Tuesday Motes, Motes Tuesday

Looking for truth, not here: So far there have been 86+ subpoenas issued by the Jan6 Committee. Only 8 of them to people actually involved.

 Critters:  A death investigation is underway at a Charles County, MD.  Deputies went inside the home after a neighbor called 911 when they found a man dead inside. They also found cobras, black mambas, pythons and rattlesnakes. Over 100 of them. Animal control says it’s not clear why the man had so many snakes, but he was taking good care of them. It’s not clear yet how the man died. Yeah, that’s what I think too.

Rumor : There will be a remake of “Who’s The Boss” with everybody’s favorite semi-literate socialist Alyssa Milano. Watch? Huummm, No.

Hypocrisy thy name is “journalism”: In Oct 2021 Joy Reid had harsh words for certain Democrats who, she said, are “willing to let this democracy die just so that they can cut the size of an infrastructure bill – I don’t know for who, or whose benefit.” The comments came during a discussion with MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley and author Max Boot. On Thursday, 1/20/2022 MSNBC host Joy Reid said on her show “The ReidOut” that President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a “white guy employment act.” So, does that make you for or against the bill? Or is it just “white’ guy’s you are against? Come on Joy, tell us how you really feel.

You can’t silence stupid: Howard Stern is now telling everyone who makes a choice to not get the vaxx, they should not be given hospital care and should just “go home and die”. Does anyone really care what Howard Stern says or thinks? Does anyone even still listen to him? Howie, baby, I’m glad I don’t have SirusRadio. If I did, I’d have to cancel because there might be the possibility of a remote chance I might hear you.

Clear and transparent: Wisconsin Assembly Attorney Dean O’Donnell, who is an expert analyst on election integrity, revealed they found an astronomical 569,277 registered voters had an application date of 1/1/1918, which accounts for roughly one out of every fourteen voters in the state’s database. One out of every five of those “phantom voters” apparently cast a ballot in 2020 – a whopping 115,252 of them to be exact. Trump was recorded as having lost WI by 20,000 votes. But there was no fraud.

And these people vote: The University of Southern California (USC) will allow its fraternities to begin hosting social events again in February if they follow new safety guidelines including hiring security guards to block hallways leading to bedrooms, according to an Interfraternity Council (IFC) document. In addition to hiring security for social events to make sure all participants stay in common spaces, all IFC chapter members must complete “prevention education workshops,” along with pre-event planning and post-event reviews to make sure social gatherings comply with laws, local ordinances and university rules. This is not to protect the girls or the boys. This is to protect the University. Nothing teaches maturity like the possibility of being sued.

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