Aloha Means Good-bye

2 more of Oahu’s Irish pubs close up shop for good amid pandemic woes

Fifty-one years ago, July 6 1969 to be exact, I wandered into this bar. Then it was Anna Banana’s, now Anna O’Briens. It basically became my home away from home. Over the years the clientele became friends and family. A loss to anyone was shared by everyone, as was joy. Birthday’s, anniversary’s, birth’s, death’s, hell even jury duty were celebrated. In 1989 I got married there. I held the celebrations of life for both my parents were there. There have been baby christening’s, Easter services, and “just because” parties. There have been many changes in the neighborhood, the area, and the city, but the one constant was “Anna’s”. I could sit and tell Anna’s stories all afternoon. And so could 50 or 60 other people. On many Friday and Saturday nights, the back parking lot would be wall to wall motorcycles and never a punch was thrown. Last year, the 50th anniversary, people flew to Hawaii from all over the U.S. to join in the celebration.

Well, it’s been made official, Anna’s will NOT reopen after the Hawaii Lockdown. My heart is broken.

One thought on “Aloha Means Good-bye

  1. Fucking Chinese Communist using the COVID-19 to close all the bars in America. Then the one bar that makes the dam best Bloody Mary I have ever had. CLOSING.
    Fucking Snowflakes.


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