I Let My Mind Wander, It Came Back With Wednesday Motes

Talk about judicial overreach: A North Carolina charter school with a female principal and vice principal is violating the Constitution because it requires girls to wear skirts, a federal appeals court has declared. The full Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the same court that mandated the removal of war memorial crosses in five states, said Tuesday that the Charter Day School’s skirt requirement for girls is rooted in unconstitutional gender stereotypes. Now, I may have to read it again, but I don’t remember the words “gender stereotypes” being used anywhere in the Constitution. The most significant holding is the decision’s conclusion that charter schools are “state actors” subject to the Constitution. The Constitution only binds the government. To me, and I am no lawyer, this is clearly judicial overreach. You’d think with everything going on, the court would be applying itself to real issues. But, that’s just my opinion.

This’ll be a movie-of-the-week: The 48 y-o woman who fatally stabbed her 65-year-old stepdad-turned-husband in their Florida home in 2019, argued on the stand that she did it out of self-defense as he tried to smother her, has been acquitted. On Friday, after deliberating for just four hours, a jury agreed and found her not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter. She was, however, convicted of tampering with evidence. Yep, this has movie-of-the-week all over it.

A peace offering: The Belgian government will return a tooth of Patrice Lumumba to his family this week, hoping to draw a line under one of the most brutal and shameful episodes in the country’s bloody exploitation of central Africa. The relic is all that remains of Lumumba, the first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, under its earlier name Republic of Congo, and an icon of the struggle against colonialism in Africa, who was murdered by separatists and Belgian mercenaries in 1961. His killers dissolved his remains in acid, though some kept teeth as macabre mementoes. There is a reason it was always referred to as “That Bloody Congo”.

Regarding the up-coming Blue/Red wave mid-terms; It’s not who votes that counts; It’s who counts the votes. My prediction, it will happen just like 2020. There will be huge vote injections in the dark morning hours.

Just another qualifier statement: Deputy White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates tweeted Tuesday that the Biden administration will not restrict Lake City Army Ammunition from selling or producing ammunition that is “currently available” for private purchase. Bates’ announcement comes a day after 48 Republican representatives, sent a letter demanding Biden not restrict sales of some Lake City Army Ammunition’s products to private citizens. So now, when the ammunition dries up, they’ll tell us, well, the “currently available” is no longer available. But let’s appoint a blue-ribbon committee to look into the feasibility of forming an ad-hoc research group yada yada yada.

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