Tuesday Motes Down The River

Pandering: Recently heard on local radio; “Tired of the stay-at-home? Me too. Join me on a Mediterranean Cruise. Leaving March of 2021….”

Maybe Oregon: Remember all the fires in Australia a short while back? All the hohaha suddenly died down when it was found that the majority of the fires had been set by climate change arsonists. Then, silence. Nothing has been written since.  A search also turns up nothing . Look at all the fire’s burning in California and Oregon. Anything similar?

We do NOT have 2 “national anthems”. There is no BLACK national anthem. End of discussion.

We need to know: The is positive proof that many of the “peaceful protesters” are moving between cities and states. It’s hard to hold down a job when you’re out “protesting 7 days/nights a week. The protesters have to eat. Someone is funding them. The old detectives adage ,”Follow the money” seems very appropriate about now.

 You gotta love God’ sense of humor: A man whose kayak capsized in 30 feet of water in Lake George, New York, held on to his kayak for dear life until he got rescued by a group of priests on a floating tiki bar. Jimmy MacDonald was rescued by the Paulist Fathers, a Catholic religious community of seminarians and priests from St. Joseph’s Seminary in Washington, DC, along with the tiki tours staff.

From the American Thinker: A Democrat bureaucrat finally said what we all have known to be the truth: the Wuhan virus limitations that Democrat politicians and bureaucrats have imposed on Americans will go away after the election because that was the plan all along. There is no scientific connection between the election and the Wuhan virus.  There is, however, a cynical connection between the lockdown and the election. We know this because LA County’s public health director, Barbara Ferrer, admitted as much when speaking to a gathering of school nurses and other school administrators.

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