Fun Friday Motes

The question not asked or answered: Estimates on the value of the firearms and accessories used by the Uvalde shooter range from $3,00 to $5,00 dollars. To quote an fbi agent; “He worked in the restaurant industry and lived at home, so he didn’t have a lot of expenses. Still, that’s a lot of money to spend on those kinds of weapons.” The shooter turned 18 on May 16, just eight days before he entered Robb Elementary and killed 19 fourth-grade students and their two teachers. It’s not clear where the shooter got the money to pay for these munitions. And what’s worse, nobody seems to be asking where that $ money came from. As a young detective the first rule was always, “follow the money”. Is anybody following the money? Will the public ever find out? Or will it get buried when the narrative goes differently?

Interesting: Purdue basketball player Caleb Swanigan has died of natural causes at the young age of 25. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson, 26, has died, no cause listed. Awfully young for “natural causes” to strike down professional athletes.

Yes, I did predict it: Dr. Mehmet Oz, the television celebrity and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, had dropped former President Trump from his campaign content as the hotly contested Senate election enters the final stretch of the midterm cycle. While no surprise to many, the change comes at the height of the January 6 hearings, and as Oz has continued to signal support for many ideals that do not align with the America First policies. He is already showing signs of not following through with his campaign stance. Too many of his campaign comments didn’t agree with many of his prior comments. Fortunately he wasn’t running in my state so I didn’t have to choose.

Why yes, yes, he can: Uncle Joe Biden will use a planned speech Wednesday to call for Congress to suspend federal gas and diesel taxes for three months. He has already deeply depleted our “Strategic Oil Reserves” and now will “sacrifice” huge amounts of government income. Can this guy do anything more to embolden our enemies further? Don’t ask, he probably can, and will.

Final Friday thought: People say our police officers need more training. People tell us Judges need to be more understanding. You’ve had 18 years to teach your child not to loot, steal, use drugs, burn buildings, assault others, drive erratically, consume too much alcohol, or destroy the property of others. Who failed who?

No, I will not be flying a “pride” flag this weekend. There will be the U.S. flag, and the MIA/POW flag. Those I have pride in. Rainbow, not so much. Will I be drinking Irish whiskey? Oh, hell yes.

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