Friday Motes To Dwell ON

Just askin’?: Louisiana’s largest hospital system will start to fine employee’s if their SPOUSE is not vaxxd by the end of the month. The “fine” will be added to the employee’s medical “benefit package”. I still haven’t heard of any vaxx mandate for welfare recipients.

Pick and choose: The fbi raided the headquarters of the New York City police sergeants’ union Tuesday morning. A related raid was conducted in Port Washington, New York, in Long Island’s Nassau County. Records show SBA President Ed Mullins owns a home in Port Washington. Mullins has been under NYPD internal investigation for alleged misconduct stemming for comments made on Twitter. Mullin also was under scrutiny for using profanity to describe NYC health commissioner after a report surfaced that she didn’t care about police officers’ lack of masks and PPE at the onset of the pandemic. Mullen, leader of the union representing 11,000 NYPD members, has been a frequent, vocal critic of De Blasio’s administration. It appears that using bad language on twitter is now a federal offense. Or is it just criticizing the powers that be? The FBI recently admitted that they don’t keep track of violence from the radical left.

Something to ponder: Did you know the “majority” of congresscritters are millionaires? That means over 50%, and that doesn’t include their spouses, many of whom are very very rich . The percentage of millionaires in the American population is 8%. Hummmm.

Buy lottery tickets, now: A man jumped nine stories from a high-rise in Jersey City, NJ, landed on a BMW — and miraculously survived, according to officials and a witness. “I heard a big boom and I didn’t think it was a person at first,” said the witness. “The back window of the car just busted out — exploded. Then the guy jumped up and started screaming. His arm was all twisted.” He was rushed to a hospital by ambulance and was in critical condition Thursday. I’d buy lottery tickets and ride this luck.

Nobody deserves this: A CNN “political commentator” suggested Monday that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., deserved to be harassed in the bathroom by left-wing activists at Arizona State University. The inane questions asked did not warrant such an intrusion.  I don’t care who you think you are; if you follow my wife into the bathroom, I will knock you out. End of conversation.

Get offa my lawn: A “mean” homeowner has been slammed over his bizarre method to stop people walking across his front garden. Unlucky trespassers got a shock when an automatic sprinkler drenched them as they took a short cut and stomped across Thomas Lyons’ lawn. there’s also an alarm that sounds at the same time the sprinkler goes off, warning people not to step foot on his grass. And the unique method to keeping trespassers off his grass has divided opinion among commenters – with some branding him “mean”, and others saying he has every right to use his property how he wishes. Me, I’m on his side. You work hard to keep your lawn and yard nice, then someone wears a path across it taking a short cut. Go around ya dope.

Everyday, five days a week, I drive by thirteen flags over thirteen pair of empty boots. The first day, I stopped and individually saluted each one. Now, I salute all thirteen when I drive by. Honor Respect Loyalty

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