Thursday Motes to Pace The Floor By

Will they ever take responsibility: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday was asked if Joe Biden thinks it’s a big deal that the Dow Jones Industrial was down more than 1100 points. The question: “Does the President think it’s a big deal that, today, the Dow Jones is down at one point, more than 1100 points.” Psaki immediately attacked Trump. “Well, to start with, we focus on the trends in the economy, not any one day and any single indicator, unlike his predecessor,” Psaki said. So, after the “incredible” year under Uncle Joe, it’s all still Trumps fault.

The crowd gasps: Biden called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy “a stupid s.o.b.”, not realizing the mic was still open. And the crowd gasps.  Has everyone forgotten these other Bidenesque comments? “You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier?” “I don’t work for you.”” Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time?”  Later that day, Uncle Joe  phone called Doocy to ‘clear the air’. The “clearing” of the air consisted of Uncle Joe saying  “It is nothing personal, pal.” First, it was not very “presidential comment, and it sure as hell wasn’t an apology. I have always found people who call you “pal” are not being very respectful. That’s just me.

Okay, this is just stupid: Washington D.C. strip clubs have allegedly been warned about employees not wearing masks. The city recently published its latest data on businesses that have violated the mayor’s order on masks and vaccination requirements, and multiple strip clubs made appearances on the list. The Daily Caller reports it was confirmed that the dancers are required by the city to wear masks, irregardless of how much or how little of other clothing they have on. If they’re not wearing clothes, it’s kind of hard to understand why they need to wear masks. Then again, logic is kind of out the window in Washington D.C. and damn near every other Demorat city these days. Of course, it’s been pointed out to me that we have come to expect this amount of stupid from D.C.

You are under attack: Highly popular podcaster Joe Rogan has a huge audience because people enjoy hearing different opinions. Now the U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy is calling for Rogan’s show to be censored. The basis for this violation of Rogan’s Constitutional rights is because he has invited guests such as Dr. Malone to appear on his podcast to discuss the dangers of the Covid mRNA gene therapy vaccines. Murthy complained that social media companies are not doing enough to ‘stop the spread’ of Covid misinformation before calling on Spotify to silence Joe Rogan. Censorship is censorship, and that’s a violation of the Second Amendment. Period. Do you think one of the reasons S.G. Murthy’s parents moved to America from the U.K. could have been that series of amendments we call the “Bill of Rights”? Just asking.

 And they will lie to you: Littleton Public Schools Superintendent Brian Ewert responded to parental concerns by claiming that “students under the age of 18 cannot get a vaccination without parental permission and they must have a parent or legal guardian present with them to sign consent.” On Monday night, the independent journalist exposed yet another issue within US Public School system – this time, posting a damning thread that includes two undercover videos taken by a pair of brave high school students that show employees of a Colorado High School’s mobile vaccine clinic allowing underage children to receive the experimental jab without their parent’s consent. Just to make that clear, the recordings were made by 2 high school students. Both did not have their IDs checked, and both used fake names. It was that easy. Unfortunately, this subversion of parental rights is becoming more common. This incident is just the latest example that has been exposed since the jab was green-lighted for use in young children. And there will be more.

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