Motes In The Middle

Watch Anyway: I don’t really support PBS and its usually slanted view of everything. But I did watch “Country Music” and was enthralled. I’m hoping the upcoming “The Warrior Tradition” will be as good. A documentary of Native American military service. Using in-person interviews (oral history) and archival footage I hope it will be as good as Country Music. We’ll see, and I’ll report.

What else?: Candidate Warren says when she is elected she will suspend all deportations. Hmm, makes you wonder what other laws she will suspend. There are just so many.

Banzi : A new Emperor of Japan, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. Though’ largely a figurehead, as are most kings, queens, and Emperor’s today, I wish him long life.

We’ve all wanted to: A 33-year-old man in Madison, Wisconsin was arrested after showing his disdain for hearing Christmas music. He chucked a beer bottle at the bartender handling the stereo, after she changed the music from Black Sabbath to Christmas. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Times are changing: A recent walk-through shows that over 40% of our D.C. representatives have taken down and removed the MIA/POW flags. AMVETS has a list ( that’ll tell you exactly who. I guess those missing don’t vote so they don’t count. Remember, 21 veterans a day take their own lives.

A giant step backward: we know Leprosy has made a come-back in California, now doctors are seeing the re-emergence of Typhus. Typhus is spread by fleas and lice and was considered eradicated in the U.S. Epidemic Typhus generally occurs with poor sanitation and crowding in third world countries, and California. There is no vaccine commercially available. Avoid California.

Best idea in a long time: In Boise, ID, Mayoral Candidate Wayne Richey has suggested that if elected he will build “ a $26 million Wall” around the state to “keep Californians out”. The influx from that state have already caused the home prices to raise 20% in 18 months. Richey calls the move an “invasion”. I like that wall idea.

Tuesday Mine Motes

No, the title is correct. You’d be surprised at how far I have to go to dig this stuff up.

They just don’t see it
: By “it” I mean their own hypocrisy. San Francisco is becoming the garbage pit of California. With housing prices “normal people” can’t pay, homeless, drugs, and all that comes with it, the city is allowing a 50 foot “portrait” of Saint Greta of Thunburg to be painted, using mostly arisol cans of spray paint. The picture is said to “shame” workers into not using single use plastic. Why doesn’t she speak up to India, North Korea, and China about their use. Oh, I know, there’s no climate friendly way for her to get there. Of course, she’s not afraid to go there. She just can’t get there from here.

Loss of one of our best
: My deepest sympathy to the family of U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Cole Condiff, 29, recently lost during a training exercise over the Gulf Of Mexico. He will be missed.

Again?: Another “gender reveal” stunt has gone bad. This one, in Texas, cost the almost Father his life. A couple of weeks ago it was the life of the grandmother to be. People just send out funny little cards that say “it’s a boy/girl/neutral”. It’s a lot easier on everyone.

Stop already: So John Legend, whoever that is, has redone “Baby it’s cold outside” in a more politically awoke manner. And it’s caused big huhu. I think Dean Martin’s daughter said it best. “People get over yourselves. It’s just a song.” Enough already.

A good start
: President Donald Trump has relieved over 8,000 Veterans Affairs employees for failing their duty since becoming the president. The latest report I can find says there are 377,805 people employed by the VA. This means a little over 2% have been found lacking. So far. Like the title says, it’s a good start.

Next up on the reading list.


Veterans Day

A long time ago, a wise and loved American told us to “ask what you can do for your country”. We cheered.

Then our country called, and we answered, We answered every time she called. Korea, Viet Nam, Laos, Panama, Nicaragua, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other places far from our own shore. We went there, so that “they” would not come here.

Today we take a few minutes from the cook-out or the storytelling, and spend a few minutes remembering those that went, and the many that did not return.
There are many left crippled by their experiences. Many of those who returned suffered injuries cannot be seen. Injuries that still trouble 10-20-30 or even 50 years later.

But now it seems as if all that was for nothing, as the ones who would lead us today, are no different from those we fought against yesterday.
We must be aware of those that would replace all that we fought for, with that which we fought against. I say we, because I was one of those that answer the call.

Their ideas and ways of domination must be resisted and pushed away. And their lies must not be taken for truths.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal; and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness.” T.Jefferson

Yep, It’s Monday Motes

What is wrong with people: They have to protest, even the good things. The First Lady, and she is a Lady, visited Boston Medical Center with the expressed intention of “comforting” babies born with drug addictions. The “useful idiot” staff protested, held up signs “We Care Do U?” and other typical crap. Can’t someone, especially the First Lady, do something good without this horse puckey?

Another Hollyweird Remake: As if the planned redo of “The Equalizer” with Queen Latifa wasn’t enough, now they want to do a remake of “Kung-Fu.” And like the Equalizer, it will be updated and have a female lead.

What a freakin’ World
: There really is something wrong when an 89-year old woman Auschwitz Concentration Camp survivor needs official protection. Liliana Segre had asked the Italian Parliament to establish “measures” to combat “hate”. And now needs official protection due to threats. As many as 200 per-day. This woman earned her right to speak up. Nobody has the right to threaten her for speaking. I’m sure some of those threats are just retarded axxholes that just like to try and frighten people because it makes them feel “big and bad”. But those that make real threats should be dealt with swiftly, and with great prejudice. To threaten a 90-year old woman, that takes a special kind of badazz don’t it?

Someone’s watching too much fetish porn: “Japan ‘glasses ban’ for women at work sparks backlash”. Some retail chains reportedly said glasses-wearing shop assistants gave a “cold impression“, there are also safety reasons for airline workers, or being unable to see make-up properly for women working in the beauty sector. Some claim this has echoes of a recent workplace controversy in Japan over high heels. Some say that wearing high heels is seen as obligatory when applying for jobs, and this is unfair to women. I do not see the safety hazard nor the need for “high” heels. But lets face it, Japanese women with glasses & high heels = fetish porn. Kinda like school girl uniforms or “maid” outfits.

Quick question: Is Chicago ready for “Becks Law”? (Extra points if you “get” it.)

He Rises again: I haven’t had a “Florida Man” story for a while: “Florida man’s abdominal pains appeared to be linked to the 8-inch screwdriver in his rectum.” Appeared? Ya Think? Everybody I know has the same question, straight slot head or Philips?

A sad Good-bye
: Bob Norris, the original “Marlboro Man”, 90. Norris was married to the same woman for 65-years until her passing in 2016. They raised 4 children, 13 grandchildren and at least one elephant on their 63,000 acre “Ten Crosses Ranch”. A man that believed and lived the wisdom he shared, abruptly ended his 12-year career as the “MM” when his children brought up the hypocrisy of his telling them not to smoke and being the face of a cigarette brand. Men like Norris are sorely needed, and he will be missed.

Or maybe it’s just Monday

Sunday Wandering Motes

I’ve been reading a great deal about some recent books detailing experiences of the men and women placed in the “camps” during WW2. I’ve been reading “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” and reminded me of some people I’ve met.

First there was Geraldo, the Frenchman who, along with his wife of many many years ran an Italian restaurant in Kailua. I found out he held some the highest military medal and honors the French government could bestow on a member of the resistance, including the “Croix de guerre”. An honor so grave, that all men should stand when the recipient enters the room.

He had come to Hawaii during the 50’s when his daughter had gotten married here. He just stayed.

He had also become a United States citizen and had sponsored a man into the United States and brought him to Hawaii.

This man’s name I never knew. He owned a run-down second hand book store on South King Street. I spent more than a little digging around in that shop.
The store was dark; shelves lined 2, 3 or 4 deep, very little lighting and lots of cats.

I eventually learned he was an Auschwitz survivor, bore the number tattoo on his left forearm and was the 1st person Geraldo had freed when the camp was “liberated” in January 1945.

One night the book store burned to the ground, very, very quickly. An old wooden building, full of old books and papers and who knows how bad or old the electrical wiring was; all in all a very bad accident. The resident never got out. I have always felt better thinking it was an accident and not the end of a man who had seen too much pain for any lifetime.

Saturday Story


There have been a lot of places that weren’t what they “seemed”. I don’t mean massage parlors, private club bars, and the like. Those don’t count because nobody expects them to be what they say they are.

Kind of like “Smith’s Union Street Bar” which was several blocks from The Union Street Mall and the “Corner Liquor” store which was never on a corner during the 20 or so years I was familiar with it.

At one time there was a “Moiliili Bakery” on South King Street. It was one of those little “bodega” type store that mostly sold booze, rolling papers and candy bars. It wasn’t really a bakery in any definition of the word.

But the Moiliili Bakery was really something different.

You had to be a special visitor, or a member of a very special group to understand what was so special about the bakery.

It was a fairly dark place, even in the middle of the day. You had to let your eyes adjust and then look really hard up into the dark corners of the shop to see what was so special; swords.

After the end of WWII the owner Toshio had started buying Japanese swords from returning Servicemen He often knew more about the sword than the GI selling it. Old Samurai Family’s often had family swords outfitted with military hardware when the sons, grandsons, and other members went off to war. These swords would look like any other sword, unless you knew what you were looking at, and then you had to know what you were looking for. They don’t look 2 to 3 hundred years old and worth more than some major companies.

He knew what he was looking at. So he bought swords, spears and other returning souvenirs.

Some of those he acquired were considered “National” treasures and he agreed they would return to the Japanese government upon his death.

His death, in 1977 was the result of a couple of low life street thugs who only thought of “rich” in terms of dollars. If memory serves me, Tosh managed to get a couple of shots of his own off before succumbing to his own mortal wounds.

Shortly after his death his collection was indeed returned to the Government of Japan. An armored car with white gloved attendants picked up all of the treasures.

Nobody was charged with his murder until 2006, 29 years later. The two culprits, both whose names were familiar to area beat cops of those days, were both already convicted killers.

One hopes there is a special circle of hell with 2 reserved seats.

Than You It’s Friday Motes

Cutting Off Your Nose: The port of Portland OR just finished a 7-year civil case, that ended the port’s containerized ocean freight services. This cost the port terminal operations about 94 million dollars. What was the suit about you ask? Which union got to plug and unplug the refer containers.

How Stupid can you get?: Well, the answer is very. A Senator from MO has demanded the U.S. “sanction” the Mexican drug cartels. To my memory, sanctions only work if you are doing business with the party being “sanctioned”. Is the Senator trying to tell us something? Or is he just that stupid?

Headlines together: “Openly Queer pastors wife celebrates transgender
daughter’s puberty blockers”,
the daughter is 12. “Twelve-year old drag queen is ‘inspiring’”. I have a different 1-word comment; Insane. Twelve-year old children should not be dancing in “nightclubs”. If I got my twelve-year old daughter to do pole dancing and such, in a strip club full of “normal” clients, they’d have me hanging from the nearest light pole. But it’s okay if it’s my son?

You don’t say
: Tulsi Garrard, in a recent appearance on the “View”, took Joy Behar to the woodshed over several of Behar’s comments. Tulsi was most disturbed at the comment that Tulsi was a “useful idiot for the Russians”. I can see why she took offense. I don’t think she’s that useful.

Really: Read the story of the 19-year old woman beaten and raped, in his home, by a man she met on-line. She was unhappy with the questions the police asked her and so didn’t follow up with the complaint. She then contacted a “rape crisis” organization and their investigators. Three years later, she still hadn’t filed a complaint, she , in a very controlled setting, confronts her attacker to tell him how she felt. He then apologized. And that was the end. I can see her desire to confront him, and I truly do understand her complaint on the police questions, but I have to ask if she ever, in her wildest moments of fantasy, consider the other women this dirtbag assaulted BECAUSE he wasn’t arrested on YOUR complaint. How many? Do you really think it was a “one and done” thing? Sex offenders have one of if not the highest rate of recidivism, of all criminals. And do you really think his “I’m sorry” means a damn thing to the others? Sweety, I admire your forgiveness, but not your disregard of the “law of unintended consequences”.