Monday Motes, Already?

Sad good-bye: James Randi, a magician and paranormal debunker better known professionally as “The Amazing Randi,” died last Wednesday, at 92. For many years, starting in 1964, Randi even offered cash — in the form of a “$1 Million Paranormal Challenge” — to anyone who could prove supernatural or paranormal abilities. He never had any takers. I watched him on many shows back then. He will be missed…..And to Jerry Jeff Walker, one of the “outlaws” of country music. His song “Mr. Bogangles” made the world sit up and notice. I have a lot of his music. He and his talent will be missed by many of us.

Shade of Ron Rewald: A memo filed in federal court by the Department of Justice reveals for the first time the full extent of fake spy Garrison Courtney’s stunning ruse. In addition to the $4.4 million he personally extracted from his victims over the course of more than four years, he was in line for nearly $4 billion in Army, Navy, and Air Force contracts had the FBI not caught him. In a handwritten jailhouse letter, Courtney claimed that his scheme got so big, he didn’t know how to stop it without exposing himself as a “fraud and failure.” The scam involved authentic-looking CIA documents, on actual agency letterhead, and briefings by real government officials and military officers in secure rooms called SCIFs. Courtney, who served as a high-level spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Administration before embarking on his criminal career, pleaded guilty this summer to one count of wire fraud. One count of wire fraud? Let’s hope the US .gov learned something here.

It only happens in the movie’s: New York City Police Department (NYPD) vehicle involved in a fender bender this month appears to have had its brakes cut, per law enforcement. A mechanic stated that the brake line was intentionally cut.

Honolulu clean and sober: More than 100 local bars and restaurants serving alcohol have closed permanently since the pandemic started or given up their liquor licenses. And a new lawsuit blames the government’s shutdown orders. The suit alleges that the city’s tiered system for reopening is unconstitutional allowing bars that serve food and restaurants that serve alcohol , and even strip clubs,  to operate. According to the city Liquor Commission, a total of 116 bars and restaurants serving alcohol have closed permanently or have given up their liquor licenses between March and September. In the year earlier period, there were 42 closures. Mayor Kirk Caldwell has argued that bars can’t effectively keep patrons apart and masked once they’ve been drinking. Yes, the bars can keep patrons apart. The question is will they. For perspective, the city didn’t close the Funeral Home that had 24 Covid Case’s tracked to them.

Yes, I watched the “debate”. No, it didn’t change my mind about anything. I already knew Trump is a leader, and Biden is a crook.

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