Trucking Thursday Motes

They do things different there: In America we had Pelosi tearing up her copy of the SOTU speech from President Trump in Congress. In the U.K. they have Jeremy Corbyn sitting in the House of Commons, listening to a speaker, picking his nose, and then wiping it on his beard. I think I’d rather watch Pelosi.

Some people ; Some people have way too much time on their hands. Recently a couple, known for you-tube stuff, decided to turn a toilet seat into a large butt-sized mood ring. Why? Who looks?

Always read the brochure: In Russia a young thrill seeker tried his hand at bungee jumping. That’s where the jumper is attached to a solid object, like a bridge, with a really long rubber bungee cord. Well, this guy forgot about the cord part and jumped off the bridge before he was hooked up. Well, it is winter, so he landed in snow and survived. I suggest he not take up skydiving.

They don’t want civil discourse: At a recent meeting conducted by the Federalist Society at George Mason School of Law, a rude heckler decided it was better for everyone if he shouted over the speaker, Nigel Farage. Instead of asking questions or debating a point, this “protester” screams and yells and makes the whole thing upsetting for everyone else. I’m sure he was a “open and clear dialogue” loving law student that will shape the world in his own image.

Congratulations: I didn’t watch the SuperBowl, Golden Globes, or the Academy Awards. I would like to say congratulations to the First Native American to be given an Academy Award, Wes Stodi. He is a marvelous actor and even though it was an Honorary Award, it is an Oscar, nonetheless. A long way from Sacheen Littlefeather. I am a fan of Stodi’s work. Congratulations.

Recently I asked about a mannequin. It’s for this wonderful lady. Any help would be appreciated.

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