Motes 5.2 (Soapbox Alert)

We’re seeing a lot about “polls” lately. Polls show this, polls show that, and now they show something else. I’ve said this before but here we go again. Polls will show whatever the pollster wants them to show. The pollster controls this by the phrasing of the questions and the choice of where he asks. He does this for whoever is paying him.


If I went to any church and stood outside and asked people as they departed; “Do you think motorcycle riders should always wear a helmet for their own safety, even if they don’t want to wear one?” I’d wager I’d see the headline; “93% of people asked, favor mandatory helmet laws.” Boom done.

If I stood outside a strip club, and asked only motorcycle riders; “Should you be forced to wear a helmet all the time while riding your motorcycle?” The headline would read…who am I kidding, there wouldn’t be a headline. It doesn’t fit the narrative. But you see what I mean. How it’s phrased, and where it’s asked.  (Steps off soapbox.)


Picture: Really good looking women wearing a short skirt, tight sweater, filled to the max. Headline : “Men do this once daily and you won’t need the blue pill.”                       My response; If I could do her once daily, I wouldn’t need the blue pill.                         (Tho’ I’d probably need resuscitation.)

Yes, it is legal to have containers of moose poop in your carry on. TSA says so. 😊

Sober Bars. A new thing in…New York City . They serve such non-alcoholic delights like beetroot martinis,  faux beer, and have kombucha on tap. (Be still my beating heart.) In fact, if I tried to put that in me, my heart would probably quit on me.

Hollyweird; John Cusack tells Democrats “Impeach or resign”. Hey John, when did you become the voice of the Democrat party? Or the voice of anything else? Do you now give the orders?

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