Thursday Motes to Pace The Floor By

Will they ever take responsibility: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday was asked if Joe Biden thinks it’s a big deal that the Dow Jones Industrial was down more than 1100 points. The question: “Does the President think it’s a big deal that, today, the Dow Jones is down at one point, more than 1100 points.” Psaki immediately attacked Trump. “Well, to start with, we focus on the trends in the economy, not any one day and any single indicator, unlike his predecessor,” Psaki said. So, after the “incredible” year under Uncle Joe, it’s all still Trumps fault.

The crowd gasps: Biden called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy “a stupid s.o.b.”, not realizing the mic was still open. And the crowd gasps.  Has everyone forgotten these other Bidenesque comments? “You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier?” “I don’t work for you.”” Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time?”  Later that day, Uncle Joe  phone called Doocy to ‘clear the air’. The “clearing” of the air consisted of Uncle Joe saying  “It is nothing personal, pal.” First, it was not very “presidential comment, and it sure as hell wasn’t an apology. I have always found people who call you “pal” are not being very respectful. That’s just me.

Okay, this is just stupid: Washington D.C. strip clubs have allegedly been warned about employees not wearing masks. The city recently published its latest data on businesses that have violated the mayor’s order on masks and vaccination requirements, and multiple strip clubs made appearances on the list. The Daily Caller reports it was confirmed that the dancers are required by the city to wear masks, irregardless of how much or how little of other clothing they have on. If they’re not wearing clothes, it’s kind of hard to understand why they need to wear masks. Then again, logic is kind of out the window in Washington D.C. and damn near every other Demorat city these days. Of course, it’s been pointed out to me that we have come to expect this amount of stupid from D.C.

You are under attack: Highly popular podcaster Joe Rogan has a huge audience because people enjoy hearing different opinions. Now the U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy is calling for Rogan’s show to be censored. The basis for this violation of Rogan’s Constitutional rights is because he has invited guests such as Dr. Malone to appear on his podcast to discuss the dangers of the Covid mRNA gene therapy vaccines. Murthy complained that social media companies are not doing enough to ‘stop the spread’ of Covid misinformation before calling on Spotify to silence Joe Rogan. Censorship is censorship, and that’s a violation of the Second Amendment. Period. Do you think one of the reasons S.G. Murthy’s parents moved to America from the U.K. could have been that series of amendments we call the “Bill of Rights”? Just asking.

 And they will lie to you: Littleton Public Schools Superintendent Brian Ewert responded to parental concerns by claiming that “students under the age of 18 cannot get a vaccination without parental permission and they must have a parent or legal guardian present with them to sign consent.” On Monday night, the independent journalist exposed yet another issue within US Public School system – this time, posting a damning thread that includes two undercover videos taken by a pair of brave high school students that show employees of a Colorado High School’s mobile vaccine clinic allowing underage children to receive the experimental jab without their parent’s consent. Just to make that clear, the recordings were made by 2 high school students. Both did not have their IDs checked, and both used fake names. It was that easy. Unfortunately, this subversion of parental rights is becoming more common. This incident is just the latest example that has been exposed since the jab was green-lighted for use in young children. And there will be more.

Wild Wednesday Motes

No Jonathan Winters: Comedian Kathy Griffin is suggesting that sexism is stopping her from getting back to D-list status in the years since her infamous photo posing with a bloody head of then-President Donald Trump in 2017. Since then, she lost concerts, contracts, and now she just wants back on the “d” list. She admits she was depressed and had taken “a bunch of pills,” telling the New York Times of an apparent suicide attempt that sent her to the hospital in June 2020. She says it’s all a conspiracy and blames the patriarchy. She says; ”I just want to get back to making people laugh.” Kathy, baby, the problem is you were never funny. Ever.

Australia is certainly not “free”: On Saturday, in a widely shared video on social media, Australian police and event security officials can be seen telling a group of spectators that they would have to remove their “Where is Peng Shuai?” tee shirts. Early in November, Shuai posted a message to her Chinese social media account saying that she had been sexually abused in 2019 by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. But her Weibo account was quickly shut down and the post was deleted. Shuai then spent nearly a month in isolation, not being seen on her own in public for more than three weeks. This was done due to rules set forth by Tennis Australia which ban political messaging. A spokesperson from Tennis Australia told ESPN that their decision to have security force the fans to remove the tee shirts was made for Peng Shuai’s “safety.”

**New Info** Tennis Australia has reversed its decision and will now allow the t-shirts to be worn. Of course, that doesn’t do much good for those that were already thrown out of the matches.

Really crappy numbers: At least 50% (and it may be higher) of American unhoused people were in the foster care system at one point. And 25% experience homelessness within two to four years of turning 18. These numbers should make everyone cringe.

Human garbage: An apparent pastor and his wife have been arrested after first responders discovered eight disabled adults, imprisoned against their will, in the basement of the couples rental property in Griffin, Georgia. The suspects were running a “group home” for 14 months out of this location under the façade of being a church called the “One Step of Faith 2nd Chance”. The first responders had to use a window to into the basement as the door had been dead-bolted shut. They discovered as many as eight people between 25- and 65-years-old, locked in basement and all had mental or physical disabilities, or both. The financials, medications and benefits of the eight were all handled by the “pastor”. This man is not a “pastor” in any sense of the word. This was done out of greed and avarice and it appears she let it continue as a willing accomplice.  There isn’t a hole deep enough in hell for these two people.

But this won’t help: Okay, there is a lot wrong with America, and hell the whole damn world. While watching a football game this weekend, I happen to notice that the goal post had a “Stop Racism” sign on it. Virtue signaling at its best. Does anybody really think plastering a sign on an NFL goalpost will accomplish anything? Anyone? The NFL will once again allow players to wear six preselected social justice messages on their helmets this season and will have two end zone stencils at every stadium this fall.  The move, which was launched last year amid a massive social justice push in the sports world, is part of the NFL’s “Inspire Change” platform. Yeah, nothing will stop racism like posting a sign, on a goalpost. Yuuu, no.

Gas 1/24/22

What are you paying this week?

Tuesday Motes, Motes Tuesday

Looking for truth, not here: So far there have been 86+ subpoenas issued by the Jan6 Committee. Only 8 of them to people actually involved.

 Critters:  A death investigation is underway at a Charles County, MD.  Deputies went inside the home after a neighbor called 911 when they found a man dead inside. They also found cobras, black mambas, pythons and rattlesnakes. Over 100 of them. Animal control says it’s not clear why the man had so many snakes, but he was taking good care of them. It’s not clear yet how the man died. Yeah, that’s what I think too.

Rumor : There will be a remake of “Who’s The Boss” with everybody’s favorite semi-literate socialist Alyssa Milano. Watch? Huummm, No.

Hypocrisy thy name is “journalism”: In Oct 2021 Joy Reid had harsh words for certain Democrats who, she said, are “willing to let this democracy die just so that they can cut the size of an infrastructure bill – I don’t know for who, or whose benefit.” The comments came during a discussion with MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley and author Max Boot. On Thursday, 1/20/2022 MSNBC host Joy Reid said on her show “The ReidOut” that President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a “white guy employment act.” So, does that make you for or against the bill? Or is it just “white’ guy’s you are against? Come on Joy, tell us how you really feel.

You can’t silence stupid: Howard Stern is now telling everyone who makes a choice to not get the vaxx, they should not be given hospital care and should just “go home and die”. Does anyone really care what Howard Stern says or thinks? Does anyone even still listen to him? Howie, baby, I’m glad I don’t have SirusRadio. If I did, I’d have to cancel because there might be the possibility of a remote chance I might hear you.

Clear and transparent: Wisconsin Assembly Attorney Dean O’Donnell, who is an expert analyst on election integrity, revealed they found an astronomical 569,277 registered voters had an application date of 1/1/1918, which accounts for roughly one out of every fourteen voters in the state’s database. One out of every five of those “phantom voters” apparently cast a ballot in 2020 – a whopping 115,252 of them to be exact. Trump was recorded as having lost WI by 20,000 votes. But there was no fraud.

And these people vote: The University of Southern California (USC) will allow its fraternities to begin hosting social events again in February if they follow new safety guidelines including hiring security guards to block hallways leading to bedrooms, according to an Interfraternity Council (IFC) document. In addition to hiring security for social events to make sure all participants stay in common spaces, all IFC chapter members must complete “prevention education workshops,” along with pre-event planning and post-event reviews to make sure social gatherings comply with laws, local ordinances and university rules. This is not to protect the girls or the boys. This is to protect the University. Nothing teaches maturity like the possibility of being sued.

Monday Motes, Actually

Sad Good-Bye: Sorry to hear of the passing of  Yvette Mimieux at the age of 80. Mimieux was a prolific actress in the 60’s. She played Dean Martin’s child bride in the 1963 pic “Toys in the Attic”, opposite Rod Taylor in the 1960 George Pal-directed film version of the H.G. Wells novel “The Time Machine” “, and “Where The Boys Are”. She also did television and in two episodes of the Richard Chamberlain series “Dr. Kildare” she played a surfer who was dealing with epilepsy. Mimieux had the distinction of being the first person on American television to show her navel. Mimieux was a woman of varied interests who, in addition to writing, started a business selling Haitian products, traveling, studying archaeology and selling real estate after she retired from acting.  My favorite Mimieux movie was the Congo/Merc flic “Dark of the Sun” with Rod Taylor and Jim Brown. Her talent and incredible beauty will be missed.

Correction: It’s wasn’t just “2 Democrat” politicians stopping Bidens crappy voting bill. It was 52 Democrat and Republican politicians stopping his take-over bid. Get it right msm.

I don’t agree, but I agree: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Tuesday called on the National Basketball Association to force Golden State Warriors part-owner Chamath Palihapitiya to sell his stake in the team after he claimed “nobody cares” about Communist China’s genocide of the Uyghurs in the country’s Xinjiang region. Okay, I agree that what he had to say is reprehensible and disgusting. And the US Constitution allows him the right to say it. The Constitution does not say you can be stripped of ownership of something you have paid for, because you say something reprehensible and disgusting. In the past, the NBA has investigated owners and forced a sale after outrageous comments. The difference here is Palihapitiya is also a major donor to the Democrat Party. He donated over $1 million to Democrats in the previous election cycle, including a $250,000 check to the Biden Victory Fund. It will be forgiven, buried, and forgotten.

Say whhaattt: What sort of identification do you need to fly from a U.S. airport? According to TSA there are 16 forms of ID you can use to board an airplane. And, if you’re an illegal alien and can’t manufacture your own ID or buy it, you can use your government-issued arrest warrant. It must be comforting to illegal aliens to know that getting arrested won’t keep them from flying the friendly skies. I’ll bet I show up with a warrant to prove who I am, I’m getting arrested.  Are we supposed to bend over backward in allowing illegal aliens to travel because it might hurt their feelings if we were to require them to have the same identification as legal residents and citizens? Why don’t we ask the members of that Texas Synagogue how them feel about this? Hey, can I use my warrants to vote? Oh, that’s right, I don ‘t need id to vote.

Verbum non acta*: Once again the Hawaii Legislature has begun its session.  The Speaker of the House has said this year’s theme will be “economic justice, cultural justice, and environmental justice”. I read the entire article, ¼ page 3 columns of newsprint, and nowhere did I read any description of the “justice” these things needed. Words, just words. As always. (*Words, not actions)

Heeeyyy: Whatever happened to the “Biden Diary”? Just sorta disappeared didn’t it?

Yeah, that’ll make a difference: In an open letter published on last Wednesday, 102 millionaires called for a complete overhaul of the international tax system, which they said is unfair and has created a “colossal lack of trust between the people of the world and the elites who are the architects of this system.” This is all well and good, until you realize there are 56.1 million millionaires. Really doesn’t mean much, does it.

I hate it when I have been on a medication for say 9 years, finally found the brand that works best, and suddenly my “medical insurance” decides they “no longer cover that medication”. W T F ????

Sunday Rant – A History Lesson

Proud Boys, KKK, Right Wing Extremists? Nope. A history lesson, actually 3 lessons:  M19 ( M19 · May 19th Communist Organization (M19), an American far-left female-led terrorist group active during the 1970s–1980s) ·turned to building explosives themselves. Just before 11 p.m. on November 7, 1983, they called the U.S. Capitol switchboard and warned them to evacuate the building. Ten minutes later, a bomb detonated in the building’s north wing, harming no one but blasting a 15-foot gash in a wall and causing $1 million in damage. Over the course of a 20-month span in 1983 and 1984, M19 also bombed an FBI office, the Israel Aircraft Industries building, and the South African consulate in New York, D.C.’s Fort McNair and Navy Yard (which they hit twice.) The attacks tended to follow a similar pattern: a warning call to clear the area, an explosion, a pre-recorded message to media railing against U.S. imperialism or the war machine under various organizational aliases (never using the name M19).          

 Let’s not forget: (September 23,2018) National protests against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh escalated on Monday with more than 120 people arrested on Capitol Hill, celebrities weighing in on social media, and nationwide walkouts. Capitol Hill police said 128 people were arrested for “unlawfully demonstrating” outside of senators’ offices and in the main rotunda of the Russell Senate Building.

And remember: On November 13, 2018; More than 200 youth activists, flanked by Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, flooded House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s’s office this morning urging Democrats to act more decisively on climate change. 

These are all acts within the Capital itself.

But the msm and our “representatives” continue to claim Jan6, 2021 was like Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Horse shat.

And while your mulling these over, go to to see how they are treating American Patriots arrested for speaking up at the Capital on Jan 6. You should be appalled. I am.


Speaking of history; A story that grabbed headlines for a week and inspired arson attacks that destroyed dozens of churches in Canada turns out to be based on flimsy, unexamined evidence at best, and an outright, pernicious lie at worst. Remember last summer when a mass grave containing the remains of hundreds of children was found on the grounds of a former government boarding school for indigenous children in British Columbia, Canada? In the seven months since this shocking news broke, not one body has been found, and not a single shovel-full of dirt has been excavated from the site in question. Contrary to the worldwide media coverage last summer, nothing, in fact, has been “discovered” on the grounds of the Kamloops Indian Residential School. In June, dozens of churches across Canada, most of them Catholic and some of them more than a century old, were burned to the ground. In Calgary, 10 churches of various denominations were vandalized in a single night. That was more than seven months ago. Not a single corpse has been exhumed from the site since then. No human remains, of children or anyone else, have been found and confirmed as a result of the radar search. This was a hoax perpetrated by a “conflict anthropologist” named Sarah Beaulieu. Professor Jacques Rouillard, professor emeritus in the Department of History at the Université de Montréal recently published a paper stating, “There is no evidence,” writes Rouilliard, “in any of the historical records kept by the government, that deaths of indigenous children at these schools were ever covered up, or that any corpses were ever deposited in mass, unmarked graves which were kept secret, and parents of the children were never informed.” Understand this: seven months on from this manufactured moral panic, there will be no backtracking from the media, no following up about the hundreds of corpses “discovered” in a “mass grave.” There will be no questions asked, and no demands for evidence, and damn sure no apologies from the US or Canadian msm’s.

Saturday Story 3/5

Old Friends

                Every once in a while the boss would give Smoker an early day, and this was one such day, so he decided to drop by Billy’s for a cold beer.
   Billy’s had become sort of a hangout for Smoker since he returned from Seattle a few months earlier. He was just about finished with his drink when he heard the sound of a bike pulling in to the front parking area. He didn’t recognize the bike’s sound and being that  regulars on bikes parked in the back, he was sure this was someone he didn’t know.
   The guy that came in the front door was typical of Billy’s customers – at least those that rode motorcycles. Tall and lean, and if the condition of the leather jacket he wore was any indication, had been on the road for a while.
   Wearing faded jeans, a dark t-shirt with the name of some band across the front, and the old style “KD” sunglasses that many “old timer” bikers wore, the stranger would have fit in at Billy’s any night of the week. Smoker tried to see the guy’s eyes when he took the KD’s off, but his effort was halted when Billy came out of the kitchen in the back.
   The stranger hung his leather jacket on the back of a stool and sat down like he’d been there before and as usual, at least what seems usual at Billy’s, Billy already had the guy’s sandwich built and a beer poured and sitting on the counter by the time the guy sat down.
   Billy always seemed to know what you wanted, before you even mention it. It was some sort of trick; at least that was what Smoker had always figured. But like Billy would always say; it was his bar and he knew everything he needed to know about anyone who walked through his front door.
      “JD”, said Billy as the stranger sat down.
      “Billy”, replied the stranger.
   For the next few minutes the only sound was JD eating his sandwich and sipping his beer. Billy was never big on unnecessary small talk, so the quiet was no surprise to Smoker. And when Smoker’s glass was empty, Billy picked it up and refilled it as he usually did.
   When JD’s glass emptied the second time Billy didn’t move to refill it. Smoker thought this was strange. The stranger, JD as Smoker understood him to be, had finished the sandwich by then and he just looked at Billy as if expecting another round.
      “Good roast beef”, said JD. “You always did know how to make a real sandwich.”
      “Thanks JD”, responded Billy. “Can’t have you going around and telling people I was trying to starve you.” Billy paused for a moment. With a far away look in his eyes, Billy, in a low almost whisper said, “You gotta know they ain’t far behind”.
      “Ya, I know….”, said JD. “I ain’t here to cause you any trouble, just needed something to eat and drink. I’ll be on my way now. See ya down the road sometime,” JD exclaimed.
      “See ya JD,” said Billy.
   Picking up the empty plate and glass, Billy put them in the dish container on the back counter and turned around to see JD stand up, put on the KD’s, and walk out the door.
   A moment later  the motorcycle fired up, and then came the long roar down the road that faded into the distance. Smoker sat there wondering who “they” were and why they were after JD. That’s when he noticed the leather jacket was still hanging on the back of the stool.
      “Hey Billy”, Smoker started to tell him about the jacket when Billy held up his hand like a traffic cop signaling stop. Smoker stopped talking and then heard the sound in the distance.
   It was the low rumble that only comes from a group of bikes, Harley motorcycles, riding together in a pack. As they roared past Billy’s, Smoker tried to separate the engine sounds and guess how many there were, but couldn’t, there were just too many of them. They continued passing for what seemed like minutes. Whatever JD had done, it had made a lot of people mad…real mad.
   Finally the sound of the last bike faded off into the falling night. Smoker watched Billy walk around the end of the counter to the stool where JD had sat. Billy looked at the leather jacket hanging there and he reached out as if he were afraid it wasn’t real, a ghost jacket or something. Billy took the jacket off of the stool back and carried it over to the old fashioned coat rack he kept behind the bar next to the cash register.
   As he hung the jacket, Billy’s hand seemed to linger for a minute and then he walked the length of the bar and started cleaning the counter. 
   Smoker raised his hand and signaled for another beer. He didn’t know what JD had done, or if “they” would catch him. And if they did catch him, what would happen.
   His curiosity getting the best of him, Smoker figured he he’d stick around awhile and see if anyone came back for that jacket….
Hell, he really didn’t have anywhere else to be.

Sad Good-Bye Mote

Marvin Lee Aday, Meat Loaf, the larger-than-life rocker died on Thursday. He was 74. He was a trained Broadway belter and a multiplatinum-selling megastar whose biggest hits, like “Bat Out of Hell” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” were radio staples,  and barroom singalongs,  for decades. Hard-living and hard-rocking, he sold more than 100 million albums over a career that spanned six decades, including the 1977 smash hit Bat Out Of Hell, which is one of the best-selling of all time, alongside records from the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. 

It was his mother that instilled a love of performing in Meat Loaf and upon her death he quit high school football and left Dallas and his father, to take the first steps on the road to eventual superstardom. He formed the band Meat Loaf Soul in Los Angeles, with his trademark voice bringing them a string of offers for recording contracts and seeing them open for the likes of the Who and the Grateful Dead.

It was upon his collaboration with musician and playwright Jim Steinman who provided the wild, theatrical backing music to accompany Meat Loaf’s bellowing voice, he really began to fly. There were broken bones, piles of cocaine and nervous breakdowns – and that was only the first album

“Roadie” with Art Carney, Alice Cooper, Hank Williams Jr., and Debbie Harry was the first movie I ever saw him in. Now I watch “Black Dog”, “Fight Club”, and of course the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

My late buddy Troll and I used to fix the Shovelheads together listening to Meatloaf. We’d sing and see who knew the most lyrics (he did) who could sing the loudest (a draw) and whose bike would start first (about even). My kids have had to listen to “Bat Out Of Hell” and “Dead Ringer For Love” so many mornings while Julie and I washed the bike for the days ride, they probably can’t listen to him anymore. Naaahhhh.

So, there is a new troubadour at the Table of Hero’s today. His voice, talent, and mere presence will be sorely missed.

Friday Motes, In No Special Order

Lucky you live anywhere else: California lawmakers are weighing DOUBLING taxes to pay for a single-payer health care system that would cover all illegal aliens. California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) last Monday proposed a budget that would give all illegal aliens health coverage. In 2019, California extended health coverage to illegals 26 and under. In 2021, California began covering illegals over the age of 55. Now Newsom wants ALL illegals in California to have health coverage, and Californians may see a tax increase of roughly $12,250 per household. Now that would be on top of the $18,114 in STATE tax, then add Federal taxes, the average 70k a year family will be getting just over ½ of the income they earn.

Long weekend in Chicago: 33 shot, 5 dead. In the middle of winter where the average temp has been 43 degrees.

Dear Lord what are they thinking: The 17-year-old boyfriend of a teen girl who was shot and killed in southwest Houston has been released from jail after he was arrested for her murder. Frank Deleon Jr., 17, posted his $250,000 bond Wednesday morning, according to court records. He’s charged with the murder of 15-year-old Diamond Alvarez. Alvarez was outside, walking her dog named “Peanut” when she was found shot 22 times. Repeating, 22 times.  Alvarez’s gunshot wounds were consistent with her laying on her back on the ground at the time of her murder. When arrested, a suitcase was found in his room, packed with enough belongings for more than an overnight trip. Information also points to Deleon asked for the meeting with Alvarez. So, he planned the crime, he’s under age so it was an illegal firearm, he shot her while she was on the ground, he shot her 22 times, and was packed to leave town. (Country?) And he gets out on $250k bond?  Am I the only one thinking he won’t stick around?

No freakin’ surprise: Biden has spent a quarter of his presidency at his Delaware homes, including half his weekends with just 10 of them at the WH. Why is anybody surprised at this? It’s not like he’s running the country of anything. The biggest question about this, how many people (and who were they) visited him there so. Did they visit him there so there would be no record of the visit? Or was it so they weren’t seen visiting him? Actually, those are important question that should, but probably won ‘t, be answered.

No. No I’m not switching: In Thailand, the demand for crocodile meat has exploded as local consumers are hit by a spike in the price of pork. It’s high in protein, low in fat, and traders say it tastes just like chicken. With Thais looking to crocodile meat as an alternative to pork, crocodile farmers have welcomed the windfall. I’ve eaten “gator tail”, and it didn’t taste like chicken. I guess it’s all in the spices. And yes, you can buy “canned gator tail” from Amazon.

A sad Good-Bye: Legendary Country Music Broadcaster Ralph Emery passed away on Jan. 15 at the age of 88, according to the Country Music Association. Emery’s career spanned over 50 years and saw an induction into the 1989 Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame, as well as an induction into the 2007 Country Music Hall of Fame. Maybe the gods just needed a great MC. He, and his wonderful voice, will be missed.

Looking at “ETSY”: Under “Gifts for Him” they have a “personalized cheese board”. HUH? Oh, it says for “him” not for a “man”. Sorry for the mistake.

Hey, thanks for the prayers. My Brother Dan is sitting, talking, no tubes in him. There is going to be a long rehab time, but he’s on the right track. And he’s tough. Staying in Honolulu this weekend. Enjoy the story and consider the rant.

Thristday Motes

It’s everywhere: In November 2020, Denmark had to cull (kill) millions of farm raised mink due to a covid-19 mutation scare. The mink were not buried properly and later that year began to “rise from the dead”. OMG Steffan, zombie minks. Now it’s reported that Hong Kong will cull more than 2,000 hamsters and ban the import of small animals after a pet shop worker, a customer and at least 11 hamsters tested positive for the Delta variant of the coronavirus. Hope they bury the hamsters better than the Danes did the mink.

Headline: “It’s high time the UK government pursued justice for the Syrian people.” My first thought was, “No, it’s time for the Syrian people to pursue justice.” If the criminals are in the UK, the UK should support the Syrian government in seeking justice. The trial the writer was commenting on, occurred in Germany. So, then I read the article and nothing in it, or 3 others, changed my mind. Unless we have a one-world-one government (shudder-puke) it’s up the Syria to seek its own justice. It’s up to everyone else to help.

Kinky* for governor: Money is pouring fast into the Texas governor’s race headlined by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who both reported massive early fundraising hauls. O’Rourke said he raised $7.2 million in the weeks after entering the race in mid-November. Oh Kinky, where are you now that Texas really needs you?

 Sad Good-Bye: I was sorry to hear about the Nov. 23, 2021 death of author Andrew Vachss, an American crime fiction author, child protection consultant, and attorney exclusively representing children and youths. His series on “Burke” an ex-con doing illegal investigations (and actions) were the stuff best described as “hard boiled”. He was an outspoken advocate on women and children’s rights and was a prosecuting attorney specializing in “child sex crimes”. He died of coronary artery disease on November 23, 2021, at the age of 79 at his residence in Pacific Northwest. I have all of his books, many signed, and have read several of them multiple times. His courage and advocacy will be missed.

They” hate you, Trump was just in the way: A majority of Democrats would agree with the U.S. government taking more drastic coronavirus measures, such as confining unvaccinated Americans to their homes “at all times except for emergencies,” a Rasmussen Reports survey revealed. The survey found 59 percent of Democrats favor the government requiring unvaccinated individuals to stay at home “at all times” with exceptions only for emergencies. Democrats are also liked of the government requiring unvaccinated individuals to use a smart phone app or “wearable device” that tracks unvaccinated people to “ensure that they are quarantined or socially distancing from others,” 47 percent favoring. Remember, a poll can be used to prove anything the guy paying for it wants it to prove. Still, this is a significant number of people that want you to have no rights, except what they want you to have.

 *Kinky Friedman and The Texas Jewboys* He ran for Texas Governor a few years ago. Finished 4th out of 6.

MIddle Motes of the Week

Not news, at least not the on msm: Why isn’t this all over the news? The Biden administration has built a concrete security wall around the White House last week. It is not clear yet why they believe the construction of the concrete wall is necessary. Meanwhile, the US Border is completely wide open. Illegal immigrants are flooding into the country at record levels. And they told us that “walls don’t work”. And yet, there is very little to nothing on the msm about this.

 Thoughts I’ll go to hell for thinking: Headline: “I Suddenly Started Losing My Vision at 29”.  My first thought (I never saw it coming.)

This does not make them the best, just woke: A female captain who may become the Air Force’s first woman to complete its special tactics training raised concerns about the program’s shifting standards as early as April 2021, Air Force Times has learned. Multiple documents obtained by Air Force Times — including performance forms, score charts and a report the woman authored shortly after dropping out of a land navigation event — illustrate how she was allowed to return to training after she quit, and how physical training metrics were lowered just as she arrived at the challenging schoolhouse. How would you like to follow a team leader, that quit the course, “allowed” to return, and now wants you to “Follow Me”? Hummmm, No.

Wishful thinking: Wouldn’t be a good idea to have everything in a bill, related to the actual bill? Instead of doing things like having a NASA funding bill that includes “opening voting” to “more people”. You know, mail-in-fraud votes. What the freakin’ hell does that have to do with funding NASA? It’s an end run. Like attaching a special funding for a favorite group to a “School Milk” bill. Nobody wants to vote against school milk. So, they get “their” stuff passed even tho’ it has nothing to do with School Milk. End Runs. Or, lies if you want to get real.     

Do you watch Guttfeld? You should.

Not really: Whoopi Goldberg took aim at NBC’s Craig Melvin for his “insulting” questions posed to Vice President Kamala Harris about the 2024 election. In an interview for NBC’s Today Show, Harris was asked by Melvin whether she’ll be President Joe Biden’s running mate in 2024. “Are we going to see the same Democratic ticket in 2024?” he asked her. Whoopi, bubby, how is that “insulting”? Could you please explain how a reporter asking a politician a question about future campaigns is insulting? It’s only insulting because you have nothing else to do. You can’t defend the V-P’s action, or lack thereof, so attack, attack, attack.

Hey, how come people are losing their jobs, forced into “long term leave without pay” but there is no vaxx mandate for “welfare” recipients?

Re; Texas Hostage Taker : “The British national killed by the FBI after taking four people hostage at a Texas synagogue Saturday was known to UK security services and had been the subject of a brief investigation in 2020.” Once again the suspect in a deadly incident is “known” to law enforcement. Again.

Joyous Wolf Moon to all.