Monday Motes, Here We Go

Learn history: Watching “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test”. (Ya Ya I know.) A contestant tried to BS the “staff” by saying if he hadn’t gotten a full scholarship and then a pro contract, he would have enlisted I the army to beat the draft. The contestant is listed as 37 years old. Hey, stupid, the draft ended in1973. That was over 20 years before you were born.

The hue and cry of the few will always drown out the silence of the many.

Not the answer: A key Senate committee gave preliminary approval Thursday to a measure that would impose a new tax on Hawaii’s wealthiest residents in what one senator described as an effort to reduce income inequality. This year’s version is Senate Bill 925, which would levy “a tax on the activity of sustaining excessive accumulations of wealth by every qualified taxpayer.” So, another way to penalize the successful. How about we make the welfare people get jobs and work like the rest of us. That would go a long way to “reduce income inequality”. Don’t work hard, don’t try to be successful, and the state will support you forever. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. The net worth of each taxpayer would be determined by rules to be developed by the state Tax Department based on the taxpayers’ properties, stock holdings, partnerships and other assets. So the state will have to have knowledge of ALL YOUR assets. Yeah, that’ll work out.

Not seeing: “80 For Brady”. I once was told to leave a bar because I asked the bartender, rather loudly, to turn off the Jane Freakin’ FoXXa movie. She, the bartender, took offense. She never saw a dime of my money ever again. Some of us have long memories when it comes to traitors.

Dedication:  On Nov. 4, 1981, at the age of 50, Louise Kobs joined the Nassau County Police Department as the Levittown School District crossing guard. In all her years of service, Kobs never missed a day of work or called out sick. Now, the 91-year-old crossing guard from Long Island, New York, has retired after more than four decades on the job.

You gotta love it: Love what? The Hollywierd hypocrisy, that’s what. Liam Neeson  is apparently sick and tired of professional fighting. The “Taken” star admitted as much in an interview. While promoting his latest film, “Marlowe,” the 70-year-old Irishman also talked about the UFC which he compared to a bar fight. This is the “action” hero that feels there are too many guns in America, hasn’t made a movie without guns/violence in it, and thinks he’s some kind of spokesman for both Ireland and America. Hey, Liam, SDASTFU.

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