Motes Of Lateness

Another has-been/never-was heard from: Nancy Sinatra says President Trump should be impeached and removed from office because he is “a clear and present danger” to our country and the world.(Appears she is a Tom Clancy fan.) With her extensive education (1 year at UCLA), her vast resume of professionalism (last appearance in movie was 1968) and her unique portfolio of pubic appearances (Playboy magazine 1995 at the age of 54 ☹) we should be thankful she has graced us with her unique wisdom. After all, those boots are made for walking, and she should walk somewhere else.

Washington D.C.?
: A Mayor was caught on tape having an orgy on a yacht. Days later, he is reelected. Zslot Boraki , Mayor of Gyor, Hungary’s 6th largest city, reportedly was recorded in a “cocaine fueled” orgy with booze and “young” women. Hell, D.C.’s Barry was caught with just one crack whore, this guy has some style.

Really: Real News:
ABC “mistakenly” shows video from Kentucky Gun Show and claimed it was combat footage from Syria. Crap, the recording was from 2017 Gun Show Night Event, and there was nobody injured. This would not be combat. But it would show a distinct lack of follow-up and fact checking. It appears ABC is so desperate to show how the President’s decision to move troops is causing death and destruction, they don’t even try to find the truth anymore. Does anybody really believe this was “mistakenly” done? They don’t care about the truth, and by “they” I mean the main stream media. The one thing you have to ask yourself, why? What did they stand to gain? Or are they just that lazy?

Why is it so many politicians look like a character from “Steinfeld”?

Whose the Boss?:People talk about Trump ruling by imperial fiat. What about Cali Governor Gavin Newsome. He and the elected “saviors” of the state are passing one bill after another, making them laws, and none of which I can find were voted upon by the people of the state, that fundamentally change California to a non-citizen controlled piece of third world land. Non-citizens can vote, get free medical insurance, and now they can sit on State boards, and be paid for it. So why stay a state? Just drop out and give us a call in 20 or 30 years.

Holiday Motes

Yep, it’s a holiday, so I’m taking one as well. See ya tomorrow.

Gotta go with your strengths: Will Smith, whose new movie is not doing well, has decided to go back to the beginning. He and wife are developing a “spin-off” based on the 90’s tv sitcom, “Fresh Prince of Bellair” I have 1 question, why?

Still trying to be relevant?
: “Hanoi” Jane Fonda has managed to get herself arrested during a “Climate Change” protest. I’ll forgive her when the Jews forgive Hitler. She caused a lot pain and suffering, and I still refuse to see her movies.

ESPN what?:I guess all this crap with the NBA and Communist China will give new meaning to “Chinese take-out”. And there is all this huhu about ESPN showing an “incorrect” map of China. Ok, the map was skewed, but why the hell is a “sports network” displaying a map of China?

Famous Last words?: A gentleman in Germany was convicted of multiple bank robberies, firearms violation, and attempted murder. In Germany, the defendant has the right of a “last word”. The convicted robber then proceeded to speak for 5 court days, stating he understood the law better than his attorneys and complained of “incompetent investigators”. Sounds like the only thing he didn’t blame was racism.

Wanna buy a bridge?
: A woman in Oklahoma has been charged with stealing a whole building, and then trying to sell it. Seems she stole a “metal building” and then tried to sell it on Farcebook where the real owner spotted it and called the cops. Well, someone did buy the London bridge, it’s in Arizona now.

The science is settled: “Marriage linked to longer lifespan, data shows”. Married men don’t actually live longer, it just seems that way.

Promises never to be kept?: Presidential candidate “Beto” O’Rourke now says “when” he is elected he will strip the tax exempt statues from churches that oppose same sex marriages. Of course, I’m sure he means only white Christian churches because they are inherently bigoted. And Islam is the religion of pea….what, they kill gay’s? They won’t allow same sex relationships? Well, he can make all the promises he wants, he’ll never have to keep them, he’ll never be elected.

Kurds + America = Montagnards/Nungs

Sunday Rant

OPSEC: Operational Security. People are almost sure to forget the Opsec in their daily lives. It is an aspect in your life that needs to be on your mind, all the time. And it is an important aspect. A few examples. Don’t have 27 “Colt”, “Smith&Wesson”, or “Ruger” bumper stickers on your car or truck, especially next to the “NRA Forever” decal. Don’t post your yard with “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again”. These advise the would-be burglar you may have firearms in the house. Don’t tell anyone you don’t trust; “Mom and me going Florida next week, we’ll be there with the grandkids the whole week”. Anyone listening now knows you ain’t home next week. Don’t have that third beer too many and start bragging about your “prepping”, your gear, or anything else. Don’t tell your “today” drinking buddy that your other friend “carries every day. Like right now he’s got a .487 magnum snub nose in that upside-down ankle holster”. Your other friend will not appreciate it, I guarantee that he won’t. I once solved close to a dozen firearms taken burglary’s when I spotted where three of the victims had purchased ammunition from the same store, the same week, and where they had signed the (then) required ammo purchase log. I then noticed the name of a female associate of one of our well-known burglars on the log where she had purchased ammo the Friday before the three burg’s had occurred. We checked a few other places, found more victims and associates, established a string, pulled on it, and ended up clearing a bunch of cases. A lapse in Opsec, by the stores, and the customers paid for it. Sales don’t use those logs anymore. Don’t post anything on the FarceBook you don’t want the whole world to know. It isn’t anybody’s business. Trust me. And if somebody asks what you gonna do when the world ends, look at them, smile, and change the subject. OPSEC

All In A Nights Fun

Now don’t get me wrong, being a motorcycle club Charter President did mean some fun moments.
For many years, a weekend night hangout was the “Sand Island R&B” club. Friday and Saturday nights and most Sunday afternoons would usually find a double row of motorcycles parked in front and around the side. Add in the fact there was a low class titty bar just a few yards away, you had the “almost” perfect biker spot.
Eventually, like all good things, people came along and spoiled and screwed the whole thing up, but it was fun for many years.
R&B’s as it was referred to, had mostly acceptable food, cheap drinks, waitress’ that liked and/or dated bikers, and live music on Friday and Saturday nights.
The guys would get into conversations and sometimes the ladies would dance together. Not uncommon.Every now and then a “civilian” would try to cut in on the dancing ladies, usually they would just get told no and they’d walk away. But of course, every once in a while there’d be one that wasn’t familiar with the system and stronger measures would have to be taken. This was one of those nights.
Two other charter P’s and I had some club business to discuss so the ladies knew they would have to entertain themselves for a while. The band was good so they decided they wanted to dance. So they did. A good time was being had by all. The men finished the club business and were just watching the old ladies when a fairly drunk local guy decided he was going to dance with all these lonely ladies on the dance floor. He stepped out and started show his best moves.
As he tried to dance with each of the ladies, one by one they would turn their backs on him. Undaunted, he kept trying until he found himself in front of Julie.
I keep saying that Julie is what every biker wishes his ol’ lady would be.
As the drunk starts gyrating in front of her, she stops, looks him right in the face and says; “Go away. These are my bitches!”
Then she turns her back on him and starts dancing again with her “bitches”.
This poor slob was completely baffled. Since all the dancing ladies were wearing jackets with a green patch on the back saying “Property Of …” it suddenly occurred to him he might be in the wrong place.
We didn’t even have to stand up, he just walked away shaking his head, and the women broke out in gales of laughter.
There was another small club on Beretania my group began going to on Saturday nights. It had a big parking lot, glass windows to watch the bikes, reasonable prices for food and drinks, and internet jukebox and 2 pool tables.
We’d go here 2 or three times a month, spend 5-6 hours, pay our bill and go home. It wasn’t like the chapter “claimed” the bar as its own. We’d show up, have a good time, and leave. Like many bars there were “buy me drink” girls looking for a customer, a surly bartender who’d pad a tab any chance she’d get and of course tough guys thinking they’d kick some bikers ass to prove how tough they were or some such.
That sort of thing happens were ever bikers hangout. It usually ranges from loud mouths seeing how far they can push , drunks that seem to think they’re really much more important than they are, and all the way to guys that take a cheap shot and suddenly find all the brothers taking a piece of their ass.
A lot of those you can see coming and be ready to respond. Sometimes you just got to be confident.
We showed up at the small place to find almost the whole parking lot full, but very few people could be seen inside through the windows. What we didn’t know is the bar wasn’t doing that well so they open a small casino on the second floor. That floor had no front windows so it couldn’t be seen. They’d also put in heavy steel gates at the bottom of each stairway, hired a couple of organized crime boys to run it, and away they went.
Due to the now, heavy traffic, one of the OC guys hired one of his wet brain, muscle-bound, nephews to watch the parking lot, so when we pulled into the usual spot he started telling us where we could, and couldn’t, park. Since he’s trying to tell us to park around the corner I politely said no thank you and directed the crew to park in front of the windows. Hey, the space was open.
Wetbrain didn’t like that. He starts yelling, then starts cussing, and starts telling he’s going to fuck me up. Since I was with 11 other guys, who rode for me, you can probably figure out this was not something that could be considered a good idea. Don’t tell an M/C charter P, in front of a large group of his members that you’re going to fuck him up. You’ll be in for a big surprise finding yourself surrounded by a bunch of angry bikers who really want to start hitting you, a lot.
Wetbrain didn’t get it. He starts kicking off his rubber slippers and pulling off his t-shirt to show he really means business.
There must have been somebody with some sense watching from upstairs because a big, black, Ford F-250 pickup pulls into the parking lot, fast, and pulls to a very hard stop.
As the driver gets out, I was pretty sure this was the guy in charge so I turned my back on Wetbrain and directed my attention and conversation to the new arrival.
The driver was about my age, and somewhat larger, but he had to look of a “business man”, someone that is respected, used to giving orders and knows when to pick his battles
I stepped forward, introduced myself and the crew, shook his hand, and told him we weren’t there for any trouble, just a few drinks and some pool.
It surprised him when I told him we hadn’t know the place was protected and certainly weren’t there to upset anything or anyone.
He responded in the same polite manner, and apologized for “his man” getting out of hand. If all we wanted were some drinks, the first round was on him. The conversation was going well until Wetbrain starts yelling really loud, about how he’s going to teach the “fucking haole (me) a lesson”.
At this exclamation, Hyde walks between Wetbrain and the two of us talking. Facing Wetbrain, Hyde asks me if he can handle this problem.
Background: Hyde was a former U.S.A.F. officer, a Para-Rescue Officer. He also graduated from Harvard, taught military unarmed combat, and ran marathons for fun. Hyde was a very tough, well trained SOB.
Wetbrain is now dancing and making “big body” while moving side to side, but not forward. He’s obviously waiting for the ok from his boss, the guy standing next to me.
I quietly, because the only one being loud was Wetbrain, ask Hyde;
“You want him?”
“Sure Boss”, Hyde responded.
I look at the pickup truck and said; “You take real good care of your truck. Just like we do our bikes. Maybe we need to finish this so there won’t be any accidents while we’re inside.”
“Tell you what”, I reached into my cutoff’s pocket. “I got three hundred here that say’s Hyde will take him in out in less than 2 minutes if he doesn’t spend it all running away.” You could almost hear Hyde’s smile.
The Boss looks at me, looks at Hyde, and looks at Wetbrain.
“Talu”, he said loudly. This was the first time he’d raised his voice. “Shut the fuck up and get upstairs. I’ll talk with you when the grown-ups are done.”
Wetbrain looks liked he’d been bitched slapped. He started to open his mouth when the Boss spoke again. “NOW!”
This was the one guy Wetbrain wasn’t going to argue with, ever. He headed upstairs looking like a kicked puppy.
I’m figuring this is about to lead to someplace between a couple of rounds of drinks and a business opportunity. But alas, it was not to be. Someone watching from the second floor said “five oh” just loud enough to be heard.
I turned my head to the side and told the crew;
“Light ‘em up. We’re leaving.”
Everyone headed back to their bike.
As the 2 patrol cars pulled into the parking lot, the Boss and I shook hands like old friends.
I stepped over to my bike, Julie was already seated, and as I swung my leg over he said, “Another time. I still owe you a round of beers”. He was smiling.
“Next time”, I responded.
Since everything was quiet and peaceful, the cops didn’t even get out of their cars. We just rode off into the night, to another bar.
Just a couple of additional notes to wrap this up.
We called our club Brother Hyde as in “Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde”. He had a quick fuse and was really very dangerous in “Hyde” mode. There had been no doubt of that outcome.
We never got those beers. It seems the nightclub had been under police surveillance the whole time. There was an undercover vehicle set up across the street. Two weeks later the bar, upstairs and downstairs, was raided. Somewhere between 40 and 50 people, including the Boss and the Wetbrain, were arrested and the whole place shut down.
Damn, I hate not getting free drinks.
As we had ridden away that night Julie leaned into me and whispered into my ear, “Honey, did you know he had a gun between the seats in the truck?”
That would account for his hurry to roll up the windows when the cops had pulled in.
“No,” I said. “But you got my back, right?”
“Shut-up” she answered with a slap to the back of the head.
It’s probably better I hadn’t known.
Damn, that could have gotten real interesting.

Motes To Note The End Of The Week

An Idea Whose Time Has Come: The mayor of a southern city in Mexico has finally had to answer to his constituents about one of his campaign promises. The Mayor, Jorge Hernandez was recorded being pulled behind a truck, with his hands tied, down the road he “promised to fix” and has not. The report says 11 local farmers have been arrested in connection with the incident. Now that’s one way to handle unfulfilled campaign promises. Hell, the steel plate that caused the death of a brother of mine is still in the same place it was in 1997. Oh wait, Honolulu campaigners never promise to fix the roads. Nobody would believe for that promise.

: Do you have Kaiser Medical Insurance? How do you feel about “Drag Queen Story Hour”? Is it normal? Well, according to the new advertising campaign for Kaiser, it is. In my opinion, and only mt opinion, the “Story Hour” is another way of sexualizing your children and “grooming” them to think abnormal is normal. If it’s happening, and you don’t like it, say something. Hell, DO SOMETHING.

LoveLine: How do I tell my parents my boyfriend used to be my ex’s girlfriend? Huh?

On China, again
: How come no one is asking Bill Gates about the nuclear power plant he has bought and paid for, in China? Couldn’t get all the permits in America and so he built it there. Now there are rolling blackouts/brownouts in California and other states because of the power demands of the citizens. Hey Billy, you can build one in my backyard. Especially funny when the lights go out in San Diego, but stay on in Tijuana.

Work hard, get screwed: GE has announced it will ‘freeze” pension benefits for about 20,000 employees, and offer nearly 100,000 soon-to-retire a one-payment cash out option. Stock for the strapped company is down 20% and doesn’t look like it’ll be raising anytime soon. Seems to me, pensions are what you already paid for, ain’t they? In other words, GE is going to stop paying you the money you already earned with loyal service. No telling how many times they “moved the goal posts” for you to attain that pension and how many hoops you jumped through.
The Golden Rule: He Who Has The Gold, Makes The Rules.

Hypocrisy, Again: The University of Sheffield, UK, student union has “banned” white students from attending a meeting concerning “anti-racism”. “Please note”, the posted flyer states, “these sessions are only open to black and minority ethnic (BME) students.” Now banning one set of students, because of their race, isn’t that racism? Just asking.

**Additional mote: Happy belated Birthday to John Prine, 73. His music and voice make me smile. ***

Little Friday Motes

Let’em have a bake sale: The U.N. is broke and wants its members (spell that American taxpayers) to pay up. Last year the U.S. cut its payments by $270m. Which, co-incidentally, is just a little less then the UN needs to ensure “salaries and entitlements” are covered. Personally, I say cut our loses and just walk out. I mean, what has the UN done for the U.S., except spend our money and criticize out decisions.

Non-Headline? : In 2012, under a “sealed agreement”, the Obama Administration signed a 40-year lease with Communist China, for the Port of Long Beach. This essentially gave China control of the 3,100 acre, including 31 miles of waterfront, port that handles $194 billion dollars of cargo yearly. President Trump had a “security” review of the whole thing which concluded it was not in our best interest to give control of the port to China (Wow, couldn’t see that coming) and has voided the agreement. Boy, this’ll be all over the headlines won’t it? The NBA is silent.

Speaking of the NBA: I don’t watch their games anyway, but maybe with all this crap about China and Hong Kong and the incestuous relationship between the NBA and shoe manufacturers in China, it’s time to treat the NBA like the NFL. You know, don’t go.

You gotta admire his tenacity
: A Japanese man, age 61, steals 159 bicycle seats. He started taking them after someone had stolen the seat from his bike. He said; “I stole the seats as a form of revenge.” And he kept all of them. He gets caught by a security camera. I feel sorry for the poor evidence tech.

Disturbing trend: Islam over all: All the meat now served in public schools in Dearborn MI will be “halal”. Whether the student is Muslim or not. I remember when I was in school, we had fish every Friday, then that was deemed to raise one religion (Catholicism) over the others and the practice was stopped. But nobody sees the hypocrisy of accepting the dictates of Islam over all others. If a student requires a special diet, it should be provided by the family, not the school district.

Hey, reading something the interweb, facebook, or google does not make you an expert on anything. Period.

Punchline: After doing cocaine, shrooms, marijuana, Adderall, and Xanax, she stabbed her roommate 30 times. She claims she was doing it with the Devil. Is that like “the devil made me do it?” Sorry Laugh-In, couldn’t resist. You know, the devil…well you know.

Because, that’s why: Did you notice that all the comedians that are criticizing the “cancel culture” are not white? (couldn’t figure another way to say it without offending somebody. White people don’t count.) Those comedians seem to be the only people that can criticize it. More power(literally) to them.

Motes Not In The Middle (of the week)

Legal Question: When did the American legal system turn from the rule of law and “a preponderance of evidence” into accuse, accuse and “keep filing until you find a judge that agrees with you even though several others threw your suit out”?

NYT Headline: “How do you know your daughter is in a cult like NXIVM”. Well, a good indicator would be when they “brand” her ankle.

: “Bullied” NFL player charged with “threatening” other players with a photo (a freakin’ picture) of a shotgun. I thought professional football was a man’s game, but it appears it’s still a boy’s game. For over-payed boy’s that’s for sure, and that’s why I don’t watch games anymore. And the guy feeling threatened, he’s supposed to be one of the baddest badazz in the game.

Should See TV
: Watched a rather interesting tv “documentary” show the other day.(VICE). I’ve never hidden my pro-wrestling enjoyment. From fan to ring announcer to television interviewer I’ve mostly enjoyed my involvement. In the Congo, they take it a step further with “Voodoo” or “Catch-Witch” style of wrestling. Blending sci-fi and witchcraft with pro-rasslin’ moves they have created a unique blend of entertainment. Not sure how I would “call” the match, but they do sound better than some of the stuff coming out of then WWE lately. These “wrestlers” call to the “old Gods” and throw curses and spells at their opponents. In some matches, it is the “Christians” against the “witches” and who wins is decided by what the particular slant is of that village, Christian or otherwise.

Depends on the culture: Headline: “Ilhan Omar must get stoned for illegal sex.” Some women feel the same way about legal sex. Some women just like being stoned. Oh, what? Oh, that kind of stoned, with real rocks. Sorry, doesn’t anyone read their own headlines.

Samuel Little
, now being called the most prolific serial killer in America. Over 50 of his 93 “claims” have been verified, and of all things, not once did he use a firearm. Little, a former boxer, says he would punch the victim unconscious, and then strangle them. Maybe we should make that illegal, instead of guns. Oh, it is? Silly me.

Chicago Weekend
: (+1); 16 shot; 4 dead. And the city signed a $4.9 million police misconduct settlement. I don’t know why I keep picking on Chicago, because it’s just so damn easy.

And the friggin’ UPS man still throws the package into the yard because he can’t find the doorbell.