Tuesday is Mote Day

Watching not-history: I like history, “those that do not..” etc. Tuned onto the “History Channel” the other night to watch “Cult’s, Hate Groups, and Secret Societies”. The entire hour was a “white man bad” propaganda fest. It went from the “White power” and American Nazi groups, to the KKK, with absolutely no mention it was started by militant southern Democrats. The show actually implied heavily they were Republican backed, and then linked these groups to “Outlaw Biker” groups. Then they brought out “OMG experts” Dumbass Jay Dobyns and Lyin’ Charley Falco to give their “expert” opinions on how bikers are all secretly racists. Not a single word on BLM, Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers, or La Raza. Only white people can be racists. I turned it off in disgust and promptly erased all the “HC” shows I had recorded. I’m getting really tired of this s…stuff.

Honolulu is dead: The new 2-week lockdown was started last week. That means that all the bars will have been closed for 5 weeks, not 21 days as the mayor promised. This is just three weeks after being closed for 3 ½ months. Many bars and stores will be declaring bankruptcy. Let’s see who starts buying up the leases and establishments. Then we’ll see “who profits” from the Ige/Caldwell incompetence.

Totally unexpected: I fully expected the late night “un-funny” guys to make a lot of jokes about the Republican convention, and I didn’t expect them to be funny. But to read what former Hawaii resident, and U of H dropout, Bette Midler ( von Haselberg ) said about the First Lady, made me want to puke. To make such disgusting comments, to use such a personal attack, it just defies’ s belief. The “Divine Miss M” is actually the “classless” bathhouse singer Bette.

What the Hell is going on at Fort Hood?

Still not watching NBA: The Milwaukee Bucks boycotted Game 5 of their NBA playoff series with the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, making a direct statement days after Jacob Blake, a Black man, was shot and paralyzed by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Just as a point of information the Bucks lost to the Grizzlies on Aug 14. You know, the day the Hinnant family buried their 5 year-old son Cannon.

GROP, That’s a movement I could get behind.

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