Middle Wednesday Motes

Ok, I don’t like Dwayne “Dog” Chapman. I won’t go into why, it’s personal and professional. But I will buy him a beer if he locates Laundrie before the fbi or other real cops. And I will laugh laugh laugh laugh.

Another “fundamental change: The Senate voted on Thursday to confirm President Joe Biden’s controversial nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Tracy Stone-Manning, in a 50–45 vote along party lines. Stone-Manning’s affiliation with ecoterrorists and her role in a tree spiking plot from three decades ago resurfaced in June during her nomination process, resulting in a wave of objections to her nomination. A communist running the banks, and a terrorist in control of the land. Oh, and she snitched out her “brother and sister” tree huggers. They ended doing time, she ended running a federal bureau.

Representing you:  A total of 49 House and Senate Republicans helped Democrats pass billions in American taxpayer money on welfare, driver’s licenses, housing costs, and more for Afghans brought to the United States as part of a massive resettlement operation. On Thursday they voted to approve $6.4 billion in taxpayer money for the roughly 95,000 Afghans that they hope to bring to the U.S. over the next 12 months.  A population nine times larger than Jackson, Wyoming’s resident population. Remember where the money comes from, you and me. Of course they will all be law abiding contributing members of society.

Who investigates the investigators: I’ve spoken on this individual before: In December, 2020, FBI agents contacted Jeremy Brown at his home for “posting some things online.” Last March, Brown started speaking out about how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) contacted him and attempted to recruit him to spy on patriots and everyday Americans. Brown released video surveillance of the FBI contacting him at his home. And he released an audio recording of his actual meetup with the FBI. Brown decided his desire to protect and defend the American people and the TRUTH are more important than privacy or personal safety. On last Thursday afternoon at 3:45 PM Eastern the FBI raided Jeremy Brown’s home and arrested him. The charge is trespassing.  The FBI searched their house, RV, and trailer. And then they arrested Jeremy and took him away. Jeremy Brown NEVER entered the US Capitol on January 6. His crime was refusing to be an FBI informant. Who will investigate the fbi for what appears to be abuse of power?

Kinda torn on this one: In a rural area, a farmer’s barn caught fire. The local fire fighters responded  and saved a number of piglets from the inferno. Six months later the farmer showed up at the fire station with a “thank-you” gift. A large box if sausage’s, made from the rescued piglets. Okay, I   can see the thoughtfulness of the gift, but I’m not sure I could eat any of it.

Just sayin’ : Flew to Hilo on Friday. Young(ish) woman and her son boarded the plane. He was 4-6 years old, and seemed to be well behaved. Except he didn’t want to Wear a mask. He kept pulling it off, no matter what mom said. Stewardess noticed, and spoke to them, nicely that I could hear, but to no avail. A senior airline rep came aboard, talked to mom and son, and also without success. Finally the rep had to ask mom and son to leave the flight. Mom got very huffy and loudly proclaimed “Well. I can’t go home because my CHILD won’t wear a mask. And this B….” She started to say something about the Airline rep when another passenger spoke out saying,” Don’t blame her. She’s just doing her job.” Several other passengers agreed and Mom and son departed. I don’t agree with the mask, or the mandates, but you don’t dump on someone just doing their job. No matter how distasteful the job.

Hey Danno. Hope you and Cheryl are healthy and well. Stay safe. Gas here is up $.05 a gallon.

What are you paying?

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