Wednesday Mote or 2

OMG, what next?
: There appears to be an “Explosion of coronavirus themed porn”. Okay, I can understand the increase of porn watchers due to the stay at home orders, but “KandysKisses” web site is now offering “quarantine” porn video’s. Don’t ask, haven’t visited, yet.

Speaking of “on the rise” : There is a few other things on the rise due to the Covid-19. Things like shoplifting, and not even trying to not be seen, robbery of senior citizens, because they know where they’ll be at shopping time, and people just not giving a shite about their fellow man.

Movie Night: Watched “Midway”. Was not impressed. Special effects of the actual battle were great, but on the whole it was not much better than average. Still coming, “1917”. Let you know.

Does it get any sillier?: Than Madonna giving a lecture, nude, in a bathtub? I’d say no. But I bet Hollywierd will prove me wrong.

Love (Head) Line of the week: “I caught him cheating… When I confronted him, he started by denying it”. He said: “Is it really cheating, though? It’s not cheating if there’s more than one.” He seemed to think that the seven or eight girls somehow cancelled each other out! “ I just looked at him, stunned. I just didn’t get his reasoning at all.” And a year later she took him back. And he did it again. Both times he got caught by text messages on his phone, that he left lying around. You can’t fix stupid. His or hers.

Don’t hold your breath: If you’re waiting for your “Coronavirus check”, understand the bill is filled with non-virus crap like fuel emission standards for airlines, solar and wind tax credits, and my personal favorite, stronger collective bargaining powers for unions. If all this has to be included, I’d rather have them not pass anything.

Hi there little girl. Want to see my 2-ply?

ant to see

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