Tuesday Motes For A New Year

Picture worth a thousand words: Front page picture of cars lined up on the freeway, at Midnight on New Year’s, to watch the ariel fireworks over the Honolulu skyline. Funny part is, such fireworks are illegal in Honolulu. My area of Hilo sounded like Firebase Gloria just prior to an assault. The Honolulu police department issued a statement they had confiscated 1,500 pounds of fireworks, during the month of December. That’s one container, maybe, in 31 days. Judging from the pictures of the Honolulu skyline, seems they missed a lot.

Yea, sure, you bet: Nearing the end of his second term, Mayor Kirk Caldwell says he wishes he could be mayor longer. Now he is looking toward his next political step, governor. “I will have a difficult run for governor, no doubt about it, but I again I think I can get the votes to win,” said Caldwell. With the public sentiment soured because of the pandemic crisis, rail and other issues, does he have a chance? If my vote counts, no. I will continue to urge the other candidate to keep reminding the people of Honolulu about the 300 restaurants, bars, and small stores that are closed, forever, due to his handling and emergency proclamations (over 30 issued for the city).

In my opinion: No, asking that a contested election be investigated, and no winner declared until the investigation is completed, is not sedition or treason. So Rob, Jake, and Debra STFDASTFU.

For those of you that have sent me “friend requests”, sorry, this is the only “social media” I do. No face book etc.

Well, no problems at the Honolulu airport, other than the plane parked as far from the baggage claim as they could and still be in the same airport, and the Honolulu cab drivers are surly, don’t speak much English, and are mostly lost without google maps.

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