First Wednesday Motes

Congress doesn’t give employee “evaluations”: Nancy Pelosi has been in office since 1988 (33 years), and “now” she says she will “advance racial, economic and environmental justice”. What the hell has she been doing for the past 33 years? Besides acting like an idiot.

Recently my wife posted something on farcebook: SAince shye is pro-gun it seemed to rub some people wrong. Several advised her she would be “on the wrong side of history”. There is no wrong side of history. There is only the history. Well, if you teach “history”, and not blindly follow a political agenda.

 Unintended lockdown consequences: At least in New York, COVID-19 has cut down on cocaine habits. Instead of disappearing into dingy club bathrooms, New York partygoers are staying home and smoking cannabis.  In San Francisco, opioid overdoses killed more than 621 people, the coronavirus has killed only 194.. Doctors and researchers are openly worrying that Americans are drinking more, and drinking more often.

Only goes one way: British “journalist”(and that is really pushing the definition) Piers Morgan went after President Donald Trump in a Monday column for the Daily Mail, calling on Republicans to ‘whack’ Trump like a “mob boss.” I wonder what he’d have to say if I suggested someone “Whack” the U.K. Queen.

Something I’d like to see? A “Muppet Great Gatsby”. Yes     Yes      Yes

At the time of this writing, Tanya Roberts is either alive or dead. Even her agent doesn’t know for sure.

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