It’s Wednesday Mote Time

Eye opening: Article by Grant Baker in the “American Thinker” on Oct.2 titled “Who Are The Proud Boys?” If you have any doubts or think the PB are primarily a “white racist neo-Nazi hate group”, read it. It just might make you realize the MSM is NOT on our side. And now the PB are “gay”. Heh Heh

True colors: With the announcement that President Trump tested positive for Covid-19, way too many people couldn’t wait to come out and wish him ill.  I don’t wish anyone to die. To those that wish President Trump “dies”, “lives in pain”, and all that other “civil” discourse; I hope you “live an interesting life.” I wish the President and First Lady a swift recovery.

Good choice; Congratulations to my old associate Massad Ayoob, the new President of the Second Amendment Foundation. A good choice, the right man for the job.

Not enough space: I spotted a “click bait” headline the other day, “Stars who need to realize they aren’t famous anymore”. All I could think of was “I don’t have enough time to read all of them.” Off the top of my head, Alyssa Milano, the ex-mister Rosanne Barr, Paris Hilton and all her posse’, Fiddy Cents, Michael Rapaport, Cher, Michael Moore, and …just sooo many more. And that doesn’t include  the ones I’m just tired of hearing from.

Seems to run in the family: After dodging creditors for decades, Joe Biden’s slimy grifting brother Frank Biden finally agreed to pay part of the $ 1 million he owes the family of a man killed in a car accident in 1999.   A settlement he agreed to. Biden and his partner Mindy (a former Hooters waitress) live in a gated community overlooking a golf course in Atlantis, Florida. Biden, 66, hasn’t paid a cent of the cash he owed the family. Not a cent in 21 years. The dead man’s children are now adults, having grown up without a father.

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