Second Day Of The Week Motes

The world is on fire: Protests in Venezuela, Iran, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, North Korea. Mexico is, for all intents, controlled by waring drug cartels bent on killing each other. All over Central Europe there is unrest and violence. Many spots in Africa have war and disease crossing boarders, entire regions are uninhabitable due to the Ebola virus but all the American media talks about is impeachment, drag queens and will Hilary run. Folks, we better wake up or there won’t be a world to wake up to.

Pro wrestling: On a recent episode of “Grillin’ JR”, there was a comment made about my old buddy Kevin Sullivan. Jim Ross, one of the all-time greats in wrestling announcing, made the observation that Kevin Sullivan isn’t a “booker” or promoter because of his image as a “Satanist”. This was Kevin’s gimmick while he was working in Hawaii and it’s been his gimmick all along. Appears some people believe he is a Satanist. If people actually believe it, the gimmick is working. I wrote several “articles” for Blaisdell show programs in which I claimed to have visited Kevin in “his hidden cave deep inh the back of an unnamed valley”, where he had “altars to the dark Gods of the pacific”. All BS of course, but the fans believed it and even stopped me on the street trying to get me to tell them where the “dark cave” was. Kevin Sullivan is not a Satanist. And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Redundant: Nicholas Cage is staring in a movie about Nicholas Cage and he will portray, Nicholas Cage. I hope that it’s better than “Kill Chain” which is incomprehensible, disjointed, but does have a lot of action. It’s a good “Saturday night and I’m home alone and drunk” movie. But that’s about all.

It takes a village? : In Texas, the school arranged for a drag queen to teach a “make-up” class to the cosmotolgy class. When parentes found out, after the fact, they were upset at the lack of notification. Enter the English teacher. Why is it always the “history” or “English” teachers that come up withy this crap. This “teacher” emails this: “ I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of the community, and that parents should not have the final say. Let’s be honest, some of you don’t know what is best for your kids.
Parents believe they should be able to storm the school in the name of political and religious beliefs if something happens in the school that they are morally opposed to. They forget that we make a promise to prepare their children to live in a diverse world. We are not required to protect the misguided, bigoted views of their parents.If you want your children educated with your values, find a private school that will do it. The public education system is not here to serve your archaic beliefs.”
And this teacher is still employed?The only bigot here, is this teacher.

Opening Motes For Monday

Thoroughly adorable: “Excitable Edgar”. This is a Christmas advertisement from the “John Lewis” store(?) in Britain. It’s about a little Dragon that almostruins Christmas. It’s about a 9.5 on the “ahhhhh” 10 scale. Go to YouTube and watch it.

Since when? : Disgraced former California Representative Katie Hill has laid out some goals she wants to achieve now that she “is not bound by the protocols of Congress”. Of course she plans to attack for stronger gun control and closing the “boy friend loophole” and working against “revenge porn”. It appears she attended the scene of this shooting, “Saugus High School”, and spent her “entire school career”. When did high school become a career? Considering her political “career” was less than one year, I guess 3-4 years in High School could be called a career.

Do they even listen to what they say
? : Having a cold beer and sitting quietly after work is sometimes very nice. Even when the bar tv is one some sports channel. But I still hear these “experts” say dumb stuff like, “He’s gonna be great. He came to the NFL to be great”. Unlike all those other guys that come to the NFL to be mediocre, or worse, average.

Not on the menu: Add another place to the “dangerous to eat here list”. It seems that the Popeye’s “drive-through” is as dangerous as the walk in. The report I read says 2 “families” argued and escalated into a brawl after waiting for their food. For over an hour. It seems to me no chicken “sandwich” is worth waiting an hour. And I’m pretty positive there ain’t a sandwich in the world worth going to jail, or the hospital.

Depends on your definition of what “it” is : Bill Clinton is now giving President Trump advice on how to handle the “impeachment” circus. He says ignore what’s going on, let his attorneys handle it, and get on with the important things, like gun control. Not boarder control. Not the cost of medication. No even the Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. Clinton feels gun (citizen) control is the important thing to get handled. Thanks Bill, but you aren’t in office, and Shrillary isn’t president.

It’s Sunday, It’s Rant Day

Blood dancing
The blood isn’t even dry and the usual list of “I know better than you’s” are out condemning “guns”, not whatever caused this 16-year old kid to illegally take one of his late fathers’ weapons to school and start shooting. The deceased father appears to have been an avid hunter and shooter, even to the point of, as the media hysterically reports, “making his own bullets”. People, that is called reloading, and only means he didn’t like paying high prices for his ammunition. It doesn’t make anything more deadly if you “make your own bullets”.
Michael Moore, Debra Messing, Stephen King, Minnie Driver, and of course Malicious Milano are all praying for the “traumatized souls”. Just how many armed bodyguards, or private security, do you think they have between the group? It’s not the gun, we need to get at the root of whatever is causing these kids, and adults, to go down this path. Are we missing something that we can alter? Is there a common denominator?
You can have all the background checks, waiting times, fingerprinting, and doctors notes you want, they wouldn’t have stopped him. The shooter was underage, illegally took the weapon to a school, and unlawfully began shooting his classmates. Why” We’ll probably never know. We don’t need more regulation or legislation, we need more education on why this stuff happens.
Oh, and Michael Moore even managed to make this about native American genocide, rape, and clergy abuse of children. By the way Ms. Milano, the NRA had nothing to do with this either.

Three Warrants, Two Girls, One Scratch

Some bikers are tough, some can drink for days, some just attract women or trouble, but there’s only one Scratch.
We were on an around the island Sunday ride, just mostly chilling. There were patch wearers from all three charters so it was a pretty large group. We had just come down the Windward coast and just rolled into Kahuku when we see Scratches shovelhead on the side of the road.
Now Scratch was supposed to meet up with us earlier, but he was always late.
So there he was, waiting for us on the side of the road. Buy, as we approached from one direction, a police officer approached from the other. We would have stopped but his blue light came on and we kept moving. The cop pulled right behind Scratch.
Now, if the truth be known, Scratch has never been one to worry about little things like a driver’s license, vehicle insurance, yearly registration fees, of safety checks. Hell, no one would give him a safety check anyway.
The Kahuku Police sub-station wasn’t far so by the time we reached our next beer stop, the cops had allowed Scratch to call and tell us what his bail was going to cost.
We all anted up and covered his bail, gave the money to a prospect, and sent him back to collect Scratch. It wasn’t the first time so we all knew we’d get paid back. The prospect and Scratch would have to figure out how to get the motorcycle back.
So we all ordered drinks, a couple started a game of horseshow out back, and we waited.
By the time the horseshow game was finished, the prospect called to say they were on their way to join us. We figures 15 to 20 minutes max. So we ordered another round.
We could hear the 2 bikes when they pulled into the parking lot. I looked out into the parking lot and damn, Scratch had 2 women on his bike. One behind him and the other laying down on the gas tank in front of him. The prospect, who and an actual seat for a rider, had none.
After being bailed out, between the sub-station and the next bar, Scratch had managed to pick up 2 Aussie surf bunnies and they only wanted to ride with Scratch.
They actually tried to refuse to ride with anyone else but we managed to convince them that their both riding with Scratch would draw some really unneeded attention. He did just bail him out.
So for the rest of the ride each one would take turns riding with someone else, but at the end of the day, they both left with Scratch.
Like I said, there’s only one Scratch.

Itttt ‘s Friday Mmmmotes

Puhlease: Chelsea Clintonhas published a book of essays, written with her mother the Wicked Witch of the South, entitled “The Book of Gutsy Women”. Clinton has bounced from one job or degree to another always paid for by Mom and Dad, their “foundation” or their friends. She lives in a multi-million-dollar apartment paid for by Mom and Dad. This woman wouldn’t know a “gutsy” woman from a pancake unless Mommy dreariest told her. I predict another sort-of-best seller, that nobody but the “enlightened” will read.

Really? : Mazie Hirono thinks Americans ought to think more about climate change, arguing that climate change should be thought of as a “religion” rather than a “science.” And she is writing her autobiography. It just keeps getting better.

You have to ask? : Headline; “Which is more important, veteran’s or immigrants?” I didn’t read the article. I don’t have my blood pressure meds and I know the answer.

Mentioned before: Sweden has had over 100 explosions (bombings) this year. Many of the suspects or convicted criminals “share a similar profile”. That’s Swedish for they are Muslim Immigrants who don’t want to fit in with the Swedish, they want the Swedish to fit in with them.

Who thinks this up?: I just read an article on the uptick in “catalytic converter” theft here in Honolulu. The thief crawls under the vehicle, saws out the converter, and then sells it to a metal dealer. Okay, the cycle of “life”. We buy it, they steal it, and the cops make a report. Remember however, the Chief of Police says they don’t have enough officers to follow-up on mundane things like theft and burglary. They must concentrate on the massage parlors and their clients. The reporter interviews an auto repair shop owner. This wise and thinking sage advises we all have the vehicle “V I N ” engraved on the vehicle’s converter. Seriously? Maybe we should all park outside a massage parlor, then you know the cops are watching.

If only they were: Deadline Hollywood says, “Donald Trump impeachment inquiry is comedy gold for Trever Noah, Stephen Colbert Seth Meyers.” I’m sure it is gold, unfortunately none of these guys are really funny so it’s more like “fool’s gold.” Oh Jonathan Winters, where are you when we need you.

Security question
: Just how many people listen in on the Presidents “confidential” telephone calls to the leaders of other nations? And who do the “listeners” talk to? Isn’t there some policy against discussing confidential conversations with others? Just asking for a friend.

Little Motes Before Friday

Movie Mote: Han shot first. I don’t care how many times they re-film the movie, Han shot first. And I like that. It shows someone who reads his adversary and takes appropriate action. “But good guys don’t shoot first”. Then they become dead good guys. And not much good to anyone. Oh, and Epstein did not kill himself.

Just like, sort of : Kayne West is no longer “rapping” because he has “found God”. Reports say he suffered a “huge financial loss” and a “personal breakdown” and found God. Sorry, sounds like a prisoner 8 years into a 20-year sentence, and about to have his first parole hearing. Reminder, this guy is first, last, and always, a performer.

Booking Inter-Island flights ?: Recently Southwest Airlines started flying between the islands. Now the news reports that Southwest is operating at least 49 aircraft that have not been “properly inspected.” Hawaiian flights may all be late, but at least they get there.

Loveline: “ My third husband is 102-years old. Here’s what our marriage is like.” I was afraid to read the article. I really don’t want to know.

Fun Read
: Just finished reading “Florida Man” by Mike Baron. An Amazon Kindle book, this is a story about every Florida man” story you ever heard. You know, the ones that start “A man in Florida”, those stories. It seemed sort of like the monthly stories you’d read in “Boy’s Life” in the 50’s. Well except for the drugs, and the sex, and the shootings, and the….okay so it’s not like “Boy’s Life” but it’s still a laugh out loud by yourself read. Not great lit, but sure as hell fun.

It wasn’t enough: That she tried to destroy, and appears to still be trying, the United States. Now Shrillary is demanding she run British politics by telling them what they “must” do and what documents the people “deserve to see”. As well as saying the actions of some Brit politicians are “inexplicable and shameful.Why doesn’t she just shut up and go away. Please.

I did not know: Two men were injured when a ship sailing under the Italian flag was attacked by “pirates” in the Gulf Of Mexico. The ship was boarded by 8 men from 2 “fishing boats” and there appears tom have been some kind of on-ship action. The story goes on to say “the Gulf of Mexico has seen an increase in pirate attacks on boats and oil platforms in recent years.” I did not know that.

Motes In The Middle

Watch Anyway: I don’t really support PBS and its usually slanted view of everything. But I did watch “Country Music” and was enthralled. I’m hoping the upcoming “The Warrior Tradition” will be as good. A documentary of Native American military service. Using in-person interviews (oral history) and archival footage I hope it will be as good as Country Music. We’ll see, and I’ll report.

What else?: Candidate Warren says when she is elected she will suspend all deportations. Hmm, makes you wonder what other laws she will suspend. There are just so many.

Banzi : A new Emperor of Japan, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. Though’ largely a figurehead, as are most kings, queens, and Emperor’s today, I wish him long life.

We’ve all wanted to: A 33-year-old man in Madison, Wisconsin was arrested after showing his disdain for hearing Christmas music. He chucked a beer bottle at the bartender handling the stereo, after she changed the music from Black Sabbath to Christmas. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Times are changing: A recent walk-through shows that over 40% of our D.C. representatives have taken down and removed the MIA/POW flags. AMVETS has a list ( that’ll tell you exactly who. I guess those missing don’t vote so they don’t count. Remember, 21 veterans a day take their own lives.

A giant step backward: we know Leprosy has made a come-back in California, now doctors are seeing the re-emergence of Typhus. Typhus is spread by fleas and lice and was considered eradicated in the U.S. Epidemic Typhus generally occurs with poor sanitation and crowding in third world countries, and California. There is no vaccine commercially available. Avoid California.

Best idea in a long time: In Boise, ID, Mayoral Candidate Wayne Richey has suggested that if elected he will build “ a $26 million Wall” around the state to “keep Californians out”. The influx from that state have already caused the home prices to raise 20% in 18 months. Richey calls the move an “invasion”. I like that wall idea.