Extensive Thursday Motes

Déjà vu, again: Hitler rose to power by convincing the general public that Jews were spreading illness. Kinda sounds familiar …But I just can’t put my finger on it. Consider some of the best-known tactics of past fascist and socialist and communist dictators (and maybe even some today!). Trump did not do well in the rankings: No purges, military or civilian governmental ranks or even serious political pressure to resign or retire; No mass deportations (or even encouragement to leave) of political opponents, outspoken media critics, or even scientists! No organized or systemic use of assassination, character defamation, blackmail or even bribery! No pitched battles of competing government-supporting and rebel street mobs, not even to the extent of Australia in the last few weeks. (No, the so-called insurrection on 6 JAN 2021 compares to those things like a 4-year-old’s tea party compares to an Inaugural Ball.) No death camps. And not much in the way of concentration or retraining camps, either. No rounding up en masse of homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, or even Russians and Chinese. No routine beating up or stringing up of rioters, looters, street preachers – not even mimes or clowns! Trump was a failure as a dictator. Uncle Joe, well he’s already well ahead of the curve.

An open letter; Dear Billy Eilish, Alyissa Milano and all the other people that don’t live in Texas but don’t like Texas laws. Don’t move there. Signed Storyteller

Show your papers, continued : Bars must close by 10 pm. No fans in the stands at U H games. Honolulu has lost over 800 bars, restaurants, and small business’ due to the state “mandates”. The gov says he’s working with the health care industry to identify indicators that would provide guidance for either lifting or expanding restrictions. And the Lt. gov says; “we should be able to now have football games, concerts and what have you, as long as people show that they got vaccinated,” Green said. Me, I say our elected representatives no longer represent me, or anyone else, but themselves.

But only the peasants needed masks: “Bridgerton” Emmy winner Marc Elliot Pilcher, 53, died of Covid-19 on Sunday two weeks after attending the 73rd Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Pilcher was “double vaccinated” and had no underlying conditions. Hey Lt. gov Green, he was VACCINATED. (See mote above)

We don’t need no stinkin’ proof: With zero specific citations to support the claimed threats, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has now instructed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (fbi) to target and investigate any parents who challenge local school board policies.   The objective appears to be an overt threat to intimidate parents who are actively engaged in their child’s school education. The goal is to label dissident parents, non-conforming free range citizens, as “Domestic Terrorists.”  So, now giving a crap about the crap your kids are learning in “school” is a federal criminal offense. But gathering to burn a police station, take over whole city blocks, loot stores, or beat citizens isn’t. Did I miss something here?

“At least once every human should have to run for his life, to teach him that milk does not come from supermarkets, that safety does not come from policemen, that ‘news’ is not something that happens to other people. He might learn how his ancestors lived and that he himself is no different–in the crunch his life depends on his agility, alertness, and personal resourcefulness.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

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