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18 Sept 22 

“Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence.” Toba Beta

 Isn’t it ironic that after working so hard to disarm private citizens, and simultaneously de-fund and otherwise weaken local police, Democrats now want private citizens (presumably unarmed) to step-up and be “The Tip of the Spear,” in confronting armed and violent criminals? 

MN’s AG (Democrat, of course) says he is going to “investigate” private businesses in areas where violent crime takes place. 

His investigation aims to “see whether businesses are taking steps to address repeated violent crime occurring outside their buildings. Companies or properties that turn a blind-eye to gun violence and other threats to public safety happening on their premises need to know we are watching and will act.” ( So now it falls on the business owner to supple public safety.)

Like all liberals, he never gets specific with regard to what “actions” he is contemplating, but increased police presence is surely not one of them! He apparently intends for his nebulous threats to frighten despised capitalists who still foolishly believe in private property and individual responsibility. He, of course, has no threats for the criminals themselves! (That would be just wrong.)

While empowering, defending, supporting, and apologizing for violent criminals, this AG is curiously upset with the epidemic of violent crime that logically results. 

Imagine that! 

In addition: In the wake of the George-Floyd-incident and convictions, MPD has informed local business that MPD officers (even on their own time) will not be available for private-protection duty. (So you’re on your own people.)

So, this AG expects unarmed business-owners, at their own risk, to courageously confront dangerous, violent criminals, or face punishment at the hands of this same AG, but at the same time offers no support from local police, who are funded by tax dollars contributed by these same business-owners. ( And of course, they better not be armed when they confront anyone. That would be wrong.)

I’m sure business-owners are wondering what police are for! (Not for crime prevention it appears.)

Meanwhile in CA, an outspoken rabidly anti-gun LA mayoral candidate (Democrat, of course) unhappily discovered recently that her home had been burglarized and that two guns, presumptively owned by her, were among items stolen by the thieves. (Any bets on if they were “registered” or not? Come on, we were all thinking it.)

This is the home of a person who repeatedly announces, so passionately, so self-righteously, that all Americans need to be forcibly disarmed, lest they injure her precious criminals. 

Obviously, she does not include herself in the same category with us mere expendable tax-paying peons, whom she cynically purports to “serve!” 

Liberal media is, of course (after trying to bury the story), apologizing for her while assuring the rest of us that politicians are a “special class of citizens” 

Democrats have turned hypocrisy into an art form!


The snarky (italicized) comments are mine.

Saturday Story


Now I’m as willing an alibi as a brother could ask for, just maybe not the best. I’ve alibied for brothers to wives, bosses, teammates, and such. Yep, you lie and I’ll swear to it. But, you gotta let me know.

I was sitting in a bar, there’s that pattern again, when Groudy and his current girlfriend walked in. Thus the start of my tale.

He was called Groudy due to several personal hygiene traits. Example? Ok, his showers usually occurred when he was caught riding in the rain, his hair was the blackest you could buy at the drug store, and he never met an anti-perspirent, ever.

His choice of girlfriends ran from strippers and hookers all the way to hookers and strippers. The current girlfriend was not an exception in that she worked as an “exotic dancer”. Having been together 3 or 4 months, she was setting a new record for putting up with Groudy.

So there I was, sitting at the bar minding my own cold beer and I hear Groudy’s bike pull in. After you been around bike’s and bikers long enough, you know what each individual’s bike sounds like, it’s a gift.

So I knew who it was, so I was not on guard when they walked in. With Groudy, I should have known better.

My first clue was the sudden sharp pain in the back of my head where someone had slapped me, hard. I turned around in time to see her pulling her hand back for a second shot. She launched the slap and I managed to deflect it with the side of my head.

Now that I was facing her, I realized the background noise was her screaming, at me.

“You no good son of a bitch.”

“How dare you keep my old man out for three fuckin’ days? What the fuck is wrong with you? “

“Mother fucker, I oughta cut your balls off you no good….” a class act this girl. That’s why she was an exotic dancer and not a stripper.

Like any good man, the moment I realized she was mad at me, I started apologizing immediately. Even if I had no idea why she was mad, at me.

Finally she began running out of steam, and nasty things to call me, so she smacked my shoulder, called me a couple of repeat names, and stomped off to a back table followed by Groudy with his head hanging like a man on his way to the gallows.

Groudy had already gotten drinks, a table in the back corner farthest from me. My buddy.

After a couple of minutes, Donna the bartender walked to my end of the bar and asked me what that had been all about. My only answer was, “I ain’t got a clue.”

Two or three drinks later, Groudy’s girl gets up goes to the bathroom. He hauls ass over to me as soon as the door started to close.

As soon as he gets close enough I asked, “What the hell was that all about?”

Well, the story is an old Groudy classic. The week before he’d been out riding, drinking, and running around and this other stripper had fallen in love with him. So he had spent the next three days, and nights, with stripper number two. Then he went home and told his girlfriend it was all my fault, because he’d been with me.

His story was I’d dragged him around, bought the booze, drugs, and kept him on the go for three days and nights. It was really all my fault. He was just weak. Now it says something about a man’s reputation when she doesn’t even blink and is totally willing to buy this story without any proof or verification.

Now, as I said I don’t mind being an alibi, but at least tell me ahead of time. At least give me a fighting chance.

So I took the hit for Groudy. She would never speak to me as long as she was with Groudy, which was another couple of weeks, and he would buy my drinks any time we were together.

Of course, once she left my gravy train stopped. But, believe me, it was the first story I’d tell to every new girlfriend Groudy brought around.

I’m a good alibi, but I’m not a stupid one.

Funday Friday Motes

Take care of your own first: Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar on Monday opened a criminal investigation into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ operation sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. The Sheriff is finding time to investigate Florida’s governor but at home he is missing in action in regards to a triple murder in Bexar County. A Local San Antonio News reported on Monday that the Sheriff of Bexar County has ignored a 2019 triple murder. Two families made strong accusations Monday against Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar and his office for the handling of shooting deaths of two young girls and their mother in Boerne in 2019. The Bribiescas and Montez families are calling for the Texas Attorney General to appoint the Texas Rangers to investigate the deaths of 10-year-old London Bribiescas, 16-year-old Alexa Montez and their mother 37-year-old Nichol Olson. First of all, I don’t see the sheriff has any jurisdiction to investigate the governors actions as they didn’t affect Bexar. And second, well, he needs to handle things at home first. However, if my info is correct, Texas Sheriffs are elected, which means they can get rid of him.

Yes, there really is a “Jake Flake Emergency Services Training Center”. No, really. The teach law enforcement in Arizona.

Not the American way: Again the NTSB is demanding you prove you’re not drunk before operating your vehicle. They want the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require all new vehicles to be equipped with systems that would prevent the ability to speed and prevent an intoxicated driver from operating a vehicle. “To prevent alcohol and other drug-impaired driving crashes, the NTSB has called for in-vehicle alcohol detection technology.” They want you to prove you’re not guilty of DUI before you can drive the vehicle you paid for, you pay taxes on, and you buy the gas that collects the taxes that support entities like the NTSB and the NHTSA and allow them to  exist. Last I heard, you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN guilty. This assumes you are are guilty until you prove (by interacting with the in-vehicle alcohol detection technology) you’re not. That is not the American Way. Period.

That’s racist: It’s no secret that crime is climbing like an out of control skyrocket.In San Francisco bike thefts are off the charts.  In response the San Francisco Bike Coalition wrote on their ” considerations” section of their website that victims of bike theft should reconsider calling the police as “Black and brown” people could be harmed from the interaction. “San Francisco Bicycle Coalition @sfbike acknowledges that ‘Black and Brown people’ (sic) are way overrepresented as bike thieves, but says not to report them, because filing theft reports leads to them being ‘impacted’ by police.” It appears, after two years of growth and learning the mostly white organization has seemingly concluded it’s best to let black and brown San Franciscan’s steal bikes. That’s racist. 

Vlad watches old movies too: Anatoly Gerashchenko, the former head of Moscow’s Aviation Institute (MAI), died in a mysterious fall inside the institute’s headquarters in the Russian capital on Tuesday. It is reported that Gerashchenko “fell from a great height” and careened down several flights of stairs. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene. Gerashchenko is  just the latest in a long string of “odd” deaths among officials and executives in Russia’s energy and technology industries. Especially those that seem anti-Vlad.

In Honolulu this weekend. Cleaning and throwing shat out. More on that later.

Thursday Motes Already

Modern “education”: The New Jersey Department of Education will intervene in school districts that do not implement the state’s new sexual education standards that teach 10-year-olds the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. schools that fail to adhere to their new sexual education standards will face “disciplinary action,”. Under the new standards, by the end of fifth grade, students should be able to explain the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, “describe gender-role stereotypes”, and be able to explain all the ways “pregnancy can be achieved.” And in the entire 1,000+ word story, nowhere does it say the kids must be able to read and write or do common math. Am I the only one that sees something wrong here?

A sad Good-Bye: Dr. Valery Polyakov, a physician-turned-cosmonaut who spent 437 days in outer space and set the world record, died at 80. He was born Valery Ivanovich Korshunov on April 27, 1942 but changed his name after being adopted in 1957. Polyakov began as a physician and joined the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow in 1971. Polyakov’s first lengthy space mission in 1988 lasted eight months, and he became deputy director of the institute he once joined as a young man upon returning back to Earth. Now a specialist in the nascent field of space medicine, Polyakov volunteered to prove human beings could withstand microgravity and reach Mars. His flight to dock with Russia’s Mir space station launched on Jan. 8, 1994 — and Polyakov didn’t return until March 22, 1995. Polyakov orbited Earth 7,075 times and traveled around 187 million miles during those 14 months. Her now sits at the Table of Heroes’. His courage can never be doubted, he will be missed. 

War sucks: IZYUM, Ukraine. It was Aug. 27, and after months enduring some of the worst conditions imaginable, families in this largely destroyed city occupied by Russian forces since March had signed their kids up for camp in Gelendzhik, a Russian resort town on the Black Sea. They hoped the camp, advertised in Russian propaganda news outlets, would give their children a break from war and a semblance of normalcy. The kids never came back.  The parents said some 200 children from several towns and villages in the Kharkiv region had traveled there in August and were supposed to return home by bus last week. As if living in the middle of a war zone wasn’t bad enough now it appears the children are being held as pawns.

A little back and forth: On 9/15 this letter to the editor appeared in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser: “A Honolulu man asked for, paid for, and received the license plate “FCKBLM”. The plate is now being described in the local media as “profanity to insult the Black Lives Matter” and the “expletive-laced license plate”. After receiving complaints, the city ordered him to surrender the plate. Until he does, he cannot renew his car registration and is subject to citation and seizure of his property. Okay, it’s 6 letters. Not much for being “laced” with anything. “After receiving complaints”. How many complaints does it take for you to lose your possessions? I’m offended at the guy that owns the island of Kauai. Give it back. I’m offended by the big “Black Lives Matter” sign on the front of the church on the Pali highway. Take it down. If you’re offended at his license plate, and his 1st amendment rights, don’t look. It really is just that simple.”

On 9/20 This letter was printed: A letter to the editor advocated hate speech by saying a license plate that states FCKBLM is free speech. This is incorrect. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not protect hate speech. The display prejudice against a race, sex, or religion and to advocate hate in a government issued license plate is illegal under the Civil Rights Act, and Supreme Court cases including the Hawaii Supreme count. Hopefully, the federal court swiftly dismisses the frivolous hate-mongering lawsuit.

My response on 9/22: I believe Ms. Barbee-Wooten misread my letter to the editor, when she stated I “advocated hate speech” over a license plate. I advocated free speech and another person’s right to that free speech. The 1st Amendment protects all speech, not just that you do not find offensive. All speech is free, or none of it is free. “Tho’ I disagree with what you have to say, I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Wednesday Motes To Ponder

Thank the gods: David Hogg, in what can only be described as a word-vomit tirade, wrote things like, “kids are the new boats,” and “kids are nice but most people can’t afford them,” as if humans didn’t have children before money was invented. He also noted that, a “BIG reason I will never have kids in the US- I refuse to raise kids in a country that values fucking guns over children’s lives.” Now, I personally don’t know anyone who has sex with a “gun”, but whatever floats your boat. As for Hogg not having any children, thank the gods for small favors.

War is ugly: A leading expert in Russia’s prison system, Olga Romanova, says the Kremlin’s latest recruitment tactic in the war on Ukraine t is something out of her “worst nightmares.” Vladimir Putin’s shadowy private army, Wagner Group—has been taking trips to Russian prison camps in order to enlist convicted criminals to fight in Ukraine, according to accounts from military analysts and videos that have emerged. Romanova’s team said they were horrified to recognize one prisoner they had worked with in a video released by Ukrainian officials of a captured Russian fighter. “Pretty much all murderers we have on our watch have been recruited and they die like flies in Ukraine. Out of the first 42 convicts recruited in the first group, only three survived, out of the second group of 66 convicts, only six returned, including one who had lost his arm,” said Romanova. When you care enough to send the very worst.

Walls, a prison do not make: A bogus motion claiming to be from the U.S. Treasury appeared in the court docket for the Justice Department’s investigation of records seized from Mar-a-Lago. The motion was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Court records and interviews suggest the filing came from a serial forger at a North Carolina federal prison. the inmate responsible for the forgery “has been in prison for several years after authorities found him not competent to stand trial following his arrest for allegedly planting a fake explosive outside of a Detroit building.” Apparently, he’s competent enough to fool the U.S. court system. The big question, how did he file it and get onto the docket? Just askin’ for a friend.

Ouch: In March, a freight ship, The Felicity Ace, was crossing the Atlantic and  got into trouble. After catching fire, they sank taking 1,117, 2022 Porsche 911’s to the bottom of the sea, most of which had already been paid for. The insurance claim of $400 million is still working its way through the process. At the same time the Felicity was in trouble, a sister ship The Composer was being assaulted by high seas and she lost “several hundred” vehicles washed overboard. So if your friend is bemoaning the loss of his Porsche, give him some sympathy. Then drive off in your Ford.

Has in Honolulu 9/20/22. Down a whole nickel from last week.

Gas Honolulu 9/20/21

Tuesday Motes, Read ‘Em and Weep

The pandemic is over. Joe says so. On “60 Minutes”. Does that mean all the E.O.’s will be lifted and we go back to the legislative process. My prediction is NO. Once a politician gets a power or control, they never let it go. It’s gonna get worse. Get ready, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Yeah, that’s the kiss of death: Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom will “undeniably, unequivocally” run for president in 2024. The anonymous tipper’s revelation was confirmed — anonymously — to a reporter by “a Los Angeles philanthropist with deep connections in the Democratic Party. Says Uncle Joe;  “Look, my intention, as I said to begin with, is that I would run again,” Biden told CBS’s Scott Pelley. “But it’s just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen.”

A revolving jail door: What does it take to go to jail in New York City? Apparently swinging an ax at people and chopping up a McDonald’s isn’t enough. Michael Palacios, 31, lost his religion when he repeatedly tried to talk to a woman in a McDonald’s and she wanted no part of him. The video shows patrons trying to keep the angry, would-be lothario from the uninterested woman. The man then throws a punch at one of them and it’s game-on. Several patrons punch the man as he leans against a trash can, almost looking bored with the fracas. Then pulls out a hatchet and goes to town. Palacios escaped but was arrested soon afterward. He was arraigned on fourth-degree criminal mischief and possession-of-weapons charges. And then, thanks to New York’s thug-hugging politicians and their insane no-bail laws, the crazy man was back on the streets in hours. I bet she eats at Burger King now.

One thing to always remember: Never ask a cop for legal advice. There’s nobody with more misinformation than a cop.

Another war: The recent reports of mutilations of an Armenian mother and her comrades was not an aberrant war crime. It has been on display since war first broke out between the two nations in late 2020. The Azeri soldiers are now videotaping their handiwork, which included several other mutilated and beheaded Armenian men, and they can be heard laughing and joking in the background. Similarly, released video footage showed camouflaged soldiers overpowering and forcing down an elderly Armenian man, who cries and implores them for mercy, as they casually try to carve at his throat with a knife. War is brutal, but there are no real justifications for actions like these.

Belated Birthday; Last Wednesday would have been the 108th Birthday of Clayton Moore (9/14/14 – 12/28/1999). Who? He was to many many people, THE Lone Ranger. A Hollywood star before the series, he served in the U.S. Air Force during WW11. According to some sources, Moore completely changed his lifestyle when he began making personal appearances as the Ranger and “stove in his personal life to take the Lone Ranger Creed to heart”.  I am proud to share a birth day with such a man.

Weekend Was Too Short, Motes

It’s a comic book: On the southwest outskirts of Atlanta, it is a mostly suburban municipality with a population of some 108,000 in which nine of every 10 of the residents are Black. Its mayor, khalid kamau — a gay, Christian, socialist, self-described “Black nationalist,” a former film student, flight attendant, bus driver, Black Lives Matter organizer — says that he wants to create a “real-life Wakanda,” a city that’s “Black on purpose.” But he’s brushed up against the incremental, integrationist, typically more moderate politics of Atlanta’s Black elite shared by much of the rest of South Fulton’s local government. And now, he’s accusing the city of hiding public records. He’s attempted to fire the city attorney. He’s reiterated his request to hire a therapist for the city. Sorry mayor, “Wakanda” never existed, never will exist, and you can’t build it. The city is fiction, and so is your dream.

Be aware: It seems like every time a lunatic blazes up a classroom or a shopping mall, the feds tell us, “He was on our radar.” Yet somehow, the shooter wasn’t stopped. Do you know who was stopped? The “My Pillow” guy, Mike Lindell. The feds are passing out warrants and subpoenas to Trump’s associates and followers like those nasty circus peanuts you give to the neighborhood kids you don’t like on Halloween. They want to track every firearm and ammunition sale so they can “stop a mass shooting” before it happens.” Farcebook is supplying the fbi with user content and “subversive” personal messages. They are really after you, Donald Trump is just in the way.

“The myth of the armed good guy is just that, a myth”: A 21-year-old Chicago man may have saved lives on Tuesday night when he fired back at shooters who were allegedly attacking his grandmother’s birthday party. A few of the relatives reportedly went to the back of the house to look at a new car that belonged to another cousin in the family. He says, “I see my cousin’s face turn weird and I look to the right and see two gunmen at the end of the alley.”The next thing the man knew, bullets were flying past him. The good news was that the young man had a concealed carry license. The man said the attackers ran away after he returned fire, but not before they had wounded his 13-year-old cousin. If this man had never returned fire with his legally-owned weapon, there is no telling how many of his family members could have been wounded or even killed. So, just a myth huh? Tell that to this young hero’s family.

I actually find this revolting: Calipornia Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced Thursday that his reelection campaign had paid for billboards in seven other states promoting abortion tourism to the Golden State in protest at those states’ conservative policies restricting abortion. Newsom, who has made abortion a main focus of his campaign as he expands his message to a nationwide audience, has begun to market California as a destination for those denied abortions elsewhere. So Newsom contributors, you’re funding hif “abortion destination” vacations. I’ll bet your Mom is so proud.

I mean, after this long: Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton slammed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for flying illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. Hillary Clinton crawled out of her hole to attack Ron DeSantis on Friday. This is  “literally human trafficking,” Hillary said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Really Hilly, at this point, what does it really matter?

Weekend play list included C.W. McCall, Kingston Trio, Jay and the Americans, Jerry Jeff Walker, and “Western Movie Themes”.  Good sounds and good weekend.

Sunday – A Confession

Correct Spelling Is Important

I never forget my first introduction to the reality of being a cop. There was a murder. A 19 year old girl was stabbed over 40 times in a most brutal killing.

A cab driver that “owed” me contacted me and related that he had been in that area at the time of the killing and had seen a possible suspect running away. Not wanting to expose him at the station I took a statement from him at my home and then took it to the station to give to the Homicide detectives.

I had been a beat cop out of the academy for about 11 months at this time. It was a Saturday so they called the handling detective to come in to meet me. He was a long time veteran with an “old timers” attitude, especially concerning “rookies”.

I handed him my report. He took one look at it, threw it in the trash and told me “this is a Hom-I-cide. Not a Hom-o-code. Get your shit together before you bother me again.” And he walked away.

I took the papers out of the garbage can and “observed” that I had misspelled the crime. I was so angry I never resubmitted the report. And he never asked for my information and never told the Captain that I had come forth.

To my knowledge the “hom-i-cide” has never been solved. Maybe it’s my fault it was never solved.

But it those early years there were very definite lines of authority and work. Patrolman didn’t do the detectives work, the plainclothes guys didn’t drink with uniformed patrolman, and nobody had anything to do with the lowly footman.

But they were always ready to take the information, make the arrest, and take all the credit for it. It wasn’t like some places were a cop’s advancement can be measured in good arrests, but you could count on being put in your place if you stepped up too far.

I bring this up because last weeks headline:

After 50 years, police arrest Nevada man in cold case murder of Waikiki teen

The suspect was a grad assistant at UH in the 1970s.

Published: Sep. 13, 2022

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – After 50 years, there’s been a huge break in a Waikiki murder investigation.

In January 1972, 19-year-old Nancy Anderson was found fatally stabbed in her Aloha Drive apartment.

And on Tuesday, after complex forensic analysis, authorities booked a suspect in Reno.

He’s been identified as Tudor Chirila, a former attorney.

I think I may have be responsible for those years.

Saturday Story

A short story about a short


When I woke up I hurt. I hurt everywhere. The cast on my right arm itched and the arm hurt.

The broken arm was only two weeks old and the constant pain was getting to me. I was trying not to count on pain killers.

My patrol area was the downtown battle zone. I had hookers, pimps, several topless and strip clubs, taxi dance halls, and other assorted pillars of the community.

When I started riding the Vespa motor scooter there were lots of laughs. My motorcycle got wet and it shrank. What, I couldn’t afford the whole motorcycle?  Stuff like that. They didn’t last long.

First of all, my reputation as a beat cop kept a lot of their comments unspoken. And after they saw the scooter could get around very fast, and go almost anywhere, they stopped laughing and started keeping a closer eye on me.

But, accidents will happen. One night while harassing a pimp I had a special dislike for, I lost control and went down. The broken arm was a result of that.

Not a bad brake, but bad enough. They put it in plaster, gave me some pain killers, and told me to enjoy the paid vacation.

 It’s hard to enjoy a “vacation” when you’re in pain all the time. It’s hard to sleep with a cast. It’s even harder to get laid. In fact, it’s damn near impossible.

So I took some pills, drank some, a lot, and tried to learn to like the pain.

It’s also hard to cook so I ate out as lot.

It’s hard to clean house, so the apartment looked like a bomb went off, several bombs.

But, my arm wasn’t the only pain. That morning I had gotten a visit from my sector sergeant and the watch lieutenant. They had even more bad news.

The letter they delivered had a simple message;

“The Honolulu Police Commission has upheld the complaint against you filed by ____________. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Therefore, for the good of the Honolulu Police Department, it has been decided that upon your return to duty you will be on suspension for fourteen days and at the end of that suspension you shall have your employment with the Honolulu Police Department terminated.

You have the right to file grievance –blah-blah-blah.


Chief of Police”.


In plain language I had been fired. The complaint was a minor thing, but an Internal Affairs head hunter with special beef with me, had worked hard. He built a case and found or fabricated enough evidence to convince the commission that I was no good. The Police Commission only got to hear one side of the story. After you filed a grievance is when you get to tell you side.

So I got fired.

The only thing I ever wanted to be was a cop. From the time I was 12 or 13 it was the only profession I wanted.

I was a good cop. I made good arrests. I knew what was going on in town. My snitches provided good info not only about my working area, but sometimes clear across town.

My quarterly ratings were high. The number of closed cases rom m beat was always high. Often when the detectives wanted something special, they asked me.

So when this dropped on me it was a heavy blow. My whole life felt shattered. After eleven years, I really didn’t know what to do.

So when I got up, it was not only the physical me that hurt. My heart and soul hurt.

I was trying to make coffee and breakfast when the knock on the door came. I put the coffee down, threw on a shirt and answered the door.

When I opened the door, there stood another sergeant. In his hand was the big fruit basket that was always delivered to injured officers and their families.

I took out the card and read;

          Wishing you a speedy recovery.

          Best wishes

          —– Stamp ——

          Chief of Police

Once I started laughing I couldn’t stop or catch my breath. The sergeant finally asked what was so damn funny. So I told him;

“They fired me this morning.”

The irony escaped him.

Friday Motes – Because, Why Not?

The frog’s water is beginning to boil: Mike Lindell, the pillow salesman has said he was forced to hand his phone to fbi agents who surrounded him at a fast-food drive-through. An FBI spokesperson confirmed agents were “at that location executing a search warrant authorized by a federal judge” but would not give other details. “They surrounded me at a Hardee’s and took my phone that I run all my business, everything with,” he said. “What they have done is weaponize the FBI, it’s disgusting. I don’t have a computer, that phone, everything was on everybody.”  The stas fbi has become nothing more than a demorat party enforcement arm.

Look to the real reason: This week a Labour MP, Rupa Huq, has introduced an amendment to legislation that would proposes a 2 year jail sentence for anyone praying with women before they go into an abortion centre. Read that again; ”2 year jail sentence for anyone praying.” Her amendment seeks to enforce a “buffer zone” outside abortion centers. Rupa Huq is one of the most vocal supporters of abortion in the House of Commons. There of course is already legislation that exists to restrict protest activities that cause harm to others. Rupa is a devoutly religious person. A Muslim. Surely her God cares for every little baby and would not want them killed?  But it’s not the death of the baby or the health of the mother she is concerned about, it is simply the more non-muslim babies killed not born the fewer non-muslims will be around to oppose the “will of Allah”. IMO

And another one bites the dust: Another top ally of Russian President Putin has died this week, this time of an alleged “stroke” while on a business trip in the village of Roshchino in Russia ’s far east region. Vladimir Nikolayevich Sungorkin, 68, was editor-in-chief of the Russian state newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravada. According to the newspaper, Sungorkin died “suddenly” after showing signs of “suffocation” during the trip on Wednesday. Lost count of how many this makes, but it’s a bunch. And look for more. Just days after Russian officials in St. Petersburg and Moscow openly called for President Vladimir Putin to give up power, the tally of elected officials demanding the Russian leader’s ouster has jumped to 65. Vlad doesn’t seem to take criticism well.

Update: Remember the New Zealand woman who found the two semi-mummified bodies in the luggage she bought on-line? Well, a woman was arrested in South Korea on Thursday on two murder charges from New Zealand. South Korean police detained the woman in the southeastern port city of Ulsan, based on a South Korean court warrant issued after New Zealand requested her provisional arrest as part of an extradition process, according to South Korea’s National Police Agency and Justice Ministry. Authorities didn’t immediately say if the 42-year-old suspect was the dead children’s mother.

Just askin’ : If road maintenance is paid for with gasoline taxes, how will going all electric pay for the maintenance? One of those things that keep me up all night.

In Hilo this weekend. Gonna mow the lawn, pet the dog, and do the other stuff I don’t get to do in Honolulu.