Tuesday With A Smiley Mote

Love (Head) Line : “I used to cry after sex with cousin twice my age-now we’re planning a family.” Now, this is from a woman, 35. The “cousin” is now 55 and this “relationship” has been ongoing for the last 3 years. The Colorado Springs, CO couple are now planning to have a family, even though their own family have “disowned” them. See, it isn’t just in the South.

I don’t believe there are any rooms available: Resident in Kerala India found their tap water had been turned into, well, booze, as in beer, brandy, and rum. Seems about 6,000 litres (about 800 gallons) of illegal booze had been buried and started leeching into the water well which supplied the building. Authorities say it’ll take about a month to clear up. Until then, cheers.

Know your audience: Congressman Tim Ryan decided he didn’t like President Trumps State Of the Union Speech, so he walked out. Ok, nobody missed him. Then he has to pop off on twitter (that makes him a twit) by saying “ I just walked out of the #StateOfTheUnion. I’ve had enough. It’s like watching professional wrestling. It’s all fake.” This earned a response from Glenn Jacobs, the Mayor of Knox County TN. Jacobs responded “Sir, your statement is emblematic of the out-of-touch elitism, so typical of Washington, that has alienated countless everyday Americans. Professional wrestling brings joy to millions around the world. Politicians like yourself usually bring nothing but misery”. For those of you who don’t know, Jacobs is also a world known pro-wrestler known as “Kane”. For my money, pro-wrestlers are better than politicians. Wrestler do their jobs, give a competent performance, and take their own bumps. Politicians don’t, and they expect us to take theirs.

Hooray, she’s safe: The Loch Ness Monster has been officially spotted by an avid Nessie watcher, who claims to have caught the legendary beast on camera. Eoin O’Faodhagain’s footage has been logged as the first official sighting of the year. Some of us were beginning to worry. A really good movie about Nessie is “The Water Horse” from 2007. A good family movie.

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