Wednesday Motes of Stuff

Then it would be a good job: Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling to ban authorities from using non-lethal munitions, such as tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets, on protesters as violent riots continue to dominate U.S. cities. “No more tear gas, no more pepper spray, no more rubber bullets on protestors. Ban them all,” Sanders wrote. Or you can be like Virginia’s Democratic Senate that passed legislation Wednesday (8/26) reducing penalties for assaulting police officers by allowing judges discretion to diminish charges from a felony to a misdemeanor. I got an idea, let’s take away their authority, guns, handcuffs, make it easier to fight arrest, and just let the cops sit at home. Since they can’t do anything anyway, we’ll just let them collect their paycheck by mail.

How about some positive Law Enforcement news: Dozens of missing children have been found in Georgia following a two week rescue operation by the United States Marshals Service (USMS).U.S. Marshals describe these missing children cases as some of the most ” at-risk and challenging recovery cases” in the area. Authorities say this is because of high-risk factors such as victimization of child sex trafficking, child exploitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and medical or mental health conditions. During “Operation Not Forgotten,” 26 children were rescued and authorities were able to confirm the safety of 13 other kids that had been reported missing. Then they went into Ohio and “found” 25 more. Seems like these may be the end results of a continuing operation. Well done Marshall. Well done.

Still not watching: NBA,MLB,WNBA,NHL etc. You’re paid, very very well, to play kids athletic games to “entertain” the fans. You are not paid to lecture the fans, decide how they should live their lives, nor are you paid to actively promote your political agenda. If you do these things, and are paid for it, you are NOT entertaining anyone but yourself. You are accepting your “paycheck” under false pretenses. To me, that makes you at least a hypocrite and at worst. a thief.

It’s about damn time: U.S. District Judge Justin Walker issued a blistering ruling against qualified immunity for a Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services caseworker and a deputy on July 18. The mother went to get muffins while her children slept in her car on a cool day in 2017. The children were harassed by child welfare agents after Holly Curry ran into a store to get muffins and she left her children in a locked car for five to ten minutes. A do-gooder called the police, and when Curry returned to her car, she was informed by the officer that child welfare would be called and a report made. Then the nightmare began. Caseworker Jeanetta Childress and Deputy Michael Furnish forced their way into a private home, without a warrant, under threats of harm to the family, which ended in all six of the Curry children being strip-searched by strangers to “inspect their genitals.” It’s about time that judges started cracking down on violations of due process by child welfare agents. This is not a one-off, but a regular practice that goes completely unchallenged most of the time.

Great weekend: Chicago 52 shot, 9 dead; Detroit 15 shot,4 dead;Philly 30 shot, 5 dead;Minneapolis 21 shot, unknown dead; New York 51 shot 4 dead

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