Wednesday Motes Are Here

Headline: A white Jewish lady from a Kansas City suburb has been pretending to be black her entire career as a Black History professor at George Washington University.” First of all, that would not be a LADY. And looking at the picture, I’m not even sure it’s a “woman”.

Asking for a friend: As rapper Kanye West’s presidential campaign races to get him on the ballot, I have a question. Why do all the current pictures show him wearing a bullet-proof vest? Is he that afraid? And what/who is he afraid? Inquiring minds want to know. Me, I don’t care.

News flash:  It’s been about two weeks since the end of the Sturgis gathering — August 16.  About 365,000 (!) attended, most without masks and with close social contact in the street, in bars, other places, and very few arrests. But now a German research group, that analyses cell phone pings (?) has announced the rally will cost about $12b (billion) dollars in medical costs. So far, there have been 260 reported cases and 1 death, a 60+ y-o man with several underlying problems. The “research” group offers no facts, statistics, or any other evidence to support their theory, except “cell pings”. Why does anyone listen, let alone publish, this drivel?

Out lived its usefulness: The ACLU is railing against a freshman entering the University of Transylvania. The ACLU have publicly stated the freshman is a “provocateur in training” and has “no intent to learn”. By the way, the student, Nick Sandman, just won several multi-million-dollar settlements and really will never need to work a day in his life. So really he has only one reason to attend a college. To learn.

Why? Just why: Entertainment Weekly has announced there is a plan to remake the “Golden Girls”, with an all-black cast. Do they have no shame? Or any new ideas?

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