Friday Motes, So Smile For the Weekend

How come: Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east. Haiti has violence, hurricane destruction, and now rain and floods. But you never hear of anything in The D.R.? The share an island, the weather can’t be that different. Much of this difference is geographic. The mountains that lie across the island can cut off Haiti’s rainfall. The northeast trade winds, and so the rain, blow in the Dominican Republic’s favor. Haiti’s semiarid climate makes cultivation more challenging. And some is the, colonial history, the different consequences of Haiti being colonized by rich France that brought in lots of slaves, and the eastern half that became the Dominican Republic being colonized by Spain, which by then was poor, didn’t bring in many slaves. Spain was sooo poor, they couldn’t even buy a bunch of Irish slaves.

Not really: The PGA joins the LIV pro-golf tours. Everybody gets a big case of the vapors. Why? Nobody is really surprised. It was obvious from the very beginning. It’s got nothing to do with 9/11 or anything else, except$$$. And that’s all.

Not really: Headline “Pence Ramps Up Jan. 6 Criticism Of Man Who Nearly Got Him Killed During Coup Attempt”. Okay, Big Mike has the right to run for the office, but he does not Have the right to make shat up to put blame on the guy he’ll have to beat. There has been NO evidence that anyone, except the protesters, was ever in danger. The deaths were protesters, unarmed people like Ashley Babbitt (murdered) and Rosanne Boylan (murdered) who suffered a “medical emergency” after being beaten to unconsciousness by police, on video. No Mr. Pence, you were never “Nearly..Killed”. I don’t need you as president.

Holy Crap: A twisted Maryland mom and daughter are charged with dismembering the family’s matriarch with a chainsaw — then grilling the body parts to get rid of them. Grandma was 71.. Upon entering the residential basement, police found cutting instruments, the cover of a chainsaw, cleaning materials and blood spatter were observed throughout the cellar reeking of putrefaction. After killing Grandma, the women tried to dispose of the body by burn9ng it on a grill. Well, at least they didn’t try to et her, that meat would have way too tough.

Last week I submitted, and had printed a Letter to the Editor that simply said ”Don’t blame the guns”.

 ” In the 1960’s they blamed the mail order guns, so they changed the laws. In the 1970’s they blamed the “cheap” pot metal “Saturday Night Special’s” so they changed the laws and banned them. In the 1980’s they blamed the magnum “Dirty Harry” gun’s so they started putting limits on them. In the 2000’s the blamed the big-bore rifle’s so they put restrictions on them. In the 2010’s they blamed the pistols with large capacity magazines, so they put limits on the magazines. In the 2020’s they blame “assault weapons” so they are trying to take all of the guns away. When are they going to blame the real cause? “

Responses ranged from calling it  “the most ignorant letter of the month”, to accusations that I “believe(s) that  our country will be safer if all gun owners could have assault weapons” (they can) but they agreed that it was lax enforcement, easy to obtain guns, and unfit owners. Exactly what I implied. And at least I made them think.   

Thursday Motes With A Message

Maybe there’s hope: First there was the white Buffalo calf born to a white Buffalo mother. Now there is a report of a wolverine has been spotted three times last month in the eastern Sierra Nevada, a rare occurrence for an animal that’s only been seen one other time in California over the last 100 years. The latest wolverine appears to be a young male seeking a mate. The animal has been spotted twice in the Inyo National Forest and once in Yosemite National Park. Maybe thee is hope for us after all.

Not the answer: Mayor Eric Adams now wants to start paying every day New Yorkers to shelter migrants in their own homes – as the Big Apple struggles to find beds for the thousands of asylum seekers still flooding into the city. In his latest attempt to battle the ongoing migrant crisis, Adams on Monday floated a half baked “private residence” plan, which could possibly see local homeowners getting compensation to put up asylum seekers. Hey, I gotta idea, how about we start enforcing the existing immigration LAWS? Then we don’t have to pay anybody to shelter ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Hey, just sayin’.

The citizens: New York City has installed new vending machines in four of the most drug-infested areas of the city.  While the machines contain easy and free access to Narcan, to help address drug overdoses, other free paraphernalia include crack pipes.  The overdose packet includes Narcan and drug-test strips to detect fentanyl. The “Safer Smoking” kits contain a heavy stem pipe (that can be used to smoke crack and/or crystal meth), a mouthpiece and lip balm. First question, who’s paying for all this. Oh yea, the people that don’t do crack or fentanyl.

Three murders per hour: Tragically, there have been seven farm murders since last week, including two elderly couples brutally killed on the weekend. Hennie and Anneke Claassen were brutally tortured and murdered on a farm outside Ohrigstad, while Pierre and Belinda de Kock were murdered on their farm outside Piketberg. Both Anneke and Hennie were tortured before being tragically set on fire while still alive. was burned beyond recognition. Hennie was locked in a room in a separate farmhouse before the attacker set the place alight with him inside. “Africa, the hope of mankind”. Nope.

One way or another: Two Tennessee men face eviction from their respective apartments after they returned gunfire on suspects who tried to steal a car parked nearby. Terrance Montgomery received a call from a concerned neighbor in his apartment complex in Raleigh, an area of Memphis. The unidentified neighbor claimed that he saw people in a white vehicle attempt to steal the red Hyundai belonging to Montgomery’s girlfriend. Montgomery claimed that her car had been stolen before and that it had been recovered, only to be targeted once again. He claimed that once the suspects spotted his weapon, they began firing a weapon of their own and that their bullets nearly struck children sleeping in another unit. Despite claims of self-defense, Montgomery and the children’s parent, have since received a notice from Avery Park, the leasing company which owns their apartment complex, ordering them to “vacate the premises” within three days. The letter allegedly accused the men of being a nuisance and threatening the safety of other residents. They do not want you to defend yourself, your family, or your property. Even if you are 100% in the right, they will make you wrong, one way or another.

Wednesday Motes, Middling So

There IS a difference: A team comprised of U.S. women’s soccer legends and some of the best female players in the world lost with an astounding 12-0 score to Wrexham AFC, a team from Wales made up of current, former, and guest players.

History repeats itself: In 1845, the Irish Potato Famine began. There are facts that show the famine was artificially created by the British government. This “famine” lasted until 1852 and was the unlaying cause of the Irish immigration to “the America’s”. Now, Irish politician demands Parliament reconsider plan to cull 200,000 cows to meet EU climate pressure. Elon Musk weighed in over the weekend on reports of a proposal by Ireland’s government to slaughter the 200,000 cows in order to meet the European Union’s climate change goals. The “Irish” government has been kicking this around since 2021. Another artificial famine?

Speaking of a more dependent population: A trial of universal basic income (UBI) will be trialed for the first time in England where 30 people will be given a monthly stipend with no strings attached. The UBI scheme, to be run by the Autonomy think tank, will see 30 people given a monthly allowance of £1,600 a month without any requirements. The scheme will take place in the town of Jarrow in the North East of England and in the East Finchley area of North London. Remember, what the .gov gives you, they can take away. The more dependent you are, the more power they hold on your life.

No you aren’t: Hawaii Gov. Josh Green (D) signed legislation Friday that prohibits concealed carry for self-defense in movie theaters, on beaches, in stadiums, and numerous other places. State Rep. David Tarnas (D) praised the gun control legislation, saying, “We aim to create a balanced approach that respects the rights of gun owners and the need to maintain a safe and protected space in Hawaii.” Considering it took the state 14+ years to follow a court ruling and actually start issuing carry permits, now their going to “prohibited” it right back to “no carry no where”. Mr. Tarnas, you have no respect for gun owners. Period.

If we had only known: In 1977, after many years of hard work and lobbying, the Hawaii motorcycle rights organization Street Bikers United (SBU) got the state legislature to repeal the full time “universal” helmet law. SBU did it without assistance from ABATE, the California lobbying organization. California still has a full time mandatory helmet law. ABATE has not been able to change it. Last week, Senators in California voted in favor of a bill that exempts Sikhs from wearing a safety helmet when riding a motorcycle. According to Sikh religion, men are not allowed to wear anything head gear on top of the mandated turban or patkas. So, the California “STATE LAW” will no longer apply to a specific religious group. (Hypocrisy, table for one.) That is state ordered religious preference. And that’s wrong.

Ho Hum, Tuesday Motes

 A good read: A couple of years ago I read a collection of short stories, all by different writers, and all based on different Springsteen songs. Some were light, but most were kind of dark. I am now reading a similar collection, “Weren’t No Other Way To Be”, based on the songs of Waylon Jennings. Geez, talk about dark.

A huge WTF: In the span of two weeks, nearly 30 children have vanished in Cleveland, sparking concern from a local police chief who said he hasn’t seen anything like this in his 33-year career. As many as 27 children have been reported missing in He called the number of missing children, whose ages range from 12 to 17, unprecedented, the greater Cleveland area, according to Newburgh Heigh police chief Majoy. “This  is troubling in part because we don’t know what’s going on with some of these kids, whether they’re being trafficked or whether they’re involved in gang activity or drugs.” What makes the search even more difficult is the lack of pictures in the cases listed on the website for missing Cleveland children. W T F ???

Good decisions: At the recent Colorado College Graduation, they invited school alum Liz Cheney to deliver the commencement speech. The graduating student body turn their chairs, and their backs to the “honorable” Ms. Cheney. Brings to mind the VNV M/C “Memorial Day Candlelight Run” where the audience did the same thing to Hawaii Representative Patsy Mink.

Gun violence : At a recent neighborhood meeting, the residents were expressing concerns over recent shooting at an illegal “cockfight”. Present was Maj. Mike Lambert of HPD’s Narcotics Division “You know what I mean? If you think you need a gun, you not rugged, you know what I mean?” Probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, especially coming from a guy that carries a gun 24/7, and has hundred’s of men and women that would drop everything to come to his aid. I guess that makes him  “unrugged”?

Congratulations to Star Dahl-Thurston, who was Miss Chinatown Hawaii, beat 20 other candidates to become Miss Hawaii 2023. Well done young Lady. Well done.

Weekend play list; John Prine, Emmy Lou Harris, Robert “Tree” Cody, Meat Loaf, and Frankie Lane. Ya, eclectic, I know.

Early Riser Monday Motes

You don’t, really: It sounds almost unbelievable, but many Taylor Swift fans are claiming to suffer from “post-concert amnesia”. They claim they go to the concert, and three hours and over 40 songs later, they get home and realize they can’t remember a thing. Psychologists say emotions and time may be behind the phenomenon. Come on, do you really want to remember a Taylor Swift concert? Really?

I’ll eat shat first: It has been reported that Chik-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy has said ALL whites should get n their knees and shine black people’s shoes with “a sense of shame, a sense of embarrassment”.(Ninety Miles From Tyranny) Oh HELL NO. Not only will I not be shining shoes, I won’t be eating Chik-Full-of -crap sandwiches anymore.

Put this under “No Good Deed”: A Hawaii resident has pleaded guilty to one count of feeding, touching, teasing, frightening or intentionally disturbing wildlife Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Justice District of Wyoming said in a news release.  According to the violation notice on May 20, 2023, the man approached the newborn bison – after the struggling calf had been separated from its mother when the herd crossed the Lamar River – and pushed the baby up from the river and onto the roadway, the news release said. Park rangers tried to reunite the calf with the herd, but they were unsuccessful. Staff euthanized the calf because “it was abandoned by the herd” and “causing a hazardous situation by approaching cars and people along the roadway,” the release said. There was nothing in the report that indicated the man acted maliciously, the release said. he Hawaii resident was charged a $500 fine, a $500 community service payment to Yellowstone Forever Wildlife Protection Fund, a $30 special assessment and a $10 processing fee, the news release said. No good deed goes unpunished.

You think it’s bad in NY: Three murders take place every hour in South Africa, according to the latest crime statistics. Members of the Afrikaner Freedom Front Plus engaged in a gunfight with robbers in Meyerton. Former Springbok rugby star Lukas van Biljon was stabbed numerous times and his 70-year-old father shot to death. A farmer was tortured for 13 hours in the Eastern Cape but survived. Afrikaners are establishing “anchor communities” where they can provide their own security and live safely. Let’s break this down, the farmers are predominately white, and the perpetrators are not. Many intellectuals believe the “battle between chaos and order is just beginning”. It will only get worse.

I hope everyone enjoyed the June “Strawberry” full moon. I did, but it looked normal to me.

Sunday Rant – D T I

My thanks to John Farnam for the permission to re-post these.

31 May 23

“In a world of propaganda, truth is always ‘a conspiracy’

Herbert Hildebrant

We’re coming into an election year, and all indications are that this one will be the most raucous and politically violent in my lifetime!

Marxists will continue to insist that their far-left phantasies not only be taken seriously, but enforced as law!

Corporate “diversity chiefs” will insist that we all enthusiastically embrace their woke delusions, or be “punished” for our reluctance. They’re self-righteously “declaring war” upon all who refuse to unquestioningly embrace Marxist philosophy.

Who object, or even display hesitancy, will continue to be labeled “racists” and “white supremacists,” much as we are now.

The subtle implication is that visiting physical violence upon “non-liberals,” as well as stealing/destroying their property, preventing them from voting, is not only virtually sanctioned by leftists in political power, but represents some kind of “duty” on the part of the self-declared “oppressed!”

Violent crime, much of it politically motivated, will thus continue to accelerate nationwide, particularly in squalid metro areas where Democrat politicians “rule” (from their ivory towers)

Implication for those of us down here at the peon-level, who don’t live in ivory towers and are doing our best just trying to pay our taxes and make a living, is that we have few friends in Washington, fewer still among woke-intimidated corporate executives, fewer still in the leftist media, none at the DNC!

Who will protect us and our property from woke-sanctioned political violence at the hands of ANTIFA and other organized (in fact, sanctioned) leftists criminals?

Not Soros-sponsored DAs. That has been well-demonstrated!

De-funded/de-moralized police?

They’ll do the best the can, but in places like CA, NYC, et al where theft, squatting, even burglary, is now legal (actually encouraged by far-left politicians) , police are essentially prohibited from making arrests. And, no one gets locked-up!

Police, who are supposed to protect and serve everyone, are in many areas expected merely to enforce political agendas.

Will it improve in 2024?

Lacking the gift of prophesy, I haven’t the foggiest.

In the interim, we all need to take care of our own security, expecting little from “The System”

“Enforced ‘tolerance’ will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking, so as not to offend imbeciles”



Saturday Story

Got to talking with some friends the other day and this story came up. I figured I’s share it with you.


As a “Rookie”, you got stuck with some not so glamorous or police-like assignments.

Hawaii is known for its lush landscapes, incredibly beautiful flowers and the “South Pacific” experience. For a time, there was a park that catered to the tourist looking for that experience, named Paradise Park. It was filled with plants from all over, but its main attraction was the incredible birds.

A visitor would walk the marked trails and stop by the numerous cages and aviaries to see parrots, cockatoos and toucans, chickens (some very beautiful), and the “duck show”.

Actually it was often billed as an exotic trained bird show, but seldom was.

My assignment was to be the uniformed escort for the Police Wives Club, and small children for a special mid-week tour, show and luncheon. Regulations being what they were, the wives had to be escorted by a uniformed officer. I was the lucky guy.

Most of the children, since it was “mid-week”, were 6 years and under and like all wives they were all shapes, sizes and ages but the ladies were dressed up and so were the kids.

Because so many of the birds were “trained” they were allowed to basically be free in specific areas of the “trail”.

There was a warning sign at the entrance telling you the birds could be attracted to shinny objects like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and visitors should take those things off. So everybody did. Well, almost everyone.

The walk itself was mostly down-hill, surrounded on both sides by cages with multi-colored, brightly feathered birds from around the world.

Along the pathway there were assistants and volunteers that would try to answer questions about the birds, where they came from, what was their natural setting stuff like that.

Sometimes the “guide” would let the visitor hold a bird, let the bird sit on their shoulder, or have the bird do a trick. That’s how a bird ended up sitting on the shoulder of a Captain’s 4 year old daughter.

Remember when I said almost everyone took off their jewelry? The daughter was the exception. Everybody in the beginning was so concerned with their jewelry they forgot the little girl was wearing small gold-ball earrings.

The guide gently placed a medium sized cockatoo on the girl’s shoulder, everyone began ohing and awing, taking pictures, and she was giggling with joy.

Then giggles of laughter quickly turned to screams of pain and fear as the bird latched onto the earring with a beak strong enough to crack hazelnuts.

Of course, the louder she screamed the more afraid the bird became and the harder it clamped down on its prize, the earring and her ear. By now everyone was yelling, the women kept yelling at the guide, and me, to do something.

The guide was trying to calm everyone down. She kept telling them to quiet down and stop scaring the bird. I will not repeat what she was told to do, by the police officer’s wives.

Not being able to use a blackjack, mace, or a gun I just grabbed the damn bird by the neck and squeezed what I hoped was its jaw, hoping it would cause the beak to open.

The one thing nobody ever tells you, those birds have really fragile necks. Oh, and how do I know this? Okay, the damn bird let go of the earring because it was dead.

There, I said it, I killed the bird!

It wasn’t until later, after all the huhu and shouting died down that anyone, but me, bothered to check on the other victim, the little girl.

It was her I was worried about, so I was hugging her with one hand and holding that damn dead bird with the other. Then the wives and park personnel moved in and I was left holding the bird.

That’s pretty much the story. I’ll skip the report work, the fact not one wife bothered to ask how I was doing or say thank-you, and I’ll pass over the $3,000.00 bill the park sent me, and as far as I know, nobody ever paid.

I’ll just wrap this up by saying, that’s the story of how I killed,“The Bird of Paradise”.

Friday Motes To Travel On

Not from the “Onion”: The woman who accused Uncle Joe of sexual assault during the 2020 presidential race appeared Tuesday in Moscow and said she was asking President Vladimir Putin for Russian citizenship. Tara Reade, who worked in now-President Biden’s congressional office for a short period in 1993, said she wanted to stay in Russia after a Republican lawmaker told her she was in physical danger. When I 1st saw this, I thought it was satire, it’s not. Everybody believes E. Jean, nobody believes Tara.

This is their playbook: Micki Witthoeft, the mother of slain Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt, was arrested on Tuesday evening after striking an Antifa organizer outside of the Washington, D.C. jail where many of the January 6 defendants are detained. A person who posts as “Anarchy Princess” regularly stalks Micki Witthoeft and chants about how worms are eating her daughter.  She is a very sick and abusive person.  On Memorial Day, supporters of January 6 defendants held a Memorial Day march from the Capitol to the DC Jail for Babbitt. “Fuck Ashli Babbitt!” yelled the counter-protesting live-streamer “Anarchy Princess.”  The Antifa organizer proceeded to agitate the group of J6 advocates, yelling profanities at them as they walked towards the jail. While surrounded by police, Witthoeft grabbed the bullhorn from Anarchy Princess and threw it to the ground and subsequently arrested. This is what they do. The police look away, sometimes having been commanded to do so, while these sick people agitate until there is the response they want. Then they play the wounded seal act. Do Not Respond. No matter how hard they push. (Unless you know no one is around.) They don’t have real jobs, have no families to support, and don’t care if they have a criminal record. We have to be more careful.

Still NO: The L.A. Dodger are trying to recapture fans by having a “Christian Faith and Family Night.” AFTER having the “Perpetual Sisters of Indulgence” pride night. As far as I’m concerned, too little way too late. I’ll never attend a Dodger game, no matter where it’s played.

Squawk call: Over 20 million parrots are kept as pets in American households, and a study wanted to see if these social birds would enjoy video calling each other just like humans. The Birds of a Feather study recruited more than a dozen parrot owners and their birds, to see if parrot loneliness, a real danger to the birds’ mental health, could be improved through access to video calling. What’s next, birdy booty calls?

Big brother don’t care about your rights: A New Jersey lawyer was arrested this week in connection with a series of decade-old rapes in Boston after forensic genealogy linked him to the crime spree. He has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape, two counts of kidnapping, one count of assault with intent to rape, and one count of indecent assault and battery in connection with the attacks on four women. The attorney who used to live in Boston’s North End, was identified as a suspect last month through investigative genetic genealogy, which combines DNA technology with historical record searches to generate new suspects in cold cases. Okay, just how did the authorities come into possession of the “historical records”? In the past, someone does the family dna search, but those records are turned over to authorities, who can then try to match them with unsolved crimes. To me this is a clear 4th, 5th, and 6th  amendment violations. But who am I?  

Sputtering Thursday Motes

Just sayin’: If you have 17 fbi mistakes, and 100% of those “mistakes” favor the party in power by harming the opposition candidate, those aren’t “mistakes”.

W T H? : Headline; Las Vegas Looks Like A War Zone As Massive Fights Unfold. Picture: Semi-naked “Nun” punching a man in the face.  Several videos shared online show people beating the living tar out of each other on Fremont Street and other locations. Seriously, what the hell is going on in Vegas? It used to be a city where people could enjoy an awesome vacation.

A sign of Hope: An incredibly rare white bison was born in Bear River State Park, Wyoming, on May 16. The 30-pound white bison calf is believed to be a one-in-10 million event, according to members of the National Bison Association.  The park is home to 10 adult bison and 5 calves, with the new white calf being the first white bison born there. The birth of a white buffalo is considered sacred by Lakota Sioux and many other tribes, according to the American Indian College Fund. Their birth is considered a sign of hope, an indication of positive times ahead and is equivalent to Christians seeing weeping statues. A sign of time ahead, we can only hope.  I’d much rather see a white Buffalo than a bleeding statue. (But that’s just me.)

Things that make you go huuumm: Anybody notice the proliferation (😊) of anti-Segal stories recently? Seems like there are 3 or 4 every week. Everything from sexual harassment (one of Holyweird’s least kept secrets) to the injuries caused to stuntmen and co-stars. Could there be something in the wind? Maybe something regarding his “Russian Citizenship”? We’ll wait and see. Huuummmm.

Tik tok Challenge: How about a challenge to graduate high school without being pregnant or having a pregnant girlfriend? Seems like that would be a challenge for most of the current generation.  

Weekend play list, Lanie Wilson, John Michael Montgomery, Brad Paisley, and  Celestial Navigations. 

Motes, On A Mid-Week Morning

Sad Good-Bye: To my Patrol Sergeant Clifford K. Kanealaka, 5/2/23. He was a dedicated Police Officer, a great supervisor and trainer, and a really decent human being. The Table of Heroes sits one more today.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve though about running away more as an adult than I ever did as a kid.

Fault: In the 1960’s they blamed the mail order guns, so they changed the laws. In the 1970’s they blamed the “cheap” pot metal “Saturday Night Special’s” so they changed the laws and banned them. In the 1980’s they blamed the magnum “Dirty Harry” gun’s so they started putting limits on them. In the 2000’s the blamed the big-bore rifle’s so they put restrictions on them. In the 2010’s they blamed the pistols with large capacity magazines, so they put limits on the magazines. In the 2020’s they blame “assault weapons” so they are trying to take all of the guns away. When are they going to blame the real cause?

Welcome home Soldier: Army Cpl Luther Herschel Story was 18 years old when he was presumed to have been killed in battle on 1 September, 1950, while covering his company’s withdrawal after being wounded. He is believed to have killed or wounded an estimated 100 enemy soldiers as his company was coming under fire during a fierce daylight attack. He was never seen alive again after that battle. He was awarded the Medal of Honour for showing “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity”. His remains were recovered about a month later but could not be identified with forensic techniques of the time. In April, using DNA samples, the military was able to make a match. He received a military burial on Monday near his hometown of Americus, Georgia. Well done Soldier. Welcome home.

Another good argument for home schooling: A small, rural high school in Texas has postponed graduation ceremonies after only five of the 33 seniors eligible met the state-mandated graduation requirements. The district superintendent Daryl Henson did all he could, giving the failing students numerous opportunities to complete their classroom work. According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, an additional 12 Marlin seniors became eligible since the announcement of the delayed graduation. Problem? Yes. Cause, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Gas, Hilo HI 5/27/23

What are you paying?