Sunday Rant – D T I

26 Nov 22

“It never troubles a wolf how many the sheep be!” 



“Jugging” is the new term used to describe what have been otherwise called “follow-home-robberies”

With crime currently breaking all records, complements of the JRB Administration, it is not surprising to hear about an exponentially worsening plague of violent, follow-home robberies occurring during this holiday season, particularly in liberal-run metro areas.

Specifically targeted are elderly and women with children. The most dangerous time is when the victim is approaching their vehicle, or when exiting the vehicle upon arrival home.

Victims are often seriously injured/murdered in the process, and cars themselves are frequently stolen (sometimes with children still inside), along with purses and other personal items.

In addition, Mexican drug cartels, in an effort to supplement their illegal drug income, have routinely kidnapped Mexican citizens and tourists alike and held them for ransom. This has been going on in Mexico for decades.

Now, they’ve extended operations into the USA. Phoenix, AZ has acquired the dubious title of “kidnap capitol” Cartel operatives there are now brazenly kidnapping both legals and illegals, with little fear of interference.

I disagree with advice rendered by “officials” in media interviews when they suggest that there is safety in traveling in groups. It’s pretty clear that violent criminals (who often operate in packs themselves) are not dissuaded by CCTV, the presence of witnesses, etc.

Violent criminals are completely confident that woke politicians are solidly on their side, and they are oh-so right!

What does dissuade violent criminals, without fail, is the likelihood of defensive gunfire. When confronted with the unexpected presence of guns in the hands of “victims,” violent criminals abruptly stop their aggression and flee like mice!

Critically understaffed, de-funded police departments, combined with pro-criminal, woke prosecutors (again, courtesy of leftist politicians), by comparison, represent only a minor deterrent!

More than ever, we’re on our own!


You must be aware at all times, especially when you’re in your “safe” area/zone.

Saturday Story


His name was Kenneth Tolsma, we all called him “Doc”. He had gone to medical school at Northwestern University. He was the officially one of the last Baron’s of Friesland; he was the last male in his line which made him the Baron.

Like the legendary Doc Holiday, he was a highly educated, extremely well read, and physically frail man who knew his life would be short. He was fearless, socially challenged and as loyal as a friend and brother as any man could ever hope to have in his life.

He was the dying Doc Holiday to my disgraced but determined to do right Wyatt Earp. I loved him like he was my own blood.

Being classically educated, Doc spoke more languages than most people have heard. With an IQ that was almost off the charts. Doc started medical school when he was just 18. Yes I said medical school.

A classical education meant he spoke English. He spoke English with a Dutch accent, so for many months I assumed he was South African, especially since he also spoke Afrikaans.

As a physician he had no bedside manner. He was gruff and really didn’t like sick people. He became a doctor because it was “expected” of him by his parents, whom he didn’t like either. So his specialty was neurology, and since he was color-blind it was better that he diagnosed rather than treated so the medical interaction between he and patients was as little as possible.

At various times, he was the Honolulu City and County physician, attending physician at the Hyperbaric Treatment Center, an insurance medical evaluation doctor, and he really wanted to be a chef. He could cook, just no desserts.

That’s not right, he’d make incredible desserts, but as a diabetic he couldn’t eat what he cooked.

Like Earp’s Holiday, my Doc was cursed with a lingering death sentence, he was insulin dependent diabetic. He was convinced he would not grow old. He’d live his life on his terms.

Doc stopped playing competitive chess and took up backgammon because chess took too long to win any money. And with backgammon, it was quicker, and he did win money.

At the time, backgammon was enjoying popularity and lots of people thought they could play. Most of them did not understand it was a mathematical problem solving exercise, it was never a game. Especially when there was money involved. Doc understood and usually won.  

He did enjoy chess, but the local players mostly bored him, so he played opponents over the internet when not attending chamber patients.

One night we walked into the bar and walked pass a woman playing a small electric chess game. We both stopped and looked on several minutes. I simply looked at Doc and stated, “Black mate in seven”, and walked away. I sat at our usual table and ordered a beer.

Doc stood there staring at the chess board for several minutes, when he finally walked to the table the look on his face can only be described as perplexed “James” he started out. “I just don’t see the black mate in seven. What do you see that I don’t?”

This was perfect. I took a long slow pull of my beer, smiled and told him; “Hell Doc I’m just messing with you. I couldn’t see check mate if there were only 2 pieces on the board. But she’ll spend the rest of the night looking for it.”


Doc got mad at me a couple of times, mostly when I’d get in a fight and he wasn’t around. He’d still stich me up in the back parking lot of wherever and bitch the whole time.

As the years went by he got frailer and didn’t monitor his insulin as close as he should have. We’d usually have trouble when we were in Vegas for the club’s New Year’s party. It got to the point we’d get him a room at the hotel/casino of the party and then I’d nag him all night.

Doc had studied fencing, judo, wrestling, and liked shooting. Kinda violent activities for a doctor, but he was that sort of a doctor. He once broke another interns arm. It was in an ER and Doc was working on an injured gang member when the intern grabbed his arm from behind.  Not a good thing to do when the grabee is on edge anyway.

I’ve said what a friend Doc was. He was my brother in all but blood.  I use this story to illustrate what a brother will do.

I had just received a troubling phone call regarding “someone” looking for me at my favorite bar. There was no name but there was a hint that it was a member of another 1% club and it was about a dealer I knew and they were looking for.

I called Doc with the intention of soliciting some advice. I always valued Doc’s advice, even if I didn’t follow it.

Doc was home, and unusually he was almost sober. Almost.

I explained the situation and the people involved. I covered my possible actions and the possible responses to each.

Finally doc asked, “James, how bad can this get?” I hemmed and hawed for a moment then replied, “Well, could get heep bad juju.”


I turned to my wife and said “the son-of-a-bitch just hung up on me.”

We both laughed and I waited for the call back figuring he had hit the wrong button on his cell phone, again.

Twenty or so minutes later there was a knock at the door. There stood Doc, overnight bag with 3 days of clothes, thermos kit with his insulin and diabetic supplies, and a .357 magnum hanging under his arm.

His only question, “Where do I sleep?”

It took me a while to explain to him this wouldn’t splash onto my family. Once I explained the facts I didn’t want to say on the phone, he understood, recalled the cab he had taken up to our house and went home.

The point, he showed up ready for whatever happened without my asking him. That’s a man ready to put his life on the line for his “Brother”.

We lost Doc a few years ago. But he will always be in my heart and memory. Seldom does a day go by that I don’t think of him.

I’ll continue to tell this story to anyone who needs an explanation of the words Heart, Friend, and Brother.

Friday Motes, Like Usual

Gotta see this one: The trailer for a new movie called “Cocaine Bear” was released on Wednesday, and the film’s title is not a metaphor or clever wordplay: The movie is about a bear high on cocaine. The story about a high bear is very real. Its lore is likely to grow with the movie. What happened to the bear in its final days, or hours, after the cocaine binge is a mystery, but the origins of the cocaine are not. Mr. Thorton was a known drug smuggler and a former police officer. He was found dead the morning of Sept. 11, 1985, in the backyard of a house in Knoxville, Tenn., wearing a parachute and Gucci loafers. He also had several weapons and a bag containing about 35 kilograms of cocaine. I remember the incident so yeah, I’ll watch this onre.

The innocent pay: A car hit a mother and her four children on a Brooklyn street Wednesday, but so far no one has been arrested. At least two of the victims suffered serious injuries after police say the driver of a 2016 white Mercedes-Benz ran a stop sign and a school bus stop sign that afternoon near Avenue J and New York Avenue. The mother was crossing the street after collecting her eight-year-old child and five-year-old child, who had just gotten off their school bus when they were hit by a car whose driver kept on going. A few blocks away law enforcement had reportedly tried to pull over a white Mercedes, but the driver fled, continuing on Avenue J before going past the stop sign and allegedly hitting the victims. I’ve been watching the new “On Patrol-Live” and noticed the supervisors are calling off “pursuits” the moment the traffic, pedestrian and vehicle, starts being a factor. As they should.

Really green: The armed forces of India published videos this week showing the nation’s soldiers ordering birds of prey known as “kites” to seize and destroy small drones mid-air. the Indian military’s war birds, identifying them as trained eagles who can spot small drones and snatch them out of the sky. Now that’s really going green.

Help wanted ad: “Do you have what it takes to do the impossible? A virulent vehemence for vermin? A background in urban planning, project management, or government? And most importantly, the drive, determination and killer instinct needed to fight the real enemy – New York City’s relentless rat population?” The position’s qualifications range from the mundane (a bachelor’s degree or experience in urban planning) to the outlandish (a “swashbuckling attitude, crafty humor, and a general aura of badassery”). The position could pay anywhere from $120,000 to $170,000 a year and requires three references. Pretty good pay for a “Rat Czar”.

A proper solution: Dr. Eric Andrew Salata, 54,  a board-certified physician was accused of raping his patients at his office in Naples, Florida while they were under anesthesia. He was reportedly found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound to his head. 

Motes For Little Friday

In response to the relentless trend of terrifying subway attacks (and other street crime) in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams issued new guidance on Tuesday that allows the NYPD, fire department, and social workers to involuntarily commit people suffering from a “mental health crisis.” The order will grant city and state officials the ability to force anyone who appears to be struggling with mental health issues or who is unable to care for themselves into treatment, even if that individual does not pose a danger to the public. A couple of points here.  The words that jump out are “involuntary”, “force anyone who appear” and “doe not pose a danger”. This will turn out as well as the no-bail system.

New York Times columnist David Brooks said he “would be willing to give up certain privacies” in order to have “European style,” strict gun control in America for “protecting the common good.” Brooks — who’s spent much of his career as a political conservative, yet wrote last year that “to be a conservative today, you have to oppose much of what the Republican Party has come to stand for”.  Hey Davey, baby, Ahhh NO. You give up some of your privacy, for oh say 10-15 years. Then we’ll talk. Until then, SDASTFU.

 What are they trying to hide?: This really happened. As Fox News reported more prosaically Tuesday, “President Biden’s rented Secret Service vehicles (5) burst into flames in a parking lot Monday, just one day after he left his Nantucket vacation.” That’s right, all five of the cars that the Secret Service used to allow President Let Them Eat Cake to joyride around Nantucket on yet another one of his endless vacations caught fire. What the heck is going on here?  “The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.”  This story is barely making a ripple in the msm. It’ll be entirely forgotten by Friday.

W T F? : Why is Sam Bankman-Fried walking around? Why hasn’t he done the prep walk? The disgraced founder of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX has denied rumours he has fled around the same time $US600 million was siphoned from its digital wallets after being “hacked”. Well over $12b dollars missing and he is still having a party in Bermuda.

Gas, Hilo Hawaii, 11/29/22.

I’ll be using this as my base from now on. What are you paying?

Happy Birthday to my Brother Mike Woundy, Miss ya man.

Mid-Weak Motes

Is nothing sacred: Four Buddhist monks in Thailand have been shipped off to rehab after they all tested positive for meth. The holy men — including the temple’s abbot, or head monk — failed the drug tests in the Phetchabun province’s Bung Sam Phan district on Monday. Police forced the monks to undergo urine tests after they raided the temple as part of the province’s crackdown on drugs. They were also immediately booted from the monkhood in the wake of their positive tests — leaving their tiny temple without any religious leaders.

Not the answer: Viewership for award shows, (Grammys ACMs etc.) have fallen drastically. So, the Oscars have decided to lengthen the show by showing all 23 categories.  The ever so not funny Jimmy Kimmel will host the non-event. I won’t be watching either.

Listen to what I mean, not what I say: The president has said repeatedly that he wants to ban assault weapons, but on Thanksgiving when he was in Nantucket, he said: “The idea that we still allow the purchase of semi-automatic weapons in this country today is sick.” WH spokesperson Jean-Pierre says, “No. He was talking about assault weapons. That’s what he was talking about on that morning or afternoon when he was asked that question.” It seems the WH spokesperson spends most of her time denying reporters the privilege of asking questions, and trying to explain what Uncle Joe really means.

Headline, Daily Beast: “It’s Sickening How Many Guns Were Sold On Black Friday”. That’s right, it is sickening that none of them were mine.

The view from my front porch 11/28/22

Yes, that is the reflection from the volcano on the other end of the island. Awesome, and more than a little scary.

Motes For A Tuesday

Would somebody please take the camera away from Madonna? Please?

Caught between two of them: Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, started erupting Sunday night and lava was flowing from its summit by Monday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The lava wasn’t expected to threaten populated areas, officials said. “Lava flows are not threatening any downslope communities and all indications are that the eruption will remain in the Northeast Rift Zone,” the USGS. Residents were also warned volcanic gas, ash and thin glass fibers known as Pele’s Hair could be carried downwind. Yep, I got Mauna Kea on one side, and Mauna Loa on the other.  Probably should’a planned that better.

Have I got this right: You leave your country of birth to move to a “better” life. Then you riot and burn down a city, in your “better” country, when your country of birth wins a freakin’ soccer match. Does this make any sense to you? Sure doesn’t to me.

A recent editorial: “Gun owners don’t seek counseling, for possessing guns. I’ve never heard of Gun Owners Anonymous, or Killers Are Us. But co-victims of gun violence need emotional support. Maybe we need to introduce a gun tax for Co-Victims Support. You owe us. Your GUN damaged us. There was no blood involved. A co-victim is someone who is connected to someone who was shot, or to a shooter. But, damn, we are damaged. We know what triggered—pun intended—our issues. It was a gun. Pay up. Let’s add a special gun tax that goes exclusively to treat the 7 co-victims of every shooting.We need that Gun Tax. Co-Victims deserve it. Gun owners owe us.” So let’s tax all the gun owners that don’t commit crimes, make them pay for the criminals, the ones you won’t put in jail. So, next we make the car makers pay for the drunk drivers and the distilleries for the alcoholics. Seems about right.

Learn from my mistakes: Long long ago I signed up with a local gym. Three weeks later I fell and broke my back in two places. I notified the gym and advised them I would not be using the facilities or making payment. Five years later, I was served with court papers suing me for the full 2 year contract. I even went to court, I still had to pay.

I skipped Black Friday because my hatred of mankind outweighs my love of stuff.

Motes, Monday, Meh

Maany questions: Armed guards were a fixture outside the marijuana growing operation in rural Oklahoma where four people were slain execution-style. the victims — three men and one woman, all Chinese citizens — were shot dead, “executed” on the 10-acre (4-hectare) property west of Hennessey, a town about 55 miles (90 kilometers) northwest of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma voters legalized medical marijuana in 2018, and the industry quickly boomed thanks to an open-ended law that put in place fewer restrictions than in other states.  The majority of the workers spoke no English and were never saw off of the property. That has led locals to raise concerns about the working conditions. My first, and foremost, question is : Why is an Oklahoma pot farm inhabited and run by solely by Chinese?

It’s predictable: During a press event in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on Thanksgiving, President Biden told reporters that he would push Congress to enact “stricter gun laws” before Republicans take control of the House of Representatives at the start of the new year. The “commander in chief” told reporters outside the Nantucket Fire Department, “The idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.” You knew this was going to happen, and it was predictable they will try to do it while they still have control. And that is what it’s all about CONTROL.

Needs to go to Vegas: A Carnival cruise ship passenger fell overboard into the Gulf of Mexico and was found alive against all odds on Thanksgiving Day — more than 15 hours after vanishing, officials said. The missing man, who hasn’t been identified, was with his sister at the Carnival Valor’s bar at 11 p.m. Wednesday when he took a bathroom break and never came back. The sibling didn’t report her brother gone until noon the next day,  prompting the Cozumel, Mexico-bound ship to retrace its sailing path toward New Orleans Thursday, said Carnival spokesperson Matt Lupoli. It was reported to the US Coast Guard at around 2:30 p.m. and search crews quickly launched a rescue mission by land and sea over a 200-mile area of the Gulf of Mexico.This guy falls off the boat, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, and is found 15 hours later. He needs to go to Vegas and bet big, now. 

Good news, maybe: California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said he won’t run for president in 2024, even if Uncle Joe  declines to run for another term. I know I breathed a sigh of relief. Can you imagine a country run like Calipornia?

Sunday Rant

WHAT the hell is wrong with our society? This “cancel” culture is way out of line. Every day we read about someone, who does or says something, and someone else decides it was wrong and then starts a campaign of,…well HATE is the only word I can think of.  People are hounded by neighbors and absolute strangers for not agreeing with someone. Women are stigmatized and shunned because they aren’t June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson. Families are forced to move out of homes, schools, cities or even change states because someone said they said something about someone else. Phone calls, sideways looks, and outright belligerent acts seem to be the norm today. Politics, religion, and even medical preferences are now grounds to be harassed, embarrassed, and even fired from your job. And people that cause it, are proud of themselves. Then they blame the other guy for “making” them destroy him. They can’t accept responsibility for what they have done. It’s time we found out if they can take what they dish out. It’s past time to make them follow their own rules. Call out their hypocrisy. Call out their two-tier legal system. Demand you have the same rights as they seem to demand.

Saturday Story

Working Alone Probably the worst thing a cop can do is arrest or testify against another cop. Or make a case against another cop, or a favorite ex/retired cop. That story has already been told, but not the repercussions. After something like this breaks, you start to understand how well liked you were or weren’t. I know of guys that were not that well liked and after they were arrested, nobody cared who made the case. But after I was instrumental in another officer’s arrest, an officer much better liked and well connected, I found out how ugly that Blue Line can be. This arrest was just the beginning. I suddenly wasn’t real welcomed at the after-shift bar sessions, card games that I used to be invited to every week and even the bowling league was stand offish. When I made traffic stops at night, there was no back-up. Basically, I was an officer alone. But nothing brought that more to home than that Thanksgiving. I was sharing an apartment with my best friend Paul’s sister-in-law, yes, sometimes it did get a bit complicated and stressful, but it was worth it. She had a 14-year-old son that also lived with us and I tried not to be a Dad, but rather an older uncle. It was one of those weekends, right after the arrest, the boy was with his father, and she and I were having a romantic evening together. When I get a call at about 10:30 pm, on my night off, ordering me to the station “immediately” , I know it can’t be good. Since I was in the middle of a date it was inconvenient to say the least. The news was even more inconvenient. The FBI had notified the department that they had intercepted a phone call from “a known criminal character” soliciting another known character to have me killed. So, at 10:30 on my night off, the department calls me into the station to tell me someone has taken out a contract on my life. The F.B.I. SA (special agent) was there to let everyone know it was for real and the chances of my being killed were very real. And the individuals involved, including the cop I had just “set up”, were known and fully capable of completing this assignment. Upon my returning to my apartment, after being told to watch myself, I had to explain to her what the call was about, it didn’t set well. It did end the “romance” of the evening. Later that month was Thanksgiving and my best friend, and his sister-in-law (my girlfriend) wanted to invite me to the family holiday dinner but were told; “What if something happened and there’s shooting or something?” In other words, he’d be a danger to the family. Don’t bring him. I spent that and many other evening dinners, with Mrs. Swanson. The Lady and I later broke up. Paul remained my best friend. It never really got better.

I’m Stuffed, With Motes

Anybody remember when the NBA was a non-contact sport?  

Know who: Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, suggested on Tuesday that criticism against her is an incitement of violence.  Why is it if you say something critical against someone, who thinks they are important, you’re inciting violence?  In rereading the statement she is referring to, her name is never mentioned. Not once. “To know who rules, note who you cannot criticize”.  

He lied, again: Remember a short time ago Uncle Joe announced he had avoided a “rail strike”, I commented he had only delayed it until the holidays? Well, informed sources say the chance of a nationwide rail strike on or before the holidays is 50/50. At best.

Best prayers: During its run, I was a big fan of “Married- With Children”. I’m really sorry to hear about Christina Applegate’s MS diagnosis. I’ve known a couple of people who have suffered from MS and I hope she does okay.

My choice: I read a list of the “Ten Saddest Songs Ever”. I agreed with about half of those named. But, I was amazed the Brad Paisley/Alison Krauss “Whiskey Lullaby” was not included. To me, the song and its story is about as sad as anything ever written.

Something to think about: Deer hunters saw success over opening weekend in Wisconsin, slaying over 100,000 deer, an over 15% increase from 2021’s open season. Figures showed that hunters nabbed 103,623 deer Saturday and Sunday, 56,638 of which were bucks, it was reported. The number of bucks killed increased by 13.9% than in 2021. The figure has since nearly doubled to 200,409 dead deer total, with hunters fatally shooting 113,854 bucks, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Over 150,000 deer in a single weekend. If you consider  there are 2-3 hunters for ever animal taken, that would indicate there are 400,000 armed shooters in Wisconsin. Think about that before you throw ideas like “civil war” around.

It ain’t yours: Wow, in Canada, not only will they help “euthanize” you if you’re too poor; now the government will confiscate your money under a new “unexplained wealth” statute. If you can’t explain how you got your money, to their satisfaction, they’ll take it away from you. Sounds like they have learned from the U.S. “asset forfeiture” statutes.