Saturday Story

Right now there are a lot of stories of nurses and emt’s and their bravery. Most of them have always been brave. Example;

I don’t remember the exact date; I’d been in the department 2 or 3 years so that would be 1972 or ‘73. It was during the midnight shift, the 11 pm to 7 am, and I do remember it was late and a slow night. I was working around the airport on Nimitz highway when I get a call about a vehicle accident at Lagoon Drive and Nimitz.
Three cars were involved, one turned into the oncoming lanes and hitting head on the two oncoming vehicles. The first car had only one person and the other two each had two or three people each. The reason it was unclear how many was in each car was there seemed to be bodies everywhere. The impact threw the driver of the first car through the windshield, no seatbelt, and into the path of one of the two oncoming cars.
A passenger of one of the other cars was also thrown out of their vehicle and was hurt badly. Passengers from all the involved vehicles had gotten out of the cars and were sitting down, in a couple of cases bleeding, in the street.
I was the second patrol to arrive on the scene. The first patrol there was driven by Floyd, a guy I had known for several years, and in fact we had been in the military police together. He had become an EMT before joining the police and had kept up his training. He was working on the injured driver when I arrived. An ambulance arrived but like everyone else was shorthanded and there was a combination driver/emt manning it.
The driver jumped out and started giving aid to the people sitting in the street. But it was Floyd that was doing most of the work. He was somehow keeping two people alive without help. He had them side by side, so he didn’t have to move much to tend to both. It was a lot even for him.
The ambulance driver said the others were ok, other patrol units were on the way, but the two Floyd had been working on needed to get to a hospital as soon as possible. So Floyd and I did what we thought was the best solution.
Floyd and the EMT grabbed gurneys and we loaded the two injured into the back of the ambulance. Floyd and the EMT got in the back and I got in the driver’s seat.
I had never driven an ambulance before, but the emt/driver was needed more in the back, so this was a first. I didn’t know much about the vehicle, but I knew where the lights were, and the gas pedal, and the quickest route to the nearest hospital, so away we went.
I probably was driving like a man crazed because we made it to St. Francis hospital really quick. Fast enough that both the injured were still alive and breathing. Floyd and the EMT were doing a heck of a job considering how little room there was in the back, but they did it. We got there and both the injured were removed from the ambulance and taken inside to the ER.
The driver of the first vehicle did die later that night, but he arrived at the hospital alive and that was what mattered to me.
Then Floyd and I found our problems just getting started. We had left both patrol cars at the scene, and another driver had taken the ambulance away while we were inside the hospital. They had kind of abandoned us and hadn’t told anyone we were still there. So it took a while to get another patrol unit to come and pick us up.
When we finally did return, we were both confronted by an angry sergeant who wanted to know why we had left the accident scene, why I was driving a vehicle I wasn’t cleared to operate, and just when did we expect to finish these reports. He didn’t want to hear about taking the victims to the hospital, that was not our job.
We weathered the verbal storm, finished our reports, talked with the traffic investigators, and went back to patrol.
I really felt the Floyd had performed “above and beyond” that night. There had been no supervisor on the scene before we took off so his actions were not witnessed by anyone but me. So I wrote up what I thought was the correct form to give Floyd a commendation for his actions. I was probably the first patrolman to recommend another patrolman for a citation. The lieutenant and the area sergeant both told me, very loudly, that it “just wasn’t done”.
I guess they were afraid that all the patrolmen would start recommending each other for numerous citations and such. But I did it anyway.
I wrote it up and submitted it to the Chief of Police. Another one of my brilliant ideas that came back to bite me in the ass. Not only did Floyd not get a citation, I got an ass chewing and a reprimand for driving the ambulance without the proper license and a good going over by the watch commander for “going over his head”. And laughed at by a whole lot of people.
I still think Floyd should have received a commendation for his heroic actions that night and for the life he saved and the life he almost saved.
Floyd, if you ever read this, if you remember that night, well done.

Whittling Friday Motes

Sad good-bye: After a 3 ½ day battle, the “Janus Cat” kitten named “Biscuits and Gravy” has died. He was born with 2 faces. Even though he had an incredibly short life, it was four times longer than the norm for this type of cat, known as a Janus cat after the Roman god with two faces – one looked into the past and one into the future. Biscuits and Gravy could “meow out of one mouth and eat out of the other.” Now, he plays at the rainbow bridge.

There will be no fraud: Federal and state prosecutors in West Virginia announced Tuesday that they had charged a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier with attempted fraud for allegedly tampering with requests for vote-by-mail absentee ballots.

Please explain: In the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, veteran rapper and actor Ice Cube asked how much more “crime” must police officers commit against black Americans “before we strike back?” Please, someone, explain to me who are they going to strike back at? All cops? Just white cops? Maybe just men cops? Maybe just white men cops? And who gets to decide which white men cops? I’ll take any explanation.

Badass: A real hero is the U.S. sailor who stopped the Corpus Christi shooter. (Not much MSM coverage because the shooter wasn’t a white Trump supporter and to even mention he was Muslim is islamophobic.) Even after taking at least one round to the chest, which was stopped buy her ballistic vest, the sailor got off the ground and back into the fight. She managed to hit the alarm button which closed the gate, and that allowed security forces to then engage and defeat the shooter. Her name has been released, and a Farcebook posting has been proven false. She is still a badass and a hero to me. She got up, and never gave up.

PTSD, really: The International Labour Organisation has said young people are disproportionately being affected by the coronavirus health crisis. In a new report, the United Nations agency, warns there is a risk they could be scarred throughout their working lives. They could become what the report calls a “lockdown generation”. With this kind of “scaring” you’d think they’d been drafted and sent to Viet Nam right after high school, or something. They’ve been in “lockdown” for 60 to 70 days, not 13 months, or longer. Grow-up, put on your big person panties, and take a lesson from the sailor in the above mote.

Thursday Motes With A Picture

Great product: I’ve had a “Simpli Safe” security system for about 10 years. I cannot praise the product and the customer service enough. The product is easy to set-up, install and use, and expandable. I installed all own sensors, camera’s, and have found that any problems are settled with a call to the service center. If I ever move, the whole system comes with me as it is all wireless. It is the customer service that really shines. If you want a security system, there isn’t a better product or system on the market.

That toddling town: Ah Chicago, locked down like the rest of us, with gun laws almost unparalleled in their severity, still managed to shot 49 killing 10 in a single 3 day weekend. Maybe the cops can stop arresting people for “social distancing violations” and arrest somebody for, I don’t know, murder? Carrying a firearm’s? Shooing other people? You know, stuff like that.

In-friggin-credible: Just watched an old black and white recording of Bruce Lee playing ping pong. His opponent is using a regulation paddle and Lee is using a pair of nunchucks. And he beats the other guy. As I titled this, in-friggin-credible!!

You or me would do time: The Justice Department is dropping its investigations into controversial stock trades made by Sens. Kelly Loeffler, Dianne Feinstein and Jim Inhofe in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, their offices confirmed Tuesday.

More large pointy objects’. On the left is an original “John Ek Commando” from the late 80’s. The other one is a “Linton” small fighter.


Wednesday Middlin’ Motes

Just a guess: I expect a huge population boom in December, you know, 9 months after the lockdown started. In fact, Hawaii ranks 4th, out of 50, with “we’re expecting” notices. Everyone was “getting busy” there for a while. Me, I’m a New Year’s baby. Yep, September.

As I have said before: Hilary’s e-mails, Gen. Flints conviction, “Obamagate”, Biden’s extortion, FBI misconduct and malfeasance. Not one person involved will ever do any jail time. NOT ONE DAY!!!!

Yeah, that’s what we need: After seeing what she called “distrust” in government, career politician Colleen Hanabusa has decided to run for mayor of Honolulu. This woman spent 30 years in “labor law”,and has been in politics since 1998. Yeah, we really need her to run things, everything will be just the same. We need change, not another “professional politicritter”.

And another: The recent shooting shooting in Glendale Arizona was another “incel”. This one went out specifically to kill “couples”. Talk about people who’s bubble is off center. These people are just deranged.

If only:
Once again we are told about “Nigerian” con-men scamming the unemployment offices of several states out pof millions of $$ in benefits. If we could give them an education and a moral compass, if only.

How come: We haven’t heard anything from the “anti-fascists” antifa during this lockdown. Seems to me that all the unlawful “laws” the politicritters are forcing us to obey are really kind of fascist like, but where is the outrage? Oh, yeah, because it’s for the children, or for our safety, or because “we” can force you to “voluntarily” give up your rights. Well, that’s just because I’m a complainer.

Not my president: Brietbart headline; “Biden could be the most liberal president in history”. Never happen. Unless the democritic’s manage to steal this one.

Back To Work Tuesday Motes

Really: From PJ Media, “Democrats are in the middle of another impeachment inquiary during Coronavirus pandemic.” Really? Again? Nothing else to do? Oh, that’s right, they aren’t essential workers.

In my opinion: “Honor killings” have nothing to do with honor. Killing a female relative because of something perceived as dishonorable, is, in itself, a dishonorable action. The last real “HONOR KILLING” in America was in 1859 between United States Senator David C. Broderick, of California, and ex-Chief Justice David S. Terry, of the Supreme Court of California. After an exchange of .58 caliber pistol fire, Broderick fell wounded. It took 3 days for him to die. Both men were armed and fired at the same time. That was an “honorable” death. It is, to me, a shame we stopped making people pay the consequences for their words.

Even your body isn’t yours: Every adult in England is now an organ donor unless they explicitly inform the socialised National Health Service (NHS) that they object. The Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill became law in March 2019, meaning that every adult of sound mind who lived in England at least one year before death is automatically considered an organ donor. Socialized medicine, yeah that’s the ticket. That’ll fix everything.

For me, not thee: Do I have to point out the hypocrisy of a television “journalist”, whose livelihood is derived from the 1st Amendment, demanding someone else’s 1st Amendment rights be stifled or canceled? Because she doesn’t like what the other has to say. SHE thinks it’s wrong, so she wants them deprived of their right to speak (text, tweet, post or whatever). If I may: noun: hypocrisy; plural noun: hypocrisies; the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Love(Head)Line : “I had a threesome with my boy-friend and my best friend, now I’m in love with her”. Once upon a time that would have been an unusual consequence of the 3 thing. Now, not so much. I suggest you talk to him, maybe he would like to be a “throuple”.

Memorial Day

Candle Light Run

For many years I have attended the “Candle Light Run” to Punchbowl Cemetery. This was started by the VNV M/C and was the Sunday before Memorial Day.

I’d been going since the 1st one, was friends with most of the VNV, hell, I helped start the charter in Hawaii. The VNV brothers here all wear a pocket tab that says, in Hawaiian “The First to Stand”. Hawaii VNV members are the only ones to do so. That tab was the child of Bill “Fatchi” Fortini and me in 1985 or 1986.

The service in Punchbowl is always a little hard on me. I would think about all the friends I knew buried there, and other Military cemeteries around the nation. Often it was the only time of the year I’d see “Point man”, Leo.

Leo was a high school friend of mine, who went into the USMC the year after I enlisted in the Air Force. The problem is Leo “never came home”

But he was always there to greet me and call Julie “Honey girl”. God knows why, but she has never complained.

The major thing about the Sunday run is very few politicians show up. Since the year they asked a Hawaii Congresswoman to be speaker of honor, and the majority of the crowd stood and turned their backs to her , this was done is a matter of her stand on the VN war and her condemnation of the warriors, most politicians stay away.

There is also very little media coverage except to say “a bunch of hairy bearded guys with sleazy girlfriends, rode their really loud motorcycles in to Punchbowl. Now to the weather”.

So it’s a great run for those of us that will not forget. The “Missing Man” fly over is especially hard.

I don’t recall exactly the year but there was a good crowd the year this happened. Late 90’s perhaps.

Julie and I had ridden in by ourselves and talked with friends as they arrived. Everyone keeps their voices low there, it’s a respect thing. But even at a whisper 3-4 hundred people talking is loud. As usual there weren’t enough chairs, but a lot of the riders seemed to like to stand during the service. When you come in, or shortly after, ROTC cadets pass out candles (pushed through the bottom of wax paper cups to act as windshields) for the lighting ceremony after the speeches and before the fly over.

Julie and I had seats near the back rows, and next to us was a guy from “Indiana” who was on vacation and had come up to pay his respects. He was by himself that night. I say Indiana because he was wearing a “Viet Nam Veteran” baseball cap that had Indiana sewn on the back.

At the end, everyone shares flame to light the candles, 4 helicopters would enter Punchbowl flying low, the helicopters would be in a “V” formation, and as all the people on the ground raise their candles one chopper pulls out and away as the formation passes overhead. The Missing Man signifying those lost in battle.

I make no bones about my deep hatred for helicopters. I didn’t like ’em then, like ’em even less now. It’s mostly the damn sound that bothers me. A chopper over the house at night can set off nightmares. There is that much of a problem.

Normally, if I’m with Julie, the fly over is easier to handle. It’s not easy, just easier.

But this year was different. As the chopper pulled out, it was all I could do to keep it together. Then I looked at the guy from Indiana and recognized the stark terror and pain in his eyes. It was the same look I had. And the same tears.

Julie has a sixth sense about these things, or maybe she just reads me real good, because she was looking at him also.

Not really thinking, I took a step forward, put my arms around him, and I whispered, “You aren’t alone” Julie stepped up and we all held each other tight. Even after the formation had completed its fly over. Tears fell but nobody cared. We just held on.

I never got his name, never saw him again; I don’t know what he did, where he had been, or what caused his pain.

All I do know is for that moment, he knew he was not alone and neither was I. That’s enough.

Sunday Rant

During the lockdown I have managed to pay all my bills, keep food on the table, and pay for Julie’s med’s. I have not received a cent of “relief”. Yet, many are worried about helping the “undocumented” aliens and their families. “We must help them all”. Another name for undocumented is “illegal”. California, Washington, and others want to give them, the illegal aliens, relief money and help. People, what part of “ILLEGAL” is unclear? They are not supposed to be here. They are not American citizens so why are we giving them American tax money? And why the hell should I care about them? Okay, I’m a nice guy, and I do care about “the children”, but NOT at the cost of my family. Let’s take care of America, and American’s, first. Let’s get the country back on it’s feet. Let’s clear things up so I don’t have to carry 6 documents just to fly between islands or can go to a bar and talk with friends. Let’s open ALL the closed business’ and get those people back to work. FIRST. Let’s help the “mom and pop” stores that CAN’T open up because the lockdown destroyed their business and their life savings. Then let’s worry about “the children” and their “undocumented” parents.