Let’s Get These Motes Started

Brit Romance headline: “My Boyfriend is too fat to make love to me, so I found a young fit lover instead.” Boy, and they get so nasty when we men do it.

Really?: Danny Garcia, in an op-ed for the Hawaii Civil Beat is promoting the idea “ a guaranteed income is one idea to keep Hawaii from destitution”. So is working for a living. So is rewarding those that do work, and not rewarding those that don’t. Just who is going to pay for that guaranteed income? He gives the example of Alaska Permanent Fund dividend payments. Those payments come from the oil and gas sales. Something Hawaii does not have. He says Hawaii could do the same thing with money collected from tourism or “other industries”. The only income the State of Hawaii has is TAXES. Tourism is already taxed to death. We have no “other industries”. Folks, the ONLY income the state has, is your taxes. Or simply, YOU.

Congratulations to Dwayne “The Rock” and Lauren on their wedding. I hope they have a great life together.

Speaking of a good life
: Alyssa Milano says she wouldn’t have the great career she has if she hadn’t gotten 2 abortions in the 90’s. Yep, kill the baby because it’s inconvenient. And let’s face it, you were at your peak then. Everybody remembers your great acting back then.Don’t they?

Chicago Weekend: 3 dead 24 shot. Good job Chicago, this is the lowest I’ve seen in a while.

Well, Spike Lee has announced there is “not even a question” that Trump is a racist. That settle’s it. Spike Lee is an idiot. And a racist. (Yes, I went there)

And speaking of idiots: Bette Midler, who has the intellectual depth of a cupcake, seems to think she’s some kind of Lenny Bruce poet and wants to write dirty limericks to Mrs. Trump. Bette, Melania Trump is fluent in 6 languages, has her own multimillion-dollar company. You speak 1 (Hawaiian pidgeon does not count) and are really known for your big mouth. Point, set, and match Melania Trump.

I really do think “civil discourse” could really be in improved by the re-introduction of Dueling. Fewer keyboard killers, internet-assassins, and foul-mouthed headliners. Really.

Let’s Get The Motes Started

Notice the MSM is ardently not reporting the Philly shooter was a Muslim with ties to a radical mosque? Not so the Texas shooter, they couldn’t wait to id him as a white this, or a white that. Yeah, fair and balanced my aunt’s ass.

Local headline: “34-year old woman dead after becoming unresponsive”. Does anyone ever read these headlines? Most dead people are pretty unresponsive. But what really caught my attention was the very last line in the “news report”. Are you ready? Here goes…”It is unknown at this time what type of snorkel the woman was using.” Huh ??? This is news?

No Argument: Headline in Instapundit; “Walmart shouldn’t be selling dildos”. Like I said, no argument.

Recently received a pop-up ad; “Stop wasteful regime change wars. Vote Tulsi Gabbard”. How about we stop wasteful paying of non-working Representatives? Fire Tulsi.

Now wait a minute, Cory Booker says, when elected president, he will create a special office to combat “white supremacy”. Coming from an African American, isn’t that….? Shut Up Racist!! There is “Brown Pride” marches, “Black Pride” month, “Gay Pride” parades, “Martian Pride” sit-ins, but if I, as a white Christian male, say I am proud, I’m the racist. HUH?

Repeat after me; No One In The Clinton Brigade Goes To Jail. No One In The Clinton Brigade Goes To Jail. (But some become so upset the kill themselves.) Nobody I know has ever had 12 former “bodyguards” die. No one.

Something new has been added
: If you look at the recent pictures of the “riot squads” being used in Hong Kong, they are armed with large U-shaped staffs. This is actually an old Kung Fu weapon called a “tiger fork”. The police have taken it a step into the new world by adding “electric stun guns” to the fork. Oh wow, a “Tiger Stun Gun”. Good luck boy’s, you’re gonna need it.

Some Additional Motes

For years E. Warren falsely claimed to be of Native American heritage, now she wants to “fix” them. She wants to provide housing, medical care, and fix the tribal judicial systems. She includes “Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.” I think the response should be; “please don’t help us anymore. We’re broke now.” After years of ignoring the “Native American vote”, at least seven of the current multitude of Democrat candidates have decided to attend “Native American Presidential Forum” in Souix City , Iowa.. Too little, way too late.

What can I say, incredible set’s, wonderful voices, and a timeless story. Just wonderful.


Another TSA Highlight: An “independent security agent employed” by TSA has been fired for passing a note to a traveler. Not her name and number, rather the note just said “You Ugly”. If that wasn’t bad enough, the agent directed the passenger open the note before he got too far a way. Then she laughed. Recordings show she wrote more than one note. Maybe she was just lonely, or stupid. Or bucking for a promotion.

They just make it up: President Trump is “Racist”, “More racist than a white supremacist”, “doesn’t value humanity”, or is leading an “organized attack on people of color”. All these claims, but NOT ONE SPECIFIC example. Do you really want such people “leading you”? I don’t, because they damn sure don’t represent me.

Disgusting: “New Report Shows Leprosy On The Rise In Los Angeles County”. Leprosy can remain dormant for anywhere between 5 and 20 years and occurs more commonly among people living in poverty. A case of “reaping what you sow”? And how many others have been exposed during that 5-20 year span?

Little Sunday Motes

Andrea, if you’re thinking about running again, I have one piece of advice. Speak up. Tell us what you stand for, how you’re going to be different than the one you want to replace, and what you’re going to do for the people that elect you. Give me a reason to vote for you other than you’re not the other guy. These ghost campaigns are not the way to go. Sure, you are going to irritate some and make others mad but please make some damn noise. Wake up the voters.

Finally, someone gets it: Trump says the shooters and not the guns are to blame. Says we should concentrate on the mental health issues and not the inanimate (my word) guns. It takes a human (sort of) to pull the trigger.

We really need red flag laws: Google “whistle-blower”. He claims that someone in Google had outed him as the leak. The San Francisco Police received a call from “Google” asking for a “wellness” check at his home. He says; “They got inside the gate, the police, and they started banging on my door… And so the police decided that they were going to call in additional forces. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.” For a “wellness” check. (PJ Media). This is what will happen when there are “red flag” laws. When they come pounding on your door at 5 am, you answer in a grumpy mood, they will shoot you dead and claim you fired first. No trial, no attorney, and no rights. Period.

Headline: “A New Species of Leech Is Discovered Near Washington D.C.” There are just too many possible responses here. Way too easy.

In 1987 Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer were members of Congress and were busy blaming Reagan for all “our” problems. Thirty-two years later Chuck and Nan are still members of Congress but now spend their time blaming all “our” problems on Trump. Between the them, they have over 60 years in politics, and NOW they want to fix everything. Did I miss something here?

The Epstein suicide ruling reminds me of one I read from Texas many years ago. A man was found shot, in the head, twice, with a lever action rifle next to the body. Coroner said it was “the most determined case of suicide” he had ever seen.

RIP; Peter Fonda, 79. Appeared in far too many movies to mention. He often sailed to Hawaii on his boat “Tatoosh”. A good actor/director. Always seemed a bit of a pretentious jerk to me. But maybe that’s just me.

Motes On A Saturday

To the “Honorable” Rep.’s Tashid and Omar: You don’t make the rules. You were elected to represent people of your communities, not other people from other nations. So pick up your ball and go home. They aren’t playing your game.

I am glad to see the EPA is walking back on its decision to restart using the explosive, cyanide traps to control fox and coyote populations in Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas. These “traps” use a bait to bring the animal in and then an explosive charge to spray sodium cyanide into the animals’ face. They have been in use since the 70’s and have killed many domestic pets and several humans along the way. You’d think in 50 years we could have come up with something, anything, better.

Just Wait: An Ohio man is charged with 10 felonies and 2 misdemeanors within 21 minutes and against 7 victims. Florida man says “Here, hold my beer.” (This will get out of hand quick.)

Paper ballots
are really hard to “hack” and fairly easy to count. Just sayin’.

Whatever happened to Congressional/public censure? Just asking for a friend.

Everybody climbing on
the Trump must be a “Hong Konger” wagon. No, he shouldn’t. I’m old enough to remember Kennedy’s 1963 speech at the Berlin wall when he said “Ich bin ein Berliner”. This was delivered at the Berlin Wall, just 22 months after it had been built. A wall to keep people in and deprive them of a decent life. The situation in Hong Kong is not the same. Perhaps Trump should say something, but not “I am a Hong Konger.” That’s just too stupid for words.

Another career politician. Colleen Hanabusa is probably running for Honolulu Mayor. Her profile claims she has “over 30 years experience” as a Labor Lawyer. My search,(a very light one), show she graduated U of H with her J.D. in 1977. She first was elected in 1998 and it appears she has been in “public service” a total of 19 years. Will she be any better than Do Nuttin’ Ige? Hell, can she be any worse?

I see why everyone is upset about the painting of W. Clinton, in a blue dress, hanging (appropriate) in Epstein’s house. Everyone knows you don’t wear red heels with a blue dress. Bad taste.

Little Greed Catch-Up Motes

Brit Headline for the week : Boy 14 carries out 13 sex attacks in 4 weeks. Horney little devil; isn’t he.

Not even in Hawaii: Pumpkin Spice Spam. Not even.

Spent some time in Hilo, just trying to decompress a little. Listen to a lot of music including this.

The group is called “Brule”. Good stuff.

It is reported the Dayton shooter had cocaine and “other” drugs in his system. Well, let’s make all those illegal. Oh, they are? Well, let’s make them more illegal. That’ll show ‘em.

By the way, Chicago count for last weekend? 56 shot, 4 dead. This is every weekend. In Obama’s home town. Yet they want to take the guns away from everyone who didn’t shoot anybody this weekend. Clean up your own kitchen before you start telling me to clean mine.

You know things are getting bad: When the CNN “journalist”’s security team forces out and assaults the journalist that doesn’t have a security team. But did have an invitation. At an “Education Summit”. So I guess “freedom of the press” doesn’t mean what you think it means.