This ‘N That

Big hoohaha about Taylor Swift actually speaking out for a specific candidate. I don’t live in Tennessee so it’s no difference to me, but if she’s going to speak out, she should at least registered to vote. That’s right, she isn’t registered.

Many years ago I attended a question and answer evening with (then) Honolulu Mayor, The Honorable Frank Fasi. Yes,  I know opinions differ on him, widely, but he was elected so that should speak for itself.

During the q and a, he would ask each questioner if they were they registered to vote. He would then go ahead and take their question. One individual stood and when quizzed told Frank he didn’t believe in military service and was not registered to vote.  Frank, very politely but very firmly, told this person if they couldn’t be bothered to register, they didn’t have any business questioning the government. The crowd approved. The questioner sat down. Frank was re-elected.


Saw in the news Bill Coors, yes that Coors family, just passed away at 102 years old. Maybe there is something to that Rocky Mountain water.


Help, I’ve been invaded by yard gnomes.

Every now and then someone will ask me what blogs do I read on a consistent basis. It’s really too many to list here, so just go to the Gun Blog Blacklist and start reading. There’s something there for everyone.

Just Sayin’

It was with sadness that I read of the passing of Hawaii entertainer Wisa D’Orso. I met Ms. D’Orso in Waikiki during the 70’s and 80’s. Several of us would attend her late night shows after 3rd watch. She was always gracious, entertaining, and had a wonderful sense of humor. She will be missed.

I recently read an article, one, regarding the Zulu empire in South Africa announcing its protection of the doomed white farmers. If you haven’t kept up, it is an active genocide. There has been over 700 deadly attacks on “white” farmers in the past 3 years. Soon they will be no farmers and no food. The Zulu have declared this is not a good idea and have come to the aid of those farmers. Problem is, I had one article that I cannot now find. Nowhere in the MSM had this been reported. Hell, there has been very little coverage of the farmer’s plight….



Just a thought; many police officers don’t decide if they are going to give you a warning or a ticket until they see what kind of response they get when talking to you. This sticker is probably not the best idea.  Just sayin’.

The Last Laugh

                                           THE LAST LAUGH

I would guess my problems, with Internal Affairs, started in 71-72 with a real good arrest.

There was an armed robbery call from Liberty House, Ala Moana. Dispatch broadcast a really good description of the suspect, and his sawed off shotgun.

I was patrolling inside Ala Moana Park when it happened. Being the cop I was (am?) I started scanning the park.

And there he was. The right male description, the right clothes, and that Pam Am bag. Even though every other person in the park carried one of those damn blue bags; I was betting it was him.

The first thing I did was call for back-up, but everyone was at the shopping center. Everyone but an adjoining sector sergeant.

I will not use his name, mostly because I don’t want to.

He radio’s that he will “cover” me. Let me set something straight here, to “cover” means he’s got my back. He will be there to back-me up, to protect me, to be my second pair of eyes, or hands if everything turns to shit. He’s supposed to make sure we both go home tonight. When someone says they’ll cover, you trust them.

So I went forward knowing, should I need it, help was on the way. Somehow I snuck up on my suspect; he was so focused on someone coming from the shopping center, that he never saw me coming from ahead of him in the park.

I was there in front of him, car stopped, gun drawn and he was centered in the sights before he actually was aware everything was over.

Of course, I was yelling for him to drop the bag, don’t move, put up his hands, don’t move, you know all the contradicting orders cops give when they’re scared, amped up, and 25 years old hoping to make 26.

He dropped the bag raised his hands, and didn’t say anything. He’d been thru this before.

I cuffed him, put him in the back seat, and sat down to take some deep breaths. Inside the Pan Am bag, a loaded sawed-off double barrel shotgun.

When I started looking around I realized, my back-up was nowhere around. I finally spot him, across the park, in a lot, watching with binoculars.


By then, other units, detectives, Sergeants, all start showing up. The bag and its contents were “recovered” into evidence. I transported the Suspect back to the Beretania Station for booking, and I went to the squad room to start the report.

By now it was afternoon and the 3rd watch was getting ready to start. It was either a Wednesday or a Friday as the on-coming watch was getting ready for inspection. So everyone was in the squad room. I sat down at one of the typewriters.

So, everyone was there when my back up sergeant shows up, slaps me on the back and tells me what a good arrest “we” made.

I lost it. I called him every kind of coward I could think of. I maybe made up a few new ones. In front of God, Buddha and the on-coming watch, and at the top of my voice, I loudly proclaimed him a coward for his long distance back-up.

Finally a couple of the on-coming Sergeants got between us, moved him away from me, and got me calmed down. But I never forgot, and neither did he.

A short time later he was transferred to Internal Affairs, and I became one of, if not his only, favorite targets. He took minor complaints, made them major violations and basically made me his career.

He finally put in his time, retired and got his pension.

Me, I got fired eventually.


Another word on the Kavanaugh fiasco. The Ford side kind of glossed over her “Lie Detector” test and its results. Many years ago I was an investigator with the private firm “DETEC”, and worked with a gentleman named Larry Anderson.

Anderson was one of the top rated polygraph, lie detector, operators in Hawaii and was well known throughout the U.S. investigative community. He taught me a great deal about polygraphs, how they work, what they can and cannot achieve, and mostly how to “defeat” a test.  If a schmuck like me can “beat the machine”, an extremely intelligent doctor like Ms. Ford could certainly get the results that she wanted. And like a poll, the results can be swayed by the wording of the questions asked.    Just sayin”.

I still think way too many people have taken an old, 70’s sci-fi film “Wild In The Streets” as a documentary, instead for the really bad movie it was.

I keep hearing people refer to someone as a “cowboy”. And they say it as if it is a bad thing. Just sayin’.



Well look at this. My buddy Jim Newberry and fellow safety trainer, is on the cover of “Pacific Rim Safety Source”. I’ve taken classes, and spent many hours just talking with him. He is a gentleman, a scholar, and certainly has earned the accolades of our safety community. Also interesting, the article was written by another old friend, and former Honolulu three dot columnist, Don Chapman. Small world.

Soapbox…Soapbox…you’ve been warned.

We truly have entered the “Crazy Years”. The rampant, unrepentant hate displayed over the Kavanaugh nomination was repulsive. The demand to “believe the survivor”, without evidence or witness’, was against everything this country has always stood for. The right to face your accuser and the preponderance of evidence are two of the tenants of the uniquely American system of law. These were thrown out the window and replace with something just short of Gladiator games.

Women are “not equal under the law”. OK Alyssa, right after you go down to the selective service board and register like all men do. Remember the radio ad’s, “you can be denied government employment, schools loans, and even go to jail” if, as a man turning 18 years old, you do not. How come nobody is bringing that up? The old, “there’s no draft” argument doesn’t hold water. If there is the possibility “of jail”, it should be applied to everyone.  Both sex’s and all genders.

On a recent walk through the bookstore, a rack of romance novels caught my attention. There had to be 15 to 20 books where the hunky male sex object was a SWAT cop, or a biker. Ok, the SWAT cops I can understand. SWAT cops are mostly young, well built and  very fit, men.  Hey why not. Makes sense. But, let’s face it, most bikers idea of romance is standing by the side of the road screaming “show me you tits” and trying to not spill their beer. This one I don’t get.


New Driveway

Few weeks ago I wrote about the rain damage our house took from Hurricane Lane. This weekend we removed over 3 tons of mud and dirt.



And replaced it with 15 tons of #3 gravel.



Looks great. Frank Santos did the machine and equipment work, I did the manual work. Oww my aching back.

Not My…(fill in the blank)

SOAPBOX ALERT    SOAPBOX ALERT     SOAPBOX ALERT  ;   you’ve been warned.

First let me make something perfectly clear, I am the enemy. I am an old(er), conservative, white male. According to everything being said, I am the enemy. As far as I can tell, I am the only person to admit I voted for Nixon, and Trump. Wow, am I something.

But the Rule of Law, and the presumption of innocence, has been replaced by the Cry of Accusation, and guilt by public decree.  Evidence no longer matters. Hell, even a trial isn’t needed anymore.

Our Representative Hirono has pronounced one man guilty without evidence or trial, and by association all men. Her cry is all men  should “shut up and stand up”. Ok, I know what shut up means. But the “stand up” is a little fuzzy. Stand up for what?, Certainly not ourselves. And not for women, they are strong and powerful enough to stand up themselves.      Aren’t they?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. In Hawaii, it’s electing the same people over and over and expecting them to do something new. Like acting as if they really care what their constituents (us voters) want or need.

Mazie ; “not my Representative”.

And not my president either.