Thursday, With A Silent Mote

Oh man: It is reported that Dolly Parton is considering another photo spread for Playboy. Dolly at 75 is still one of the sexiest women around and I will be looking forward to “seeing” her. By the way, I spent some time chatting with her many years ago and found her honest, funny, and genuinely pleasant. You go girl.

Man, that’s going to mess up the weekend; The “dailycaller” is reporting U.S. customs has intercepted a shipment of 8,000 Chinese bongs in Sterling, VA. The 41 boxes were addressed to a location in Los Angeles. Federal laws ban drug paraphernalia imports, according to the DHS. CBP’s Consumer Products and Mass Merchandising  estimated the shipment to be worth $142,495.  Somebodies weekend party just got ruined.

Great read: From “pjmedia”; “Life on the street: A cop confesses what policing is like in the age of BLM/Antifa”, 10/05/20. Kind of like one of my Sunday Rants, but written by a current cop. A good informative read.

Verrry interesting observation: “The people that want to be in charge of your healthcare have spent the entire weekend wishing death upon their political opponents.” Has your doctor asked you any “political” type questions? Could they be “prioritizing” your care?

And she should know: Joy Behar said on Monday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View” that President Donald Trump’s motorcade drive outside of Walter Reed Hospital on Sunday was “was right out of a dictator’s playbook.” And as a political expert Ms. Behar is well versed on what dictator’s do. After all, she’s on television.

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