Mid-Week Motes and Stuff

Wrong idea:  Far-left executive producer Billy Eichner was angry that the majority of the country wasn’t interested in his all-gay comedy “Bros” which included graphic sex scenes. Sir, the idea is to make a movie that people will pay to come and see. It must appeal to them. The more people it appeals to, the more people will come and see it.  That’s how you make money. When you make a movie that only appeals to a select group, don’t blame everyone else for not coming to see it. You lashed out at straight people and blamed this failure to launch on “homophobic weirdos.” No Billy, it’s not the “weirdos”, it’s just an unappealing movie. And that’s your fault.

You gonna let him talk to me like that BillyRayJimBob? : More than two years ago now, Judges Brad Jacobs, Andrew Adams, and Crawford County Judge Sabrina Bell were in Indianapolis to attend a judicial conference. According to testimony heard at Kaiser’s trial, the trio of judges had been drinking heavily with other judges at several downtown restaurants and bars before stopping at the White Castle. Two men drove by in an SUV. One of the men yelled something, and Bell “extended her middle finger to the occupants of the SUV.” Offended, the two men exited their vehicle, and approached the judges, video shows. Then the judges rushed the two men and a brawl broke out, punches and kicks flying. The fight ended when one of the SUV occupants pulled a handgun and shot Adams and Jacobs. Hey Sabrina, baby, don’t start that stuff unless you’re going to fight alongside.

A sad Good-Bye; Loretta Lynn has passed at 90. Her autobiographical movie “The Coal Miners Daughter” starred Sissy Spacek as Loretta and Tommy Lee Jones as her husband, Doolittle “Mooney” Lynn. The movie received seven Academy Award nominations. Lynn wrote more than 160 songs and released 60 albums. In 1972, Lynn was the first woman named “Entertainer of the Year” by the Country Music Association. Her voice and joy in life will be missed.  The Table of Heroes has a new Voice of Joy.

That’s one answer: A accountant who claimed he was bullied at work decided he would ‘go out with a bang’ by spending £170,000 of his employers money on a weekend of cocaine and prostitutes. The fraudster said he suffered from low self-esteem and became addicted to a night-life of high-class escort parties being surrounded by ‘glamorous’ people and drugs, which were believed to be cocaine. He revealed he did it because he was suffering from low self-esteem. I have a new hero.

IMHO: Remember when the demorat protesters stormed the US Capitol in 2018, took over the US Senate building and tried to get into the US Supreme Court during the Kavanaugh confirmations? Demorat legislators and the msm cheered. If it weren’t for double standards, liberals wouldn’t have no standards at all.

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