’s. You remember, when the Honolulu Chief of Police was also an officer, in the Army Reserve, in “Military Intelligence.” , and that crazy Asian War was in full swing. And Air America, that paragon of truth and Freedom had dozens of cargo planes full of whatever, parked at the old Lagoon Drive Hangers. Not to mentioned the several, to my personal knowledge, “federal agents” who were “unarrested” over firearms and other charges.

Forgot to mention: the anniversary of the passing of a truly great American. John Wayne, the Duke, passed away June 11, 1979.

Presidential Candidate Saunders says: “Socialism will spike taxes but Americans will be delighted to pay more” This from the guy with three houses, and life long pension and paid medical care,paid by those same taxpayers.

Very sorry to see that Sarah H. Sanders is leaving as white house spokesperson at the end of June, 19. She has stood straight and tall against the winds and gales of outraged press, the immature hazing in her private life, and the decidedly unclassy “comic” references from our late night “entertainers”. And she withstood all of it with class and style. She will be missed.

Pope Francis says “God” will destroy the walls between nations. What about those walls around the Vatican? Maybe He should start with those.

Prediction : The prerecorded disc market is about to disappear. At some point in the near future, UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and standard DVDs will no longer be sold by Amazon and other retailers. When the day comes that only a handful of major streaming services, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and soon Disney and Apple will control the content that you are able to view. Then some films and television series that are now or in the future considered politically incorrect will begin to disappear. Think “Blazing Saddles”, or most of the movies made before 2000. This is why I literally have thousands (yes ‘s) of flims, “B” grade movies, top class movies, and favorite or obscure television shows on disc. Hey, someday I’ll retire and get to watch them.

George’s Good-By

I mentioned the Brother that gave me my road name, Storyteller, was George Boston.
George was a good rider and a real brother, but like all of us, he was human. He died at an early age, much too soon for those that loved him.
I was pleased when his club planned a memory ride to the Pali Lookout where they intended to scatter his ashes. I was even prouder when his wife asked if she could ride with me, carrying his ashes, and would I give a short eulogy. I could only say yes.
It was a Saturday morning and there were 35 or 40 bikes and riders lined up for the run. Many were his club brothers but there were a lot other clubs represented as George was well liked. When we pulled out, his wife and ashes sitting behind me, we rode in the # 3 position with an empty space next to us. George’s spot. The rest strung out behind us.
The weather was cloudy and there had been short rain showers all morning, but none on the ride. But the clouds were there.
Everyone had forgotten what a tourist attraction the Lookout was, especially on a Saturday morning. So when we get there, we see 4 large busloads of tourists walking around, taking pictures of the windward coast, and talking. And looking at all the bikers pulling into the parking lot.
Of course, as soon as we stop, put the kickstands down, and the tourists start loading, it rains. Hard. By the time the last bus rolled out, everyone is wet. But we were there on a mission, to say good-by to our Brother. A little rain wouldn’t daunt us. So we all walked out to the lookout.
The widow stood next to me, holding the urn, and I delivered my eulogy. I spoke of George’s spirit, his brotherhood, and his sense of humor. I don’t recall the whole thing, but I ended by expressing my desire to have just one more beer with my friend and Brother, George Boston.
At that moment there was no rain, so everyone gathered close as we removed the urn lid and the widow prepared herself. We forgot to take in account the funny winds at the Lookout.
The moment she cast the ashes, the wind came up, reversed, and blew George’s ashes all over the crowd standing there. We were all wet from the rain, and, well, that meant that if the ashes touched you, they stayed on you. In a matter of seconds the entire crowd, especially the widow and I, were painted with ash. George.
Everyone sort of stood there, stunned, until someone started laughing. Someone else cursed George and his damned sense of humor. Pretty soon, we’re all laughing at the last joke Boston would ever play on us.
We returned to the bikes, rode down the Pali to one of the patch holders homes for some lunch and beer. Eventually everyone started telling George stories.
As I sat there, sipping my beer, I realized I was having one more beer with my Brother George. I used the last sip of beer to wash the last of George’s ash off my leather jacket.
Good-By George

Motes On A Clear Day

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) told Breitbart News on Saturday at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas, that “one of the greatest threats” to the United States is a well-funded effort from the left to make the Electoral College obsolete and effectively allow for “tyranny of the mob” to decide the outcome of presidential elections. The main thing we have to fear is the majority of the stupid.

I do not think that means what you think it means: How about the new term “marginalized New Yorkers“? It appears to be the basis of a new FX series. What the heck is that? Is it like calling a burglar an “uninvited guest”, or like “undocumented migrant“??

Hell Yes: Former U.S. Army Staff Sgt. David Bellavia will become the only living Iraq War veteran to receive the Medal of Honor, the White House announced Monday.

Heinleins Crazy Years: Twerking 11 year olds, Drag Queen Story hours, John Dean instructing Congress on right and wrong, CAIR telling a Pennsylvania College who they can or can’t have speak. It’s” National Pride Month” you can be proud of anything except being a white straight male Christian,

Buttibig, what ever his name is wants to give illegal aliens separate identification cards. Seems like a good idea to me. Make it easier to apprehend and send them back. The optimum word here is “illegal”.

Minnesota campaign finance officials said last week that U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar misused campaign funds in violation of state rules. They also revealed that she had filed joint tax returns with her husband years before they were legally married and at a time when she was married to another man. This information was public at the last election, but they elected her anyway.

There is another movement to enable victims to sue gun manufacturers if one of their products is used in a crime. Why stop there? How about suing the manufacturer of the automobile used by the drunk driver that killed you third aunts second husband. And we’ll sue the dealer that sold the driver the car, the counter clerk that registered the vehicle. We can already sue the bartender and the establishment, but how about the distillery that made the liquor. After all, they did have knowledge that their product could make an individual intoxicated and therefor had foreknowledge that their product was directly responsive for dear aunty’s husbands death.

Motes Ala’ Mode

Very sorry to hear; Steve Lawrence has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
In a letter released by his spokesman Howard Bragman on Tuesday, the 83-year-old singer, best known as a member of the musical duo “Steve and Eydie” with his late wife Eydie Gormé, opened up about his recent diagnosis and how he’s coping with the news. His songs gave much pleasure to many people for many years. His voice will be missed.

Recently wanted to make an ebay purchase, but the company “doesn’t ship to Hawaii”. So I ask why? They respond they use UPS and UPS costs are too high currently. This is really kind of dumb as this company sends me an email solicitation at least twice a week and is located in Dana Point ,California. I guess they can’t take the time to use an envelope. Oh well, I’ll spend my $1,500 with someplace else with someone else.

Talk about a Bond Villain: North Korea despot Kim Un whatever, keeps coming up with new ways to execute his generals. This time it was with a tank full of South American piranha’s. It is reported the execution was inspired by a Bond movie and the fish and tank specially built for this purpose. Well, he thinks enough of his generals to come up with special ways to eliminate them. What a guy.

Great Presidential Material: It is reported that Joe Biden flip flopped on federal abortion payments because of pressure from Alyssa Milano. If he acts this way from a 3rd rate washed up actress/activist, what’s he gonna do with North Korea, China, or Russia? Oh, I know. He’ll have is son make millions of dollars while the country continues down the road to being a second rate country. Now Cher tells him he’d better stay straight because “women are the future. Don’t fxxx with us.” Yes sir, can’t wait for his election.

Recently found there was a “Dumb Street Fight” web site. In 72 years I’ve never seen a smart street fight.

At the risk of repeating myself, it’s 3 am, I live on the 11th floor, I can hear your music. IT’S TOO DAMN LOUD.

Good Life Rule:
Sometimes you have to sit back, drink a few whiskeys and accept the shit you can’t change

Motes From A Sickbed

Makes You Wish You Were There:It was ten Cent Beer Night, a promotion held by Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians during a game against the Texas Rangers at Cleveland Stadium on Tuesday, June 4, 1974.
The idea behind the promotion was to attract more fans to the game by offering 12 fluid ounce (355 ml) cups of 3.2% beer for just 10 cents each, a substantial discount on the regular price of 65 cents, with a limit of six beers per purchase but with no limit on the number of purchases made during the game.During the game, fans became heavily intoxicated, culminating in a riot in the ninth inning which caused the game to be forfeited due to the crowd’s uncontrollable rowdiness and because the game could not be resumed in a timely manner.

AMC wants to stop filming in Georgia due to the state stance on abortion. Hey, AMC, go ahead. Just remember my tv has a number of settings, including OFF.

Eye Of The Tiger; Well, I guess Katie Perry can really roar. After a years long battle to remove several aged nuns, yes really Nuns like in church people, from their long time home she is selling the property. In a court case that has included “investigative burglary”, collusion, and the in court death of 89 year old nun, Perry has decided that winning isn’t everything had has put the property up for sale. She only wants a 9.5 million dollar profit. Hear her roar.

SORRY TO READ ABOUT The departure of Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson. She was a aircraft pilot, a Rhodes Scholar, and the first woman graduate of the Air Force Academy to be elected to congress. Her leadership and vision for the U.S.A.F. was needed and now will be missed.

Let’s Make More Laws: A recent shooter, in Australia, on parole, wearing a tracking ankle bracelet, using a type of gun outlawed in the country since 1996, has killed four and wounder another. Boy, if we only had just one more law. And the one thing this shooter had in common with recent US mass shooters? Multiple interactions with police just prior to the shootings. Hummm. Maybe a law against that would work.