It’s Thursday Motes

A sad good -bye: Kevin Dobson,  a prominent presence on TV dramas in the 1970s and ’80s, died Sunday at age 77 in Stockton, California, according to reports. Dobson, who served in the Army, was active in veterans affairs. He was chairman of the United Veterans Council of San Joaquin County, which announced his death at an area hospital due to “medical complications.” I remember his character “Crocker” in “Kojack” . I can still hear Telly Savalas yelling “Crocker!! Get me a car.” He, and his talent, will be missed.

Read it : From “The American Thinker”, August 30 ( By Doug Lucas, “I Think I’m A Coward”. Go read it. It probably apply’s to a lot more people than you think.

Lockdown means open roads: The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety is urging motorists to slow down after a police officer clocked a motorcyclist going 178 mph on Ga. 400 on Sunday. (Holy crap) The Georgia State Patrol said in late April that tickets for speeding at 100 mph or more were up nearly two-thirds statewide from last year. Troopers wrote 140 citations during one two-week period. I’ve done 120 on my bike and that scared the hell out of me. A 178, no thanks.

That there is funny: MSNBC host and civil-rights activist Al Sharpton on Tuesday morning pushed back on the notion that rising violent crime in New York City has been overstated, claiming it does feel “more unsafe” in the city. Defunding the police, the reverend added, is something “latte liberals” in “the Hamptons” support and treat like an “academic problem.” Really Al, you’re criticizing liberals? And you don’t see the funny in that?

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