Tuesday, feels like Monday Motes

Don’t really need another reason: Recently had a “pop-up” saying “Make Wayne Proud”. Wayne, as in Wayne LaPierre of the NRA. Almost weekly there are stories of mismanagement, fraud, financial waste, and out right thievery. If I needed any reason NOT to renew my NRA, it would be this pop-up. I really don’t give a ratzazz what “Wayne” thinks of me. He SHOULD be concerned with what I, and people like me, think of him. Its time go Wayne. Far far away.

Head in the sand(and covered with concrete); nearly 100 straight days of frequently chaotic protests, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called for an end to the violence. “The violence must stop,” Brown wrote in the Thursday statement. “There is no place for white supremacy or vigilantism in Oregon. All who perpetrate violent crimes must be held equally accountable.” She didn’t specifically mention left-wing protesters, BLM, Antifa etc., who have thrown objects at police officers, vandalized and set buildings on fire. The Mayor’s condo in uptown Portland has become a target of BLM protests. Last targeted Monday, activists lit fires, set off fireworks, looted shops and blared music outside the $840,000 condo. Hey gov, get your head out of the sand and call for ALL rioters to be arrested.

I Don’t: Does anybody really care who Jane “Commie Traitor” Fonda did or didn’t sleep with. She’s 82, she only looks 95, and it appears she can’t even get arrested anymore so she’s writing (another) book. I really doubt you’ll find it on my shelf.

Refund is due: Lets face it, Nancy Pelosi deserves her money back. She went to a beauty shop and look what came out. Refund   Refund

It’s now official. During the 5 months of this pandemic, I know more people who have committed suicide than I know people who have been exposed to Covid. Not even tested positive, just exposed.

Praise where praise is due: Recently I praised the US Marshall’s officers And their recent operation resulting in the recovery of children. In Georgia there were 39 kids rescued, most with only the clothes on their backs. Guess who was the first group to step up for help, Bikers Against Abuse International (BAA International). Yea, a bunch of “black leather and denim clad” bikers. Way to go brothers.

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