Wednesday Drifting Motes

Funny how this works: Funny how for days the Australia fires were the front page news. Everyday pictures of devastation and injured animals. Then, when it is was found that many of the fires had been deliberately set by Climate Change protesters and such. Now, you have to search for any news and I don’t remember seeing any headlines “Fire Is Out”. Did you?

Another passes: Aloha to Robert Conrad, of “Wild Wild West”, “BaBa Black Sheep”, and “Hawaiian Eye”. Conrad also portrayed one of my hero’s, G. Gordon Liddy in the TV make of “Will”. I have a signed copy of “Will” and 2 other books Liddy wrote. Aloha Bob.

Not me
: Does anyone, except Hollywierd, give a rat’s tookus about the Academy Awards? ? I didn’t think so.

I don’t understand: Can someone tell me what a “lying dog faced pony-soldier” is? Is it an insult? Why does a candidate for the highest office in the land, throw those terms into the face of a voter? And why isn’t the MSM asking the same questions? Oh, the MSM refers to the remarks as “lighthearted” and “jokingly”. In fact, one “reporter” referred to this guy as “showing his superiority to his competitors in terms of honesty and forthrightness”. I don’t think his the comments were lighthearted or joking, and he should be held accountable.

And speaking of dumb comments: Is it just me, but is AOC off the rails in her comments? And now she is quoting a made-up economist. Okay, she says she got two mixed up, but neither one said what she claimed. Let’s not forget her comments on “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”, especially from a bartender who became a Congresswoman. America is just so racist that nobody gets ahead. Right?

A sad tale: I read the story of the female wolf who died looking for a mate after traveling more than 8,700 miles in search of a new pack and mate. The poor animal died without finding a new family. This is where I should say something about how this could be a microcosm of man, or how it should be a lesson about something. All I’m going to say is, it’s sad. I hope she finds love and peace over the rainbow bridge.

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