Brain Dead Tuesday Motes

You still have to wait: The Honolulu Police Department is spending some of its federal relief money to extend the hours for gun registration and permit processing,  appointment slots were almost immediately filled for the next 90 days. HPD has experienced a nearly 40% increase in requests for permits. Then you have to wait at least 10 more days, then you have to get another appointment to “register” the firearm. Hope you don’t “need” that firearm right away.

You got to think before you give: Recently read an article about “Munchausen by Internet,” a term coined by Marc Feldman, the University of Alabama psychiatrist. These are people, the vast majority are women, who start up bogus “GoFundMe” pages. Usually a grave, deadly disease with huge medical bills.  These “con’s” bilk decent people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and make it hard for those with real problems to get help. So, before you give, research, review, and then research some more.

Remember I told you: When looking at the recent Rudy Giuliani huhu with the “comedian” Borat, remember what Storyteller told you, always act like someone is recording, they probably are.

Coffee through the nose: That’s what happened when I read in Breitbart that Sen. Bernie Sanders has expressed interest in serving as Labor secretary if Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the White House in November. This from a guy that has never had a real job, never put in a hard day’s work, owns 3-6 (depending on the report) homes and is considered a multi-millionaire. He’s just a really smart investor. Right?

Something freakin’ wrong here: The University of Texas Longhorn band will not play the school song, “The Eyes of Texas,” this coming weekend after several members said they are unwilling to perform the song. The survey results reportedly showed the band members evenly divided on playing the school’s more than a 100-year-old theme that many are now calling “racist.” My response, if I were the band leader, would be “Bye, There are plenty of musicians that will replace you.” And then call their bluff. The inmates are running the asylum.

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