Hold On, Almost Friday Motes

Just asking: How many people listen in to the Presidents private telephone calls? Seems like a lot if you consider how many people seem to know what was talked about in “private” calls. How come there are no transcripts of Biden or Harris conversations? Just asking for a friend.

 And so the year begins: There is nothing but malice and exorbitant legal fees in the story of the 27-year-old Temur Akhmedov and the divorce of his parents, the Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov and Tatiana Akhmedova. It’s a mother testifying against her son, and vice versa, as she sues him for nearly $100 million in cash and assets.  Her ex-husband has refused to hand over a single ruble and has kept his money, and himself, far away from the United Kingdom and the reach of its courts. So Ms. Akhmedova and her lawyers tried a new approach. Temur, the older of the couple’s two sons, is a U.K. resident, which makes his holdings eminently seizable. 

All things are not equal: In Portland, antifa riots and burns buildings, Ho Hum. In Detroit BLM riots, protests, and burns buildings. Yawn. Gather on the lawn of someone who doesn’t agree with you, terrorizing the wife and new born child. Bottom of page A-7. In Washington D.C. Trump calls for supporters to come to the city, Call Out the National Guard. Board up all the business’. Close the streets. Huh?

Why does everybody want to be a “biker”: I was watching “Battle Botts” and had to wonder. Now, that’s as nerdy as you can get and about as far from “biker” as humanly possible, but at least 2 of the “Bott” teams were decked out in cutoff levi jackets (cut’s) with back center patches (colors) and pocket patches (tabs). To real bikers, colors are earned, honored, and protected. Wearing one you’ve not earned will get you a severe ass whipping. It’s all about respect but that answers my question, nobody today seems to care about respect.

One of my favorites: It seems that Ivanka Trump mis-sent a “tweet” to singer/actor Meatloaf, and the twitterverse  is all nuts. Hey, Meatloaf is a great singer/performer and I personally enjoy his music. I have sat in the garage, with cold beer in hand, and played the entire  “Bat Out Of Hell” cd loud enough the neighbor asked me to “Turn it the Fxxx down”. (I did.)

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