Friday Motes Drifting On By

The secret to long life? : Well. According to the world’s oldest man, 112-year old Chitetsu Watanabe in Japan, “keep smiling”. Me, I think the secret is just don’t die.

Justice delayed, but catches up: Omar al-Bashir, the ousted dictator of Sudan, may finally face international justice. This is still a very, very big maybe. But on Tuesday, Sudan’s new joint military-civilian council offered the first real signals that the former leader could finally appear before the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charges of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes for his role in the genocide in the Darfur region that began in 2003. A simply animalistic “civil” war on par with Rwanda and other genocides. Movies that should be seen; “Attack On Darfur” and “The Devil Came On Horseback”. Not pleasant friday night at the movies type movies. But they should be seen.

This one I watch: It’s pretty clear how I feel about “award” shows. I do watch the Westminster Dog Show. I like dogs, probably more than people, and there are no “acceptance” speeches. This years grand winner is Siba the Standard Poodle. Not my favorite breed, but I have inter-acted with several and they are a great breed. Second place went to Bourbon the Whippet, another classy breed (they just look scared all the time).

For God’s sake, Just say no: Recent leeks are that MLB is planning on some changes that will make baseball more “drama filled, higher rated” playoffs. This means adding a bunch of play-off games to attract more viewers. Here we go, change everything for the sake of generating a few more bucks. I have no problems with them wanting more money, but this will turn people off, not on. They’ll wait until it’s all decided, then watch. This will be a disaster.

Love (Head) Line: “I had sex twice a day instead of going to the gym – my body got more toned, my mood was better but I got sick of orgasms.” Yeah, wish I had a dollar every time I heard that one. I have, well a dollar.

Another is safe; Recently we heard of a Nessie sighting, now it’s a Big Foot spotted in Ohio, in Salt Fork State Park. The picture looks, to me, like a common Brown bear walking on his hind legs. But I wasn’t there, and I glad Foot is doing okay.

And another sad good-bye; Paul English,87, drummer and sometime self-appointed bodyguard to Willie Nelson. Met Paul at an after concert party for Willie and Kris back in ’84. He was intrigued by the fact I was doing contract bodyguard work and we talked for a very few minutes. He was a great musician and seemed a straight shooter (in more ways than talk). He will be missed.

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