Mid Week Motes

A new number one: Mia Farrow just took over the first place, replacing Alyssa Milano, on my “used-to-be/has-beens”” I wish would shut up” list. She has rushed to defend Hunter Biden, a person she doesn’t personally know, against President Trump. She just regurgitates his resume’ as if it were fact. Please, stfu.

Good work should be noted: The U.S. Marshals Service has recovered 45 missing children as part of an operation called “Autumn Hope”. During the multi-agency enforcement operation, 169 arrests were made by the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force. Last month, USMS announced that 25 children had been rescued, 39 more missing children had been recovered in Georgia over a two-week and the rescue of an additional 26 children and the safe location of 13 others.  Well done Marshalls, well done.

So many Contradictions at one time: Headline; “Armed Trans Muslim Antifa Arrested At Mostly Peaceful Riot”. The Phoenix police arrested a trans Muslim person for throwing incendiary devices at police while carrying a semiautomatic rifle at a partly-violent riot. The 35-year-old Britney Austin, formerly Eric Austin, was among 18 individuals arrested in downtown Phoenix at a violent anti-police protest. Austin was covered head-to-toe at the time in a black abaya and a burka. And to use common vernacular, he is not “passable”.

Another Covid victim: It’s been announced today is the last day Tony Roma’s. The Waikiki location is the last remaining location in Hawaii. The original location was in Kahala back in 1983, but closed in 2007. Man, I do like Tony’s ribs. Just another unintended consequence of the Covid lock down.

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