Thursday Update

No additional information on the PH shooting.
I find it interesting that the former “Queen of Porn” Jenna Jameson is texting her friends to tell them she is okay because the shooting was ” right next door”. Well, if you consider over a mile away, next door. I guess Jenna will be the David Hogg of the Pearl Harbor shooting.

I forgot to mention the anniversary of the death of Curtis “the Bull” Iaukea,International Pro-Wrestling star. I had the privilege of meeting Curtis several occasions as a police officer and wrestling announcer. He was always,in person, a kind and friendly giant. He is missed.

Motes For Little Friday

Old people rock: I say that not just because I’m old, but there are some that even show me up. A Wisconsin Mother of five, Florence Teeters, went on her first deer hunt, and bagged a buck. No big thing, right? Well, maybe it is because Florence is 104-years old. <strong>One Hundred and Four Years Old. Her first buck, on her first hunt, and it was the first day of the season. Well done Florence, well done.

Poor Victim Planning: In Chicago a 14-year old girl arranged to meet with a 21-year old woman to “buy a dog”. It appears our younger miss had no intention of “buying” anything. She pulled out a “gun” struck the seller in the head and attempted to rob her way into ownership. In return, the other woman pulled out her own concealed weapon and shoots her assailant. It does turn out that the young criminal had a “pellet” gun, and the media will make a big thing out of that, and the intended victim did not have a “CCW”. My opinion is the young ”gangsta” got what she deserved. The mintended victim should receive a slap on the wrist for lack of a permit and let the rest of the issue be a lesson to those that would consider theft or robbery as a way of life.

Hollywood Hypocrite: Mark Ruffalo is saying; “It’s time for an economic revolution. Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.” This coming from a guy whose estimated “worth” is in excess of 30 million dollars. Now, I put “worth” in quotes. Ruffalo has the ability to entertain, so what is that “worth”. In a capitalist system, it’s worth what the public is willing to pay. In a socialist system, that Ruffalo seems to support, it’d be worth the same as any other job, as everyone would be paid the same. So, Mark, would you trade your movie wages for the wages you made in your only “real” job, bartender? I didn’t think so.

Poor taste?
: Just dropped from the Amazon Christmas gift line up are the Auschwitz tree ornaments, featuring an image of a train car, an Auschwitz bottler opener, and a Birkenau mouse pad depicting barbed wire and guard towers. Are you freaking kidding me? “Poor taste” doesn’t even come close on this one.

Is there nothing they won’t blame on him? : A British politacritter is now blaming “Trump” for the recent knife attack on London Bridge. He is not blaming the known Islamic terrorist that stabbed the people, while wearing an electric “monitor”, after an early jail release for a different terror attack, nor the Islamic mayor of London, but is blaming the President of the United States. The inmates are running,…well everything.

As usual: An Australian “sex blogger” has decided to tell men why their wives aren’t having sex with them. It’s the husband’s fault. Well, that’s science, that settles that.


Yes I work at Pearl Harbor. Yes I work at Dry Dock 2. No I was not involved and was never in danger.
But thanks for the emsils.

It appears it was in the specific area where I work next to the Columbia. I walked out of the area just a few minutes before it kicked off. I believe I know at least two of the victims. This sucks.

Half A Week Motes

Another MSM Non-story: Reports from Samoa are stating that at least 50 children, and several adults, have died from “Measles”. With a population of around 200K , the island government has decreed everyone be vaccinated. The vaccine, which had been around since the 1960”s, is reported to be safe and the world deaths from measles has dropped 84% since its use became common.

Big Hollywood question: Everybody seems to have a different answer on who should direct the next Star War’s movie. My answer, no one. There shouldn’t be any more SW movies.It’s played out.

Love Line? : Happens all the time. A pregnant woman undergoing a “routine” medical exam is claiming she had a “leg shaking orgasm” during the pelvic exam. In her defense, she says since being pregnant she has found her “nether regions” to be overly sensitive and she is easily aroused. But such an intense orgasm has left her unable to “look her obstetrician” in the eye. Hey, it’s happened to everyone.

Headlines the editor didn’t read : As it appeared in “Yahoo News”, “Muslim woman wears only hijab at National Dog show as she introduces new breed”. No, she was not just wearing a hajib, she was the only one wearing a hijab. I’m not sure if this was a calculated mis-headline, or the editors are just too dumb to read their own headlines.

My response: I guess the new “age put down” is “Okay, Boomer”. Well, “It’s all Cool Milli”. If I got to explain it, I missed.

Couldn’t Agree More:
Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you.” Is deemed the most annoying Christmas song. Other songs mentioned were “Do they know it’s Christmas?”, “Baby, it’s cold outside”, and of course the Jackson 5 “Santa Claus is coming to town”. My personal favorite, Bing Crosby and David Bowie “Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy.”

Movie : Did some movie and tv watching this holiday. I can highly recommend the movie “The Old Man and The Gun” with Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek. A really good movie about a man named Forrest Tucker, not to be confused with the old “F Troop” actor. Tucker was, in every sense of the word, a “career criminal”, who successfully escaped from prisons 18 times, and 12 unsuccessfully. A well acted, well written and even paced movie that could be enjoyed by young adults. It is a thinking “movie” with no gratuitous violence and no-sex. Wow, what a concept.

Tuesday Motes With Meaning (Sorta)

About Time: President Trump has signed into law the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act ( PACT). This makes cruelty to animals a Federal crime. It also addresses the recorded images of animal torture, so called “crush videos”. Penalties include severe fines and up to seven year in prison. Finally it can be a federal crime.

Another has-been heard from: I believe the PACT is a good thing as do many others. So what is the first thing to mention it? Former actress Mia Farrow, former wife of Woody Allen (wink wink wink) felt obliged to reprint a 10-year old picture of Donald Trump Jr. after a legal big game hunt with the caption “tell your sons animal cruelty is now a crime.” Wow, that’s really a hard-core bitch slap aint it? By the way, her last film role was in 2011.

Let’s do lunch: Florida is being “over run” with iguanas and doesn’t know what to do. Hey, anybody got a recipe for deep fired iguana? How iguana over easy? On second thought, let’s not do lunch
Difference in reality and reporting: Headline : “Trump wants convicted or charged war criminals on the campaign trail with him”. The three combat veterans this lurid headline is referring to, were issued a Presidential pardon. The “charged war criminal” in this crapline is misleading and simply for the sensationalist eye grabbing. And they still call themselves “reporters”. .

Right near the top
: If this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard; “From “The Blaze”; “Illinois city to use marijuana tax dollars to fund reparations for black residents.” Evanston IL alderman approved the creation of a “local reparations” program to be funded by the legal sale of pot because “The war on drugs and (the) mass incarceration have devastated the black community”. This raises dumb to a new level as far as I’m concerned.
Just a quick ALOHA to Gordon on the Big Island. I hope your partner quickly recovers from that back surgery. It’ll be a tough road, but you can do it. Both you. Never give up.

Another Hidden Monday Mote

Amazon “Prime”: Heard a news story that the injury rate in the Amazon delivery center’s is about 9.72/100 workers. That 1 out of ten workers will miss days due to injury. My construction sites have a .43 injury rate, per 100,000 hours worked. Ever wonder how they get all those packages out so fast, simply by not giving a damn about the workers.
Crappy movies for 300 Alex: Well, they are now planning an “Invisible Woman” movie. Actress Elizabeth Banks, will star, direct, and the screenplay will be written by Banks and her husband. How’s that worked so far Hollywouldn’t? Or is that Hollyshouldn’t?
Monday good feeling story : State Department of Conservation agents Sean Ernst and Haeley Eichler were alerted by a farm owner outside Paris MO that an eagle appeared to be injured and hadn’t moved for several days. Upon locating the bird they found it was indeed injured, having been struck by at least 2 shotgun pellets and suffering from a broken wing. They transported the bird to a University of Missouri Raptor Rehabilitation Project for care. Well, the good news is the symbol of America is expected to make a full recovery and be released back into the wild. Does this mean the bird wil fly away and is giving us the bird?

Kind of good news: Obama has not supported his former Vice President in anyway. He has never endorsed Biden in anyway. Now it is being reported that if Sanders (yeah, that is a huge IF) gets the Democrat nomination, Obama has stated he will “intervene” to stop him. For an “ex-president” Obumer sure is in front of the mike and camera a lot.

Love Line : “My husband had a affair with another man, now I don’t know who I’m married to.” Anybody noticed this seems to hit the love lines a lot lately? Okay, you are married to the unfaithful guy you originally married. Now is time to say bye-bye. If he’s unfaithful once, odds are good he will be again. Do you want to put up with that? No. Say good-bye.

Have they no shame: President Trump has made several comments regarding the War Dog Conan and the bravery displayed in action. A CNN “reporter” has taken it a step further by tweeting “Conan is actually a female dog. God bless her. So I’m especially shocked Trump didn’t…well, you know.” The word “reporter” in in quotes because in no way this person actually a “reporter”. This person is a biased, opinionated semi-literate POS hack that should not be given a national platform to spew this kind of garbage. No, they have no shame.

Beware of what you ask for: A NYC Solar Construction company Bright Power fell under the watchful eye of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The company appears successful as they were named one of Inc. Magazine fastest growing 5,000 new businesses. So with AOC’s urging employed workers decided to “unionize” and demand more more more. So the company told all it’s employee’s you’re fired fired fired. Some call this union busting. Okay, but in my opinion (and simply my opinion) unions have long outlived their design and function and now simply work to keep union officials employed. The company is with in it’s rights.

Sunday Rant

Red Flag Nightmare: In NY, an American known as WhiskeyWarrior556 has been arrested for owning a high capacity magazine. In order to make this arrest the police used armored vehicle, SWAT teams, threats to have his new born child taken by “protective services”, street blocked and barricaded, his home invaded by police who did NOT have any kind of warrant, and all this during a 7-hour standoff in which it was known he was NOT armed. The cause of this malicious arrest? An unsubstituted claim, by a non-household member, that WW556 suffered from PTSD and was “in crisis” and “needed medical help”. All of which was false and a lie. Even if it were true, why do you send an overwhelming force, to do a “medical wellness check”? This is the predictable outcome of un-constitutional “red flag” laws and their over exuberant enforcers.

The problem with this whole story,it is false. The truth is somewhat different. There were no police officers at his work place. And there was no “red flag” call. The police were there to investigate a “domestic violence” call. WW556 was arrested, not for a 30-round magazine, but rather a fistful of outstanding warrants, including felony “domestic violence”, burglary, aggravated harassment, and trespassing. All of this seems to stem from a bad breakup/divorce. All of the “red flag” stuff came from WW556, his followers and those that seemed to want a reason to rally around something. Gang, this is not the hill we want to stan d on. Let’s make sure we are on the right and correct side when we make our stand.