Marvelous Monday Motes

Holy crap, can “Logan’s Run” be far behind?: Gunnison County, CO has ordered a dramatic step in the fight against COVID-19: Bars and restaurants can no longer serve people 60 years and older. Those establishments can remain open as long as they don’t allow more than 50 people inside at any time. But, in a reverse on the standard carding of minors, those who appear to be older than 60 and thus in the high-risk category for the virus, must be carded and turned away. Owners of restaurants and bars that don’t comply risk fines and imprisonment. Go ahead and let all those amateur drinkers in, you’ll want us back.

Another reason: As if I needed another reason to visit Vegas, Marcus Mariota has signed with the Raiders. You know I’m not a big football fan, but My late Brother Jawz was a hard-core Raider’s fan, so am I, out of respect. Since they moved to Vegas, and now have Marcus on the team, well I guess I just gotta go see a game.

What could go wrong: HRC, she whose name is never spoken aloud, has now come out in favor of “vote by mail”. Sure, why not? Let’s see, “ballot harvesting”, mass produced pre-marked ballots, last minute ballots found in back rooms and other types of fraud. When you have one person, with identification, cast a paper ballot, you have a proper and legal election. Period. End of problem.

Is it just me?: Most stores have set up special hours for “older” customers. Yep, that works. Let’s tell the two-legged rats of the world when the most helpless of our citizens will be shopping, vulnerable, and not at home. Yeah, that’ll work out. No seriously, is it just me?

To those that berate, insult, and are just plain vulgar about out First Lady. Shut up, wash out your mouth, eat shite and die. “Cause I said so.I

Sad good-bye: Sorry to read about the passing of Kenny Rogers,81. I was lucky enough to see him in 1963,when he was with the “First Edition”,at the Seattle World’s Fair. Then,20 years later in Honolulu. He was a great performer. Remind me to tell you about Boyd’s Saloon and “Lucille” some time. His talent and voice will be missed.

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