Thursday, I Can See Friday, Motes

As time goes by: 7/27/20, Brittney Griner didn’t take the floor for the national anthem during the Phoenix Mercury’s debut in the WNBA bubble on Saturday. She believes that the anthem doesn’t represent Black Americans. 7/4/22, In an emotional letter to President Joe Biden, WNBA star Brittney Griner pleaded for help, saying she fears she may never be released from the Russian prison where she is being detained. Brittany, sweety, you can’t say you didn’t know it was illegal to bring drugs of any kind into Russia. Oh, and the real tear-jerking part of her letter to the “Big Guy”, “I voted for the first time in 2020, and I voted for you.” 

It’s really not: It is not a good idea to argue your innocence and then threaten to find someone in the same sentence… or at all, really. A Twitter user found himself in an argument with Alec Baldwin over a comment. It began when leftist Alec Baldwin made a political comment on Twitter about Donald Trump: “Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent. I mean… what more do you need? Williams then replied, “Better than shooting you[r] cinematographer.” Alec Baldwin had none of it and responded, “When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize. I’ll find you Mike.”  Hey, Alec, I think you shot that woman because you’re an idiot, a Hollywierd elitist, and a lousy actor. Come on down, I ain’t that hard to find.   .!..

Yes, please do:  Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has threatened to give up his U.S. citizenship in protest of restrictive abortion laws in conservative states. “I cannot in good conscience continue to receive the privileges of ‘full citizenship’ in this land when all of its women and girls have now been, by Court decree, declared official second-class citizens with no rights to their own bodies and conscripted to a life of Forced Birth should they fall pregnant and not want to be,” Moore declared on Monday. Well, go ahead, please give up your citizenship and move. When you leave, the US food supply will extend by years, and the country IQ average will go higher.

Climate protest: A group of at least five activists from the group Just Stop Oil spray painted “No New Oil” underneath the painting copy of Leonardo’s “The Last Supper” and glued their hands to the artwork’s frame. The protesters that targeted the painting on Tuesday called on their nation’s government to commit to immediately ending all new oil and gas licenses in the U.K. Can someone, anyone, explain to be how gluing your hands and spray painting a 500 y-o painting is fighting oil and gas? And isn’t that spray paint, and the glue, made from petroleum products? You know, oil. Sorry, all this does not “fight” anything. All it does is irritate most of us.

Someone knows: Recently Uncle Joe did America a favor and released millions of gallons from the U.S. Strategic Oil Reserves in a news-op for some good publicity. It didn’t work and now we find out that more than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month. The whole idea of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), which is owned by the U.S. government, specifically the U.S. Department of Energy, is to hold on to about 700 million barrels of oil in the event of an emergency or disruption. That’s an emergency in America, not CHINA. You can’t tell me Uncle Joe doesn’t know what he’s doing. Well, maybe he doesn’t know, but his handlers know full well they are destroying their own country. And they don’t care.

Piglet Says It’s Wednesday

Just too stupid for his own good: Police arrested a Maine man Wednesday after he was caught with over 70 pounds of marijuana in his car as he was leaving a Massachusetts court hearing for marijuana possession and driving without a license Wednesday. Yves Duboc, 43, was arraigned on charges of driving without a license and possessing one pound of marijuana. After the hearing, Duboc allegedly got in his SUV and drove off after having just had his license suspended and ordered not to drive. Massachusetts State Police officer Michael Provost, who was in the courthouse during Duboc’s hearing, intercepted and arrested him for operating a vehicle without a license. The pot was found in a search subsequent to arrest. I’m sure he is claiming it was for personal recreational, he just has a heavy use.

Movie :  Watched “Dog” over the holiday. Be careful with the kids on this one, there is some “harsh” language and images. There is also a terrific story, wonderful man/dog interaction and a fantastic, heartfelt ending. Yes, I’ll be buying a copy to watch again. And keep some Kleenex handy, unless you’re a rock, you’ll need a couple.

It’s bbaaaccckk: Yes, the bill to include women in “the draft” is alive again. We have not draft at this time. But young men between 18 and 25 still have to register with “Selective Service” and are often told if they don ‘t they can lose valuable government “opportunities”.  If women want true “equality”, they need to be included. Otherwise, there will always be inequality”.

The world is laughing, at US: Sam Brinton, an outspoken drag queen and “queer activist”, has been appointed to oversee spent fuel and waste in the nuclear energy office of the Department of Energy. 

And he likes to dress up like a “puppy” to have sex. Yeah, he’s a furry.

Paying off your conscience: The Canadian government and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) have announced that a final settlement has been reached on compensation for Indigenous children. Canada said in a statement on Monday that the $15.55bn ($20bn Canadian) deal marks the largest settlement agreement in the country’s history. This actually for Indigenous Children put in forced foster care 1991- 2016. Just a salve for the mistreatment of your own people.

After Holiday Tuesday Motes

Don’t pet the shaggy cows: A 34-year-old man was attacked by a bison Monday while walking with his family near Yellowstone National Park’s Giant Geyser. A bison charged the Colorado visitors while they were walking the boardwalk. The family did not flee, and the bison ended up goring the man, injuring his arm in the process. This is the second reported bison attack of the year at the national park prompted by tourists getting “too close to the animal and the bison responding to the perceived threat by goring the individual.” Remember, the suggested social distance for a buffalo is 25 yards.  

Not disappointed: Man, I am loving “Dark Winds” and “The Old Man”. Good acting, great writing, and some really good visuals. I understand, although both shows are in their 1st season, they have been renewed for second seasons. And neither on is “woke”.

Shut up and sing: We go to concerts and shows to hear/see the performer, not to listen to their “wisdom”. Fans in Arizona left the Halsey show after they told audience members to scram if they supported the overturning of Roe-v-Wade. Giving an impassioned speech about the recent US Supreme Court ruling about abortion rights, Halsey told a Phoenix crowd that their “heart breaks” looking out at people who “deserve the right to healthcare” and the “right to choose. To quote R. A. Heinlein; “The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance.” Actually, calling Halsey an “entertainer” is probably stretching it.

Irony: I find it humorous that a “Fantasy Betting” site has advertising on professional wresting shows.

Keep it to yourself: Last week in Michigan a dummy was arrested for having a fully-automatic switch on his Glock. The weapon was also sporting a 31 round magazine. The switch, bought from Russia as “lawn mower parts” is easily mounted and doesn’t add any bulk to the weapon. Police were able to track him down via his “farcebook” page were there were numerous postings of him firing the weapon and talking about how easy it was to install. He is charged with possession of an automatic weapon, possession of “illegal devices”, felon in possession, and numerous other charges. I think he falls under that old charge “Stupid In A Public Place”.

It’s The 4th Of July –

No place is safe: A shooter fired at least 15 times into Philly Bar and Restaurant along Welsh Road in Northeast Philadelphia Tuesday night. Jailene Holton, a designated driver out for a night with her friends, was shot in the head and later died. At least one witness told police the argument stemmed from usage of a pool table, Brooks said. The eventual shooter claimed he wasn’t permitted to use a pool table over his race, but the manager ensured him it was only because a scheduled pool league was using the table. The same thing happened here many years ago. Guy got mad about a pool game, went to his car, drove up and started shooting. When the smoke cleared, Carl Green, the bar owner, was dead. Fortunately, the Honolulu shooter was arrested almost immediately, the Philly shooter has not been identified yet.

A sad Good-Bye: Sonny Barger, founder of Hells Angels, died 6/30/22 at 83. In 1957, Barger founded the Oakland, Calif., Angels chapter and became a legendary public face of the organization.  Barger was surrounded by loved ones when he died, including his wife, Zorana, according to the statement. To my knowledge Barger was a stand-up guy, a man of respect, and you always knew where he stood. I believe he will sit at the Table Of Hero’s.

It doesn’t work that way: Uncle Joe is now demanding the Senate, you know that group that represents their constituents the voters, create an “exception” to the 60-vote filibuster. “I feel extremely strongly that I’m going to do everything in my power, which I legally can do in terms of executive orders, as well as push the Congress and the public,” he says. So basically, the hell with what the voters want, Uncle Joe wants it is way. Remember this, and who votes to do it, next election cycle. They are elected to “represent” you and me. If they don’t, don’t re-elect them.

It’s not the same, this is totally different: As reported; Dailey Beast, “The Proud Boys are continuing their pathetic crusade against entirely voluntary Pride Month events for kids at libraries. This time, seven members of the far-right group, who claim to be protecting children, stormed a storytime hour at the Virginia M. Tutt library in South Bend, Indiana.” “This appears to be a tactic or strategy that the Proud Boys are using to harass, threaten, and intimidate members of the LGBTQ community,” said midwest regional director of the Anti-Defamation League David Goldenberg. Excuse me, isn’t that like picketing a Supreme Court Justice’s home residence? Isn’t it just like publishing the names and address of conservative politicians in a local newspaper? Isn’t it like shouting down the speaker at a rally because you don’t agree with him? Oh, I’m sorry, because it’s “conservative” it’s different. I forgot.

You gotta listen to me: Remember what I said about not petting the big shaggy cows, well you just wouldn’t listen would you? Well last Thursday a 71-year-old Pennsylvania woman was gored by a one on Wednesday in Yellowstone National Park, in “the third reported bison and visitor incident” this year. The woman, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was transported to a hospital in Cody, WY.

Sunday Rant – D T I – Training

As usual, my thanks to John and DTI.

27 June 22

When it’s least expected, you’re elected!

Tony Pagni

This from an LEO friend and student in TX:

“Last Saturday morning, I consumed five cans of spray-paint on some outdoor furniture, continuously pushing on that little button with my right index finger.

That afternoon, while dry-practicing before going to the range with my church-security team, I unhappily discovered that I couldn’t adequately depress the trigger of my G19!

I was surprised and alarmed, as this had never happened to me before.

And then I remembered the way you taught us to manipulate our rifle triggers with various fingers other than our normal trigger-finger, reminding us that it might be necessary some day!

So, I cautiously switched to my middle finger, and it worked like a charm!

I remember at the time you first introduced this drill to us thinking that this particular exercise was a little far-fetched!

Of course, I naively thought during our numerous training sessions that I would be the last person in the world to ever have to press triggers with any finger but my right index!

In any event, thanks for making us do that alternate-finger-drill, even though we were all skeptical at the time!”


When we go to the Range, we spend entirely too much time do what we’re already good at.

 As we see, we need to spend at least some time doing what we’re not good at, even at the risk of looking ‘less than masterful’!

The trainer who deserves credit for this “alternate-finger-drill” described above is my friend and esteemed colleague, Frank Sharp. Frank is the one who first included it in his standard training routine, and I “appropriated” it from him, some years ago!

“You must ‘Test Your Luck’ now and then, because you might be going around lucky all day, and not even know it!”

Jimmy Dean


Some time ago I was involved in a pedestrian/vehicle mva. I was the pedestrian. Thus, I spent almost 3 months shooting left-handed. I recommend you include “disabled” drills into your training.

Saturday Story

Earlier this week the WWE celebrated John Cena’s 20th anniversary. One of John’s bug things is “Never Give Up”. I got my own story on that.


One of the things I often refer to is my “Never Give Up” attitude.

Long, long ago, in another time and place an old NCO gave a speech. I did take away one idea I’ve tried to follow all my life. You know, my life law.

“If you never give up, you will never be beaten. You can lose, or can come in second or even dead last. But if you didn’t give up, you weren’t beaten”.

Over the years, I’ve come close to giving up a few times, but I’m still here so I guess I wasn’t beaten.

This “Mantra” was hardest to convey to my 2 youngest as they grew up. They had to listen to me tell that story so many times, I’m sure they got sick of hearing it, or rolled their eyes, and turned me to “mute” till it was over. They all turned out damn fine adults and human beings so I guess it was worth it.

I’ve even told that story to a lot of young bikers over the years. There is one young man that got that lesson and I’m pretty sure it stuck.

It was at a bike club party, not sure which club, but it was held at a Makaha Ranch. Just for grins, they decided to have a barrel race.

A biker barrel race is just like a rodeo barrel race. You have a starting line, 3 barrels laid out kinda like a baseball diamond. The difference is, you leave the start go to the area between 1st and 2nd, go around the barrel, then across to the area between 2nd and 3rd this time after you round the barrel you go straight ahead, go around barrel number 2, and then back to the start, which is now the finish line.

Since I’d done this before, the host club asked me to do the demo run.

First, let me put something in perspective. The whole contest depends on your total time. From start to finish, the clock runs on.

Second, I’m riding a 1980 Harley Davidson 80ci Wide Glide, that didn’t have a working electric starter. In reality, it was kick start only.

Third, I’d been at the party way too long already. I should not have been riding, I was drunk.

However, this was on private property and I was up, in a manner of speaking, to the challenge. Probably shouldn’t have.

When you’re making your run around the barrel, the tighter your turn, the shorter the time. In this case, closer is better. However, if you’re too close, you gotta lean hard and since this was grass and dirt, too hard would dump you, but it was fun.

So here we go. Of course, I get to “1st  base” and drop the bike. I wasn’t going fast enough to do any damage, but it did kill the engine.

Pick-up the bike, drop the kick stand and jump on the kick starter. Repeat until it starts.

Then over to “3rd base” and repeat the whole process again. Only this time I’m laughing so hard, I’m having trouble getting things in the correct order and drop the damn bike again.

This next part of the story was later related to by a patched club member who standing nearby.

While I was out on the field making an ass out of myself, my wife was in the front of the crowd watching, not cheering, but watching.

A young rider, not a member of any club, made a loud comment to the effect,

“He ain’t no good. He oughta just give up.”

Suddenly, he found himself confronted with a 5’, 105lb banshee asking, “What the Fxxx did you say? What did you say?”

The young rider stuttered for a moment, found some balls, and repeated,

“He should just give up.”

Wrong thing to say.

By all the after action accounts, this young man was backed up, clear through the standing crowd, by my wife who proceeded to tell him in no uncertain terms,

“My old man NEVER GIVES UP. I don’t see you up there doing any better, so in other words, all mouth and no action. So unless you ‘re going out there and ride, just shut the hell up.”

She also proceeded to tell him clearly and concisely what HE should do with his give up attitude, and where he should put it.

To the young man’s credit, either it didn’t occur to him or he was smarter that he acted, that he didn’t get froggy, insult or try to push past her. He just turned around and walked away.

I say that was smart because he was surrounded by motorcycle patch holders that probably would have taken any such action as a personal affront. I think you can guess what that would have resulted in.

I finally crossed the finish line and demanded my “time”. With a perfectly straight face the patch holder looked at me and after looking at the watch and loudly announced, “Tuesday!”

It was a great answer, a good laugh and a terrific party, and hopefully a lesson to a young rider. I hope he didn’t give up.

Thank Gods It’s Friday (big deep announcer voice)

The media is the problem: The latest evidence, the repeatedly rebuked and debunked story of President Trump grabbing the steering wheel on a vehicle on Jan6. The witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, stated at the start of her “testimony” that she had been told about the incident and did not witness it. (hear·say /ˈhirˌsā/noun information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate) Hearsay is usually NOT admissible in court as evidence. An yet every media outlet, including fox, has reported the headline “Trump grabbed steering wheel and attacked Secret Service agent”. And the Secret Service agents themselves have said it didn’t happen. Again, this is not a trial or an attempt to “get the truth”, it’s a sham whose only existence is to fault Trump for everything.

Out of touch: “Comedian” Wanda Sykes trashed middle America during her appearance Monday on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, arguing red states in the “middle” of the country are to blame for the Supreme Court’s historic overturning of Roe v. Wade. “It’s no longer majority rule,” she said, apparently forgetting that the Supreme Court doesn’t decide cases based on popular opinion. She also said states like California and New York should decide matters of national importance because they have the most people. She then blamed red states in middle America. So the hell with the rest of us, especially since NYC and Hollywierd are doing sooo good. Out of touch? YES.

You hear the same story over and over, there’s some truth there: After Honolulu Liquor Commission inspectors allegedly forced their way into a local bar and assaulted one of its owners in the process, the bar filed a civil lawsuit saying the commission had violated the club’s civil rights. Now, numerous bars and liquor establishments are coming forward, anonymously for fear of retribution. This has been a problem for 50 years.  I’ve heard the same story from dozens of different owners I have known over the years and they all tell the same basic story. Maybe it’s time the C&C did something about it. Nah, nobody wants to rock the boat. Especially during an election season.

Leaving the sinking ship: After 140 years Chevron is the latest large American company planning to leave a blue state for greener pastures and a better business environment in a red state, in this case, Texas. The energy giant said it will cover relocation costs for some employees to move from San Ramon to Texas. Man, that’s gonna hurt the tax base.

The 1980’s want their music back:  In 2011, an article published by National Public Radio predicted the “Callin’ Oates” emergency hotline would not have a long shelf life. Nine years later, the line remains active, ready to handle your Hall and Oates needs. Simply call the hotline for throwback oldies (but goodies) and press:1 to listen to “One on One.”2 to listen to “Rich Girl.3 to listen to “Maneater.”4 to listen to “Private Eyes.” I know for a fact, I’ve been in a situation where I needed a Hall and Oates song. NEVER.

Headed to Hilo for the 3 day weekend. Enjoy the Holiday, share with your loved one, and never forget why we celebrate it.

Gas in Honolulu 6.29.22. What are you paying?

Motes For Almost Friday

Consequences for your actions: A white Miami man who pointed a gun at a Black homeowner and hurled a racial slur, has pleaded guilty, accepted probation and will have to complete the usual array of conditions, such as mental-health counseling, substance abuse treatment and staying away from the victim. It was also revealed he had for years been posing as a former police SWAT leader and Navy SEAL, donning a bogus military uniform, bragging about his supposed medals for valor, even getting free drinks. The court also ordered he be banned from pretending to be a military or police man. Under Florida’s “hate-crime” law, his actions could have received the penalties up to 15 years in prison. But, probation. Even this guy’s daughter said “He’s a narcissist,” she said. “He just has to be the center of attention.” Probation.

Justice delayed: A 101-year-old former concentration camp guard was convicted by a German court on Tuesday of being an accessory to more than 3,500 murders and sentenced to five years in prison, although it was not clear whether he would ever serve time. The man, who has been widely described in the German media as the oldest person ever to be tried on Nazi-era charges, worked as an SS guard at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, north of Berlin, from 1942 to 1945. He denied working at the camp, and prosecutors were unable to directly link him to the deaths of the prisoners. There is no time limit on these crimes.

Shades of Robert Blake: Mexican singer Yrma Lydya, 21, was reportedly shot to death by her ancient husband, Jesus Hernandez Alocer, 79, in a Japanese restaurant Thursday. Lydya was reportedly shot three times, twice in the chest and once in the face by her lawyer-husband, the outlet continued. She had allegedly been trying to divorce Alocer for months. After the killing, Alocer reportedly attempted to bribe the police into letting him go. Alocer is maintaining his innocence, despite a police officer being present at the restaurant at the time of the killing. When I first saw this article, I thought it said, “by accident”. But with “Two in the chest, one in the head,” I realized it wasn’t .

If you don’t like it, move: Chicago’s richest man, Ken Griffin, a hedge fund billionaire worth nearly $29 billion, has decided to move to Florida. And he’s taking his company, Citadel Securities, a company valued at around $22 billion, with him. While not stated in a letter to employees, Citadel officials reportedly said crime was a critical factor in the decision to move.

They have a word for this: Cassidy Hutchinson on Tuesday testified that Trump was aware January 6 rally attendees had weapons and were wearing body armor. She also claimed that Trump lunged at a Secret Service Agent as he shouted demands. The Secret Service denied the report and the agents are ready and willing to testify. So she is “testifying” to things that are not true. The word we’re looking for is : per·ju·ry /ˈpərj(ə)rē/   noun/. the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.

Motes For A Midweek Muse

It was an opinion, not a law: To all the stars complaining about the SCOTUS ruling, the word “abortion” is NEVER mentioned in the Constitution. What the ruling did was take the Federal Government out of your uterus. Isn’t that what you wanted?  And to “Pop Star” Pink who on Friday launched an all-caps Twitter tirade, demanding that anyone who is against women killing their unborn child “never fucking listen to my music again,” and “fuck right off.” I don’t see where that will be a problem.

Wondering out loud: Did our “representatives” really sign a blank “gun bill”? It’s been reported the new federal gun bill was signed blank with the promises of “we’ll do the right thing” in order to just get it done. Kind of “do something, anything, but do it now”. How long before the “Red Flag” calls start becoming “Swatting” calls?

Not an oath, more of a suggestion: The Pentagon pledged to protect “seamless access” to abortion in a statement Friday, citing the potential impact of a landmark Supreme Court ruling on troop readiness. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has taken the initiative to develop new abortion policies for the military. So that tired old oath that says “I (state your name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; “doesn’t apply anymore.

I hope you’re really proud of yourself: Over the weekend, Ricci Tres, who also goes by the name Ricci And Tres, beat 13-year-old skateboarder Shiloh Catori at The Boardr skating contest in New York City. The 29-year-old transgender skateboarder is actually a former Navy man who was rejected from the Olympics for his high testosterone levels. Ricci was previously rejected from “Women’s Street USA Skateboarding National Championships in a bid to qualify for the Olympics” for having high testosterone levels. Ricci also fathered three children in his previous marriage. The family must be so proud of Dad Mom, them.

Speed trap: Police in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, took to the skies last week for a speed control operation on Maryland Route 10, a 7-mile expressway that runs from Pasadena to near Glen Burnie. Overall, within a two and a half-hour period on Friday afternoon, authorities made 19 stops, issued 24 citations and gave five warnings. From the sky, the aviation unit managed to observe multiple speeders going over 100 mph, including a Ford Mustang going 169 mph, police said. The posted speed limit on Route 10 is 55 mph. Wonder what the fine is for doing 114 mph over the limit. Ouch.

Tuesday Motes To Think Upon

No good deed goes unpunished: Normally a  6-3 victory at the Supreme Court vindicating a constitutional right is usually cause for congratulations, but not these days at the woke firm of Kirkland & Ellis, the giant white-shoe law firm. The firm has rewarded partner Paul Clement for his triumph Thursday in the big New York gun-rights case by telling him to drop his gun clients or leave the firm.  Mr. Clement and his litigation partner, Erin Murphy are leaving the firm rather than dump their clients. That’s the honorable and ethical decision. Kirkland’s invertebrate abdication (spineless) illustrates how progressive ideology dominates the commanding heights of American law, business and culture. 

Just make ‘em up: Ilhan Omar say Jesus was a Palestinian Muslim. Never mind that Palestine didn’t exist and Islam was still 600 years in the future. So if you ignore those minor details, and just make things up as you go, you sound like…well, an idiot.

Verrry interesting: At the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, security cameras were down. At the 2021 John McAfee suicide, the cameras were down. During the 2022 New York subway shooting, the cameras were down. And in the cellblock during the 2019 Jeffery Epstein “suicide” the cameras were…down. Boy, that’s some crappy security systems in New York, Spain,  and Las Vegas.

Smarter than your average bear: Repeatedly failed perpetual candidate Stacy Abrams, who has no means of support, doesn’t practice law, and has never seen a sandwich she doesn’t like, now claims to be worth $3.17 million which is up from $109,000 four years ago, mostly from her highly not sought after books and exorbitant speech fees. See, being a non-practicing attorney pays good.

Saw the future: Watching the old tv series Eureka (2006 -2012). This was a sci-fi show about a town full of government sponsored geniuses working on top secret government stuff. Happen to catch an episode on the town voting for a new mayor. When asked why they were using paper ballots the sheriff was told “ voting machines are too easy to tamper with..” Hmmm.

Train as if it were real: A Los Angeles police officer was beaten to death by his fellow officers who were simulating a mob attack during a training exercise, his mother claims in a wrongful death lawsuit. Tipping was “repeatedly struck in the head severely enough that he bled,” requiring stitches, and suffered “multiple breaks in his neck,” his mother, Shirley Huffman, said in the lawsuit. This is taking training just a little too far.