Motes, Monday, and “Whatever”

Things are tough, I’ve decided to sell selfie nudes, send $25 by PayPal and I won’t send you any

From the Daily Caller: Subway sandwich bread does not fit into the legal definition of bread in an Irish court. The Subway sandwich bread’s sugar and fat content was found to be 10% the weight of the flour content, the Irish Independent reported. A white bread roll at Subway contains 5g of sugar, which is comparable to the sugar content of an Oreo cookie. The Value-Added Tax Act of 1972 need the weight of the sugar and fat to not exceed more than 2% of the total weight of flour used. So order your sandwich on wheat “whatever”.

Work advice: Fill your cough syrup bottle with booze and you can drink all day at work. And people will stay away because they think you’re sick. Brilliant

Must be a conservative: A raccoon reportedly attacked some reporters on the White House lawn last week, according to CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid. “Strong Pawnee vibes at White House this morning as a raccoon attacked multiple news crews on North Lawn,” Reid wrote. Okay, they disturbed the racoon’s feeding grounds and it did what they do, he tried to drive them off. But can anyone explain the “strong Pawnee vibes”? Is she referring to the Indians, or the “paw”nee? Does that make her a racist or a humanist?

Not surprised: HPD Crime-Solving Record Is The Worst Its Been In At Least 40 Years. HPD won’t talk about it, but FBI data shows Honolulu has one of the worst records in the country when it comes to solving property crimes as well as violent crimes. HPD made an arrest or otherwise solved only one violent crime for every four that occurred in 2019, according to the FBI data. If HPD put as much effort into solving violent crimes as they did into issuing the 58,000 citations to otherwise law-abiding citizens, the city would be much safer. Maybe they could reassign some of the officers presently assigned to do nothing but issue quarantine violation citations. Those coitations carry a fine of “up to” $5,000.00. There were 44,000 (forty-four thousand) “quarantine” citations issued in august. In their defense, HPD has been all over the “massage” parlor raids , 22 of them over the past 3 three years.

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