Stress Causes, Them and Me

Recently I was going through some of the other blogs I read when I found this at “Nobody Asked Me”, ( This was from the “Glenn Beck Radio” show.  Here are the ten causes for millennial stress, followed by my answers.

  1. Losing wallet or credit card
  2. Arguing with partner
  3. Commute or traffic delays
  4. Losing phone
  5. Arriving late to work
  6. Slow WiFi
  7. Phone battery dying
  8. Forgetting passwords
  9. Credit card fraud
  10. Forgetting phone charger


1)  Losing your home

2)  No longer having a partner to argue with, ‘cause they died

3)  Not having a car to commute with, or a job to commute to

4)  No phone to lose, couldn’t pay the bill

5)  Not having a job to be late to

6)  Slow unemployment check

7)  Life partner dying or wondering if they will live out the night at the hospital

8)  Forgetting your children and their names, or who they are

9)  Finding out someone else has gotten your Social Security checks, and cashed them

10)  Not having electricity, shut off due to no payment, to charge a phone

Well, you get the idea. And yes, I have been under almost every one of these stressors. Just waiting for #8. And I ain’t killed anyone.


Tuesday Brain Motes

So long to Dick Dale , “King of the Surf guitar”. He has joined that big bikini beach muscle  party in the sky.

Hey, did anybody notice that nobody in Hawaii has been involved in the scholastic bribery case. Hmmmm.

Hirono, the professional politician, says Trump incites acts of violence with his speech. Since 09/15, there have been 336 “recorded” acts of violence toward Trump supporters, 16 national “hoax” crimes by “Trump supporters” (optimum word is hoax) recorded. Who incites what, Mazie?

My latest large sharp pointy object project. Gonna start with the edged Rapier sword on the left. The right appears to be an English Calvary sword. Both are rusted, and pitted, but fair steel. Going to be fun.



As you can see, it’s going to be some work just getting it apart. But fun.

How about some movie reviews.

Alpha; A really good little movie for the whole family to watch. And since in features sub-titles, the kids will have to pay attention. Some would think it was an animated cartoon type movie, but no. It is live action and a thoroughly enjoyable 96 minutes. I will be watching it again.

Triple Frontier; After numerous cast changes, publicity, and false starts, Netflix finally got this one out. I was not impressed. The best actor was the H-3 pretending to be in South America. Other than that, basically a standard heist movie. The “Triple Frontier” aspect was really not used as well as it could have, hell, I could have written it into the story more than they did. Predictable ending and set up for a sequel.  Time waster.

Where in the world is Tulsi Gabbard ?

(Politico-Daniel Strauss)

Well, according to reports, since announcing her candidacy she’s traveled to Chicago, Iowa, Rhode Island, and the “Love City Brewing Company” in Philadelphia, She has also gone to New Hampshire, announced a pair of town hall meetings in Nevada and had other meetings in California.

You know what I’m not seeing on her list of travels? The House of Representatives.

I don’t see anything helping Hawaii. I don’t see her doing anything for the people that elected her to represent them. You know, her constituents.

Tulsi, you should give up your seat to someone that has the best interests of Hawaii. Not someone who desires the national stage. Hawaii has lots of problems, they need to be solved. Not ignored so you can promote yourself. We have enough politicians doing that.

Same BS; Different Day, Different Reason

So here we go again.

“Hollywood Blames Trump”;  “Trump Rhetoric A Factor”;  “AOC Hits NRA

All of these about the New Zealand shooting. First of all, Trump has nothing to do with what goes on in New Zealand. Neither does Trump’s “rhetoric”. And I’m pretty damn sure the NRA doesn’t have an office in the entire country of NZ.

NZ’s gun laws are “lax” by some standards and there is no mandatory registration.  Anyone who wants a firearm of any kind can only do so with police authorization. And the criteria are hard. So not just anyone can “legally” own a firearm. There’s the magic word, legally.

Let’s blame who’s really responsible.

No, not the manufacturer of the gun. He just built a tool.

Not all the politicians and their hot air speeches.

It wasn’t the “preachers” spouting “hate your neighbor”.

And Facebook did not cause him to write his manifesto or film his actions.

The real responsible party is the guy that did the shooting. He, and only he, is responsible for his actions. It was his hatred.

He may have had others that agreed with him. They may have helped him gather his materials and supplies. They may have even encouraged him. At the end, it was he that pulled the trigger.

This is an evil in all that is done under the sun: that one thing happens to all. Truly the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil; madness is in their hearts while they live, and after that they go to the dead.

Ecclesaistes 9-3

Let’s not forget, the shooter was driven off from the second mosque, by an armed good guy.


I’ve been pretty lucky during the years I’ve been married to Julie; before Julie, not so much.

Since being married to her I’ve won a number of radio call-ins or submission contests.

Julie and I have entered and taken part in well over a hundred poker runs, parades, club parties, and so on but never really won any major prizes. I guess I used all my biker luck when I caught her.

Once, I was the last winner of a call in contest, and ended up winning the “grand prize”, a night for 2 at a newly remodeled Waikiki Hotel. It included dinner so we had a really nice night away from home.

Once I was the “50th caller in the nation” winner and got a trip to Vegas.

I also entered a local station’s “poetry” contest for St Valentine’s Day and it won. The prize was a weekend for two on the island of Maui. In fact, the DJ told me that it had been a unanimous selection. She framed a copy of the poem. It still sits in the living room hutch.

So Julie and I made plans for the weekend getaway to Maui. The prize included airline tickets, room, and a special dinner on Saturday night.

We flew over Friday afternoon, got a rental car and drove to the hotel.

It was one of the “finer” Maui Hotels, which put it in a class we would not have been able to afford.

It didn’t take us long to settle in and since it was Friday night, I called an old friend in Lahaina for a couple of drinks.

From the hotel to Lahaina was a 30 to 40 minute drive. We met Carl and he took us to a local bar/restaurant whose name I’ve forgotten.

At the actual bar sat two guys, mid 30’s, well built, well dressed, and by 10:00 pm they were well oiled. No, they were hammered and they were buying rounds of “Gold Schlager” schnapps. They were loud, but having a good time.

Then an alarm started ringing in the back of the building and I suddenly realized both these guys were pulling guns out of identical ankle holsters.

Carl leaned over to tell me “Don’t worry. I know ‘em. They’re cops”.

Now, all I can think of is; “Here it is, my 1st night of my romantic weekend, and I’m gonna get shot by accident by a drunken cop.”

Weak smile.

We decided to leave shortly thereafter and so we dropped Carl at his place and pulled back on the main road.

A little way outside Lahaina there was a road block. I figured a DUI check point but Julie was driving so I was cool. I thought.

We get to the flares, and the police officer says we have to turn around. We explain where we were staying, and well, this was the only road in and out of Lahaina.

The officer sort of shakes his head and then tells us a brush fire has blocked 5 to 6 miles of the road with flames and smoke.

Nobody is leaving Lahaina for a while.

We turn around and go back to Carl’s, but from the street we can hear his snoring. From the street!

So, we have a $250.00 a night hotel room, and we’re sleeping in a $39.00 a day rent-a-car. How romantic!

Finally about 3:00 am I hear cars going down the road so we give it a try. What the Police were doing was taking 10 or 15 cars in a convoy each direction with an officer on each end. That way nobody gets lost in the smoke. It worked.

It was still dark when we finally reached the room. There had been no place open to get any food on the way back so it was a very welcome surprise when we found a fruit and chocolate basket in the room.

But it was looking out the window that the biggest surprise. Looking toward the inner area of the island, we could see the fire, several miles long, reaching across the mountain and crawling upward.

Julie claps her hand and said something about how beautiful it was if you didn’t know the damage it was causing.

I made a comment on how hard it had been to arrange the whole thing.

She said, “Zorro only made a flaming Z, you did the whole mountain for me”.

I asked her, “Hey you know how hard it is to write Jim loves Julie in fire? It takes a lot of room.” The laughter must have been heard in the next room.

The Saturday passed without incident, and the dinner was fabulous.

Our flight back was scheduled for late Sunday afternoon, but we had to turn the rental car back several hours sooner so we figured we’d try to get on an earlier flight.

We waited our turn, got to the airline desk, explained everything about leaving early and the counter lady said no problem.

She then asked me for the “return tickets” the radio station had given us.

She looked at them and told me these were to Maui, she needed the return tickets.

I told her these were all I had been given.

The counter clerk responded that it appeared the station had not given us return tickets.

And my loving, but incredibly smart ass wife pops up with, “Well, they did say it was a trip for two ‘to’ Maui. They didn’t say anything about coming back.”

I bought return tickets accompanied to large amounts of laughter from both sides of the ticket counter.

Several days later I had some unpleasant words with the radio station prize people. I wasn’t laughing

Floating Down The Brain Mote River

In Italy; two men have been found not guilty ( which is not the same as innocent) of rape because the woman was “TOO UGLY” to be raped. This ruling came despite her injuries were so severe she needed stitches. HUH?? Everyone is pretty at closing time.

A man in Tennessee has been charged with a felony after he video’d himself dipping his testicles into an order of salsa, he was delivering. This would lead to a whole new meaning to “Great balls of fire”. Pun at your leisure.

Sunday there was televised “World Axe Throwing Championships”. There has been an application filed to open an Axe Throwing Bar here in Honolulu. Drunks throwing steel tipped darts are bad enough, but an axe? Hey, meet my buddy “Bobby Six Toes”.

And in Australia, a para-glider landed in a field only to be attacked by a kangaroo. Someone once told me Australia is the Texas of the rest of the world. Could be a compliment, maybe.

George’s Good-bye

I’ve  mentioned the Brother that gave me my road name, Storyteller, was George Boston.

George was a good rider and a real brother, but like all of us, he was human. He died at an early age, much too soon for those that loved him.

I was pleased when his club planned a memory ride to the Pali Lookout where they intended to scatter his ashes. I was even prouder when his wife asked if she could ride with me, carrying his ashes, and would I give a short eulogy. I could only say yes.

It was a Saturday morning and there were 35 or 40 bikes and riders lined up for the run. Many were his club brothers but there were a lot other clubs represented as George was well liked. When we pulled out, his wife and ashes sitting behind me, we rode in the # 3 position with an empty space next to us. George’s spot. The rest strung out behind us.

The weather was cloudy and there had been short rain showers all morning, but none on the ride. But the clouds were there.

Everyone had forgotten what a tourist attraction the Lookout was, especially on a Saturday morning. So when we get there, we see 4 large busloads of tourists walking around, taking pictures of the windward coast, and talking. And looking at all the bikers pulling into the parking lot.

Of course, as soon as we stop, put the kickstands down, and the tourists start loading, it rains. Hard. By the time the last bus rolled out, everyone is wet. But we were there on a mission, to say good-by to our Brother. A little rain wouldn’t daunt us. So we all walked out to the lookout.

The widow stood next to me, holding the urn, and I delivered my eulogy. I spoke of George’s spirit, his brotherhood, and his sense of humor. I don’t recall the whole thing, but I ended by expressing my desire to have just one more beer with my friend and Brother, George Boston.

At that moment there was no rain, so everyone gathered close as we removed the urn lid and the widow prepared herself. We forgot to take in account the funny winds at the Lookout.

The moment she cast the ashes, the wind came up, reversed, and blew George’s ashes all over the crowd standing there. We were all wet from the rain, and, well, that meant that if the ashes touched you, they stayed on you. In a matter of seconds the entire crowd, especially the widow and I, were painted with ash. George.

Everyone sort of stood there, stunned, until someone started laughing. Someone else cursed George and his damned sense of humor. Pretty soon, we’re all laughing at the last joke Boston would ever play on us.

We returned to the bikes, rode down the Pali to one of the patch holders homes for some lunch and beer. Eventually everyone started telling George stories.

As I sat there, sipping my beer, I realized I was having that one more beer with my Brother George. I used the last bit of that beer, to wash ash, George, off my leathers.

Good-By George

Weekend Motes

Czech man mauled by lion kept in the backyard.   Appears he had 2 lions one kept inside and the backyard one killed him. Sort of makes him an ex-Czech? Or maybe a cancelled Czech?

Two sisters arrested for killing father after one confesses murder to their shared boyfriend. Shared boyfriend? The sisters are 62 and 63. I got nothin’ here.

The recent racial hoaxer says he did it to get the television show he appeared on to raise his salary. The guy makes $125k per episode. That’s more than most of us make a year. And he wants a raise??

Sorry to say good-bye to Jan Michael Vincent, Feb 10 from a cardiac arrest. He appeared an I crap load of tv shows, (Air Wolf, Nash Bridges) and movies (Big Wednesday, Baby Blue Marine, White line fever). And to King Kong Bundy, pro wrestler and sorta tv actor (Married With Children, he was Peg’s uncle).


Two Hawaii state representatives, Stanley Chancey (D district 9) and Karl Rhouds (D district 13) have introduced Senate Bill 42 urging the U. S. Congress to eliminate the individual rights of U.S. citizens under the second Amendment.

Both men are Democrats, and attorneys. But nobody “wants to take your guns”.             Give them a call and let them know how you feel. I did.