Sunday Rant

Leadership? NO.

U.S. Major General Patrick Donahoe recently became enraged on Twitter after Josiah Lippincott, a Hillsdale College PhD student and former member of the U.S. Marine Corps Artillery, questioned his hysterical attempts to promote the COVID vaccine.

Rather than thoughtfully debate Lippincott on the merits of his argument, Donahoe lashed out, going so far as to demand that Lippincott’s academic institution censor his speech. “Hey @Hillsdale come get your boy,” Donahoe whined.

As the commanding general of Fort Benning, which straddles the Alabama-Georgia border, Donahoe has repeatedly promoted the COVID therapeutic vaccines via his official Twitter account. Lippincott pushed back against his fear-mongering quoting figures on “Suicide-v-Covid” deaths. The lockdowns, liberty restrictions, quarantines, and general disruption of servicemember lives is a way bigger killer than the virus.” 

Rather than substantively respond to Lippincott’s assertions (or just diplomatically move on), Donahoe called for Hillsdale College to presumably to shut him up. He proceeded to block Lippincott’s Twitter account.

This is a leader?  

Not only was this behavior childish and unbecoming of a military leader, just why is a Maj. Gen. posting crap on twitter? Doesn’t he have enough work?

Maybe he could spend some time on the range, the obstacle course, or just talking with “his” troops. He is supposed to be a real warrior, not a keyboard commando. When the shat hits the fan, and it will very soon, the U.S. will need real leadership, not political buffoons.

Leaders like this man will get troops killed and never lose a minute of sleep.

General Donahoe, you are a disgrace.

Saturday Story


When working night shifts surrounded by drunks, hookers, pimps, dealers and other assorted pillars of society, you had to make your own fun.

Sometimes it was writing a speeding ticket on a pimp while he was double parked outside Bob’s picking up some food.

Other times it was just pretending to be a little crazier than you really were.

But once in a while it would come as a flash of inspiration.

At this time, the area surrounded by Beretania, Nuuanu, and Smith Streets was an open and metered City and County parking lot. It was poorly lighted and wide open so all sorts of things could and would happen there. The Smith Street parking lot, as it was called.

For many years the Honolulu Police Department used Harley Davidson “45 Flathead” motorcycles with a side-car or the “ice cream box” 3 wheel motorcycles to patrol Hotel Street and parts of Waikiki. These motorcycles could get around in traffic or even use the sidewalk if necessary.

There was a little, very little, extra pay for being assigned to the bikes, but mostly it was an almost prestige thing. The area Sergeant had to request you and the Captain had to OK the assignment. As you could guess, it took me a while to get ok’d.

You could sneak around and if you were good you could sneak up on people and cars.

One night toward the end of the watch I happened to see one of my favorite pimps Cadillac parked over in the back corner of the Smith Street lot, across from the Shamrock Bar. The Shamrock Bar was a well-known pimp hangout.

From my vantage point I could see there were 2 occupants in the front seat.

They appeared to be looking at something on the seat between them.

I parked the motorcycle and approached from behind. As I got closer I realized they were chopping a bit of cocaine on a small mirror.

Any amount of cocaine was a felony, but as it was 10:35 and I was almost done, I just walked up and rapped real hard on the window.

The pimp in the driver’s seat, JR, took one look out the window, saw the uniform, and promptly dumped the mirror and the white powder on it, onto the white shag rug that covered the floor of the car. White powder in white shag, that would make evidence recovery tough.

He then slowly powered the window down, smiled and said “Can I hep yo offica?”

I do not know where I come up with these things, I really don’t. Maybe it was his half-assed attempt to dump the coke.

I looked at my watch and replied, “Yo JR, what time does that make believe Rolex you got on say it is? It’s almost time to go home and my Timex has quit tickin.”

You could almost hear his teeth grind as he slowly lifted his arm, looked at his watch (which really was a Korean Rolex knock off) and said “ten twenty fou.”

“Thanks JR,” I replied. “I’m outta here. You all have a good night now, hear?” and I walked back to my motorcycle.

As I walked I had to hide my laughter. I could hear them cussing’ and I got this mental picture of 2 pimps on their knees, snorting rug fuzz. So I laughed out loud.

Friday, Happy Day, Motes

The .gov is not your friend: David Chipman, President Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF), has publicly stated that it is frustrating the U.S. government cannot violate people’s right to bear arms if they use “hate speech” on the internet. Chipman, a registered gun lobbyist who has been widely opposed by Second Amendment groups. This is the guy that cannot define “assault weapon” or “hate speech”. Under his leadership, the BATFE will take red flag laws to new heights. All it will take is a person be offended (real or imagined), a phone call, and you will lose your rights. All of them. You will become an accused felon, and possibly end up doing time. All because someone didn’t like your bumper sticker.  

The enemy of my enemy: Russia said on Wednesday it was beefing up the combat capabilities of its military base in Tajikistan and training local soldiers, as Moscow warned that Islamic State militants were moving into neighboring Afghanistan. The U.S. withdrawal has prompted Moscow to prepare for a potentially major security challenge on the edge of its Muslim-majority Central Asian backyard. Wait a minute, didn’t someone claim the Russians were “paying bounties” to ISIS? Now they are enemies? Score card needed here.

Sad Good-Bye: ZZ Top’s longtime bassist, Dusty Hill, 72, has died. Dusty passed away at his home in Houston, TX. The group is known for hits like “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” as well as others like “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Legs,” “Got Me Under Pressure” and more. He, his beard, and his talent will be missed.

Their rights are more important than your rights: Controversial “animal rights” organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have seized six chimps from their safe sanctuary home in Missouri despite warnings from their veterinarian and from primate experts that such a move would place them in “grave danger.” The chimp’s owner and caretaker Tonia Haddix has been trying to block the seizure. The private organization arrived to seize the chimps on Wednesday morning with a caravan of approximately 20 US Marshals who searched the place prior to their arrival. Haddix was ordered not to tell anyone when they were coming and had to be two miles away from the property when they took them. The judge declared that they would not be allowed to film the “animal rights” group shooting the chimps with tranquilizer darts and tearing them from their homes. Haddix was ordered to hand six beloved chimps earlier this month, even though three chimps that PETA obtained through a similar lawsuit were killed at the sanctuary the organization sent them to last year. Just some additional information; PETA spends less than one percent of its multi-million- dollar budget actually helping animals; PETA’s leadership has compared animal farmers to serial killer (and cannibal) Jeffrey Dahmer; PETA’s website for kids puts skull and crossbones next to the logo of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They’ve never seen a dime of my money and never will. They are not about “animal rights”. They are all about “power”.

Yes, I am going to watch;” Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. Yes.

Back to Hilo this weekend. I’m going to…… Ah, hell, you know what I going to do. Stay safe.

Signpost Up Ahead, Motes On Thursday

No proof needed: Watergate “journalist” Carl Bernstein labeled former President Donald Trump an “American war criminal”.  He is our own American war criminal of a kind we’ve never experienced before,” Bernstein declared. Bernstein then noted he was concerned that Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud would lead to a potential “Reichstag moment.” (Oh, you mean like “Jan 6”?) When pushed by Brian Stelter, Bernstein did not come up with an actual “crime”. (They never do.) This from a guy that thinks what he did 50 years ago is still relevant.

Don’t blame the clown for acting like a clown. Ask yourself why you keep going to the circus.

Just freakin’ wrong: A fourth grade student in Minnesota was told not to tell her parents about an “equity survey” she and her classmates were instructed to take at school, Fox News reported. The student said that the survey’s questions were confusing and made her “very nervous and uncomfortable” when she and her classmates were told not to tell their parents about the survey. She was also told by her teacher she could not skip any questions, even if she didn’t understand them. The students Mom was understandably upset. Years ago, our son, was told to keep a journal and he was not supposed to tell us that he was doing so. He was told that only the teacher could read it. He was in the 3rd grade. Fortunately, he trusted us, and not the teacher. Wife and I stormed the school, had a come to Jesus meeting with the principal and teacher and demanded the school notify all the parents in the class. That was 30 years ago. I hope all the parents speak up and tell the school where to put their “survey”.

Not far: Montclair, California, city manager Edward Starr, has ordered vaccinated government employees to wear stickers if they want to work without masks on, said city officials. Are the unvacated the new “Jews”? Is the “sticker” far from wearing the Star of David armband? NO!!

Really: The nation’s top health agency is expected to backpedal Tuesday on its masking guidelines and recommend that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors in parts of the U.S. where the coronavirus is surging, according to a federal official. As far as masks go, when they released violent prisoners instead of just giving them masks, I lost all faith in “nation’s top health agency”.

They don’t even try: Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) is the second House Democrat vowing to oppose a budget, which would need to be passed through the filibuster-proof reconciliation process, that excludes amnesty for illegal aliens. Why the hell is my tax money, and yours, funding “amnesty”? “A balanced and fiscally sound budget reconciliation deal must include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants,” Correa said. No. A balanced and fiscally sound budget must try to balance the federal spending with the federal income, your taxes. Period.

The biggest lie a tyrant can tell., “It’s for the good of the people”.

What are you paying.?

Gas 7/29/21. Funny, everything has stayed the same for the last 3 weeks, except “regular” which is DOWN $.01 a gal.

It’s Motes For Wednesday

The poor work and work. The rich exploit the poor. The soldier protects both. The taxpayer pays for all three. The banker robs all four. The lawyer misleads all five. The Doctor bills all six. The goons scare all seven. The politician lives happily because of all eight.           Written 43 BC  Marcus Cicero

I have an answer: Armed bandits in Nigeria have seized a negotiator who had been sent to pay ransom money to secure the release of 136 students kidnapped two months ago from an Islamic school in the north of the African nation. The school and parents have been negotiating with the kidnappers who demanded 30 million naira ($72,993) to release the students from the school in Nigeria’s Niger state. They said the negotiator was taken because kidnappers said the ransom he brought was short. The police did not respond to a request for comment.  These families are now ruined. They have sold everything and have nothing. Perhaps it is time for a “private military” group to come in and handle. You know, like in the movies; hunt them down, identify them, and publicly and harshly punish. They have to make it too “costly” for them to do business.

Positively biblical: Just before 1 a.m. Monday, investigators say the man started firing at a crowd in Fort Worth’s Como neighborhood on the southwest side. One person died in the shooting and two others were hurt but are expected to survive. The crowd then started throwing gardening stones and killed the gunman. They stoned the gunman to death. I like it.

Chicago; 70 shot, 12 dead.

They are dishonest: A recent “Gallup Poll”, the headline announced “62% of America says Biden Doing A Good Job”. I looked a little deeper. The “poll base” consisted of 1,387 people. Using old math that means .0000045454 % of America was polled. That is what they based their headline on. That isn’t honest by any stretch of the imagination.

Cult status: If you’re a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy”, you may have caught the one quick visual moment of one of my favorite characters, “Howard The Duck”. The 1986 film was less than stellar but has since gained cult status. A recent gizmodo article says the late Robin Williams was supposed to be the voice of Howard but walked out. The original is available on Amazon Prime. A great beer drinking, doing nothing Saturday afternoon kind of movie.

As if: If you have any questions regarding Pelosi’s “Jan 6” investigation, she dismissed the Republican members, chosen by the Republicans.  (bi·par·ti·san; /bīˈpärdəzən/; adjective; involving the agreement or cooperation of two political parties that usually oppose each other’s policies.) She does not want anything but her way. Pretty damn arrogant from a “elected” professional congresscritter. She seems to truly believe she is in charge, of everything.

Tiny Tuesday Motes

How low do you have to be: The NYPD is looking for suspects seen beating a 61-year-old woman with a kitchen pot before making off with several of her personal items, including her walker. Three suspects are seen assaulting the victim. The 61-year-old was eventually dragged across the street and punched in the back several times before the suspects made off with cash, her credit cards, and her walker, the NYPD said. I ask, how low do you have to go to pull this stunt.

Trust them? Oh, hell no: This week included interesting revelations about the FBI’s case against the handful of people charged with plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan. Of 14 people indicted, five (or more) were working as informants for the FBI. The five people who seem to be the FBI informants were also the people who seemed to have all the kidnapping ideas and access to all the equipment needed for a paramilitary assault on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s vacation home. At one point, the leadership of the conspiracy met, and three of the five people in that discussion were FBI. It will turn out the “informants” were the driving force. The other “militia” involved were just too stupid to put this together. But they’ll all do time and the fbi will call it a “successful operation.” Again.

I was told it’d make me go blind: An unnamed 51-year-old man from Japan suffered a life-threatening stroke after a masturbation session, according to a January case study in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease. The man was unmarried and had a habit of masturbating several times a day. He experienced “thunderclap” headaches and vomiting after climaxing in one session. He went to Nagoya City University Hospital where the researchers ran multiple scans they found he suffered bleeding in the brain and strokes, which could lead to death. By the way, cocaine or Viagra can increase the risk of death by sex-induced stroke. Just saying.

One book I won’t be reading: Former President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen will release a joint book, Renegades: Born in the USA., on October 26th.The tome is described as “a collection of candid, intimate, and entertaining conversations.”  I’m sorry, I couldn’t even write a synopsis without putting nose coffee all over my keyboard.

Weekend Play list; Dr. Hook, Kenny Chesney, Emmy Lou Harris, and Jerry Jeff Walker.

Starting Another Week Motes

The next “plague” : A growing number of snakes are taking on horrific facial deformities, due to a skin disease It’s called snake fungal disease (SFD) and cases have “increased substantially” in the eastern half of the country, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The fatal condition has only been found in snakes, but there is much to be discovered, the USGS said in a news release. Signs of SFD include crusted or ulcerated scales, nodules … under the skin, abnormal molting, white opaque cloudiness of the eyes … and facial disfiguration that can be quite severe, leading to emaciation and death.” Photos shared by the USGS on Facebook show snakes afflicted with the fungus become unrecognizable — as if their bodies were dried to a crisp while the snake was alive. Most appear to have been blinded by the disease. I never thought I’d feel sorry for snakes, but no creature should endure this kind of death. Not even a snake.

Priorities are a bit skewed:  St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M Gardner is the same prosecutor filing charges against the McCloskeys for defending their home in Saint Louis.  Incredibly her office was charging a previously convicted felon with first-degree murder, and the prosecutor assigned to the case took maternity leave leaving no-one to show up in court. After three missed court hearings by prosecutors, the judge was forced to DROP a murder case because no one other than the defense, a public defender, was showing up in court. This is a jaw-dropping example of a prosecutors office is a state of horrible mismanagement.  Compounding the issue, Ms. Gardner doesn’t even attempt to justify the collapse of the justice system… she just says whoopsie. But the gods help you should you stand up to defend your home and family. You have to ask how much $$ did GS contribute to her campaign? Answer, $116,000.00. For a city prosecutor office. And Gardner is not the only prosecutor office Soros has “bought”.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means: Rep. Michelle Beckley is among the Texas legislators who fled the state in order to avoid losing a vote on an election integrity bill and she announced on Tuesday she is running to flip a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the tweet revealing her candidacy, Beckley called herself “one of the brave Texas Democrats who came to D.C. to fight for voting rights in my state.” Going on a boozy private flight to the nation’s capital to take pictures, meet with lawmakers, and then cause a Covid-19 spreader event is not exactly all that brave. And you weren’t “fighting for voting rights”, you were running away from a legitimate vote and asking the Federal government to subvert the states rights of Texas.

Wish list: Gunmen hijacked two trucks hauling more than seven million rounds of ammunition in central Mexico, a massive heist that could escalate fighting in one of the country’s most violent areas. While most of the ammunition was for small firearms, such as .22- and .40-caliber pistols, a significant portion of the bullets were for high-powered weapons, including AR-15 and M-16 rifles.

Unsubstantiated: Info is out the federal .gov is flying border “immigrants” to Hawaii. Huh? Now, I have no personal knowledge, no evidence, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility. Now, if true, they have no identification, no passports, no jobs, and probably very little English. Who’s paying for the transport? Who’s paying for their residence? Who’s paying for their food and clothing? Only one answer, you the taxpayer. How do you feel about that?

Sunday Rant

hy·poc·ri·sy; /həˈpäkrəsē/noun; the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

I have no problem calling out hypocrisy coming from the current administration or it’s minions. I want you to know it’s the hypocrisy that I hate, not just the administration. I’ll call it out wherever I see it.

This is from the Facebook page of porn “star” Brandi Love.

“Can’t make this shit up lol. I just watched Charlie Kirk  Dan Bongino  Rick Scott  Kat Timpf  Speak about freedom, censorship, how inclusive the “movement” is etc. And then they had me thrown out of the Turning Point USA conference.”.

 In a statement to Newsweek, TPUSA explained the ban by stating, “The Student Action Summit is a youth conference with 15- and 16-year-olds in attendance. As a matter of policy, TPUSA does not allow adult entertainers, influencers, or brands to participate in its events designed for minors. This was not a decision intended to be unkind to anyone, but in the interest of the student attendees in attendance, and their thousands of concerned parents.” My question is, how would these “minors” know who the attending people are? Was she “acting like a porn star”? (Whatever that is.) Was she inappropriately dressed? Was she wearing a sign that said “I Am A Porn Star”?

TPUSA, has regularly identified itself as a leader against cancel culture since being founded. If you say, but don’t do, it doesn’t matter which side, right or left, it’s still Hypocrisy.

Acta non verba.

Yes, actions not words. By their actions the TPUSA showed me they are as big hypocrites as any “democrat” whom they rail against. It doesn’t matter what a person “does” for a living. Are they contributing to America? She provides a legal “service”. She is not accepting $$ foreign governments like Hunter Biden. She is not subverting the law of the land like Uncle Joe, Kamala, or Aunty Nancy. She pays her taxes unlike Bernie. She is not making false accusations and claiming to have evidence like Chucky. I would submit, she’s as good an American as anyone and deserves to attend any meeting she wishes.

Shame on TPUSA. Shame.


My deepest sympathy to FIrehand and his loved ones. The loss of a Father is something I can relate to, having lost mine in much the same manner. It will heal. Stay strong.

Saturday Story

David Logan, a Man On the Run

In 1979 or 1980 a guy named “David Logan” started to put out a weekly downtown “newspaper” and spent a lot of time at Hummer’s bar where I worked part time as a bartender. This was during the time I had been fired for selling bullet proof vests and was in the process of fighting the dismissal.

Logan was good looking, smooth talking and seemed very personable. But as I look back, he never talked about his past.

At one time he published a book of the “The One Hundred Most Eligible Single Men in Honolulu (and how to meet them.)”. It featured pictures, short bios, and if he was to be believed, he had a panel of women who read the bios and questionnaires’ and selected the men without knowing their names or seeing their pictures.

When I was told I’d been selected I expressed my thanks which he put off by telling I had been selected by a “Majority of the panel”.

Ok, I’ll admit it was a real ego boost. I was in my early 30’s, really chasing my dick big time, and this was great. Dave and I would often go down to the Hyatt and listen to Jimmy Borges entertain, and pick-up women. Like I said, he was smooth talking and good looking, I was just the wingman.

I eventually won my reinstatement was to HPD and went to work on the Windward side.

Hell, the Vice Principal of one of the middle schools recognized me from the book, and we ended up having a several months long affair.

 By then Dave Logan had kind of disappeared.

Until one night in the mid 90’s, Julie and I were at Anna’s (big surprise there) when Dave taps me on the shoulder and greets me.

I introduced him to my wife and he asks if we can sit and talk for a while, just the two of us.

I wasn’t real sure where this was going, but said sure, and Julie went off to play the bar video game while Dave and I sat down.

Well, it turned out Dave’s name wasn’t really Dave Logan. And he really didn’t come to Hawaii to run a weekly newspaper.

His name doesn’t really matter anymore, because, well you’ll see why.

Dave it turns out had been a member of the 60’s radical group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and was a participant in some of the violence done by the “Weathermen Underground”. Mostly bombings and the like.

The entire time he was in Honolulu, he had been wanted by the FBI and US Marshals.

He tells me that when he found out I was a police officer, he almost grabbed a flight out of Hawaii as he was sure I’d “make” him. As we became friends and I didn’t make him, he often thought of confessing who he was and turning himself in, to me.

Only jail scared him and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. So we became friends, drank together, had mutual friends, and even attended the same parties. And I never made him. Didn’t really even think he wasn’t who or what he claimed.

To my memory, he had just sort of moved on. When I went back to HPD I never thought about him. So 12 years later this guy pops up.

I wasn’t the only reason he had come back to Hawaii. He had returned to settle some old business, so he told me his story.

He had turned himself in to the FBI, gone to court, been sentenced to several years in prison, served his time, and had come back to Hawaii to finish up. To “make amends”.

Then he tells me, one of the things he felt he had to do was apologize to all the people, including me, he had spent all those years lying to.

He was only in town a few days, and I’ve never seen or heard from him again.

Dave, if you ever read this, I have always forgiven you. You and I are square.

Real Friday Motes

Things that make you go, Huh? : Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi wants the Honolulu Police Department to feel empowered to enforce the law to create a safer Chinatown community. Over the past few months, the mayor said he’s seen a significant increase in crime, drug abuse and obscenity throughout Chinatown. Focusing mainly on Chinatown, people who are arrested in that area will face a higher bail than if they committed the same crime in a different location on the island. Hey, wait a minute. Couldn’t that “selective” enforcement be just a little, say, unconstituational? Unlawful? Doesn’t that give the accused an automatic appeal to further tie up our courts? And what about the rest of the island and state? Violent crime, everywhere is up, up, up. Is Chinatown that important?

Will there be another “Bay of Pigs” soon?

We understand: Jason Lilley was a special operations forces Marine Raider who fought in multiple battles in Iraq and Afghanistan during America’s longest war. As Lilley, 41, reflects on President Joe Biden’s decision to end America’s military mission in Afghanistan on Aug. 31, he expresses love for his country, but disgust at its politicians and dismay at the blood and money squandered. Comrades were killed and maimed in wars he says were unwinnable, making him rethink his country and his life. “The whole point was to get rid of the Taliban and we didn’t do that. The Taliban will take over.”  There is a reason why historians have called Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires.” Mr. Lilley, you and your brothers understand what me and 2,700,000 Vietnam vet’s feel.  Like us, you need to keep your head up and be proud of your service.

I could get behind this idea: The drive-thru daiquiri shop. Here’s how it works.  The business gets a liquor license and buys the equipment.  The customer drives up and orders.  The bartender makes it up and puts it in a container with a lid. At that point it is package liquor. The customer gets a straw as part of the package.  As long as the straw is not in the lid, it is not an open container.  What happens after the customer leaves the parking lot is between their conscience and the local constabulary. You are on the honor system. These things are all over Louisiana and do a thriving business. Even at 1:00 on a Wednesday afternoon.

Happy Birthday Willem DaFoe (7/22). An actor with a unique look and voice he’s been nominated for an Oscar 4 times. His movies include Streets of Fire, Platoon, The Lighthouse, and one of my personal favorites, The Hunter.

“Yellowstone” it ain’t: John Ladd, whose family has ranched at the U.S.-Mexico border for more than 125 years, says illegal immigrants tell him that President Joe Biden invited them to come. Ladd, 66, says he and his family are on constant alert for theft by illegal immigrants who cross the border onto his ranch. The ranchers also must make sure that cattle haven’t escaped and wandered onto the highway because illegal immigrants cut fences. Ladd ranches the same land his parents did, about 16,000 acres that includes 10-and-a-half miles along the border. But times have changed since his parents worked the ranch. His great-grandparents came to the area in 1894. When illegal immigrants cross onto his ranch, he says, they often cut water lines and fences, which becomes both a safety issue and financial liability for him. The Ladd’s also have had to build their lives around protecting the ranch due to what they have experienced. “They come to your house and try and bull their way through the door,” he says. Tragically, Ladd says, he has come upon dead illegal immigrants. “We’ve had 14 dead bodies on the ranch that I know of,” Ladd says. A rancher’s life has never been easy, even without the immigration traffic. It takes a strong man or woman to be a rancher, Ladd and his family are those people. “But this is home. I’m not leaving.”

I agree with the wife: The “lowlife” thief charged with stealing a then-6-year-old Brooklyn boy’s scooter was ordered held on $50,000 bail, while his lawyer took a cheap shot at the young victim. “I don’t know why a 7-year-old is on an electric scooter,” Brooklyn Public Defenders attorney Sarah Burleson, who represents accused scooter thief. Just what the hell does that have to do with the crime? The scooter actually belonged to the boy’s brother with special needs who needed it to get around. Even the thief’s wife say’s “He’s a lowlife.” Later in court, the attorney went to the tried and true defense and said her client suffers from “addiction and needs help.” Probably the same defense he used in his prior manslaughter (1991) , armed robbery (2010), and parole violation cases.

Tonight is the Buck Moon, also known as the Thunder Mood, the Hay Moon or the Mead Moon. Enjoy.

In Hilo this weekend. Gonna mow the lawn, trim the hedge, have a beer with the dog, and ride the motorcycle. Ahhh, heaven.