Wednesday With An Exclamation Mote !

Just cool down: Everyone is up in arms about “The Hunt”. This isn’t the first movie to depict rich elite people gathering others to hunt. It probably isn’t even in the first 50, examples: Van Damme did it in “Hard Target”, “Wild Wild West” had an episode in which rich railroad owners hunted down workers, and of course one of my favorites, “The Most Dangerous Game”, and so on. It is reported that during the Spanish Civil War the rich actually did take sport in “hunting” down peasants. It had been called the “White Terror”. (Racist.) I guess in our era of “woke” it has generated some heat, hey, it’s just a movie.

Don’t say you weren’t warned: Be on the lookout for a “brokered” Demo convention. The caucus don’t seem to be going the way the party wants, again. I predict they’ll gather at the convention, behind closed doors, and nominate who they want. Not who the voters want. That’s the problem with our system now. They are supposed to represent the voters, not the party. It’s about time we start electing people that will do that, represent the best interests of electorate, and not the interests party.

Hasn’t this happened to everyone? : An Ohio woman tells police she crashed into a toilet sitting in her Eastbound lane because she was distracted by the toilet sitting in the opposite West bound lane. Investigator believe both toilets were placed in the road deliberately. (Calling Captain Obvious). Construction workers, and the port-a-potty drivers, have a weird sense of humor.

Really tired: I get so tired of these rich, British musicians/actors telling everyone how bad Trump is and how terrible America is. Then announce a 9-city American tour to line his pockets. If it’s so bad, why isn’t the tour through China, or Africa, or even the Mid-East? Because America is where the money is, and that’s all that matters. If you go, the moment they/he start on some anti-Trump, anti-America, or anti-Conserve rant, walk out. You paid hear and see them perform, not listen to their politics. Oh, and don’t forget to demand your money back.

Love (Head) Line : “They met on a dating app. He robbed a bank on their first date, and she became the unwitting getaway driver.” She picked him at his Mom’s house (Clue #1), he brought his own wine to drink while she drove(Clue #2), and then asks her to stop at a bank only to come running out with a hat, sunglasses and a gun (Clue #3). Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner. He gets five years, she gets a different dating app.

Weeee Tuesday Motes

The real Cause Bernie didn’t win?: In New Hampshire, Thomas Harwood lost control of the truck he was driving. Icy roads and all that. He was involved in a two-car accident, and “dumped his load on the road.” (Poor choice of words?) The load, consisting of Budweiser, Coors, cases of wine and other liquors spilled over the road and median. There were no injuries, but several bearded men on motorcycles were seen weeping nearby.

No evidence for you! : Rob Reiner (aka Meathead) and Joy Behar like to throw around words like “lawless” and “criminal” and tweet their thoughts as if they were words of wisdom coming down from the mountain. They just seem to skip that important part of jurisprudence, evidence of crime or wrongdoing. I guess that rules, like security and safety, are for the elite, and not for the rest of us.

Another thing to consider: I wonder just how much money Reiner, or Behar, would be worth if they had to go out and earn a living like the rest of us. You know, they all count on being part of the ruling class, when the socialist’s takeover. Gods forbid they end up with the commoners. Wonder what either one would say if the government said “Okay, you’re gonna star in this movie, it will make millons because we’ll order everyone to see it, but you’ll only get paid $15.00 an hour for doing it. And only for those hours you actually work. Oh, and no royalties.” They’re going to say, NO.

As I predicted: Well, the names have been named, the illegal acts have been enumerated, and the lies to the FISA Court have been disclosed. Nobody has been arrested. Nobody has been charged. Nobody has been sent to jail, not even one day. Just as I predicted.

Sunday Rant – John Farnham DTI

11 Feb 20

“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything.

That points clearly to a political career!”

George Bernard Shaw

Democrats’ fawning adoration of the UK’s ecumenical gun ban, combined with their deep-seated hatred of guns that they believe are bewitched talismans, capable of ruthlessly appropriating personalities of their human handlers, irreversibly converting them into homicidal maniacs, is curious in view of Mike Bloomberg.

They seem to have no problem with this leftist billionaire’s expansive posse that accompanies him at all times, a posse heavily-armed with the very weapons Democrats so piously insist us unwashed peons should never be allowed to even touch!

Bloomberg’s pretorians are apparently “state-approved,” until such time as they become excess baggage, or simply wearisome, and are then relegated to the same vulgar, second-class status as the rest of America’s gun owners.

I wonder if maybe one of our media propagandists (masquerading as a “journalist”) will muster the courage to ask Mike, or any of the other Democrat presidential aspirants, why they don’t take their own advice, courageously dismiss their posse of armed bodyguards, and “go naked,” just as they demand the rest of us do!

Curious that guns, when protecting them, apparently enjoy divine approval from on-high, and must never be questioned, nor even mentioned.

Simultaneously, they insist guns that protect us are evil, immoral, malignant, and we should all be ashamed for even thinking we might want one!

With regard to our Second Amendment, why must their be a separate set of “rules” for them and for us?

Why will no “journalist” ever dare ask that question?

I thank my friend John for his permission to use these DTI Quips. He hits a point I often hit here, hypocrisy. That’s what this is, pure and simple. I have often commented about the “security” for actors, politicians, and “elite” folk. I spent many years in the private security profession, where I met John, and can attest to their disdain for the regular rules. Hypocrisy.

Saturday Story

Crazy Kenny the Artist
The stories about “Krazy Kenny” could fill a book on its own. He was one of the best known and most loved bikers in Honolulu for more than 30 years. We lost him to cancer several years ago and he is missed.
Kenny’s exploits on his Harley Davidson camouflaged flathead, his jockey shift sportster, crash site recoveries, and general love of the weird life is well known and often spoken about among friends. It was his career as an artist that I want to talk about here.
Now, I will be the first to admit Kenny was way out. He was called “Krazy” for good reasons I won’t go into but it was a valid road name. But this story will stand on its own.
It all started, as they often do, with a night of fun and frivolity at Anna’s, there’s that pattern again. Kenny got stopped and arrested for D.U.I. In court he was found guilty, fined, his license taken away, and he was sentenced to a bunch of hours performing “community service”. Community service could be anything from stuffing and licking envelopes at the Red Cross office to picking up roadside trash. Kenny found a way to take it to new levels.
Everyone that gets sentenced to community service gets an advisor. These advisors probably have three to four hundred people they have to follow up on, keep track of, and generally make sure they comply with the rules set down by the court. If you don’t comply by your next court date, you can’t complete your sentience.
Getting an actual assignment sometimes takes four or five months. So if you have a large number of hours to complete, you have to get and extension that just draws out the whole process.
Kenny came up with his own answer to this merry go round of justice. He talked his advisor into letting him enter the Honolulu Mayors Art competition. Kenny claimed he would honestly put in the same number of hours on his “art” project as he was sentenced to perform. The advisor said yes.

A little history lesson is now needed. The Mayor at the time was the Honorable Aileen Anderson, the first and so far the only, woman mayor of Honolulu. She wanted to beautify some of the City office buildings by hanging work from local artists and thought this would be the first of many such contest/shows.
Another significant fact is she won the Mayor’s office from and lost it to the same person. The Honorable Frank Fasi. He was another character of Honolulu that’s has had much said about him.
So here we go. Kenny gets the okay to serve his community service by entering the Mayor’s art contest. We all knew Kenny’s mind worked different, that he was very creative, but I don’t think anyone thought of him as artistic.
Kenny makes his entry, and like all the entries it gets reviewed by a panel of four judges. All entries were submitted, judged, taken to city hall, and the grand unveiling set for a Friday afternoon. The show would open, the public could walk around and ohh and ahh all afternoon and then the winners would be announced.
A bunch of us and our wives, girlfriends, or stripper of the month, planned to make a showing in support for our brother Kent. Little did we know?
The show itself was full of Koa carvings, beautiful oil and water color paints of Hawaiian sunsets, sunrises, and waterfalls. Of course there were also the usual renderings of flowers, trees, and gorgeous Hawaiian women. Then there was Kenny’s entry.
He’s taken a square four gallon tin bucket that had been cut diagonally and made into a dust pan complete with a wooden handle and painted the whole thing black. He’d then used his welding and soldering skills to create a number of metal “insects” out of wire, nuts and bolts, and washers. He had spiders, cockroaches, grasshoppers, and one big “Praying” mantis.
The wire and washer bugs were attached in numerous places on the edges and inside the pan. At the very front of the pan was a tripod with a large washer welded to it, and the whole thing was painted black. Next to the tripod stood the Praying Mantis with its front legs in the proper position for praying. In the very middle of the pan, on its back with its legs in the air, surrounded by all the other bugs, was a large steel wire and bolt cockroach. If you think it looks like a funeral, you’re right. Kenny’s creation was entitled, “The Funeral for Bugsy Steel”.
Kenny’s entry was on a pedestal in the middle of the Honolulu Hale (city hall) mezzanine. Alone, all by itself, with a big placard in front covered with a cloth.
Turns out the judgers were looking for something original and different. They found it in Kenny’s entry. To say the crowd was shocked is the classic understatement. People were incensed, some upset, some were simply speechless, and our little group was amused beyond belief. But it got better.
Here comes Her Honor the mayor. She is accompanied by her husband, a major in the Honolulu Police Department. She is wearing an elegant muumuu, her make-up is perfect, and she’s wearing a huge red carnation lei. She gives a short welcome speech and then announces the four prize categories; Most Creative, Most Original, Best Representation, and Best in Show.
The first three were awarded by individual judges, but Best in Show had to be picked and agreed upon by two of the four judges.
The Mayor announces the Best Representation award; its $250.00 dollar prizemoney, the winner walks up, accepts his envelope, a nice plaque, and receives big red carnation lei, just like the mayors. Remember, a lei is always accompanied by a kiss, which the winner graciously accepts on the cheek.
Then Her Honor makes an incredible statement. She tells the audience of several hundred people that a most “unusual” thing has happened. The second and third awards and the Best n Show award were all won by the same person. In fact, she goes on, the Best in Show was a unanimous selection. The crowd gasps. She announces Kent’s name. The crowd held its breath. She asks the winner to come on stage. At the same time an assistant to the mayor removed the cloth covering the plaque in front to Kenny’s sculpture. The plaque can now be read, “Best in Show”.
The picture is this; the elegant Mayor, with three big red carnation lei’s draped over one arm, check envelopes and plaques in the other hand, and she is smiling for the cameras. Smiling that is until she realizes the small, unshaved, long haired gnome wearing rubber slippers, a barely held together straw hat, a dirty “Fasi For Mayor” t-shirt and cut-off Levi jacket approaching the stage, is the winner.
Then Kenny begins to giggle, which is more like the cackle of the wicked witch than laughter. She almost broke. And the crowd, except for a bunch of uncouth bikers in the back who are yelling and applauding, goes silent.
Her Honor was a politician and she pulled herself together like a trooper. She held on right up until she started lifting the lei’s over Kenny’s head and bent over to kiss his cheek. That’s when she got a deep breath of Kent’s perpetual pot deodorant. It was over.
The smile dropped so hard the crowd almost heard it. She quickly skipped 95% of her closing remarks, announced the show was officially open, and took off for the ladies room. She wasn’t at a run, but a really really fast walk.
To wrap this all up in a neat bundle. Kenny fulfilled his community service, received 2 plaques and a trophy, and pocketed $1,250.00 in prize money. I’d call this a win-win-win for Kenny.
Oh, remind me to tell you about Kenny and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce “Art Show”. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

Friday Motes Drifting On By

The secret to long life? : Well. According to the world’s oldest man, 112-year old Chitetsu Watanabe in Japan, “keep smiling”. Me, I think the secret is just don’t die.

Justice delayed, but catches up: Omar al-Bashir, the ousted dictator of Sudan, may finally face international justice. This is still a very, very big maybe. But on Tuesday, Sudan’s new joint military-civilian council offered the first real signals that the former leader could finally appear before the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charges of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes for his role in the genocide in the Darfur region that began in 2003. A simply animalistic “civil” war on par with Rwanda and other genocides. Movies that should be seen; “Attack On Darfur” and “The Devil Came On Horseback”. Not pleasant friday night at the movies type movies. But they should be seen.

This one I watch: It’s pretty clear how I feel about “award” shows. I do watch the Westminster Dog Show. I like dogs, probably more than people, and there are no “acceptance” speeches. This years grand winner is Siba the Standard Poodle. Not my favorite breed, but I have inter-acted with several and they are a great breed. Second place went to Bourbon the Whippet, another classy breed (they just look scared all the time).

For God’s sake, Just say no: Recent leeks are that MLB is planning on some changes that will make baseball more “drama filled, higher rated” playoffs. This means adding a bunch of play-off games to attract more viewers. Here we go, change everything for the sake of generating a few more bucks. I have no problems with them wanting more money, but this will turn people off, not on. They’ll wait until it’s all decided, then watch. This will be a disaster.

Love (Head) Line: “I had sex twice a day instead of going to the gym – my body got more toned, my mood was better but I got sick of orgasms.” Yeah, wish I had a dollar every time I heard that one. I have, well a dollar.

Another is safe; Recently we heard of a Nessie sighting, now it’s a Big Foot spotted in Ohio, in Salt Fork State Park. The picture looks, to me, like a common Brown bear walking on his hind legs. But I wasn’t there, and I glad Foot is doing okay.

And another sad good-bye; Paul English,87, drummer and sometime self-appointed bodyguard to Willie Nelson. Met Paul at an after concert party for Willie and Kris back in ’84. He was intrigued by the fact I was doing contract bodyguard work and we talked for a very few minutes. He was a great musician and seemed a straight shooter (in more ways than talk). He will be missed.

Trucking Thursday Motes

They do things different there: In America we had Pelosi tearing up her copy of the SOTU speech from President Trump in Congress. In the U.K. they have Jeremy Corbyn sitting in the House of Commons, listening to a speaker, picking his nose, and then wiping it on his beard. I think I’d rather watch Pelosi.

Some people ; Some people have way too much time on their hands. Recently a couple, known for you-tube stuff, decided to turn a toilet seat into a large butt-sized mood ring. Why? Who looks?

Always read the brochure: In Russia a young thrill seeker tried his hand at bungee jumping. That’s where the jumper is attached to a solid object, like a bridge, with a really long rubber bungee cord. Well, this guy forgot about the cord part and jumped off the bridge before he was hooked up. Well, it is winter, so he landed in snow and survived. I suggest he not take up skydiving.

They don’t want civil discourse: At a recent meeting conducted by the Federalist Society at George Mason School of Law, a rude heckler decided it was better for everyone if he shouted over the speaker, Nigel Farage. Instead of asking questions or debating a point, this “protester” screams and yells and makes the whole thing upsetting for everyone else. I’m sure he was a “open and clear dialogue” loving law student that will shape the world in his own image.

Congratulations: I didn’t watch the SuperBowl, Golden Globes, or the Academy Awards. I would like to say congratulations to the First Native American to be given an Academy Award, Wes Stodi. He is a marvelous actor and even though it was an Honorary Award, it is an Oscar, nonetheless. A long way from Sacheen Littlefeather. I am a fan of Stodi’s work. Congratulations.

Recently I asked about a mannequin. It’s for this wonderful lady. Any help would be appreciated.