Monday Motes of Interest

Are you freakin’ serious: There are numerous reports of “peaceful protesters” in Portland, Seattle, and Pittsburg bringing their tender aged children along to the “protest”. A BLM mother in LA brought what appears to be her 1-2 year old baby to a “peaceful protest” that was declared an unlawful assembly and ended with “non-lethal” munitions. This ranks right up there with taking your quadriplegic girlfriend, in her wheelchair, while you point an assault rifle at civilians. How’d that turn out?

In 2018 I said, “No indictments.” No trials.” “No jail terms.” (And HRC still thinks she won.) How about the “top investigators” at the Department of Justice that “accidentally” wiped clean 15 phones used in the illegal Mueller investigation. All by accidents. Yea, sure. I’ve seen ordinary cops dragged over hot coals because there was a typo on the report. This would seem to warrant, well, warrants.

Just asking: “College students say rioting, looting justified because ‘people in power’ have stolen so much more”. So why don’t you go loot and rob the homes and businesses of the “people in power”? I mean, they ain’t that hard to find. Just look for the big, walled homes with all the armed private security. Then go loot. Heh Heh Heh

I’m entertained: With all the “woke” in Hollywierd, and that being all you can see since they control all the streaming, I guess my 4k dvd’s doesn’t seem so silly now, do they? Speaking of Hollywierd, they’re planning on re-making “The Golden Girls” with an all black cast. “Doggie Howser” with an Irish/Hawaiian girl as the Doggster. So, they are either pandering, or running out of ideas. Coin toss.

WTF: an investigation into Fort Hood began on Tuesday following the deaths of more than two dozen soldiers at the base this year. Twenty-four soldiers dead, in a non-combat AO, in 9 months. And NOW they “start an investigation. ” HUH?

Sad Good-bye: A great loss, Diana Rigg, 82, of cancer. During my youth, we all had out “secret” desires from television. One shared by many was the incredible “Emma Peel” from the British show “The Avengers”, played by the very flexible Diana Rigg.  Ms. Rigg recently won praise for her performance in “Game Of Thrones”.  Ms. Rigg, and her talent will be missed.

Happy Birthday Clayton Moore (1914-1999) Who? “A fiery horse with speed of light, a could of dust, and a hearty ….” Yes, he was THE Lone Ranger. Happy Birthday Sir. You did well.

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