Motes of Another Friday

Peter Mayhew dead at 74 after decades-long run playing Chewbacca in Star Wars films.

Another sightseer at Kilauea  Volcano, steps over the barrier and falls 70’. Short of the 300 he could have. This is the same volcano that destroyed 700 homes less than a year ago. What part of protective barrier is unclear?

Riley Howell, 21, a true hero, toward the sound of gunfire. He did not hide or runaway. Gave his life for others. No greater love.

Hilary calls on China to hack Trump’s tax returns. Anyone remember all the hohaha when Trump suggested Russia hack her e-mails. They screamed for months. Where’s all the outrage now?

Impeachment. I don’t think the Demos have any intention of ever filing impeachment papers. They’re just going to keep making the accusation to divert the voters’ attention from everything else they’re getting away with. Guilt by accusation.

The local news reported on the cruise ship under quarantine in St. Lucia Island in the Caribbean. Funny, during the whole story the fact that all the crew and passengers are members the Church of Scientology. Scientology, and its founder L. Ron Hubbard, have a long history of pseudo-navy meanings. Such as the “Sea Org”. In fact, the ship is owned by the CoS. But not one word of mention during the local report. How Come?

Last weekend was wonderful in Hilo. Not only was the Merry Monarch Festival happening, but I had gardenias, roses, and hibiscus blooming. A smorgasbord of fragrance.

20190427_105456.jpg                                  20190427_111312.jpg    20190427_113000.jpg


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