Saturday Story


There did come a time when I told my wife I was done with helping people and taking them into my home. The last one had stolen from us, lied to my wife and me and generally really abused my kindness.

I spent several weeks without trying to help.

Then one Saturday night we were partying at Sand Island and made the acquaintance of a young Marine from K-Bay. (Kaneohe Marine Base)

As the night progressed, it was obvious he’d never get through the main gate without getting busted for DUI.

Since he didn’t have to be on base Sunday I told him he was coming home with us and sleeping on our couch. For some reason, Julie thought this was hilarious. In fact, she laughed all the way to Maile where we lived.

We parked the bikes, I gave Dan a sheet and pillow and showed him where the bathroom was and then I went to bed.

There sat my loving, caring wife. She laughing like one of the insane with the lost loonies so I had to ask what was so damn funny.

She says, “Excuse me but aren’t you the one that said that you weren’t gonna let any more “blanking” people sleep at your “blanking” house ever the “blank” again because people are no “blanking” good and all they “blanking” want to do is “blanking” rip you off? Aren’t you him?”

Hanging my head I sheepishly acknowledged that I had indeed made comments to that effect.

“Then” she began. “Who is that fine young gentlemen asleep on you couch? Is he not a stranger?” By now she isn’t even trying to hide the smile or the sarcasm.

Guys, when she has you beat from the first move, fall on your knees and beg forgiveness. Because if you try to talk or rationalize your way out like I did, you just get beat up more. Like I did.

Dan and I became good friends, he had my back more than once over the years often sleeping on my couch because we were too drunk to let him go home.

He was a good Marine, he is a fine Brother, and he will always be my friend.

So sometimes you gotta take that chance on someone. Don’t let the “blankety blanks” keep you from meeting the good folks in your life.

End Of Week Motes

Don’t like your neighbor, report them: Many on the left are promoting a recent video created by novelist and left-wing activist Don Winslow, which calls upon citizens to become cyber detectives to monitor and report fellow citizen Trump supporters to authorities. The video, which has received over 3.5 million views since, then claims that the ex-president will begin a civil war and that ordinary citizens must “fight back”. Billboards with snitch report lines will be posted. No evidence needed, no trial given, and everyone vulnerable. But you know, unity.

Does she protest too much: Hilary now says; “Congress needs to establish an investigative body like the 9/11 Commission to determine Trump’s ties to Putin so we can repair the damage to our national security and prevent a puppet from occupying the presidency ever again.” She has also suggested the fbi check the WH phone logs to see if President Trump called Putin on January 6. What is it with Hilary and Russia? Maybe she talks about it so much, to deflect her involvement? Like with the “Uranium Deal”.

Is there anything that says New Year Resolutions can’t be “Cause more sheet”?  Asking for a friend.

Praetorian Guard: There were 25,000 National Guard troops in Washington, D.C., to secure Joe Biden’s inauguration. By way of comparison, there were 8,000 at President Trump’s. Authorities at the Capitol are on high alert. Among their concerns, a remarkable one – the possibility of an insider attack, a threat from service members. The FBI is vetting all of the National Guard troops who have come to the city. So now, Uncle Joe wants to make sure the military is loyal and of the right party. I think I’ve seen this, in South America, Africa, and well, everywhere there’s a dictator.


Can’t wait to hear all the late-night funny’s that come out about Biden/Harris. (But I won’t hold my breath waiting.)

Thursday Motes For Me, and Thee

Only death and taxes: Frenchwoman Jeanne Pouchain has an unusual problem. She’s officially dead. She has been trying for three years to prove that she is alive. Pouchain’s status has prevented her and her husband, from using their joint bank account. Pouchain’s status as deceased is the result of a 2017 Lyon court decision that deemed her dead even though no death certificate was produced. The decision came at the end of a legal dispute with an employee of Pouchain’s former cleaning company, who was seeking compensation after losing her job 20 years ago. So, a former employee took her to court and ended up getting her declared as “deceased”. Man, don’t pizz off the janitor.

Remember Ashli Babbitt.

Fiction or reality: Recently heard a local (Honolulu) commercial for a tour company offering a whale watching tour. A three -hour tour, (cue back-up singers) “a three-hour tour”. (Probably going to hell for that one.)

How about a third party?: I suggest The American Citizens Party, the ACP. 😊 Think it’s about time.

Unintended consequences: Every time the left/Hollywierd/MSM tell Trump voters to sit down and shut up, they create another soldier for the right.  Every time they call the voters deplorable, they cause another to turn into someone determined to maintain their rights. Whenever big media delete another voice, they make one more person speak louder. They keep it up, they’ll cause their own destruction.

Yes, it is: I mentioned the fbi not doing much during the 2020 riots, and a reader took me to task that the “peaceful protesters” had not committed a “federal crime” and the fbi has no jurisdiction. How about crossing state lines to commit crimes (arson, theft, etc.). That is a federal crime, if anyone wants to prosecute. Doesn’t seem anyone does.

Norris and I agree: No, I won’t be watching the “woke” “Walker”. I doubt that Chuck will either.  Nor will I be watching “The Equalizer” remake. Not sorry, not watching.

Prepared for your gas price to skyrocket? Better be.

Motes For The Middle Of The Week

One horse pony: Confrontational “journalist” Jim Acosta is “moving on from the White House, the network announced Monday. CNN is sending its signature Trump-era reporter to anchor weekend programming and serve as its chief domestic correspondent. Let’s face it, there won’t be anything for him to “report on” or “ask questions” about in the Harris/Biden Administration.

Ever notice “Swiss” knives always include a corkscrew?

Big topic lately: Some people, when defending the “peaceful protesting” in Kenosha, Portland, Seattle, and Detroit, demand to know where it says protests have to be “peaceful”. The talking MSM heads all say it doesn’t and “you need” to make noise. I direct your attention to the “Constitution”; “First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Peaceably. (Mike drop.)

When you need 20,000 troops to protect your inauguration, you probably weren’t really elected.


Mazie speaks her mind(?): Our esteemed representative of the people Mazie Hirono tells Don Lemon: “The second part that’s important, Don, is to prevent the president from ever holding public office again.”(CNN 1/14/21)  After that statement, I don’t want to hear her make any calls for “unity”. I can only stand so much hypocrisy.

Asking for a friend: NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley, says that NBA and NFL athletes should get preferential treatment for vaccines because they pay high taxes. Gotta ask, does that include the White players? Or the MLB? Hockey? Hummmm

Alshi Babbitt. Remember Her Name.

Tuesday Mote Of Note

Imposter on the scene: No. That was not Chuck Norris at the D.C. “protest”. I know because the place is still standing.

Another non-star heard from: Sacha Baron Cohen is “demanding” YouTube ban President Trump. Hey Sacha, you’re a citizen of the United Kingdom, not an American. You got no business “demanding” anything from an American Company or about an American President. No matter how important you think you are. STFDASTFU.

Ashli Babbitt. Remember her name.

Happy Birthday: To the much loved Betty White, who turned 99 on Sunday. “What am I doing for my birthday?” White asked. “Running a mile each morning has been curtailed by COVID, so I am working on ‘The Pet Set’, and feeding the two ducks who come to visit me every day.” To the “Golden Girl”, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Speaking of old stars: Barbra Streisand said that Joe Biden’s forthcoming inauguration is making her more optimistic about the coming year, declaring that the president elect will bring back “decency” to the White House. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know a woman worth $400 million dollars is more optimistic. No really, I can’t.

They don’t: Just a reminder, when we elect someone, we are putting them there to “represent” our interests and ideas. If, after elected, they do not “represent” you, vote them out next time. Remember what they said and did. Vote them out.

Local news: You can add a possible income tax increase for wealthier residents and perhaps a bump in the state tax levy on imported oil to the list of tax increases that Gov. David Ige is considering to cope with the state budget shortfall. But, nowhere can you find the definition of “wealthier”. I guess that would be anyone that still has a job.

New Week, New Motes

Not watching: Liam Neeson, the growling Irish saint of ex-cops and deadbeat dads, is not an obvious choice for the role of an ornery, conservative Southwestern rancher. Yet there he is as one Jim Hanson in Robert Lorenz’s The Marksman. Considering Neeson’s very outspoken in his anti-gun ownership stance, (you can watch me shoot people so you don’t need one of your own). I won’t be watching.

OPSEC: A retired Air Force officer who was arrested after he was filmed storming the U.S. Capital in military gear during last week’s riots was turned in by his ex-wife, authorities said. His ex-wife, whom he was married to for 18 years, called the FBI National Threat Operations Center to report she recognized him in photos taken inside the Capitol during the deadly Jan. 6 riot. Always act as if someone else is listening, someone else is watching, someone is always recording, and there is always someone ready to snitch you out.

Ashli Babbitt, Remember her name.

No MSM coverage: “San Francisco: Azerbaijani Muslims vandalize Armenian school, set fire to Armenian church.” Over the past year the number of hate crimes committed against the Armenian-American community has been on the rise. In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, there have been four hate crimes committed against the Armenian community over the last six months . Wrong victims. Doesn’t fit the narrative. If the roles were reversed, which they would not be and should not be, this would be the focus of screaming international headlines. Like it says, doesn’t fit the narrative so it’s not “news”.

Don’t need no stinkin’ reason: New York City will review whether it can legally end its contracts with the Trump Organization, Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said Tuesday. Currently, the city has contracts with the Trump Organization to run a carousel, two ice rinks, and a golf course in the city’s parks. Not because of non-performance or any such actual reason, but because “TRUMP”.

Oh, that’s what happened to Saturday.

You thought Saturday’s story was far out: Germany is set to put COVID dissidents who repeatedly fail to properly follow the rules in what is being described as a ‘detention camp’ located in Dresden. Violators are told that if they receive both a warning and then a fine, a court will decide whether they should be punished with a stint in the camp. And I wrote that story in ’86.

Sunday Rant

Sunday Rant

I believe we have seen the last “2 party” election in my lifetime.

The venom and vitriol being spewed, the consequences being threatened against more than half of the population, and the public humiliation for expressing any political view different than those “in power”.

People expressing conservative values in public are losing their jobs, under the “at will employment” clauses, and being “doxed” for daring to differ. The continuing double standard of law enforcement of the “elite’s” and everyone else. 

The use of Hollywierd and sports “stars” as powerful voices and “influencers” (whatever the hell that is) telling you their 28 million a year is just like your 56 thousand so they “know how you feel” and you should listen to their 36 year-old wisdom.

Legislation designating one specific political group as “domestic terrorists” if they meet in a peaceful group, but not others that publicly state they want to “tear it down”. They are the real peaceful protesters.

Millions of voters had their vote negated by fraud and double (or more) counting of “the other guy’s” votes. The “president-elect” seems content to be the ” * ” president.

Big Tech is regulating who we can talk to, what we can talk about, and what we can or can’t say. Even when we can communicate.

The “state” is already regulating where you can go, how long you can stay there, and telling you what medical procedures you “must” have. And soon, it will be you must carry proof. It’s for “your own safety. “

The “Speaker of the House” seems to be the most powerful person in America. And she seems to hate the majority of Americans

They are burying the past, distorting the truth, and altering reality. Due to all of this, and much more, the “other party” will become the same party in will and action. It will be one party.

Hicks, (Bill Paxton) said it best,” That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over!”

Just Somethings To Say

Use their own tactics against them: Street Artist SABO Triggers the Left With ‘Say Her Name’ Poster of Woman Shot By Police at Capitol Protest.

Yes, there are real Nazi’s: Iconic Portland bookstore Powell’s Books has now become the focal point of the antifa terrorists, as the thugs showed up to protest the store for carrying Andy Ngo’s book. Somehow the bookstore is now all of a sudden of a hub of evil fascists. That’s right, not even the long-time bookstore is immune from antifa’s rage. Powell’s has been an integral part of the Portland community for several decades. Powell’s Books announced Monday it would not carry in its stores a book by the conservative pundit Andy Ngo critical of Portland anti-fascists. At least one employee has been “doxed”. Ironically, Powell’s still sells over 60+ version of Mein Kampf on their website. You know, an actual Nazi book. But the actual Nazi’s are the ones preventing free speech. And trying to regulate what you read.

Okay, one more time: A biker in one state commits a crime, a member of the same club, in another state also commits a crime. These 2 guys don’t know each other. Because they belong to the same club, in different states, the “fed’s” start filing for RICCO* act warrants, the 2 bikers and all the other club members in 4 other states are arrested, they have to spend thousands of dollars in court costs and attorney fees, and many of the lives of the club members are shattered and destroyed. Even after they are all found not guilty of any crime. The MSM applauds. But BLM/Antifa members travel from city to city and state to state, participate in violent “protests”, openly declare their willingness to tear down America, are publicly photographed, and nobody gets arrested. The MSM yawns. We have a two-tier law non-enforcement system. Which tier are you a member?                          * Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Criminal Organization*

Saturday Story

The Letter

From the Pence Re-Education Camp, Somewhere in New Arizona, 2033

Hello Son,

If things worked out right, you’re receiving this letter sometime near your 18th birthday. I’m sorry I haven’t been there for the last 5 years. I guess I just don’t take to “re-education”. 

It all started after Harris appointed Hilary as her vice president, then they suspended the bill of Rights under the “Emergency Proclamation” of ’22. Then they packed the courts, made up the rules as they went along, and took over America under the guise of “Safety and Security”. That’s when the new “living document, Constitution” was enacted. After that, they didn’t even bother to try and hide their actions by ’27. Then the “Safety Laws” began to be issued directly by the President (for Life).

I’m sure your Mother, a saint God bless her, has shown you your first birthday present. It is my 2019 Harley Davidson with 103 cubic inch engine. It has been converted to a points and condenser, single fire ignition system so it can’t be disabled by the ABTF e.m.p. projectors. I’m sure you’re aware it is in violation of the ’24 “Green Engine” act and the “Engine Limitation” law of ’26 that restricted all non-electric motorcycle engines to 250 cc’s. That was what put H-D out of business. That’s also when the Center for Homeland Security and Safety formed the Anti-Biker Task Force and began to hunt us down.

Mom has already introduced you Slick, Big Time, and the other Line Riders M/C that are still in the country, and not in re-education like me. I can count on them teaching you how to ride, wrench, and avoid the BATF goons.

She has also given you the second gift. Those are a pair of matched Colt Commander .45 acp pistols. They were made long before the anti-gun laws of ’25 and the confiscations and re-education’s of ’29. They were hand engraved and “tuned” by Bent Leg Freddy who used to ride with us.

You know, Freddy was sent to re-education same time as me, but nobody ever heard from him again. Some say he escaped to Mexico, others say he was “disappeared” for, well whatever reason they needed. Happens a lot in those Cali-Ore camps.

The grips were made from a Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep. They were made by Dave Halperet, the one I used to call your Uncle Gunner, from a sheep he shot, before hunting was ruled illegal. He carved and mounted those grips just before he tried to run to Mexico in ’29. Gunner’s bike could fly like the wind, but it couldn’t outrun the ABTF attack drone they used to blast him into the landscape. I’ve always missed ol’ Gunner.

The holsters were made by a Brother we all called Leathers. He also did the seat, saddle bags, and my third gift, the leather jacket your Mom has for you. It was made for me, but she says you’ve grown considerably, and it will fit well. Leathers was shot down by the ABTF goons in ’30 for wearing his colors on the street in Seattle. They left him to die like an abandoned dog in that same street.

Well, that’s about all. I’ll never leave here, but you Mother knows where the Liner’s are hiding in Mexico. She’ll tell you how to find them if you decide to join them- when you decide to go. Because you’re my son, the ABTF will probably be watching you, so listen to the Brothers and learn how to go grey until it’s time to not. Always remember; Ride hard, Ride fast, Be true to your Mom, me, your brothers, and most all to Yourself.

Your loving father,

Charlle “Crips” Mathews

Note: I wrote the original of this story in 1986, I re-wrote in ’03 and again this week. All I had to change was the dates. Scary ain’t it?