Tuesday Motes And Countdown (28)

Up date: A former eBay Inc. executive was sentenced on Thursday to almost five years in prison for leading a scheme to terrorize the creators of an online newsletter that included sending live spiders, cockroaches, a funeral wreath and other disturbing deliveries to their home. The victims told the court that eBay former Senior Director of Safety and Security James Baugh and other eBay employees made their lives “a living hell.” He expressed fear that other companies would use it as a blueprint to go after journalists in the future. Another former eBay executive was sentenced later Thursday to two years behind bars for his role in the scheme. A total of seven former employees have pleaded guilty to charges in the case. I commented on this more than 2 years ago. It’s not just the “Russian mafia” that goes after revenge.

About what I expected: Because of the recent SCOTUS ruling, Hawaii has had to update its “CCW” stance. For years the island chiefs of police just ignored all requests for carry licenses. With the new ruling, they can’t do that anymore, so they’re going to  create so many restrictions and limitations, you’ll ask why bother. Mayor Blangiardi said in a statement Thursday that firearms should be banned from areas such as schools, government buildings, parks, voting locations, restaurants and liquor establishments and public transportation. He also wants a rule created for private businesses and charitable organizations to decide whether firearms are allowed on their premises. There will be a 6’ section of Kaena Point where carry will be allowed.

At any given moment, .07% of the world population is drunk.

Headline: “Rapper Accidentally Left His Loaded Machine Gun in NYC Rideshare”. A rapper who has boasted in songs about using a different Glock everyday was arrested in New York City on Friday after allegedly leaving his machine gun in a rideshare car. The driver noticed that his passenger was holding a gun during the ride—and then realized it was still in the car after the group got out, the filing says. The driver called police, who promptly arrested and charged the rapper for possessing the loaded Glock model 22 .40 caliber pistol. Okay, he’s stupid. Hey Mr. Headline writer, it was a handgun, not a “machine gun”.

Disparity of force: Recently it was reported an fbi swat team of 25-30 armed and armored officers arrested a conservative minister, in front of his family, for a misdemeanor assault at an anti-abortion protest that occurred over a year ago. This weekend, in Spokane WA, 10 local officers served warrants and raided the local “Hells Angels Clubhouse”. The Hells Angels have been names an “Organized Criminal Organization”.

Fear not the witch at the stake, fear those that light the fire.

Guilty until you prove you’re not: A Hawaii state senator says she is prepared to introduce legislation to assure that child welfare workers routinely seek court orders before removing children from their parents. In more than 90% of the reviewed cases of children being taken from their parents after abuse or neglect allegations, police and social workers act on their own without first getting an order from a judge. So, the children were taken without regard to the parent’s rights. The parents were judged guilty and punished without trials or court decisions. At least one state senator, Sen. Joy San Buenaventura, seems to understand the way the law is supposed to work. How come the others don’t? 

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