Wild Wednesday Motes

No Jonathan Winters: Comedian Kathy Griffin is suggesting that sexism is stopping her from getting back to D-list status in the years since her infamous photo posing with a bloody head of then-President Donald Trump in 2017. Since then, she lost concerts, contracts, and now she just wants back on the “d” list. She admits she was depressed and had taken “a bunch of pills,” telling the New York Times of an apparent suicide attempt that sent her to the hospital in June 2020. She says it’s all a conspiracy and blames the patriarchy. She says; ”I just want to get back to making people laugh.” Kathy, baby, the problem is you were never funny. Ever.

Australia is certainly not “free”: On Saturday, in a widely shared video on social media, Australian police and event security officials can be seen telling a group of spectators that they would have to remove their “Where is Peng Shuai?” tee shirts. Early in November, Shuai posted a message to her Chinese social media account saying that she had been sexually abused in 2019 by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. But her Weibo account was quickly shut down and the post was deleted. Shuai then spent nearly a month in isolation, not being seen on her own in public for more than three weeks. This was done due to rules set forth by Tennis Australia which ban political messaging. A spokesperson from Tennis Australia told ESPN that their decision to have security force the fans to remove the tee shirts was made for Peng Shuai’s “safety.”

**New Info** Tennis Australia has reversed its decision and will now allow the t-shirts to be worn. Of course, that doesn’t do much good for those that were already thrown out of the matches.

Really crappy numbers: At least 50% (and it may be higher) of American unhoused people were in the foster care system at one point. And 25% experience homelessness within two to four years of turning 18. These numbers should make everyone cringe.

Human garbage: An apparent pastor and his wife have been arrested after first responders discovered eight disabled adults, imprisoned against their will, in the basement of the couples rental property in Griffin, Georgia. The suspects were running a “group home” for 14 months out of this location under the façade of being a church called the “One Step of Faith 2nd Chance”. The first responders had to use a window to into the basement as the door had been dead-bolted shut. They discovered as many as eight people between 25- and 65-years-old, locked in basement and all had mental or physical disabilities, or both. The financials, medications and benefits of the eight were all handled by the “pastor”. This man is not a “pastor” in any sense of the word. This was done out of greed and avarice and it appears she let it continue as a willing accomplice.  There isn’t a hole deep enough in hell for these two people.

But this won’t help: Okay, there is a lot wrong with America, and hell the whole damn world. While watching a football game this weekend, I happen to notice that the goal post had a “Stop Racism” sign on it. Virtue signaling at its best. Does anybody really think plastering a sign on an NFL goalpost will accomplish anything? Anyone? The NFL will once again allow players to wear six preselected social justice messages on their helmets this season and will have two end zone stencils at every stadium this fall.  The move, which was launched last year amid a massive social justice push in the sports world, is part of the NFL’s “Inspire Change” platform. Yeah, nothing will stop racism like posting a sign, on a goalpost. Yuuu, no.

Gas 1/24/22

What are you paying this week?

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