Wednesday Motes For Discussion

Back on  August 27 I wrote : “The NBA should suspend and fire Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell after he appeared to call Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, a “B*tch Ass white boy”.  Well, it appears there was a “twitter” apology, and that was all. Several discussions by various talking heads and sports “experts”, but no punishment. Just wait until some white guy calls a black player a “Punk azz n…..” Let’s see who says it’s just “trash talking” and who starts screaming for a head on a pike. There really are 2 sets of rules.

I love a good, or bad, biker movie: I love the “B” movies, and a good “B” biker movie will have me watching all day. Unfortunately, “Nation’s Fire”, given 4 ½ stars by “Prime”, is so bad, I wouldn’t put it on the bar tv during a Sunday afternoon bb-q. The cliche’s fall over each other and the “actors” (male and female) keep tripping over their one-dimensional characters. The bad tattoo’s and the excessive Botox makes it hard to look at some of the women. The only redeeming characters are the great Bruce Dern as “PopPop” and Frank Drank, (I know, that’s the way he’s billed) as “Bear”. I doubt you’ll see their parts, because that would mean you’d have to watch the movie, and I can’t bring myself to let you. So, just say no to “Nation’s Fire”.

Or is it just me: Does anyone else feel like throwing up in their mouth when Pelosi says “Mother earth”. Another Fauxcohantis? Nope, just another politician.

Don’t understand it: All of a sudden J.K.Rowling has become the literary stone target number one. From what I gather, it’s because she’s written a novel where the main killer is a “trans” person. People, it’s been done before; Mickey Spillane had a trans killer in “Vengeance is Mine”, 1950; television did it with “Peter Gunn” in 1958; and amid the dozens of movies “Freebie and The Bean”  did it 1979. Get off your high horses people, it ain’t nothing personal, or new.

Kind of enjoyed it: Binged on “Cobra Kai” over the weekend. Really enjoyed it. I remember seeing the original “Karate Kid” in the 80’s. I actually got to sit and speak with the great Pat Morita many years before the KK came out. It was at a “Leon and Malia” ,two names from Honolulu music history, record release party. He was a genuinely funny guy. Back in the sixties he was billed as the “hip nip” in Vegas. Of course, Martin Kove is still around being the perfect sleazeball. Kove is also known as quite a “cowboy action style” shooter.

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