It IS Friday, At Last

It’s okay for me, not you: New York City officials ignored their own application process for public art projects to paint Black Lives Matter murals around the five boroughs, in order to mark an important moment in history, Mayor de Blasio said. De Blasio stated that painting Black Lives Matter street murals was a “decision I made” and that the decision on the murals “transcends all normal realities.” Others who want to paint murals must apply, and “the normal process continues for anyone who wants to apply.”

Well, when: It’s about 90 days until the election and we still don’t have a vice-presidential candidate. Huh? On the same subject, Communist Party leader (USA) Bob Avakian has announced his support for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

Not gonna happen: Be prepared to “give up your cell phone and purse/wallet” is the Democrat-run government’s solution to a troubling violent crime increase in Minneapolis. This is not just a failure of government; it is a failure of those who elected these failures. Will they learn, probably not. I was once advised, by an older cop I respected, to carry 20 dollars in a matchbook to handover if someone was acting “suspicious” and talking like a robbery was possible/ (“Yo man, you got 20 bucks I can hold?”) His rational was, better to be out the $20 than get involved in an off duty shooting or scuffle. I told him not only no, but “hell no”. I wouldn’t do that because the next victim could be hurt or killed, and it would be my fault. Not going to happen. Fight back or not, it’s up to you.

Unintended consequences: The Covid-19 pandemic has led to increases in gun purchases with an estimated 1.9 million additional guns sold during March and April 2020 compared to the same time period last year. People are afraid as the local government’s don’t want to engage the “peaceful protesters”. The pandemic could also bring a 20-30% increase in firearm suicides this year, a new study has found. The uncertainty brought on by the pandemic and fear has been impacting people’s mental health and increasing feelings of anxiety and depression. I have already had one friend commit suicide. Talk with someone if you’re feeling “wrong”, or maybe you feel they are feeling wrong. We all need to help.

And they are “teaching” our young:
News that a Native American professor died Friday of coronavirus after her university forced her to teach a seminar in April prompted dozens of angry reactions from academics and journalists. After McLaughlin announced the professor’s apparent death, several scientists subsequently posted eulogies for the professor. According to the university and numerous people who followed the story, the professor and her supposed death appear to be completely made up. A total hoax perpetrated by Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin.

Thursday Motes To Think About

Maybe if she did her job: Days after antifa rioters terrorized Seattle, driving in a van full of weapons and explosives in order to set fires and attempt to blow up police departments, Mayor Jenny Durkan focused her attention squarely on President Donald Trump, accusing him of running a “dress rehearsal for martial law.” She claimed that Trump’s efforts to bolster local law enforcement to combat a rising tide of crime and violence have “decreased public safety.” At one point, rioters set off an explosive that blew an 8-inch hole through a wall of the Police Department’s East Precinct. Rioters have injured 59 police officers. But it’s all Trump’s fault.

Mini-Rant: I make no secret I believe all this crap is not about safety or security, it’s about power. Due to Julie’s cancer and transplant, I do wear a mask because it might keep her healthy as I am constantly exposed to people all day on job site’s. I try, I really do, but last Friday, Hawaiian Airlines flight 321, seat 7F, sat a fat, ugly woman who just couldn’t keep her face mask on during the flight. Despite the attendant’s telling her 5 times to “please” put her mask back on. I hope she lives and interesting life.

Just asking: How come nobody burned any Quran’s in Portland? I guess you can insult Christianity because we don’t “eye of an eye” any more.

It ain’t for the kids: There have been 86 children who have died in the US where the death was “linked” to the coronavirus. There are approximately 500 children who die every year from the seasonal flu. And each year over 1200 children are killed in roadside fatalities. And approximately 700 children drown. But teachers, and their unions, don’t want to start the school year and want you to believe that “it’s for the children”. Not safety, it’s all about power.

I’m not sure it means what you think it means: Oprah says “whiteness gives you an advantage no matter what”. I don’t think she was every a haole cop, in Honolulu, during the 70’s. Trust me, it wasn’t an advantage, no matter what she thinks.

Mid-Week Motes

“They” write the Headlines: Since the end of WWII, the US has had a presence in Germany. We have had hundreds of thousands of troops that have been stationed there, we have spent billions of US tax dollars on infrastructure, German economy, and protection of US “interests” in Germany. What have we gotten from it all? Maybe someone else can answer that, I can’t. President Trump has decided to withdraw 12,000 troops, leaving about 200,000. The headline? “Germany US Troops Pullout; May Be Trumps Last Gift To Putin”, the article goes on to nitpick the “economic damages” and the NATO funding. Not a single word on how this is some kind of “gift” to “Putin”. But they write the headlines, the heck with the truth.

Kind of the same: Last week the governor and the mayor shut down all the bars in Honolulu because 2 bars were responsible for 12 covid-19 cases. That same weekend there were 43 people infected at a funeral, no the funeral parlors have not been closed. That weekend 2 men were killed in a speed and dui involved traffic accident. Using the gov and mayor’s reasoning, we should stop everyone from driving for the next 3 weeks.

Yeah, sure: Many places are trying to limit gatherings to 10, 20, or 50 people. Sturgis, S.D. is trying to tell an estimated 250,000 bikers, “We don’t want you this year.” The 9 days of the bike rally is what keeps the city afloat the whole year. This year, the year of the covid pandemic, even the full time residents are more than a little worried. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Use their rules: I think that every “peaceful protester” that is identified, should be doxed or outed to the public, then counter-protesters should go over and pay them an after-hours visit. You know, that the “p-p” have done to the Seattle chief of police, the Seattle mayor, the L.A. mayor, and others. Maybe start a protest on their front lawn at 5 am like they did the L.A. District Attorney. Think they would still be “peaceful”?

Nostril news: Johnson & Johnson’s Spravato has been approved as the first antidepressant for actively suicidal people, as doctors are becoming increasingly concerned about COVID-19’s effect on the mental health of Americans. The Food and Drug Administration approval means the quick-acting nasal spray will be available to people with suicidal thoughts and a plan to put them into action. The last time I put anything up my nose that made me feel good was….never mind.

Is It Friday Yet…Nope Motes

Sure it is: “Communication is the key to all things.” Sure, remind her of that next time she says, “I don’t want to talk about it.” See how far that gets you.

It depends on the exchange rate: Zimbabwe’s government signed an agreement Wednesday worth $3.5 billion to compensate white farmers who were evicted from their land during a controversial and often violent land redistribution program in the early 2000s under former President Robert Mugabe. A check of the current exchange rate 3.5 billion Zimba’s is about nineteen bucks U.S.(Actually 1 zd = .0027us). Zimbabwe actually has a “0ne Hundred Trillion Dollar” bill.

Not watching this either: Liam Neeson stars in the upcoming action thriller as “former Marine and demolitions expert Tom Carter”, nicknamed the “In and Out Bandit.” In 2015, after several very successful movies featuring a great deal of gunplay, Neeson called gun ownership in America a “f–ing disgrace” while speaking in Dubai to promote the gun-packed vigilante film “Taken 3.” The Irish-born actor declared, “There are too many f–ing guns out there, especially in America. I think the population is, like, 320 million? There are over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a f–ing disgrace,” said Mr. Neeson. Hey Liam,I think it’s a disgrace that you can be such a hypocrite while stuffing your pockets.

Virus nutz: A woman who has worked at a bakery for 44 years has been sacked after allowing elderly customers without cards to pay in cash during the coronavirus pandemic. Megan Metcalfe, 60, was given her marching orders by Birds Bakery in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Notts, after it stopped accepting cash for hygiene reasons. It comes just days after a 94-year-old woman was told she couldn’t buy bread from Birds bakery because she didn’t have a bank card. Metcalfe took the cash, then paid for the goods on her own card. She says she did it out of concern for the elderly customers. Kind of torn on this one. Maybe she should have cleared it with management before she did it.

I gotta ask,; Is everybody in the freakin’ world off their med’s or is it just me?

It’s Monday – Again

We keep losing the good ones: Former Republican presidential candidate and pizza magnate Herman Cain has died from the coronavirus. Cain, 74, had been hospitalized since early July after he began having trouble breathing. The former CEO of “Godfathers Pizza” . Cain “embodied the American Dream and represented the very best of the American spirit. … We will never forget his legacy of grace, patriotism, and faith.”

They could become a gang: Two brazen emu siblings named Kevin and Carol have been banned from a hotel in Australia’s Outback for bad behavior. The tiny Yaraka Hotel has just four rooms, as well as campgrounds and a pub. Co-owner Chris Gimblett says the emus were once welcome visitors and would pop by every now and then for a few biscuits. Then they learned to climb stairs. They’ve had to put up a chain rope at the top of the steps, along with a sign that reads: “Emus have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior. Please let yourself through the emu barrier and then reconnect”. Let’s hope the Emu’s never discover strippers and motorcycles.

What, me worry: Why am I worried about my government? Let’s see, there’s a Tennessee Senator indicted for spending $600K dollars in grant money for her wedding, birthday, and divorce; an Ohio Representative facing racketeering charges, an Arizona Representative receiving a reprimand and fine from the House Ethics committee and that’s just in today’s news.

Our leaders: Once again our state governor and county mayor have decided that if one is bad, all are bad. Because 2 bars, commonly known as “buy me drinkee” bars, have exposed customers to Covid-19, he needs to close ALL the bars down. This will destroy an already fragile business and many will close, for good. The close decree is good until Aug 31, this will seal the fate of some 180+ establishments that have already said they can’t afford to close down again. Bars usually operate on a fairly slim profit to begin with and to remain closed this length of time. Let’s not even mention the number of servers that had to work at 2 or 3 different places to make enough to live on, and counted mainly on tips. They are now permanently unemployed. The place I got married, open 50 years, will now probably close for good ( bad actually). Hawaii economy, Good-Bye.

Sunday Rant – DTI

This is as appropriate today as it was 6 years ago. The crowd, the beatings, and the killing of innocents seems to be an everyday occurrence across America today.
Do not let yourself be
20 Aug 14
“Warning” Shot(s)!

“No one remembers who came in second.”
Walter Hagen

On 19 Mar 1988 in West Belfast, Northern Ireland, two young British Army
corporals inadvertently drove in the vicinity of the elaborate funeral
procession for Kevin Bradey, considered a hero by the IRA.

The two corporals were in civilian clothing, and their car was unmarked.
Both were armed with ageing Browning Hi-Power Pistols with standard,
hardball ammunition. Pistols were issued for “personal protection,” because of the dangerous nature of Northern Ireland at the time, but neither soldier (nor anyone else in the British Army) had ever received any species of competent training in their serious use. Of course, neither pistol was carried with a round chambered.

The UK, then and now, has no gun-culture, so no one there knows anything
about carrying and using guns for serious purposes!

The two junior NCOs, realizing their mistake, tried to get turned-around,
but they never made it!

An angry crowd quickly surrounded their now-stationary vehicle. Both
soldiers were dragged out of their car, beaten half to death, and then shot
multiple times through the back of the neck by IRA operatives, who, by the way, do know something about carrying serious pistols and do carry them in the correct state of readiness!

During the incident, one of the corporals managed to get a round chambered,
and fired a single shot, not at his attackers, but in the air, as a “warning,” just as he had been foolishly instructed. Both NCOs had been sternly warned by their cynical superiors that if they ever used their pistols for any purpose other than starting horse races, they would be drummed out of the Corps!

As a result, neither made any effective use of weapons they had readily at
hand, pistols, nor the car itself.

In Parliament two days later, Northern Ireland’s Secretary of State
publically condemned the killings, and added this gem:

“… although they both had loaded personal-protection pistols, they showed incredible restraint in using them only to fire a warning shot in the air.”

Yes, so much “restraint” that they allowed themselves to be murdered while
scarcely even inconveniencing their murderers. So, now we lavishly praise
people for these demonstrably incompetent, inadequate, and ineffective
responses to criminal violence. No wonder Western Civilization is crumbling.
We’re congratulating people for being losers!

The problem is, of course, the British Government’s hysterical hatred of
self-defense and its paranoid fear of guns. This irrational fearfulness
makes itself felt, even the Army!

The two murdered corporals were not MI5, nor SAS. They were just two junior
NCOs who drove by the wrong place at the wrong time.

When exposed to violent, criminal attack, the only “warning shot” that
should be fired by any one of us should go straight through the ventricles of
our attacker’s black heart, as a subtle indicator that more are about to
follow in rapid sequence until he/they find something else to do!

“Warning shots” are a sign of lack of commitment to one’s personal
survival. They will invariably be interpreted as such!

“You never know how much is enough unless you know how much is more than
William Blake

Do not let yourself be engulfed by a crown. Carry your defensive firearm in a ready condition to defend yourself and loved ones. Do not fire warning shots. Disengage and unass that AO as soon as possible. Get home safe.

Saturday Story

Gypsy Royalty

At one time there were several “Gypsy” families that made Honolulu and Hawaii their home. They ran several fortune telling spots around town, and ran the traditional gypsy scams all over. But they mostly worked around The Hotel street and Waikiki areas.
Now understand these were “real” gypsies, Romany from central Europe. They spoke their own language and all the kids were home schooled in the arts and lessons of the conman and thief.
They were pretty much broken down into three major families and each had its own area. “King John” and his family started on Hotel Street in the ‘60’s reading palms, telling fortunes with cards and such, and of course picking pockets. It wasn’t until years later that his family took over all the Gypsy camps in Honolulu and they lived and worked in Waikiki.
“John”, which I know is not even close to his real name, solidified his hold over all the Gypsy families in Hawaii by marrying his youngest daughter to the oldest son of his major rival. It was a true “shotgun” wedding in that John held a shotgun to the head of the leader of other family until he agreed and thus the marriage was made.
The wedding was held in the old Ala Moana Center ballroom and after the ceremony there were the traditional Gypsy toasts, dancing, insults and brawl. The later involved several hundred guests from both families, and 12 to 15 police officers. There were numerous cuts, abrasions, contusions, but no arrests. Just good, clean Gypsy fun.
In the later 1970’s, times turned hard for the Gypsy clans in Hawaii. There became a greater awareness of their auto repair scams, and palm reading cons due to a number of front page newspaper articles and high visibility trials.
Soon they had completely disappeared from Hotel Street, and only a few shops outside some of the military bases, and had maybe 6 locations in Waikiki they were still operating.
My foot beat partner Ray and I got to know “King” John and his wife “Stella” as we often spoke to them as we walked our beat. The apartment complex they occupied was almost dead center in our walking area and we tried to maintain a peaceful co-existence.
One night as we approached the area where they all lived, John’s wife and several “daughters” ran into the street screaming and crying out for help. We both figured it was some scam but we were wrong. When we got there we found “John” was lying on the floor clutching his chest and barely breathing. As we were moving the women out of the way, I noticed there were no men around; they probably went out the back doors as they knew Ray and I kept up on the warrants issued.
We moved the women and it was apparent “John” was having a heart attack. We started CPR on the prone “King” while radioing for an ambulance. We were there at just the right time. We continued the CPR until the ambulance and EMT’s arrived, then we had our hands full keeping the entire wailing female side of the clan from climbing into the back as the EMT’s loaded the “King”. They were determined to ride with their “King”, and probably emptying the ambulance at the same time.
“Stella” spent several minutes telling us how grateful she was and trying to hug us, all the while trying to block us so one of the “daughters” could climb in back.
“King John” did survive the attack. He had been lucky that Ray and I had been there.
The hospital was not so lucky. They finally had to post a guard on the room whenever the extended family came to visit. Even posted guards didn’t stop the family from walking out with anything and everything they could, every time they visited.
As for “John”, he recovered and when the hospital tried to send him home he actually faked another attack in an attempt to stay longer. They almost had to have him physically removed from the room.
For years after Ray and I had a sort of direct line into the Gypsy doing’s on Oahu. We became almost honorary members of “King John’s” family.
The family told us stories of Gypsy legends and history. He snitched out several of his rivals and enemies. We had no illusions that he was telling us everything and he never said anything about his “family”, but he did provide information on the others.
Once in a while he would help us recover “lost” items, for a small fee of course.
The Gypsy families finally had to leave Hawaii. I never knew what happened to “King John” or if his sons had the traditional battle over who would be the new King.
I hope so; John would have wanted it that way.

Friday Motes With Bite.

On a related note: I wonder why Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson haven’t attended any of the funerals for the children that have been shot during these “peaceful protests”? Just wondering.

Some racism is okay: A top FDNY official says it’s “most definitely” acceptable to exclude a white firefighter from a ceremonial unit based solely on his skin color, The Post has learned. Cecilia Loving, the department’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, is defending a decision to kick Lt. Daniel McWilliams — one of three firefighters in the iconic 9/11 Ground Zero flag-raising photo — off a color-guard procession so it would be all-black. Loving said it’s okay to replace a white member with an African-American to “uplift our identities and our separate ethnicities in order to instill a sense of pride and community and support for one another.” Well okay then.

Wise words: Be good to your spouse, they could poison you and it would be counted as a covid-19 death.

We all grieve our own way: The National Basketball Association is investigating why Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams was seen in a strip club Thursday when he was supposed to be “inside the bubble” following the league’s coronavirus quarantine rules. Williams was allowed an excused absence from the NBA’s quarantine camp in Orlando’s Disney World resort to attend his father’s funeral. Nope, still not watching.

Couldn’t agree more: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) introduced a bill Thursday that would ban federal funds for teaching the New York Times’s revisionist “1619 Project,” which claims America was founded on slavery. “The New York Times’s 1619 Project is a racially divisive, revisionist account of history that denies the noble principles of freedom and equality on which our nation was founded,” said Cotton in a press statement. “Not a single cent of federal funding should go to indoctrinate young Americans with this left-wing garbage.

Dubious awards: Former Vice President Joe Biden sent a video greeting to an L.A. Democratic Party awards dinner Saturday honoring comedian Kathy Griffin. Griffin was given an award for “activism”, not humor because let’s face it, she ain’t funny.

In Hilo for the weekend. Going to mow the lawn, trim the hedge, and drink some whiskey. Maybe even in that order.

Thursday Motes of Note

From the “americanthinker”: The moral arc of Washington: 1. Idealism 2. Pragmatism 3. Ambition, and 4. Corruption. Once they compromise, they get cooperation. After learning the ropes, they get good at it. Then they start playing for keeps (ambition). Have you ever noticed how many people leave a job making $90k a year to do a few stints in Washington making six digits as a public servant, only to retire as a multimillionaire? Weird. I really don’t want to see the tax returns of a millionaire that went to Washington, but I would like to see the returns of the “community organizer” that went to the WH broke and came out a multi-millionaire.

Words proven true: Many years ago, Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo switched from Democrat to the Republican Party, saying, “A conservative is a liberal who was mugged the night before.” Well, we’re seeing a bunch of articles about “liberals” that have “protest” groups at their front door at 5 am, protesters burning the building where they live, and so on. Suddenly owning a firearm or being able to call the police doesn’t seem such a fascist event.

Still not watching: ESPN has issued a clarifier notice that the WNBA players did not walk out during the National Anthem, they walked out before it was played. The video is still up, and has been watched by more people than have ever watched a WNBA game.

Wise words:In light of the recent comments by several of the U.S. politicians and sports figures, that have relocated to America from the hell hole of their birth, I’d like to share a short quote: Mark Twain: “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man (or woman).”

Bird cage liner report: The Honolulu Star-Advertiser is reporting 186 business’ have closed their door permanently due to the Covid-19 “shelter in place”. I think that number will be multiplied by 3 or 4 by the time it all ends. Let’s wait and see who buys them and re-opens them.

Mid-Week Motes

Now they’re coming for your picture: The “holier than thou” left is now coming for your picture. They want Dodger Stadium to remove Mary Hart’s picture from the front row because, oh the horrors of it all, she flashed the “okay” sign at a Trump rally and that makes it a white power sign. After 60 or 70 years I thought it meant “okay”, but what do I know.

Watch what happens in the background: People love to point out how much obstruction there is to “everything” President Trump is trying to do, don’t believe it. While everyone is talking about the riots, the protests, the President is getting stuff done. His latest, and an important one for me, are the “Executive Orders” regarding the prices of prescription medication and trying to eliminate the middlemen brokers that jack-up the prices with every breath. Well done sir, well done.

They just don’t listen: A Black Lives Matter protestor shot and killed in Austin, Texas, Saturday has been identified as Garrett Foster, and his mom says he was pushing his quadruple-amputee fiancee’s wheelchair before he was gunned down. A man who “plowed” his vehicle into protesters shortly before 10 p.m. Saturday. Foster pulled out a rifle and approached the driver, at which point the motorist gunned him down, police have said. Note the words used, “pushing his quadruple-amputee”. No, he was approaching a vehicle with a rifle in his hands. “A man plowed his vehicle”, there is no evidence it was an intentional movement. When the crowd surges around you, you try to drive out. When a man approaches your car with a gun you shoot him. You don’t bring your wheelchair-bound fiancée to a crowd when you’re carrying a gun. Don’t go to stupid places etc.

Just asking for a friend: Has BLM helped one black person get a job or an education? Have they helped clean up one city? Built any rec centers? Have they really helped any blacks at all? Just asking.

WTF: At least 7 soldiers stationed at Fort Hood have died or been found dead since March, including one who took his life after becoming a suspect in a female soldier’s death’. There have been 23 deaths this year among the post’s 36,500 soldiers, Fort Hood officials told CNN in a statement. According to officials, the deaths include seven off-duty accidents; seven suicides; one combat-related death; four homicides, one of which was on the base; two of natural causes; one that was undetermined pending an autopsy; and one drowning. There is something wrong here. These numbers are huge and way out of line.

The U.N. has “ordered” President Trump to cease his federal intervention into the nationwide ” protests”. Yeah that’s going to work. To paraphrase Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, ” I see a man in a blue helmet”, well you know the rest.