First Monday Motes For October

We’ll pay the cost, ultimately: The Honolulu Police Commission has decided that state law requires that taxpayers pick up the legal expenses in a lawsuit against two officers accused of causing and leaving the scene of a car crash in Makaha that seriously injured six people. All the lawsuits allege that the officers caused the crash then left the scene and failed to provide aid. I have spoken to some people and it appears this whole incident stems from a long time personal problem between one officer, and the driver of the vehicle being chased. This will end badly for the officers and city $$ wise. But it is indicative of a deeper problem. The supervisor should have been aware of this “problem”. The officer should have been reassigned to another work area. This is a command failure. The officers left the scene knowing that there were injured parties. This is a moral failure. There will be plenty of blame to go around.

Not: Lizzo has become the only person to ever be allowed to play the flute owned by James Madison, which was loaned to her by the Library of Congress. The 200-year-old old crystal flute, which is considered a national treasure, was escorted to the crass performer’s DC concert by the Capitol Police. “Bitch, I just twerked and played James Madison’s flute from the 1800s!” Lizzo told the crowd. Class act. 

Just freakin’ incredible: An A. Ocasio-Cortez tweet; “I see people are rushing out to fill up their cars for this hurricane at the gas station. This wouldn’t be an issue if they had electric cars. If the power is out for a week how are they going to get gas? We need to start planning ahead and moving forward.” The depth of stupid in this woman is simply astounding.

Need a new deeper hole: Ex-NYPD cop Michael Valva put his children through years of hellish abuse — culminating in the 2020 freezing death of autistic 8-tyear old Thomas.. Little Thomas Valva and his 10-year-old brother Anthony were bruised, starved and forced to sleep on dog pads by their dad and his then-fiancée. The brothers, both of whom had special-needs, were so badly neglected that officials at their schools said they would arrive for class in soiled clothing and dig through the garbage for food. There more but I can’t stomach it. We need to find a new deep hole in hell for this waste of air. And his “fiancée”. She’s just as culpable.

Saw an ESPN show the other day. When did Michael Irving start looking like Steve Urekle?

Weekend play list included Bobby Bare, Hiway 101, Kenny Rogers, Nancy Griffin, and CCR.

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