Sunday Rant – DTI

As appropriate today as it was 6 years ago. Read it.

30 July 14


A relative recently said to me:

“You may think you have the right to own guns, but I have the right to walk  in the park and not be shot.”

My response was a searing: “No, you don’t!

“You don’t have a ‘right’ to have nothing bad ever happen to you.  No  such ‘right’ is enumerated anywhere in the Constitution, nor would it be possible for any such ‘right,’ even when cynically promised by criminal politicians, to be enforced.

There is no free lunch!  Our Constitution declines to guarantee  outcomes. Neither this Nation, nor this planet, owes you anything.   You have no ‘right’ to a risk-free life!

As for police, it represents enormous conceit to believe we do anything about crime, other than displace it!

I feel bad about victims of crime, just like everyone else.  Indeed, I also feel bad about floods, earthquakes, fires, accidents, sickness, and poor personal decisions.  But, I don’t feel bad enough to forever surrender my individual freedom and liberty, on behalf of myself and my children, voluntarily entering into slavery, and donning chains, in a despicable, and meaningless, effort to prevent ‘crime’

There are things far worse than ‘crime!’

We all pay a price for living in a free country.  You get to make your  own decisions.  You get to endure the consequences.  Either way,  ‘luck’ is completely indifferent.  And, either way, nobody cares, nor  should they.

And in the end, bacteria win anyway!  Where did you think you were, Disneyland?”

“The Constitution only gives people the right to ‘pursue’ happiness. You have to catch it yourself!” Benjamin Franklin


As always, John has it right. Probably even more now than then. All the “peaceful protesters” are demanding their “rights” and lots of free stuff. Even if it’s your stuff. You don’t have the right to be safe and secure. That you need to do on your own. Be prepared. Be ready. Be safe.

Saturday Story

Mongo and Napoleon

Some guys take their dogs on rides with them. I’ve seen a few guys that have padded the gas tanks of their bike so their dog can ride with them. Even a few riders that have gotten WW1 type pilot helmets and goggles that are made specifically for dogs.

Now these dogs have to be pretty brave to trust their owner and ride on a motorcycle at any speed.

However the bravest animal I ever met was Spiders dog, Napoleon.

Napoleon wasn’t a very big dog, but he was absolutely fearless, and had along memory.

The first time we had a party at Spider’s house, Napoleon was a bit confused with all the bikes and strange people around but he tried to cope. One member just wouldn’t let him alone, and that was Mongo. Mongo messed with that poor dog all night.

Mongo was named after the character played by Alex Karras in Blazing Saddles, you know, the guy that punches out the horse. Our Mongo was that big. He had huge arms and was a career Navy fireman. Basically a very gentle guy but he could be a little less than tolerant.

It was another party at Spiders that Napoleon showed his mettle. The usual suspects were there; Sideshow Rob, Socrates, Bisket, Joker, Mikey, and of course Mongo.

We were all standing in the driveway, smoking and joking and Mongo was telling a joke. Mongo could not tell a joke, he was horrible at it, but he was our brother so we stood and listened. It was when I looked down I really started to smile. As Mongo was concentrating on his joke, I started nudging the other guys and looking downward got them to look also.

Mongo always wore engineer type boots, and always tucked his trouser legs into the boots. There was Napoleon, standing next to Mongo, with his little left hind doggy leg raised as he pissed into Mongo’s boot. While Mongo was wearing it.

We’re all trying not to break up and hoping Mongo gets to the punch line real soon. And as soon as he does we all start laughing our butts off. Mongo thinks he has finally told a good joke when he looks down to see Nappy just finishing his business.

Mongo went bananas. Hopping around on one leg, trying to pull his boot off without stepping down, and trying to kick Napoleon all the same time. He failed all three and ended on his butt in the middle of the driveway and Napoleon had disappeared.

As we were all laughing our butts off, Spider reminded Mongo of how he had tormented Napoleon that first night. He also reminded Mongo “payback is a bitch”. Even Mongo had to admit it was a good payback, besides nobody would ever believe a little “mutt” like Napoleon would piss on the mighty Mongo.

Yeah Mongo, you keep on believing that.

Little Friday Motes

Damn: The second gun show of the year, well we actually only have 2 a year, has been canceled. Gotta wait until March 2021. King David Ige the 1st should be fully crowned by then, he doesn’t like the peasants to be armed, and there won’t be any, ever again.

Funny haha: Wouldn’t it be funny if this “bumbling Joe” is all an act and Biden does a 180 on the stage during the debate? Yeah, hilarious. Nobody is that good an actor. Not even Hanks.

Wonder where his next job will be: CNBC’s Jim Cramer called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “Crazy Nancy” on Tuesday during a discussion on a new coronavirus relief package on “Squawk on the Street.” Insisting he was imitating President Donald Trump’s insult, Cramer quickly apologized. Probably be asking if you want to “supersize” in his next “interview”.

Oh goody: New York has said it’s ok for Hawaii residents to visit NYC. I can’t wait. Oops, I’m still not allowed to leave Hawaii. Sorry guys, maybe some other time.

Desperately seeking relevance: Madonna once again trying to make herself relevant by announcing she is direct her own “biopic”. Geez, I hope her directing is a heck of a lot better than her acting. On second thought, don’t matter ‘cause I won’t watch it anyway.

Can anyone explain this: The civil rights activist who co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement has been selected as an endowed chair at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Alicia Garza, a special projects director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance, principal at the Black Futures Lab, and co-founder of the BLM “movement” will headline a live presentation “The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart” on Sept 24 at 12 pm. She lists herself as Co-founder of Black Lives Matter; Marxist; and views America as a racist, sexist, homophobic nation. I’m watching for some “peaceful protesting” to “spontaneously” occur.

If you agree, disagree or just want to say something, drop me a comment. Remember, personal threats will be handled, well, personally.

Well, going home to Hilo for the weekend. My “Writers Tears” has dried up, so I guess I’ll go the “Woodford Reserve” this weekend.

Thursday Motes For You

This is not going to be an election.: The left has said “elect our man or we’ll burn the country down”. That makes it, [ex·tor·tion /ikˈstôrSH(ə)n /noun ; the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.] That’s what we have going on, extortion. Illegal in all cities and states. A federal crime. Except now, it seems to be okay if the correct people do it. It was a popular money maker during the Mafia days. The only way to fight it is to say NO. And make them pay when they try to collect.

Really: South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg reported hitting a deer with his car on Saturday night but actually killed a pedestrian whose body was not found until the next day, state investigators said Monday. Ravnsborg’s office has said he immediately called 911 after the accident on a rural stretch of U.S. Highway 14 and did not realize he had hit a man until the body was found. Sounds like he thinks he’s a Kennedy.

IMO: Yes, I’ve watched the recording of the LA cop shooting. To me, the shooter looks to be a juvenile, maybe 13-15. Maybe even younger. If so, that shooter will basically walk as he/she can not be tried as an “adult”. Shooter will be celebrated and treated like royalty while serving juvie time. Will walk the streets “respected” and a “hero” when they are released at 18. The shooter will be a celebrity, and the deputies will remember it every day for the rest of their lives.

I might buy a pair: The outdoor clothing company Patagonia has come up with a unique way of encouraging its customers to voice their concerns about the environment: A label with “Vote the a–holes out” is being woven into some of its new shorts.  A Patagonia spokesperson, Tessa Byers, says “It refers to politicians from any party who deny or disregard the climate crisis and ignore science, not because they aren’t aware of it, but because their pockets are lined with money from oil and gas interests.” Well, maybe I won’t.

Huh?: Headline I don’t really understand. “Cardi B To Divorce Offset & Request Custody Of Kulture”. Oh, Offset and Kulture are people. Still doesn’t make any sense.

Wednesday Motes For Discussion

Back on  August 27 I wrote : “The NBA should suspend and fire Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell after he appeared to call Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, a “B*tch Ass white boy”.  Well, it appears there was a “twitter” apology, and that was all. Several discussions by various talking heads and sports “experts”, but no punishment. Just wait until some white guy calls a black player a “Punk azz n…..” Let’s see who says it’s just “trash talking” and who starts screaming for a head on a pike. There really are 2 sets of rules.

I love a good, or bad, biker movie: I love the “B” movies, and a good “B” biker movie will have me watching all day. Unfortunately, “Nation’s Fire”, given 4 ½ stars by “Prime”, is so bad, I wouldn’t put it on the bar tv during a Sunday afternoon bb-q. The cliche’s fall over each other and the “actors” (male and female) keep tripping over their one-dimensional characters. The bad tattoo’s and the excessive Botox makes it hard to look at some of the women. The only redeeming characters are the great Bruce Dern as “PopPop” and Frank Drank, (I know, that’s the way he’s billed) as “Bear”. I doubt you’ll see their parts, because that would mean you’d have to watch the movie, and I can’t bring myself to let you. So, just say no to “Nation’s Fire”.

Or is it just me: Does anyone else feel like throwing up in their mouth when Pelosi says “Mother earth”. Another Fauxcohantis? Nope, just another politician.

Don’t understand it: All of a sudden J.K.Rowling has become the literary stone target number one. From what I gather, it’s because she’s written a novel where the main killer is a “trans” person. People, it’s been done before; Mickey Spillane had a trans killer in “Vengeance is Mine”, 1950; television did it with “Peter Gunn” in 1958; and amid the dozens of movies “Freebie and The Bean”  did it 1979. Get off your high horses people, it ain’t nothing personal, or new.

Kind of enjoyed it: Binged on “Cobra Kai” over the weekend. Really enjoyed it. I remember seeing the original “Karate Kid” in the 80’s. I actually got to sit and speak with the great Pat Morita many years before the KK came out. It was at a “Leon and Malia” ,two names from Honolulu music history, record release party. He was a genuinely funny guy. Back in the sixties he was billed as the “hip nip” in Vegas. Of course, Martin Kove is still around being the perfect sleazeball. Kove is also known as quite a “cowboy action style” shooter.

Tuesday Motes Down The River

Pandering: Recently heard on local radio; “Tired of the stay-at-home? Me too. Join me on a Mediterranean Cruise. Leaving March of 2021….”

Maybe Oregon: Remember all the fires in Australia a short while back? All the hohaha suddenly died down when it was found that the majority of the fires had been set by climate change arsonists. Then, silence. Nothing has been written since.  A search also turns up nothing . Look at all the fire’s burning in California and Oregon. Anything similar?

We do NOT have 2 “national anthems”. There is no BLACK national anthem. End of discussion.

We need to know: The is positive proof that many of the “peaceful protesters” are moving between cities and states. It’s hard to hold down a job when you’re out “protesting 7 days/nights a week. The protesters have to eat. Someone is funding them. The old detectives adage ,”Follow the money” seems very appropriate about now.

 You gotta love God’ sense of humor: A man whose kayak capsized in 30 feet of water in Lake George, New York, held on to his kayak for dear life until he got rescued by a group of priests on a floating tiki bar. Jimmy MacDonald was rescued by the Paulist Fathers, a Catholic religious community of seminarians and priests from St. Joseph’s Seminary in Washington, DC, along with the tiki tours staff.

From the American Thinker: A Democrat bureaucrat finally said what we all have known to be the truth: the Wuhan virus limitations that Democrat politicians and bureaucrats have imposed on Americans will go away after the election because that was the plan all along. There is no scientific connection between the election and the Wuhan virus.  There is, however, a cynical connection between the lockdown and the election. We know this because LA County’s public health director, Barbara Ferrer, admitted as much when speaking to a gathering of school nurses and other school administrators.

Monday Motes of Interest

Are you freakin’ serious: There are numerous reports of “peaceful protesters” in Portland, Seattle, and Pittsburg bringing their tender aged children along to the “protest”. A BLM mother in LA brought what appears to be her 1-2 year old baby to a “peaceful protest” that was declared an unlawful assembly and ended with “non-lethal” munitions. This ranks right up there with taking your quadriplegic girlfriend, in her wheelchair, while you point an assault rifle at civilians. How’d that turn out?

In 2018 I said, “No indictments.” No trials.” “No jail terms.” (And HRC still thinks she won.) How about the “top investigators” at the Department of Justice that “accidentally” wiped clean 15 phones used in the illegal Mueller investigation. All by accidents. Yea, sure. I’ve seen ordinary cops dragged over hot coals because there was a typo on the report. This would seem to warrant, well, warrants.

Just asking: “College students say rioting, looting justified because ‘people in power’ have stolen so much more”. So why don’t you go loot and rob the homes and businesses of the “people in power”? I mean, they ain’t that hard to find. Just look for the big, walled homes with all the armed private security. Then go loot. Heh Heh Heh

I’m entertained: With all the “woke” in Hollywierd, and that being all you can see since they control all the streaming, I guess my 4k dvd’s doesn’t seem so silly now, do they? Speaking of Hollywierd, they’re planning on re-making “The Golden Girls” with an all black cast. “Doggie Howser” with an Irish/Hawaiian girl as the Doggster. So, they are either pandering, or running out of ideas. Coin toss.

WTF: an investigation into Fort Hood began on Tuesday following the deaths of more than two dozen soldiers at the base this year. Twenty-four soldiers dead, in a non-combat AO, in 9 months. And NOW they “start an investigation. ” HUH?

Sad Good-bye: A great loss, Diana Rigg, 82, of cancer. During my youth, we all had out “secret” desires from television. One shared by many was the incredible “Emma Peel” from the British show “The Avengers”, played by the very flexible Diana Rigg.  Ms. Rigg recently won praise for her performance in “Game Of Thrones”.  Ms. Rigg, and her talent will be missed.

Happy Birthday Clayton Moore (1914-1999) Who? “A fiery horse with speed of light, a could of dust, and a hearty ….” Yes, he was THE Lone Ranger. Happy Birthday Sir. You did well.

Sunday Rant

 Hawaii is dying. No tourism, outdoor recreation, and no nightlife. Why would anyone want to come? The Pol’s are going to save us from ourselves. Lt. Gov. Green has established a 5 point “recovery” plan. I got just a few questions.

First, everyone in Hawaii must wear a mask when not at home. He encourages mandatory enforcement not only for face coverings, but also social distancing. ( Okay, for how long? Are the cops going around measuring between people? Mandatory? Is it going to be a law? Will it go through the “normal” route to become a law, or just another imperial decree?)

The second step, which he has been calling for for a while, is an increase in daily testing. He wants the state to increase testing capacity to 10,000 a day.( Who is going to pay for the all the tests and testers? How often do I have to get tested? Who pays for my testing? Again, how long does he want to test. Forever? Until he’s out of office? How long?)

Step 3: The Department of Health needs to employ 500 full time contact tracers in order to rapidly and thoroughly track everyone who has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID. (Who pays the trackers? How long will they be employed? What is their authority? What are the legal limits to the questions they can ask? What restrictions will be in place on them?)

Step 4: Staffing at hospitals needs to be increased. This includes at least 300 new nurses and 100 new beds this month alone. Green also wants the state to launch 150 mobile hospital beds staffed by the National Guard and private sector health care professionals. (Where does the state intend to find these new nurses? Who’s going to pay them? Who’s going to build the new “mobile hospital beds? What will they, nurses and beds, be used for “when it’s all over”? Or will it never be over?)

And 5th and last, Lt. Gov. Green is calling for more transparency saying COVID data — including the location of cases — must be updated, accurate, and available to the public. (Can anyone access the COVID data? Why? Isn’t my medical history protected by law? What’s to prevent “COVID Positive” from becoming the new “leper”?)

These are the questions that just jump out. I’m sure there are a lot more that would be asked if we had any attorneys with balls and didn’t just toe the democrat line.


Saturday Story

I mentioned that on a usual Labor Day I would have a few bikes and riders at my place. Here’s a story of one of those times.

Bonehead and Doctor Death

The annual Labor Day run on the Big Island of Hawaii, was one of the events a Vagos M/C member could attend. There were a few events every year and you had to attend at least one. Usually everyone went to the Laughlin River Run or the Las Vegas New Year party because of their locations and access, but a lot of the brothers would fly over to Hawaii for the Labor Day run. The charters here would lend out their bikes or help make rental arrangements for the mainland guys, there are parties all weekend, and there is a lot of beautiful riding to be done.

Now bikers have a lot of colorful road names and in fact I knew more road names than I did the Christian names. There was Tramp, Grouch, Blackie, Whitey, and one of my favorites, Bonehead.

Now my name, Storyteller, came with a certain expectation of stories at the drop of the hat and I tried the best I could. But with Bonehead and his crew, I outdid myself.

It all started about the fourth day into the five day “weekend”. We were all sitting at Jokers place, watching the fire, swapping stories and mixing liquors, when Bonehead with his wife and crew pulled in and made themselves at home. They had rented two vans, brought extra camping gear with them, and had been driving around the island just relaxing. After a few beers one of Bonehead’s guys started complaining about where they had camped out the night before. He remarked it was like the kids in the neighborhood were out playing all night. He said they made so much noise he couldn’t sleep.

A sudden flash of devilish inspiration cause me to ask where they had camped. The men hemmed and hawed and finally one of the wives said they were camped at “Lapa something something.”

“Do you mean Laupahoehoe ?” I asked very quietly. The evil filter between brain and tongue  fell away.

“Yeah that’s it,” Bonehead replied. “Those kids kept us up almost all night. But whenever I looked outside I couldn’t see anyone.” I just sat there shaking my head. By now I had everybody’s attention. I looked over at Joker and he was already starting to shake his head. He didn’t know here  I’d go with this, but he knew it would be good.

Before I go any further, you have to get an image of my audience. Most of these guys could pose for the centerfold of the San Quinten Gazzette. Bonehead  was a tall, shaven head, muscular  man with barely an inch of skin below the neck that wasn’t at least touched by a tattoo. Most of his crew was much the same build and none of them looked like the kind of person you’d want to meet in a dark alley. The kind of men that wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

I continued in a very soft voice,” The reason you couldn’t see them is because they aren’t  there. Not really.” Every eye and ear was on Bonehead and me.

“You see Bonehead, those kids are dead, but they don’t know they’re  dead. They were all killed when the tsunami of 1946 came in and the entire school was washed out to sea.”

Ever seen a tattooed guy turn white? I mean really white. It’s really sort of funny looking. That was Bonehead when he responded; “Oh man, don’t be telling me that shit.”

“Oh yes,” I continued. “The tidal wave came in so fast that people they didn’t have a chance to get to higher ground. There were only a few survivors. If you walk on the beach there is a stone monument with all their names. Those kids you heard were in school when it hit.”

I could see all my charter members grinning and barely hiding their laughter as the big scary bikers became big scared bikers. But it wasn’t over.

“Well”, Bonehead continued. “We ain’t staying there any more so it won’t bother us anymore. Monday we’re flying to Oahu and staying in Waikiki for the week.” “What kind of stuff you have planned”, I innocently asked.

“Oh man, we’re gonna swim and sun and go paragliding and all that shit.”

“Well, be careful.” The hook was set and the trap was sprung. “Remember to watch the shark warnings on the beach before you go swimming and if you do the paraglide things remember to have them double cinch your harness. Just last week a Japanese tourist didn’t and she fell out of the harness at about 75 feet. It killed her.” Now at this time  Waikiki hadn’t posted a shark warning in the last 10 or more years and I don’t even know if they  can “double cinch” the harness. I was making this up on the fly.

And so it went the rest of the night.  Hang gliding? Guy crashed into the cliff wall and it took three days to get him down. Find a nice hiking trail.? Rockslide at Sacred Falls killed a whole class of  U H students. Deep sea fishing? Jaws. Every time someone came up with an idea or suggested an activity, I’d be very nice and comment on how much fun that activity was but , and then I’d launch into some kind of  freaky accident that killed or maimed someone doing it. And I would make these “accidents” as freaky and messy as I could, but always with this sad face that said I’d really feel bad if someone in the group got hurt or killed because I didn’t warn them. All bullshit of course.

The night rolled on and I continued the comments and warnings, made up as I went along. I think some brought up things just to see what I’d come up with. I didn’t drop the ball the whole time.

 The next day everyone was breaking camp and getting ready to head home after a really fun filled weekend. As he and his crew rolled up their gear in preparation for leaving Bonehead greeted me with; “Morning Doctor Death”.

We all had a good laugh but like a professional wrestler I never dropped character. I didn’t see them during their week on Oahu, but I’m sure they had fun despite the “dangers”.

A few months later Julie and I and the Hawaii charters were in Las Vegas for the New Year’s Party. I got to tell you, it is something to walk into a Vegas casino and there are five or six hundred men wearing the same club patch as you.

As I was walking across the casino a big voice yelled out, “Hey Doctor Death”, making those three words last about 5 seconds. It was Bonehead, who promptly dragged me to the bar and we started celebrating the New Year. And he would continue telling the story of my stories to anyone and everyone all night long.

I finally asked him; “Bonehead, you know I was making all that shit up?”

“Yeah man, I knew that. But damn you were good and some of that stuff was freaking great.”

And with that we rang in the New Year.

About 2 years later a POS snitch named Hammer set up and rolled on several of the club members. Some of them ended up doing multi year sentences, including Bonehead who had been the charter P. I’m not saying he was an angel, but Bonehead deserved better than that.

Hammer died several years later due to an “accidental” drug overdose. He got what he deserved.

Motes For Our Friday

Politics, just my opinion: You shouldn’t blame or criticize the clown for acting like a clown. Instead ask yourself why you keep going to the circus.

Additional information: Remember the German’s that said the Sturgis Rally would cost $12b in medial expenses? Well the Governor of South Dakota says they just “made up some numbers and published them.” “That’s actually not factual whatsoever,” Noem said of the economists sturdy in a FOX News interview. “What they did is they took a snapshot in time and they did a lot of speculation, did some back of the napkin math and made up some numbers and published them. This study wasn’t even done by a health care study, it was done by the Institute of Labor Economics and it’s completely untrue.” Let me get this straight, the researchers took a bit of info, made up some numbers, and then published pure speculation. Gee, the “researchers” sound just like the U.S. MSM don’t they?

The new 18th Amendment: With all the Honolulu (Oahu) bars closed for the last 6 months, and it appears that many many will never re-open, it appears the governor and mayor intend to make Hawaii the first “Sober State”. Or is it just me?

I knew I Liked “Miss Howe” : Actress Kirstie Alley mocked new guidelines issued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stating that films eligible to win the coveted Best Picture award must meet various diversity standards in order to qualify. The Cheers star compared the Oscar quotas to telling Pablo Piccaso what had to be in his paintings. “This is a disgrace to artists everywhere…can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his fucking paintings,” wrote Kirstie Alley. “You people have lost your minds. Control artists, control individual thought .. OSCAR ORWELL.”

Staying in Honolulu this weekend. Sure I’m going to shed some “Writer’s Tears”. Sunday Rant is an important one, read it. See ya Monday.