Not Sunday School Motes

How long before the NYT blames 9/11 on white Christian male supremacists? I mean they already blame the aircraft; “planes took aim at the World Trade Center”. Next, we’ll be told there were too many white men aboard, the white men took control and the innocent Muslin students tried to save everyone, and finally white supremacists crashed into the Trade Center. I figure 4 years. What’s you guess?

The Senate has just confirmed President Trump’s 150th judicial nominee. Maybe we’ll get some courts that rule by law and not by politic party desire.

Someone is floating the idea of former AG Loretta Lynch will be held responsible for some of the crap that went on during her tenure. I keep saying; NOT A SINGLE DAY.

It is beginning to look more and more like E. Warren will get the nod. I am waiting for the “New Obama” that will be her running mate. I think he will be Hispanic, he will be charismatic, say all the right things, and is the plan for 2024. This election is a throw-away for the Dem party and they know it. Now is the time to plan for the real takeover, and it should be the time to plan against them.

You gotta love Chicago: A former city Alderman, Ed Burke is due to start trail for corruption, while his wife, Anne, has just been named Head of the Illinois Supreme Court. Some say it’s just optics as he is in Federal Court and she runs the state courts. He has been called bold, ruthless, and a brilliant “old school” politician. She is seen as a warm and gracious lady. Unlike our Honolulu power pair, the Kealoha’s, Chicago seems to love theirs. Oh, I know why, Chicago ain’t paying his legal bills.

I can’t tell you who won the Democrat debate the other night, I can tell you who lost: America. And finally, someone says they are coming after your guns. The fact Beto is an idiot, and a fraud, has already been established, but at least, for once in his life, he was honest.
Some of these write themselves: I can’t wait to see a “WWE Super Show” at the “Bang Brothers Arena.”

Happy Birthday Lone Ranger

Today is the birthday of Clayton Moore, better known as the Lone Ranger. I have a signed copy of his biography, “I Am The Man Behind The Mask“. He had a pretty good Hollywood career before he put on the mask.
He lost the part for a year, and decided he wanted to be “the ranger” and totally changed his life. He became “The Ranger.
Clayton passed away in 1999. He is missed in my heart.
Oh, it’s my birthday also, so I’ll see y’all Monday.

Road Name

People ask how I got the road name Storyteller. Everywhere you go you’ll meet Bear, Half Shot, Snake, Half breed, Psycho and all the others. I have only heard of one other Storyteller. Gypsy Pete sent me a picture of a British Columbia biker everyone called Storyteller.

He was about 6′, 200 Lb, had a full beard and walked with a cane. We could have been related as that was pretty much my description at the time.

But the guy that “gave” me the name was George Boston.

At the time I was an independent and George rode for Tiger and “World Wide M/C.” He and I spent a lot of time drinking at the Kapiolani Bowling Alley bar. Don’t know how we ended there, but we did.

George was a SBU* officer at the time and was looking for something to give the bi-monthly newsletter something extra. I suggested some short stories I had written. He thought that might work.

A few days later I gave him 4 or 5 I had been working on. When he found out I had been a wrestling announcer, tried stand-up comedy and had stories and articles published in Biker and cop magazines. He said, “Jim you’re just a god dammed story teller, ain’t ya?”

And from then on he started calling me Storyteller. It stuck.

I would say there are hundreds of people who know Storyteller, but if you asked them my real name, probably 3 out of every 10 would know who you’re talking about.

When someone asks me how I got the name Storyteller, I usually say “After years of doing radio, television, 2 movies, stand-up comedy, numerous published letters to the editor and several articles in Bike and Cop magazines, I got it the old fashioned way. I earned it.”

Then I smile and move along.

The truth is, I was given the name by a good friend and a solid biker brother, George Boston. I miss him sometimes, a lot.
*Street Bikers United; the state of Hawaii lobby for motorcyclists and their rights

And The Motes Keep Coming

How does a private citizen, with limited funds, start a movement to impeach, recall, arrest, charge, or censure a sitting Representative from another state? Not asking for a friend, asking because I’m tired of the treason and sedition coming out of the mouth of Rashida Tlaib. We do not need a “complete revolution to transform America”. If you don’t like it the way it is, find someplace you do like and go there. I know that’s a tired cliché statement. But Tlaib took an oath to defend and support the Constitution “from all enemies foreign and domestic”. I don’t see where it says “ but only if they don’t agree with you”. Tlaib has broken her oath and disrespected her position, and she should be charged for those offenses.

Love letter of the week: My Husbands Prison Sentence Is Inconveniencing My Life. Well darn

Recently there appears to be a resurgence of the “walk and talk” police tactic in airports, train and bus depots. This is where the officer, who must identify himself as such, walks up to you, starts talking and then asks if there is anything in your luggage and would you mind if he searches it. Of course, then there is the “if you don’t have anything to hide…” comment. Do not get suckered in. First and foremost you Do Not Have To Talk To Him. Your response should be “No, thank you. I’m sure that you realize you lack any probable cause. I do no consent to any search and decline to answer any further question.” Then shut up, ignore him and walk away and do your business. Often these officers are such jerks that even other officers don’t want to work with them, so they get taken off the street and they become these guys. Remember, JUST SAY NO.

Has anyone noticed? The report of the Muslim airplane mechanic that sabotaged the aircraft gauges seemed to have slipped out of the news really quick. I guess it’s not as much of a story as “sharpiegate”.

Years ago there was a great movie staring Viggo Mortenson titled “Hidalgo”. It was presented as the story of Frank T. Hopkins, and a 3,000-mile horse race across the Arab desert. Mostly fiction, the movie was received with mixed reviews and generally considered a “matinée” type movie. Well, truth sometimes is just as exciting. Bob Long, a Boise ID horseman, has just completed and won the “Mongol Derby”. This is a 650-mile horse race that took 9 days and 28 different “borrowed “horses. Long beat 41 other riders to claim the win. Oh, Bob is 70 years old. Read about it in the Spokane “Spokesman-Review”.

On 9/11/01 Alyan Evans was a member of a Search and Rescue K-9 team that traveled to NYC to take part in the rescue and recovery efforts. Unfortunately, her K-9 partner later succumbed to the exposure they both suffered during those tragic days. I have had to opportunity to work with Alyan and have always found her to be strong and competent. I applaud her courage and share her grief.

Earlier I spoke of President Trump awarding heroism medals to several civilians involved in the El Paso shooting. Well, it appears one of the awardees, Chris Grant who was wounded, did not actively try to stop the shooter as he claimed, and in fact had an active arrest warrant out at the time of the ceremony. This should have been caught before this ceremony was held. Yes, I know it was maybe last minute, but it should have been caught. Someone on the Presidents team needs to step up and start doing their job.

Some Motes Are More Equal Than Others

Give credit where credit is due: Kudos to Alex Trebeck, 79. He has been hosting “Jeopardy” for 35 years, back when the categories were 10 and 20 dollars, not hundreds like they are now. For a guy with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, under going chemotherapy, he stands tall and shows the world what a classy guy he really is. Well done Alex, well done.

Why are people so surprised at seeing a driver asleep while the Tesla drives itself? Wasn’t that the next big thing? If the opportunity is there, it will be taken advantage of and used.

In France (the Florida of Europe): A married man, on a “business” trip, has sex with a woman he met, and dies of a heart attack. The court rules it was a “workplace accident”. His boss, a Parisian railroad construction company, says he wasn’t “performing his duties” as an employee at the time of his death, he was having illicit sex. The court says;” A sexual encounter is an act of a normal life like taking a shower or eating a meal.” His family gets the state and company benefits. I don’t think American courts would look at it the same way.

Another house of cards about to fall: Years ago, the “PTL Club” was the evangelical television show. It all came crashing down for Jim and Tammy Bakker, when the truth of the leadership’s misuse of funds, and sexual misconduct came to light. During the following months of allegations and investigations the “Reverend” Jerry Falwell called Bakker “ a liar, and embezzler, a sexual deviant, and the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,000 years”. Well, now Falwell’s “Liberty University” is coming under scrutiny and the rats are running away. Falwell Junior, the Reverends son took over in 2007 ,after the Reverends death at 73. But Seniors legacy is taking some hits. One “University” member has stated “We’re no a school; we’re a real estate hedge fund”..”using students money to do it.” Other sources complain about the “partying at night clubs”, and “graphic” discussion about Juniors sex life. Smoke and mirrors will only obfuscate for so long. And it looks like that time is almost up.

This isn’t the correct way: Many new reports lately about people who say or do something other people are “offended by”, so the offended make threats against the doer’s children. “Either you stop doing X or I’ll kill your children”. Sooner or later, if this isn’t punished severely, some innocent child is going to die. “The sins of the father….” Sooner or later.

Sure, tell my boss that: A daytime nap will cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke, says the medical journal Heart. The research shows that napping can cut the chance almost 48%. Now you all you have to do is tell your boss, “It’s science.” And then go back to sleep.

Proof Beto is nuts: Not only does he think he has a chance to become President, but he thinks when he does and passes a law outlawing “assault rifles” everyone will turn their’s in without complaint.
Beto is *Non Fornicatis Acluistic*
(Doesn’t Have A Fucxxng Clue)

British/Irish/American hypocrite Liam Neeson is filming another “action” movie in which guns will undoubtedly play a big part. He thinks America has “too many” guns, but he’ll take your ticket money to see him fighting off bad guys with his guns. I’m sure his armed bodyguards are standing close by.

For me, not for thee: Abysmal Milano had her conversation with Senator Ted Cruz, and once again she failed to live up to her own words (she did not expose his “bullshxt), and showed what a hypocrite she is by announcing she has 2 handguns in her home for protection. But we must keep anyone else from having any. But the line that makes me want to go outside and puke: Milano tells Ted Cruz, a sitting, acting Congressman that was a candidate for the President of the United States; this washed up never was star and pretend activist says; “..I wanted to look you in the eye and know you’re really a human being with a heartbeat.” That is the most contrived, scripted piece of crap I have heard one person say to another.

Middle Week Motes

Makes you curious: (From the Daily Star) Lad, 18, rushed to the hospital “after getting genitals caught is belt sander”. It goes on to say the equipment was removed in the hospital. Was that his equipment, or the sander? Was he sanding naked? If so, why? Did the sander get too close and get caught on his trousers? Or is he that “big”? The article doesn’t have much in the way of information. Maybe it’s better we don’t know.

During the election campaign’s: Would somebody please talk about doing away with the horror that is the TSA (Thugs Standing Around)? Flying between islands is a pagan ritual in which any number of people try to please the gods of the alternate worlds of the federal jobs’ bureaucrats. There have been more TSA agents arrested drunkenness and theft then even with the Air Marshalls. Thank the gods most of TSA is NOT allowed firearms.

I can remember when someone called you a “goat” it did not mean the “Greatest Of All Time.”

If anyone covers it: This will cause a tidal wave of crap: On September 16, Joel Gilbert will screen his documentary “The Trayvon Hoax”. If all the reports I’ve read are accurate, and they usually are, this investigation to the Martin/Zimmerman shooting will cause some people to batten down the hatches, and others to loosen their bowels. It promises to reveal the depth of the political and media misrepresentations and just out and out lies that destroyed more lives than the gunshots ever could. Me, I’m looking forward to it. The MSM, not so much.

Brit love line
: “Sex is better with my husband’s brother”

Maybe it really is yours: A while back I talked about the Denver diner owner that could not sell his property because someone else wanted it declared of “historic, architectural, and cultural” value and prevented (read crushed) the sale. The “preservationists” have withdrawn their filing and now a City Council member is trying to work some changes to the statutes so that the owners have a bigger say in these types of cases. For once, the little guy seems to have won.

Hats off: To the 82-year-old burglar in NYC. He would drive up from Florida during the winter, scout and case up-scale apartments whose owners had fled to Florida, and then break-in. Cops think he was good for over $400K in 10 years and around $100K this year. Glad to see someone didn’t let retirement prevent them from staying busy.

Headline screams:
France Heatwave leaves nearly 1,500 dead, health Minister says.” We must take action against the cause of this heat. It’s for the children. Time for reasonable…it’s from the Sun? Never mind.