Thursday Motes, Just Short Of Friday

I dode it too: A recent entry over at the “Nobody Asked Me” blog about himself zapping himself netween an electric fence and his lawn mower reminded me of the night I stun gunned myself, in the azz, twice, in front of two cops I worked with. They were so busy laughing at the first zap they didn’t do anything to prevent the second zap. (Thanks guys.) Posted on 2023/02/04 by OldNFO at Read it for a great laugh.

Would someone please find a nice elderly-care home for Madonna? Please?

Not my fault: “The Woman King” starring Viola Davis received zero nominations, despite its widespread critical acclaim, huge box-office revenue and being in a genre that academy voters tend to adore. Director Gina Prince-Bythewood on Tuesday spoke out in detail for the first time since last month’s nominations, dropping some frank truths about the continued erasure of Black women by awards organizations and Hollywood at large. It always something else, not the fact the movie was historically inaccurate and, let’s face it, not that good (imo). It’s got be racism. That’s why.

It ain’t that good: Watching the new James Caan show the other night. My last view I might add. Caan uses his knife to dig a slug out of a tree, without damage, identifies the caliber and the type of rifle it was fired from. Uhh, no.  The writing is poor, the acting, especially Caan, is mediocre.  But I do recommend “The Accused”. Outstanding.

From our friend at Non-Original Rants ( The Thai heir to the throne, Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati, collapsed and went into a coma on Dec. 15, 2022, three weeks after receiving a Pfized booster shot. A spokesman reported on her condition, saying that “the heart, lungs, and kidney are being supported by machines.” The press has notably not been commenting on this, but the Thai government is strongly considering nullifying its contract with Pfizer and going after them for damages. Could be the first domino to fall.

Storying up for the winter: A pair of California woodpeckers are surely crushed after a pest control technician on a routine call recently found their massive trove of acorns cleverly stashed in the walls of a California home. Nick’s Extreme Pest Control, estimates there were at least 700 pounds of acorns, likely collected over the past two to five years. And now, just like American’s retirement savings, it’s all gone.

The Inmates are running everything: “Yale students vote overwhelmingly in support of democratizing trustee elections.”

Gas prices, Hilo Hawai’i, 2/7/23.

What are you paying?

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