Tuesday Mote Of Knowledge

Corona Corona Corona : Tired of this being the only thing anyone talks about. I have never, in 70+ years seen anything that has brought our country, and the world, to its knees like this “virus”. Let’s all look at pictures of puppies.

It is beginning to sound biblical: In Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, and Sudan, huge flights of desert locus are devastating those country’s crops, and economies. The locusts have increased by 400% decimating the farmlands that account for 65% of the employment and gnp’s. Add to this mix the close working relationships all those countries have with China, and the pandemic they, as well as the rest of the world, are dealing with, it certainly sounds biblical to me. As in Old Testament biblical.

How stupid can you be, is not a challenge: But really, how stupid to you have to be to attack, spit at, or yell obscenities at people because they are Chinese? Come on people, just because this crap started in China, yes, I said that, doesn’t mean anyone of oriental descent had anything to do with it. It’s not that the virus is from China and so are some people, it’s that some people are just buttheads whom feel like shite about themselves, so they want everyone else to feel like shite as well. To those people I say, go walk in front of a bus.

Aloha Kenny Rogers; I was working a bodyguard detail in Florida when his song “The Gambler” came out. It had been a long tense job that looked worse everyday. Then we found out the client had been lying to us. We all sat down, discussed the situation and decided it was time to “fold ‘um”, as the client had violated the contract several times. So, we did. We returned home. Forever, when I hear that song, I think of how it actually brought a group of professionals to understand sometimes you have “to walk away”. Thanks Kenny.

Sunday Rant addition: In my rant on Sunday I mentioned the 3rd amendment was still whole. Well, the Mayor of Chicago has suggested that “empty” hotel rooms should be used for “isolation and quarantine”. How far is that from being told you must house the National Guard, or the sick? That would make 9 out of the 10 amendments down the toilet.

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