Political Motes

Man, politics is everywhere. 

For example, a movie review on the animatedHow To Train Your Dragon 3″ had to equate President Trumps “twitter storm”, is like a “Night Fury”.

Or a recent review of “Dumbo” as “a metaphor for the evils of corporate mergers”. Come on guys, can’t we just enjoy the movie?

Alyssa Milano is urging Hollywood to stop all filming and speak out against Georgia for trying to pass a definitive right to life bill. Last I heard, Georgia laws were for Georgia residents. I got an idea; Hey Alyssa why don’t you move to Georgia were you actually would have a say in the state  politics. It’s not like you’re doing anything in Hollywood. 

Kamala Harris is running for president in 2020. She has purposed a raise for all teachers, funded by taxpayers money, that will cost about 315 billion dollars. If there were some other way to pay for it, other than my taxes, I’d be all for it. Hey, the top 10 NFL free-agents have signed for a total of 249 Million dollars. Maybe they could fund the some of that raise.

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