Little Tuesday Motes

Sad Aloha: Sad to see Leslie Wilcox is leaving Hawaii and PBS. She’s been the CEO for the last 14 years and has done a tremendous job. I met Leslie many years ago when she was a local reporter covering the police beat. I had the pleasure of re-meeting her earlier this year at the QMC recognition diner. She has been a familiar face in Hawaii news and television for a long time. Best wishes and fondest Aloha to Leslie and her family.

Think they’ll take a check:  Albert Hee, founder of “Sandwich Isles Communications” was convicted of fraud, false statements to the FCC, and misappropriation of funds. He was sentenced to nearly four years in prison and has been fined…wait for it…..…$49 Million dollars. Since Hee is now a convicted felon, wonder if they’ll take a payment plan.

Now a sequel: Borat is back. Why?

Just like no new gasoline powered cars by 2035: California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed a law Wednesday requiring new guns to be outfitted with technology that has proven unworkable wherever it has been tried. Gun Owners of California reports Newsom signed AB 2847, which “forces manufacturers to use microstamping technology in order to have new handguns on the approved [California DOJ] roster.” The CA DOJ maintains a roster of new guns approved for sale in the state of California. Beginning July 1, 2022, only new guns with microstamping technology will be added to the list. Moreover, each time a gun with microstamping technology is added to the roster three guns without such technology will be removed. Microstamping technology has proven unworkable everywhere it has been tried, as it is easily thwarted by criminals who understand how it works. I keep saying, it ain’t the guns.

I watched a Muppets re-run:  Over 73 million people tuned into Tuesday’s presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden (D), on the same night only 7.1 million watched NBA finals. Oops.

Finally, dealing from the top down: Recent announcement, the University of Hawaii system is in poor financial condition. Most businesses with this problem start laying off workers, the old “last hired, first fired” scenario. Doing it the right way, U of H President David Lassner and 200 executives across the 10-campus system will take pay cuts of 9% to 20% as the university faces a growing budget deficit. The pay cuts, which will save about $2.2 million this fiscal year. Okay, it isn’t enough, but I wasn’t to point out , for once, someone is starting at the top, as it should be done.  Praises to Lassner.

Not watching this one either: The “Vice-Presidential” debate. I’m going to watch “Two Broke Girls” re-runs. Less painful.

What did I do this weekend? Well, I did a complete alarm upgrade. I’ve had a SimpliSafe System for over ten years, and am completely satisfied. The system is wireless, you order what you need, and install it yourself. This weekend I replace the entire original system with all new sensor and contacts. Took just about 2 hours to install 17 locations and 3 cameras. The customer service at SimpliSafe is excellent and I can’t praise the whole company enough. If you need a security system, go SimpliSafe.

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