Thursday Motes, Almost Friday, Almost

Disparity of force: A 21-year-old Polk County, Florida, deputy was fatally shot Tuesday morning around 3:00 a.m. while serving what Sheriff Grady Judd described as a “felony meth warrant.” A total of four deputies were dispatched to serve the warrant. The name of the fallen deputy has not yet been released pending notification of family. Let’s get this straight, 4 deputies to serve a felony drug warrant, and the fbi sends 25 officers to arrest a conservative minister. HUH? Did I miss something here?

Big Headline;Politics will be off the table as Biden Visits Florida”. Does anyone, in the world, anyone at all, really believe that? Yeah, I’d think so.

It’s a one-way street:  The Biden administration certainly has had a one-sided view of talking about gas prices. Whenever they were at their highs, there was always someone else to blame. When gas prices went down slightly, demorats jumped to take credit. Quick to take the credit, even though at it’s recent lowest it was still far above the price during the Trump administration, but now will not take the responsibility for the up-surge. The strategic petroleum reserve is now at it’s all-time lowest and our country vulnerable. So let’s give credit where its due; Thanks Uncle joe.

Not a tv script: The family claims a Los Angeles cop who died in what the department said was a training accident, was actually killed for being a possible whistleblower — and was about to reveal information about a gang rape by police. On Monday, an attorney for the family said the cop was targeted because he was investigating a gang rape by four other officers — at least one of whom who was at the deadly training session — and was about to reveal damning information. The mother has filed a claim alleging wrongful death and civil rights violations, saying her son was “repeatedly struck in the head severely enough that he bled,” and that he suffered multiple breaks in his neck, causing his death. Strange, there is no video recording of the training. The department has declined to comment on Huffman’s claim. 

Why? : Alec Baldwin is restarting filming of his film “Rust” after settling with Halyna Hutchins’ widower on Wednesday. The criminal investigation is still ongoing. Part of the deal included Hutchins’ husband, Matthew Hutchins, coming on as an executive producer. Hmmmmm . Guy kills your wife, and you become an “executive producer” on his film. Maybe it’s all on the up and up, but it still provides a questionable visual.

Gas prices are steady, for now. Last week was the first time I spent less that $6.00/gal in Hilo. But buckle up Buttercup, the ride is about to take off.

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