Off Handed Thursday Motes

Another screechy voice heard from: Soccer star Megan Rapinoe defended biological males competing in female sports in an interview with Time Magazine published Sunday. told Time that sports was not as important as inclusivity of transgender athletes, and that the lives of trans kids were at stake in the debate.  “I’m sorry, your kid’s high school volleyball team just isn’t that important.”  Rapinoe also said opponents of her viewpoint should show “evidence” that their claim that biological males possessed an unfair advantage over females was true. In 2017, Rapinoe’s U.S. Women’s Soccer Team played a U-15 academy team. The adult women’s team was defeated 5-2 by the teenage boys. Well, there ya are, asked and answered.

Could be a movie of the week: Two dead Canadians have been discovered with their throats slit inside a posh resort apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Though the identities of the victims have not been released, police say multiple identities for a male victim were found in the room, and that the man was wanted on international fraud charges. The victims reportedly had stayed in the area near Cancun and Cozumel for several months, but it was unclear if they were residents, tourists, or hiding out. Throats cut sounds awful personal to me. Seems somebody made somebody really, really, angry. It’s a good thing Mexico has those really strict guns laws; they might have been shot.

Speaking of Mexico: There is a new Narco-Corrido (song glorifying narco-traffico’s) about a monkey wearing a bulletproof vest that was found along with ten dead people after a bloody shootout between police, soldiers and gunmen in central Mexico on June 14.  El Chango, the spider monkey, found was wearing a camouflage jacket and a diaper, but officials were unsure if it died from gunfire.

Puke news: A newly-released Navy training video teaches sailors to use the “right” pronouns, “show that we’re allies,” and create “a safe space for everybody,” while instructing service members on how to proceed after having “misgendered” someone. The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS), begins with two rainbow-clad hosts — both Navy civilians — introducing their personal pronouns and announcing they are there “to talk about pronouns.” I have seen this garbage, it truly made me want to throw up. If our “warriors” need justification and the correct pronoun to follow orders, they really should consider another career. In battle, there is not place for hurt feelings, only dead enemies.

Things to ponder: “Man Shot Dead Trying To Rob Texas Gun Store Armed With Knife. Two Shots From Employee As Alleged Robber Took Cash.” Son, you better consider a new line of work, you’re not too good at this one.

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