Sunday Rant – Read It And Get Mad

I am as concerned with this damn virus as everyone else. I am more concerned with the loss, actually surrender, of so many of our rights. When I say rights, I mean the constitutional “Bill of Rights”, as well as those God given rights. We have given up, either to the state, city, or federal .gov, our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th,9th and 10th amendment rights. What? We cannot, in many city and states, assemble more than 10 people.(1st) City mayors are now saying we cannot buy firearms and ammunition. (2nd) We now have “red flag laws” and a “guilty by accusation” standard.(4th) Government entities now confiscate your property (forfeiture rules) without a conviction and sometimes without even an arrest.(5th) We are being told if they ask, you must take this medical test to prove you’re not sick.(5th) We are being told we must stay at home, cannot walk outside, and business must refuse service and only deal the way the city demands, Drive-through etc. (9th) The Fed is now telling the State what laws it can enforce but the State is telling the Fed “no we’re only going to enforce the ones we want”.(10th) And it won’t be long before the .gov will be asking us to “help”, in this crisis, by letting the National Guard, or whoever, stay at your house, “just for the duration”.(3rd)
And as the Coronavirus becomes worse, and it will, our freedom to travel will be stopped, and that handsome young man in the black uniform will be asking “Your papers please.” It happened before.
The Coronavirus may well be America’s “Kristallnacht”. Don’t let it happen.

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